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Dr. Tattoff Laser Tattoo Removal And Laser Hair Removal - 84 Reviews - 8500 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (310) 659-5101
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Dr. Tattoff Laser Tattoo Removal And Laser Hair Removal

8500 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 659-5101
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I have been doing laser hair removal for years and have never gotten results like the ones I got from Dr. Tattoff. It was completely pain free without numbing cream! The staff is ...


All of these ""wonderful"" reviews can only be fakes and phonies. I have been to this place and encountered, first of all, the most rude bunch of reality-show has beens I have ev...

Plz only real review! 1/25/2012

Most of reviews here have something in common! The date the review created and the date the member joined the citysearch is same! I am not sure if those are real patients' reviews. Hopefully, at least some review here are real review. I am sick of all the fake internet reviews. more


I have been doing laser hair removal for years and have never gotten results like the ones I got from Dr. Tattoff. It was completely pain free without numbing cream! The staff is extremely friendly and always answering question or concerns. They are very professional and the office itself is very clean and comfortable. To anyone who wants amazing results...this is the place to go! more

Excellent experience. 12/5/2008

This is the first review I have ever written and the only reason I'm going out of my way here is because I was really impressed with Dr. Tattoff's office. They do what they say but they take that extra step that makes a real difference. The office is really efficient and the staff seems really happy. Every time I have been there they make me feel welcome. I was so scared to go at first and now I wish I had started the process sooner. I have a black tattoo on my wrist and I've become embarrassed by it. I resorted to wearing long sleeves! I have had four treatments and and the tattoo is really faded. Each treatment is uncomfortable but very tolerable. You can used a numbing cream which I recommend and they have a machine that provides cold air to further numb the area. They also gave me a ton of written information on the process and they call to check in and see how I'm doing. There is some minor blistering and itching in between treatments which they told me to expect. They also have a new policy where will provide free treatments beyond their quoted number of treatments for 1 year if your tattoo isn't gone. Are you serious? How cool is that?!?!?! I wouldn't write a review if I didn't think they really deserved it. If you have a tattoo that embarrasses you (like I did) then this is the place to get treated. No doubt. Pros: Very nice staff, open weekends, super efficient, totally professional. more

Long process to remove tattoo (probably deserves 3.5 stars) 12/1/2008

I have a tattoo banded around my calf that I wanted removed. This tattoo had heavy ink and was quite black. In the consult the Dr. stated between 7-9 treatments. I'm up to my 11 treatment and maybe half way to 2/3's of the way there. This is my biggest beef, set expectations and don't deliver.\r \r The removals are painful, I mean really painful, and I'm a guy who is no stranger to pain. I suggest using the topical cream from the begginning. I haven't tried it yet myself, I figure the pain is something I deserve for getting the damn thing in the first place. I haven't seen scarring. I go every 8 weeks to give it time to heal and after treatments put neosporin on it and keep it clean. So far no skin issue betweens healings. Some minor bleeding and blistering, but it heals up fine. Be prepared, the treatments will remove the hair on the tattoo. I suspect I will have a hairless band around my calf where the tattoo was. They didn't mention that to me in the consult, but I should have pieced it together. \r \r I have had only great experience with the Encino staff. They are friendly and seem down-to-earth. No attitude. They are open on weekends which is good for me. They seem open to negotiate price or help find a special that fits ones budget. I understand now Dr. Tattoff will provide free treatments beyond their quoted number of treatments for 1 year. This is a better deal for new customers. I just bought 5 more visits. I brought this up during my last visit and they gave me gift certificates in the amount of the last package I bought. Not sure what I'll go with them, but it's a nice gesture. They didn't need to do that.\r \r Bottom line, explore all options and pick the best that fits your budget and schedule. Be prepared for many painful visits if you go the laser route. If your in a hurry, see a surgeon. more

