Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD


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Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD - New York, NY
Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD - New York, NY
Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD - New York, NY
Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD - New York, NY
Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD - New York, NY
Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD - New York, NY
Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD - New York, NY
Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD - New York, NY
Dr Steven Pearlman: Steven J Pearlman, MD - New York, NY
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When we first discussed my Rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Pearlman seemed to really have a grasp of what I wanted in my surgery. I expressed that I really didn’t want anything overdo...


ok, the consultation is 200 dollars, my visit probably lasted 20 minutes. he came accross as pretty arrogant and the coordinator was even worse, extremely snobby. his pictures o...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/2/2013

Dr. Pearlman was referred to me by a nose plastic surgeon. I thought that he was an expert in revision rhinoplasty and he had done a lot of other faces. I just felt comfortable chatting with him here in the office. The experience has been very good. It’s been about two years and my results are really natural. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/17/2013

I read really good reviews on Dr. Pearlman online and especially from men. That's the main reason why I decided to go with him. When I went in to meet him I also felt that he was very professional, very realistic and not going to apply anything too aggressive. I wanted to fix my nose and make it better without just completely revamping it. He gave me a natural look at the end of it. Everything went really smoothly. I was put in a recovery room, that I was allowed to rest for as long as I wanted at the end of the procedure, and there was a nurse available in case I needed anything. I was then discharged later at that same day. So, all in all it was a very comfortable experience. Even in the morning of the procedure, he took pictures. He went over what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. He made me feel very comfortable. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/4/2013

I did a Rhinoplasty back in 2009 with Dr. Pearlman. I've been seeing for a long time. He has been my doctor for five years. Every time I had a procedure, I would go see him. He works very naturally. All his work is done in a way that no one can really notice, so that's really my observation so far. It took a few months for the results of the Rhinoplasty. I mean it was the first procedure I've ever had, and quite honestly, I was very nervous about it, but it was very extremely smooth, and I felt extremely comfortable with his team. He is very consistent. He is very much involved. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/8/2013

I know him from a while ago, he was a client where I work and he told me to come in and I had such great results, I didn't come back for years because it actually stayed so long, what he did. I just came back for a touch up on Botox three weeks ago. He did a little Filler on my cheeks which looks great. It was simple and easy and he tells you the truth, you know what I mean, he doesn't overdo and I think he's great. First of all, he's very pleasant, he listens, and he's a good doctor. He doesn't do too much, you know, overly done because I've seen some bad work on people, so it does makes me feel comfortable coming and recommending and everyone I've recommended really likes him. He’s a great doctor and a nice person. I got good results from what he decided to do especially on my cheeks. What he did made a big difference. Well, if you've ever had Botox and you do it, and you don't see what you saw before, that's good results. It makes you just feel good about yourself. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/14/2013

I’ve had Dysport and Radiesse many times before. Dysport isn’t really painful and the red marks go away within an hour or so; it’s really no big deal at all. The Radiesse is a little more involved, but it makes a huge difference. I don’t get any bruising and it’s totally worth it. I’ve been satisfied with the work that Dr. Pearlman has done. He seems to be on the cutting edge of things and is always improving techniques and what he has to offer. There’s a good combination of someone who will do what you request, and then he will make suggestions based on his professional experience. I’ve been VERY pleased with the results! It looks natural so no one asks me what I’ve had done, that’s what I like the most. Dr. Pearlman is the best and they’re all so professional in every aspect. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/5/2013

I did a lot of research on the best plastic surgeons and asked recommendations, that’s how I found Dr. Pearlman for fillers. I really like the way I look now…my lips look a little bit bigger and that’s the look that I wanted to achieve permanently. The procedure isn’t bad, that’s why I’ve been back twice. People think I look good, but they’re not really sure why. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/25/2013

My experience with my Rhinoplasty before it was very, you know, matter of fact, here's what's going to happen, here are your options, you can come at this day, there's a wide range of options to choose from. We settled on the date and did the procedure in-office. It was just as we had expected. I saw Dr. Pearlman shortly thereafter, and then had several follow-up appointments. Then I just got on a regular schedule follow- up basis just to make sure I was happy and that it was healing properly. He actually gave me pain medicine and I didn't even need them. My results were noticeably different by most people who were my friends and family and it wasn't a Michael Jackson nose, it was the nose that's appropriate to my face without the big bump in it. I would highly recommend him to anyone. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/7/2012

I had a Face Lift on August 18th of 2011. I?ve just had Botox also. I saw an article about him in the New York Times. He seemed like a very intelligent man. The consultation was wonderful. His staff is just incredibly perfect. A year after, the results are wonderful. There?s no scarring. He just makes everybody look younger, but he doesn?t make them look different. Dr. Pearlman is excellent at what he does. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/23/2012

Online research, reviews by other patients and magazines brought me to Dr. Pearlman. I had a Rhinoplasty in December 2011. He answered all my questions and gave me side-by-side pictures of what it would look like. The procedure was great. The nurse team was very nice, and warm. It’s a very relaxing and comfortable office. The follow-up was great as well. The results are wonderful. It looks natural. I’m very pleased.\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/4/2012

\r I have severe obstructive sleep apnea and difficulty breathing. I went to St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital were I was referred to a couple of doctors, including Dr. Pearlman. I decided to get the Rhinoplasty with him on March 20th. Dr. Pearlman makes you feel very comfortable. He answers all of your questions. The staff is extremely helpful. I felt well taken care of. I would highly recommend him.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/5/2012

