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Ducommun, David S, DDS Madison No Fear Dentistry


344 S Yellowstone Dr
Madison, WI 53705

(608) 836-5700
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Ducommun, David S, DDS Madison No Fear Dentistry - Madison, WI
Ducommun, David S, DDS Madison No Fear Dentistry - Madison, WI
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I hate going to the dentist. There is nothing pleasant about what happens there. The sounds especially are just irritating enough to have made it a source of anxiety for me and ...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/16/2012

I've known Dr. Ducommon since I was about five, as a family friend, so maybe I'm a bit biased. I've had him as my dentist for as long as I can remember, and he really is like family. While I've never looked forward to going to the dentist, I've never been afraid of it, because I know Dr. Dave will take excellent care of me. Coincidentally, while in Guatemala on a recent missions trip, our host (who is opening a dental clinic there) mentioned she knew Dr. Dave--and that he donated one of her necessary (and expensive) machines. He's just an awesome guy :) more

Madison No Fear Dentisty Rocks! 8/8/2011

I hate going to the dentist. There is nothing pleasant about what happens there. The sounds especially are just irritating enough to have made it a source of anxiety for me and a totally unpleasant experience.\r \r Until I met Dr. Ducommun and Madison No Fear Dentistry that is.\r \r No, they can't wave a magic wand to make the dental work just happen, but they do take the most anxious of patients, like me, and help them to feel comfortable about being at the dentist's office. Dr. Ducommun and his staff start by taking time to get to know you. They put an effort out to make you more than a patient. They also want you to be comfortable with them as people too.\r \r I am a very anxious patient as I already mentioned. Only once in my decades of going to the dentist have I ever heard of a hygenist asking to work with me and that was here at Madison No Fear Dentistry when a hygenist actually told my wife that she hoped I'd schedule an appointment so she could work on me.\r \r Dr. Ducommun also has the latest technology so that he can find issues faster, treat them sooner, and help avoid some of the more lengthy, more expensive visits in the future. Should you need more work than a cleaning, his staff will explain what work is needed, why it is necessary, what the costs are, and the breakdown between your costs and what insurance will pay. You know everything UP FRONT! Best of all, they don't pester you to make an appointment. They treat you like an adult and leave that ball squarely in your court.\r \r I still don't look forward to going to the dentist, and I wouldn't want to do the work that Dr. Ducommun and his staff have to do everyday, but I sure am glad that, when I need to have the work done, that I have a dentist with the top skills, equipment, and team in Madison. Thank you Dr. Ducommun for everything you do! more

Best Dentist of My Lifetime! 7/10/2011

Emily Feiner """" I have been going to see Dr. Ducommun for about 5 years now. Everything is always fabulous when I stop in! I never hesitate to ask question I have about my teeth, jaw, etc. The office is decorated beauifully and my dentist visit actually feels like a spa treatment (really!) After I'm welcomed, I am offered a warm neck wrap, soothing eye masks and nice music. I have never been afraid or anxious during dentist appoitments, but Dr. Ducommun and the hygienists reaches above and beyond to make me comfortable. As far as dental work, I was advised to have my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 17, and had one filling done. Both procedures went smooth and I was very happy with the results. Overall, Dr. Ducommun is a great choice for any age patient or any type of person! more

Awesome! 7/9/2011

I've been a patient at Madison No Fear Dentistry for years and have always been extremely pleased with the approach of this practice. The staff is incredibly friendly and very helpful. Dr. Ducommun is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and his chairside manner is very reassuring--he completely takes the fear out of having any dental procedure done. I would not go to any other dentist! more