From Dr. TATTOFF, Inc ? A Message About Reviews 10/24/2008

As a business, Dr. TATTOFF does not endorse any of the reviews posted on this website, either positive, neutral, or negative. Dr. TATTOFF and its staff have a high public profile having been featured in countless print publications (New York Times, LA Times, Maxim, Star Magazine, Us Weekly, etc) and television shows (including LA Ink, Dr. 90210, Inside Edition, TMZ, ABC World News, etc). Because of this, Dr. TATTOFF has a strong following of patients, fans and detractors, some of whom have never been treated at a Dr. TATTOFF clinic whether they claim to have been or not. It is Dr. TATTOFF?s policy to write neither positive or negative reviews on either its profile or any other business?s profile. However we do not have control of what our patients, fans, or detractors may post. For this reason, we encourage all potential patients of Dr. TATTOFF to decide for themselves whether or not our services are right for them. For specific information on the services we offer including pricing, before and after pictures, FAQs, patient videos, and much more, please visit us online at DrTATTOFF dot com or call 888-TATT-OFF (828-8633). You can also book an appointment for a consultation at any of our clinics. It?s absolutely free, with no obligation to make a purchase. Our reputation is our most important asset. The quality of the services that we provide is evident by the fact that we have provided over 31,000 laser removal treatments. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have, and we look forward to seeing you at a Dr. TATTOFF clinic soon! more

Very satisfied patient 10/18/2008

I have always wanted a tatoo. I spent a lot of time picking one out, and when I was 25 I finally decided to get one. Well, who knew that by the time I was 40, it would be something that I would deeply regret. I was so lucky to be referred to the Dr. Tatoff office by a friend who had also been a patient there. I was so pleased, not just with the results, but with the professionalism and courtesy of the entire staff. I told them before I left my last visit that I would recommend them to everyone, so that's what I am doing! \r \r Thank you to the entire staff at Dr. Tattoff's for the wonderful work they do!\r \r Pros: friendly, professional, and courteous staff Cons: none that I can think of more

Great Staff, professional 10/18/2008

I really appreciate Dr. Tattoff for removing the name of my former boyfriend tattooed on my right arm. After just a few simple treatments it was gone. I am pleased to share my experience there with anyone who wants a professional laser tattoo removal. The staff are so pleasant and gentle and make a person feel so welcome and comfortable. The treatments were so worth it, thank you! I am very happy and impressed with my results. Pros: friendly, professional staff more

They are good and easy. Nice Place. Pros at taking tatts off. 10/18/2008

First time at the Beverly Tattoff. They said I could come in because I was leaving for my three weeks back home. Every nice people there. Expected it to be snooty. But they were real friendly like at the other one I do my treatments at. I got my treatment and was in and out in record time. Yeah it still stings and I still don't like that I have to get the tatts off. But Tattoff is the best place in town if you got to get it done. They make it as easy and in the long run they seemed to be the one who offered the best deal money wise. Thanks. Pros: Fast. Friendly. Pros. Know what they are doing. Worth the dough. more

Reassuring and Professional 10/18/2008

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated the time you took to explain everything to me. I was really nervous and I didn't think I would do the treatment. You made me feel very comfortable and my treatment was so much easier than I thought it would be. The friendly professional atmosphere makes all the difference. I have one more treatment to go and am already thrilled with the results. Thanks!!! Pros: Will put you at ease more

The place to go for unwanted tattoos 10/18/2008

I highly recommend Dr. Tattoff for the removal of unwanted tattoos. The staff was extremely professional and reassuring. At the free consultation, all of my questions were answered and I left with no hesitations as to the upcoming sessions. After my third session. I noticed a significant fading of my unwanted tatt. I am tatt free and would recomment Dr. Tattoff to anyone who is considering this procedure. Pros: professional, considerate. reassuring, convenient more

HIghly Recommend! 10/18/2008

All I have to say is it did not hurt as bad as I thought it would and it was really quick. It did not take as many procedures as I expected it to to remove the tattoo . Thanks for helping me guys. It has really changed my life. I will be sending my friends your way."" Pros: Great results more

