Dream Stone


4040 Kodiak Ct
Longmont, CO 80504

(303) 774-1122
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\r I sued the employers in Weld County District Court for accrued wages which they owed me at the time they forced me, by psychological torture, to quit my job (Affirmed as a ma...

Dream Stone, Inc. - Class 3 Felony Theft By Deception. 7/16/2011

\r I sued the employers in Weld County District Court for accrued wages which they owed me at the time they forced me, by psychological torture, to quit my job (Affirmed as a matter of law by the Colorado Industrial Claims Appeals Office). They admitted throughout preliminary pleadings, by both express and implied consent that the matter of accrued wages was within the jurisdiction of the Court, yet in a last ditch effort to strip me of my Due Process rights, THEY FALSELY SWORE BEFORE THE COURT THAT THE MATTER WAS BEFORE THE DIVISION OF LABOR, CAUSING ME TO BE STRIPPED OF ALL EVIDENCE NECESSARY TO PROSECUTE MY CASE A MERE 16 HOURS BEFORE MY SCHEDULED DEPOSITION, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY SWEARING BEFORE THE DIVISION OF LABOR THAT THE ACCRUED WAGE CLAIM WAS BEFORE THE COURT. \r \r See evidence obtained 3/30/2011 from CDLE Director Ellen Golombek. Please note the time line, and the statements regarding the accrued wage claim in all emailsfrom the former employer, to the DOL, as compared to paragraph #8 of the Defendant's Response To Motion For Settlement Conference, which caused the Plaintiff to be stripped of all evidence necessary to prosecute his case, in violation of C.R.S. 8-4-114(2):\r \r Add the ""h"" - ttp://www.scribd.co - add the ""m"" /doc/74328468/Dream-Stone-Upload Evidence\r \r \r The employers, by fraud, obtained a default judgment for attorney's fees in excess of $20,000.00, than immediately used their fraud upon the Court to commit Class 3 felony theft by deception by slapping a fraudulently obtained lien on our home.\r \r Dream Stone secretary/treasurer Ida E. Murphy had vowed, in 2008, to their general manager, Todd Coday that she would, by any means necessary take everything we own and destroy our lives. \r \r As affirmed by Mr. Coday in this recent interview: \r Add the ""h"" - ttp://www.youtube.co - add the ""m""/watch?v=54d2H1uXoCs\r \r \r Our home was encumbered by the fraudulently obtained July 2011, we discovered the lien in October, after having been approved to refinance our home. Evidence of the former employer's criminal acts in hand, we begged the Weld County DA, the staggeringly corrupt Frederick Police, the Attorney General, and the Weld County Sherriff for help for months, all to no avail: we were ignored by all. On March 21, 2011 Weld County District Attorney, Ken Buck stated to Craig Buckley, and his wife Pamela Reynolds,"" You need to lose my email address, and lose my phone number, there is nobody in this office who will help you."" \r \r The employers were sent a strongly worded email, demanding that the fraudulently obtained lien be removed from our home, and I was thrown in jail on March 9, 2011 for harassment. Evidently, Dream Stone, Inc. Ron Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Ida Murphy shall be allowed to commit any felony act they choose with total impunity, and will be allowed to seek the assistance of law enforcement when they decide they don't like the way their victim reacts. \r \r On March 30, 2011 I received a 7lb. FedEx package of documents and evidence from Ellen Golombek, Director of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment as a result of this demand: \r \r add the ""h"" -ttp://www.scribd.co - add the ""m""/doc/74210084/Fraud-Dream-Stone-Marble-Granite-Letter-to-CDLE-Director-Ellen-Golombek-Demanding-Production-of-Documents\r \r \r We had a narrow window time to refinance our home, dropping our mortgage payment from $1500.00 to $1100.00 per mo. My wife was scheduled to lose her job, due to the sale of the Longmont Times-Call, and we really needed to refinance in order to be able to keep our home on one income. Due to the fraudulently obtained lien, we were unable to refinance, our credit ratings have been decimated, and we are financially tapped out as a result of Dream Stone's felonious acts.\r \r Three years of psychological torture by these people should be proof enough for any prospective customer to STAY AWAY from these extremely volatile people. more
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