Name says it all! 7/7/2011

I had a very negative experience at a different local dentist and quite going to the dentist for 5 years! One of my teeth started hurting so it was time to go in and get it checked out, there was no way that I was going back to the old dentist. Just by the title of No Fear Dentistry, I decided to try it. The staff is wonderful, they go above and beyond to make sure that you are comfortable and know exactly what they will be doing. Also VERY gentle in past experience at the other dentist was that it seemed like the hygienists goal was to inflict as much pain as possible with those sharp little tools, not at No Fear. Oh, and my hurting tooth? Apparently I had been clenching my jaw. They told me things I could do to stop clenching along with a tip sheet to take home and I haven't had any problems since :) The business staff are also great, really appreciate that they tell right up front what your insurance will pay, how much the patient is responsible for as well as having a long term treatment plan with all of the cost layed out so you know over the year how much you have to pay. more

Best Dental Experience 7/6/2011

I've never been a big fan of going to the Dentist. My experience changed greatly after meeting the team at Madison No Fear Dentistry. \r \r My oral health has done a complete 180. Gone are the days of cracking teeth, silver fillings and sitting at the end of each cleaning to hear how many more follow up appointments it would take to fix the damage. \r \r Dr. Dave and his team worked with me to repair the damage and return my teeth to the best possible shape. \r \r They are very patient focuses, have a wonderful environment and an exceptional team. more

Madison No Fear Dentistry 6/24/2011

I told my 4 year old daughter she was going to the dentist for her first dental visit and she told me that she didn't want to go. I'm not sure why she was frightened, but once we got there she was instantly put at ease by the toys. We also received a tour which was great and when she saw the dentist, he told her that he was ""counting her teeth and polishing them."" By the time the visit was done she was so proud of all of her shiny teeth. Everyone told her how nice they looked, then she got a Hello Kitty tooth brush, token for the vending machine which produced a ball, a t-shirt, and a fresh baked cookie. I'm pretty sure she's no longer frightened of the dentist. They do a good job with kids! We have to go back for more work soon and they said they could put in a movie on one of the flat screen tv's. The first appointment was so short, she didn't even need the distraction. We both are fans of Madison No Fear Dentistry. more

BEST Dental Office Ever! 6/22/2011

I've been coming to Madison No Fear Dentistry for whole family does, and now I have my boyfriend and friends seeing Dr. Ducommun and the rest of the staff because they do such a great job and are SO incredibly friendly! I love the fact that not only do my teeth get cleaned but the staff actually educates on me on healthy eating tips to prevent cavities where NO dentist I've ever seen was concerned about that. Spa meets dentist here... I LOVE the fact that I get to block out the bright lights with a lavender eye pillow and a warm rice cushion around my neck. And it makes me feel good knowing that the office itself is SO ""green"" with energy efficiency elements including solar panels on the roof. They're the BEST :-)! more

Very pleased with visit! 6/21/2011

I'm very happy with my family's recent visit to Madison No Fear Dentistry. Staff was attentive and kind - gracious and quick to put myself and my children at ease. more

The Best of the best! 6/20/2011

I have only had one visit so far but I can honestly say that it was absolutely amazing. I received the best possible care from the nicest staff I have yet to see in this profession. I was very nervous despite their name but sure enough they not only lived up to it but may have even surpassed it. I will recommend this place too all my friends and hopefully to anyone who reads this. I look forward too all my future appointments with Madison No Fear Dentistry. You really don't have to be afriad of the dentist! more

No need to fear! The best dentist is here!!! 6/20/2011

I have been a patient of Dr. Ducommun for over a year now, and I couldn't be happier. \r \r I was very nervous to switch dentists because I had been used to my previous dentist since I had my first teeth come in - now, at 32 years of age, I'm so glad I made the switch.\r \r I am a pretty anxious person, and I was immediately put at ease by Dr. Ducommun's friendly staff. They have been wonderful to work with in every aspect. I have had billing questions, they helped me with insurance issues I had and were able to help me figure out a payment plan that worked for both of us. \r \r I've had oral surgery performed that was painless and much easier on my mouth than I would have anticipated. Dr. Ducommun communicates very well with his patients. \r \r I would definitely recommend this office to friends, family co-workers or a stranger off the street who needs dental help! \r \r \r more