Satisfied Customer 10/18/2008

I would just like to say that I found the Dr. Tattoff staff to be friendly and reassuring. They are very professional in thier work and the facilty is modern and clean. My tattoo removal procedures went as explained and I am very satisfied with the results. The ink is gone with no scars. Thank you Dr. Tattoff for doing just what you say you can do. Pros: Very satisfied with results more

Are you kidding me? 10/17/2008

All of these ""wonderful"" reviews can only be fakes and phonies. I have been to this place and encountered, first of all, the most rude bunch of reality-show has beens I have ever seen. Rude, rude, rude! No physician was ever present, not in consultation or the one treatment I had. A nurse was the one who did my treatment and there was a loud talk radio station blaring in the background that she kept laughing at while she was treating me! I was so offended. I felt like I was in some backwoods joint. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy!!! Pros: None! Cons: Keep your tattoo or go some place with a professional courteous staff; don't go here!!! more

many thanks to Dr. Tattofff and my sweet friend 10/16/2008

I want to thank Dr. Tattoff for everything they have done for me. I have learned that laser tattoo removal is the way to go! After dedicating myself to a job that meant a lot to me, I decided it was time to get my tattoo removed. My boss wanted me to look like the professional and trustworthy person I am. I want to thank my sweet friend for recommending Dr. Tattoff as well. . .I don't know what I would have done otherwise. I was heart sick when the simple and clean design that I had anticipated turned out to be a huge mess. One expects honesty from their tattoo artist especially when he is a business associate that I trusted and vice versa. Dr. Kirby, a dermatologist, discussed the procedure with me in detail and was very clear on the results I could expect. I was in tears over this, but Dr. Kirby was able to dispel my worries and reassured me that the mess was not nearly what it seemed. I was able to explain to my boss that I clearly had been played and that the tattoo would be gone. My appointment was booked for two days later. I have had the first two treatments and I have more to go, but my tattoo is fading nicely. I would also like to comment that the Dr. Tattoff office was comfortable, bright and the a/c was not blasting like some offices so there was no need for a sweater like some clinics. Again many thanks to my sweet friend for the referral and to Dr. Tattoff on a job well done! You both are prizes in my books! Pros: Wonderul staff and Doctor who came highly recommended more

a refreshing change 10/15/2008

I'm so impressed with Dr. Tattoff and their staff. I've been to this clinic, and also to the Dr.Tattoff office in Encino on another occasion, and have found both experiences equally satisfying and their staff is outstanding. I've never met such friendly and accepting doctors and nurses and even the receptionists are so welcoming. It's so refreshing to walk into a place of business where you're treated as a person and cared for, and at Dr. Tattoff's that's exactly what you'll find every time you walk in the door. It took a number of treatments to remove the tattoo I had on my ankle. It was explained to me by the doctor, who was always very professional and tuned into my needs and concerns, that when a tattoo is on the ankle or foot, it can take longer and require more treatments to remove because of the location. That was fine by me, it was so well worth the time and some discomfort to have it gone. Even though I had many treatments it was still quite affordable compared to some other clinics I had checked out prior to this one. I wasn't aware that my own body's immune system helps in removing my ink once it's zapped by the laser so I found that intriguing to learn how it all works. I had so many questions and the doctor patiently answered them all. I learned a lot from the doctor's information and appreciated all they did for me at Dr. Tattoff's. There were no scars left either because that was one of my main concerns. But they showed me how to properly tend it after each treatment and it healed well. So thanks Dr. Tattoff, you've impressed me. Your friendliness and stellar staff and the integrity of your businesses really sets the standard on how to treat a patient and help them. That's hard to find in most places. Believe me I've looked elsewhere. But I sure found it there! Pros: Outstanding staff, Integrity, Satisfying results, No scars more