I felt confident with Dr. Pearlman for a Rhinoplasty and he was very personable. He’s a wonderful guy and I didn’t have to second-guess him at all. They really straightened the nose. It’s a natural look that doesn’t look overdone at all, and breathing has improved since the surgery, too. I am very satisfied. more

my procedure history (rhinoplasty) 4/20/2012

When we first discussed my Rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Pearlman seemed to really have a grasp of what I wanted in my surgery. I expressed that I really didn’t want anything overdone or extremely noticeable. I wanted it to be very natural so that it will enhance my face, but not completely change it. Dr. Pearlman was totally able to wrap around that end and gave me exactly what I wanted. The before photos before the surgery and then after about three months he took photos to show me the progress I’ve made and I’m already so thrilled with the first photos! more

easy to work with 4/4/2012

So far everything has been great since my Rhinoplasty last year. Dr. Pearlman is very detailed in explaining what to expect throughout the procedure and post procedure, and what the recovery would look and feel like. When I come in for follow-ups he has been good about updating me on what exactly a month from now would look like, three months from now, six months from now, etc. They have always been gracious and professional and very easy to work with. They were helpful whenever I had any questions. It has been a positive experience. more

Very positive experience for revision rhinoplasty 3/27/2012

I had a very positive experience with Dr. Pearlman for my revision Rhinoplasty procedure. The consultation process was educational. He made a computer image diagram and explained the procedure and the literature that came with it; it was really informative. My results were excellent. My nose looks beautiful, very natural, and my breathing was remarkably improved. He has great manner and professionalism, and is an expert in the field of plastic surgery that’s related to the neck and head. I am happy overall. more

Very good experience 3/19/2012

I like Dr. Pearlman’s office; the people are very accommodating and nice. And Dr. Pearlman is a professional; he explains everything well. I went to him because he is highly respected and I think if you are going to mess around with Botox and Restylane, although it's not very invasive, it's still something, and you are still putting a few needles here and there. It's not fly by night kind of a setup. But he’s very cautious and he doesn’t overdo it. If anything, he prefers to do less than more. He watches you, he monitors you, he makes sure that if there is any problem to come back. If there is something that you like or don’t like, he is very good with his follow-up. It's a very good experience; that’s their goal. more

very good 3/5/2012

Dr. Pearlman is really good at what he does. His staff was also very nice and made me feel comfortable. I went to him for a Rhinoplasty in March. I like that he didn’t overdo my nose. The bump is gone and it looks natural. I was really happy with my results. more

Dr. Pearlman is by far the best 2/14/2012

Of all the doctors I have used for Botox, Dr. Pearlman is by far the best. He is incredible and I am most satisfied with his work. Mostly because I could hardly feel any pain during the procedure- nor was there any bruising- and the results are just fantastic!\r \r Besides that, Dr. Pearlman is thorough about what he’s going to and what the options are. I always have great discussions with him- I tell him the results that I want to achieve and he makes it happen. In fact, last time I went I wound up scheduling a peeling procedure and another Botox appointment cause I am so happy with him!\r more

Such a Caring Dr.!!! 2/9/2012

I had read quite a bit about Dr. Pearlman prior to scheduling my surgery and spoke to a few other patients. When I actually met him the rapport I felt with him; I felt very comfortable. His overall ability to explain things and to really care about his patients, as well as his knowledge and his expertise, is why I’m so happy with the outcome of my experience. He approached his patients well. And the results are so natural, that was a big plus. more

my visit 10/29/2005

ok, the consultation is 200 dollars, my visit probably lasted 20 minutes. he came accross as pretty arrogant and the coordinator was even worse, extremely snobby. his pictures of before and after were not impressive at all. I'd say that he would be average at best, only catters to people he feels he can charge 20,000 dollars for his procedures; otherwise, be prepared to be treated like crap. Pros: waiting time Cons: demeanor more
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  • Dr. Steven Pearlman is a distinguished Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, educator and humanitarian with a wide range of professional credentials. He is dual board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in Head and Neck Surgery. President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 2004-2005.\nWith extensive clinical and academic backgrounds in both fields, Dr. Pearlman provides his patients with a unique expertise and understanding in the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the nose, face, and eyes. Dr. Pearlman's achievements include:\nI wanted to be a doctor since I was 5 years old. I always pursued science and human development as an interest and professional goal. I have always sought and achieved being at the top of my class. From High School on, I somehow became a leader, group president or in some leadership position of whatever it was I was participating in at the time. I was fortunate to have attended a top medical school, one of the most respected residency programs in Otolaryngology and undergo a fellowship from a true leader and innovator in facial plastic surgery. It was this pursuit of excellence that has led me to become a top surgeon and a leader in my specialty. This is how I have been able to distinguish myself from other plastic surgeons. I don't now - nor have I ever - settled for less than the best; for myself, family, friends, staff and especially my patients. It's my pathology! I strive for the ultimate in office environment for my patients and staff and even seek out the best surgical instruments available. I continue to educate myself in ways to improve my surgical techniques, services offered and subsequent results for my patients. These experiences have made me a truly superior surgeon. This all came from having a supportive family, top mentors and first-class role models. I don't see myself as a superior person, but a person who made the most of\nexcellent opportunities. My way o

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