Best Dentist Office in Madison, Name says its all! 6/19/2011

The title says it all. I was very impressed on the staff's positive attitude while talking over the phone to make my first appointment with them. I have a crazy work schedule and they were SO nice and patient to me to help work out a day for me to come in. I continued to stay impressed when I go to meet the staff personally. I admit I was a bit apprehensive on going to see them due to the common fear of dentist appointments. I do have imperfect teeth but they were SO nice about it and for once in my history of seeing dentists and hygienists they understood I could not afford braces at this time and never pushed the subject. I have recommended them to many people already and I wish I found this business years ago because I no longer can say I fear the dentist office. The receptionists, hygienists and the dentists all deserve five stars, they are what makes that business a good business and that is hard to find! :-) I finally found the right place for me. more

Best Dental Care Ever!! 6/17/2011

had always dreaded going to the dentist ever since I was a child, but I am extremely comfortable and my concerns are always addressed with Dr. Ducommun. I have never been in pain while getting any of my dental care, which is a new concept for me. \r \r My hygienist, Jess, is also wonderful and always willing to answer questions. \r \r I have never been happier with my dental care and will be planning on being a patient with Dr. Ducommun for the long haul! \r more

Sets the benchmark in Dental Care 6/17/2011

Dr. David and his staff have been taking care of my teeth for a few years. I was originally referred to Dr. David by a friend. The person that referred me said I would be happy with this guy... He was right. Madison No Fear Denistry exceeded my expectations on the first visit. Jess, my hygenist is a pleasure to be around and the rest of the staff is awesome. Their facility is second to none. I would recommend this business to anyone. I will be a client for life. more

Best dentist I've ever been to 6/16/2011

Awesome service, excellent relationships, caring staff. It's not just about cleaning and fixing teeth, it's about you too! Dr. D and the staff truly care about patients and do whatever they can to make each experience comfortable. The name speaks for itself...instead of dreading the dentist I look forward to catching up with the staff and getting a top notch cleaning! I've been to many dentists in my life and they all are just going through the motions, don't talk to you, don't care if it hurts, charge you for things that don't even exist...but now my entire family sees Dr. D and they are honest, considerate and there no matter what - AWESOME! more

Dr Dave and Staff are the BEST!! 6/16/2011

My husband was having a problem with his teeth and was afraid to go to the dentist. After forcing the issue, we made an appointment with Dr. Dave. It had been a few years since my husband had seen him. But we got a appointment for just a few days after we called. And within 2 weeks my husband was having alot of work done. Since my husband was scared we were very happy to learn about the conscious sedation. There is no way my husband could have had all the work done in one appointment without the sedation. Dr. Dave personally called that night just to make sure all was going well. His wonderful staffed called again the next few days. You really feel like a friend, not just a client!! more

Compassionate Dentistry 6/16/2011

I love the friendly staff here, it makes visiting the dentist bearable. There is never much of a wait, it seems they schedule appropriately and it's nice not to wait an hour for a 10 minute check. I also like the added comfort of the neck pillow, nice touch! more

NO Fear is right 6/16/2011

I finally calle Dr. Ducommums office after many years of neglect. From the initial appointment, I felt very welcomed. The staff made me feel very welcome, and they were very good in explaining and developing a treatment plan. I used the sedation dentistry, and I was able to restore years of problems in only two visits. I would highly reccomend Dr. Ducommum and his staff. They are very knowledgeable. more

NO Fear for Sure 6/16/2011

The best dental experience I have ever had......Not only is DR Keith from the U of M(bonus) but he explained everything so completely that i felt so comfortable...The tech stuff they use is awesome and i feel so at ease coming here. Go see the DRs here...... more

Dentist that isn't painful to go to 12/17/2010

I love going to the dentist (well maybe not love) because of everyone at Madison No Fear Dentistry. Love my loaf of bread, cookie & Xmas tree ornament which I am using as a coaster for my tea cup this morning. more
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