Can't Go Wrong Here 10/13/2008

I had a tattoo on my shoulder that I got on a dare during my college days. At the time it seemed cool but now that I have a 1 year old son, a naughty angel tatt is just not something I want him to see on his dad. After checking around, I decided to try Dr. Tattoff. I am glad I did. The staff was friendly and pricing was fair.They took their time to answer my questions and made sure that I was as comfortable as possible during each procedure. The embarrassing tattoo is gone now with no scars at all. I want to say thanks to Dr. Kirby and his staff. Pros: Know what they doing, concerned for their patients more

Kudos! 10/13/2008

Finally, a laser tattoo removal clinic that actually cares about the clients needs, and is not a production factory. I have a LOT of tattoos, and I will continue to have a lot of tattoos. I just need a clinic to remove some of my old ones so I can get inked over top of them. These people don?t judge you and are also helpful in the process. Dr. Tattoff came highly recommended to me from my artist and she was right. The treatments took no time at all, and even though I have tons of tattoos no one in the front office looked at me like I was a freak. Hey, I get that all the time. I would urge anyone to go to Dr. Tattoff and will refer my friends there as well. Kudos! Pros: nice people here and a place to park the truck more

I am tattoo free! 10/13/2008

I grew up in a small town where the only thing on Main Street was a bar, a bakery and a tattoo parlour. Most everyone in my circle was initiated with a tattoo by the age of 16. I was one of the lucky ones to get out of that town and continue on to college. When my dad?s job transferred him, I followed my parents out west. New friends, new opportunities and thankfully a new life. I was able to land a great job upon graduation as a personal assistant to a very conservative gentleman. The first time I wore a short sleeved blouse to work my boss freaked when he saw my rather large tattoo. I was also consulting with a few of his clients on a daily basis, so I did understand his point. Professionalism was key and my tattoo did not reflect that in his world. He asked me to do anything I could to get rid of the hideous tattoo (I didn?t think it was that bad) and in the mean time to cover up. I made several calls to clincs for advice and had my consultation at Dr. Tattoff on a Thursday and was able to get in by the following Wednesday. Dr. Will Kirby, the medical director actually did my consult and was extremely understanding and clarified the process in its entirety. The series of treatments that I went through were not bad at all. With the help of some numbing cream, it felt like a series of elastic bands snapping on my arm and it lasted about 10 minutes. The after care was simple and I felt very comfortable at the clinic. As I continued to go back for more treatments, I was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility as well as the knowledgeable staff. After ten treatments I am tattoo free. I would highly recommend Dr. Tattoff to anyone that requires laser tattoo removal! Pros: clean and well lit facility, great staff more

Tattoff is a good place 10/13/2008

I been going over to to get my treatments. All the Dr. Tattoff places are good. I go to the one closest to me. They have good people in all the clinics. I 'm new to giving my take on the places listed on this site. But I am getting in to it. I take some of the recommendations and check some of the places out. Then some folks just make it there hobby to go around spamming bad reviews on good businesses, so you got to wonder why they do that. What's their beef ? Just do it for kicks I guess. Anyway here's my story in a nutshell. \r \r Tattoff was in the papers giving a free trial for some promotion so I went. \r the laser didn't hurt that much but it stung. I trust these guys. . It's a good place. I signed on and my tatts will soon be gone. Good place.\r \r \r \r Pros: good place, nice people more

Why Go Anywhere Else? 10/12/2008

My experience with Dr. Tattoff has been nothing short of wonderful. Dr. Kirby and the staff are completely knowledgeable and they carefully walk their patients through each step, which made me comfortable and reassured with my decision. Having just finished my third treatment, my tattoo has faded considerably. The results thus far have been amazing, better than I expected . The pricing is reasonable and they even have financing available for those that qualify. If anybody is thinking about getting their tattoo removed, I couldn?t recommend a better or more professional place than Dr. Tattoff. Pros: Staff is second to none more
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  • Laser tattoo removal treatments are available to disrupt color pigments so the body can break it down naturally.

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