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Doctors Medical Ctr - 23 Reviews - 3455 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Ste 110, Duluth, GA - Health Care Information & Services Reviews - Phone (770) 232-1101
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Doctors Medical Ctr

3455 Peachtree Industrial Blvd Ste 110
Duluth, GA 30096
(770) 232-1101
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Doctors Medical Ctr - Duluth, GA
Doctors Medical Ctr - Duluth, GA
Doctors Medical Ctr - Duluth, GA
Doctors Medical Ctr - Duluth, GA
Doctors Medical Ctr - Duluth, GA


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Went to Doctors Medical Center for a sinus infection. Wait time was 15 minutes. Doctor and staff friendly. Was also able to fill my prescriptions there. Fantastic! Great urgent ca...


This medical center is insane. I went to this office because a sting by yellow jacket. They give me over treatment and charged me almost 10 times of drug store's price. I got ...

Great Treatment 5/31/2011

Went to Doctors Medical Center for a sinus infection. Wait time was 15 minutes. Doctor and staff friendly. Was also able to fill my prescriptions there. Fantastic! Great urgent care place. Thanks. more

Most knowledgeable Doctor Ever! 4/20/2011

This is the most knowledgeable doctor I have ever met in my life. I had some veins on my face that I wanted to get rid off. The doctor spent 30 minutes explaining the treatment to me in great detail. He answered all the questions I had for him. He did my treatment the very same day, and I must say...I am very satisfied with the results. He is very precise and to the point. Loved his staff as well. I recommend this doctor to everyone and will never walk out disappointed more

Great Experience At Doctors Medica Center in Duluth 4/8/2011

Friendly Doctor and Staff. The nurse was great with my kids. They had ear infections. The doctor was great with the kids also. Great place to go for urgent care needs. more

Great Experience @ Doctors Medical Center 4/8/2011

Went in for a sinus infection. Staff and doctor were friendly. Would definitely recommend for urgent care and weekend medical emergencies. more

terrible doctor and will over charge you 3/29/2011

This medical center is insane. I went to this office because a sting by yellow jacket. They give me over treatment and charged me almost 10 times of drug store's price. I got itchy worse and worse during the past 10 days. I went to my family doctor today (March 29 2011). After reading the treatment of this medical center, He found I have received over treatment. and I have developed allergy over the antibiotic given my the medical center. After carefully reading the treatment, we found out the medicine he charged my for $38 only cost around $4 at normal drug store such as CVS. No body can believe that I got three different shots and 2 different medicines because of the yellow jacket sting. And the total treatment cost me $781 I want to warn future patient be careful of this medical center. You will receive ""special treatment"" and over charge for sure. more

good value 10/8/2010

Went with the wife and had a good visit. IDK what these people want, thsi doctor is straight forward and doesn't waste your time. I went got treated fast at a clean facility, didn't have to waste time at a pharmacy and both of us were out in an hour. Its more expensive than a family doctor or one of those ridiculous booths at the mall but less than the ER, don't have to sit in the waiting room with the drudge of society and I don't spend 6 hours waiting for someone to get to me, and you will see an actual medical doctor not some nurse who took night classes or some assistant more

Thank you Doctors Medical Center and Dr. Laurusonis 12/18/2009

I took my 2 ½ year old son to Doctors Medical Center on a Saturday at 6:30PM. My son had a very high rectal temperature and was miserable. They saw him immediately. The doctor and nurse were very quick assessing him. He had a double ear infection that was very bad. He had to have two shots. The nurse was so quick, my son did not even cry after receiving the shots. Dr. Laurusonis watched him and had his temp down in less than an hour. I was so impressed with the care my son received. All treatments and costs were explained to me in detail and several treatment options were discussed. I spent an hour and half there, which was shocking since most urgent care centers can be just as long as the ER. They contacted me on Sunday to check on him and to see if I needed anything. About a year ago, the same thing happened with my son and I took him to the ER. I was one of two people waiting in the ER and spent 4 hours at the ER and still had a screaming baby. I took my son to his pediatrician the next day and the pediatrician said my son was on the wrong antibiotic and the ER doctor also wrote the prescription out for an adult dosage, which thankfully the Pharmacist caught the error. I will definitely go back to Doctors Medical Center. This place is top notch! Thank you Doctors Medical Center Pros: Great Urgent Care more

No more lines on my forehead 12/11/2009

I talked to Dr. Laurusonis 2 weeks before having any Botox done because I never had it done before and he told me everything that would happen. Price was told to me by the staff and him. I decided to take a chance and have it done finally. Walked in, filled out papers, and had injections mostly in my forehead, sides of mouth, and sides of eyes --crows feet. It was done in an hour it seemed. And my lines were gone. I just cant say enough good things about it---I dont feel bad about looking in the mirror or packing makeup on to cover up anymore. They took my credit card, I got home, and my husband said I looked 10 yrs younger. I'll be back for more!!!! Pros: No lines on my face in an hour more

Excellent Urgent Care 10/25/2009

Surprisingly short wait, considering there were other people waiting. Glad I went there instead of the ER. Will go back again for urgent care and other medical care. Pros: Quickly seen, Friendly Staff, Excellent Care more

Promises, promises 7/1/2009

Several years ago, Dr. Laurusonis promised to write a letter to my employer. I then promised my employer that the letter was forthcoming. A polite reminder to Dr. Laurusonis was met with indifference. I am still employed, but having recently heard about this doctor's cutthroat practices regarding indigent patients (no overhaul of healthcare will stop monsters!) I have to laugh. What goes around, comes around. I heard his high-power lawyer pulled some strings and got him off, but I wouldn't trust him. Pros: convenient location Cons: dishonest doctor more

Improved Facial and Neck Skin 12/10/2008

I saw an ad for Doctors Medical Center and Laser treatments for signs of aging. I went in for a consult and Dr. Laurusonis explained every possible detail about various laser treatmetns available as well as other treatment options, i.e. Botox, Juvederm, etc. He explained to me that Botox and other injectables are temporary and can produce wonderful results, but if I wanted something more permanent, Laser would be the choice for me. I had 2 laser treatments done for the sagging neck and chin area and also to lift up the tip of my nose. I am so very pleased with my results, I no longer have that hanging, wiggly neck and chin and ""jowl"" area. I can hardley believe it, except I look at it everyday...happilyso...and I did NOT need surgery as three plastic surgeons told me. All 3 of the Plastic Surgeons told me that there is NO PROCEDURE available, to lift the chin, neck, jowls, and nose, other than a surgical facelift. I am living proof that these statements are NOT TRUE for everyone!! I am very pleased with the treatment and care I recieved from Doctors Medical Center and I would recommend it to any aging male or female, with the sagging skin problem. Pros: I look GREAT more

Thank You Doctors Medical Center 12/8/2008

My daughter was treated at this office for a cut on her nose that required about 15 stiches to close.There are two comments that I would like you to be aware of regarding this process: 1. Dr. Laurusonis suturing was tremendous! Her nose 10 weeks later looked perfect. Without looking at her nose in bright sunlight and knowing where she was cut, no one will ever see where the injury occured. Her mother and I cannot thank Dr. Laurusonis enough. 2. Magiie his office personal has been a real trooper repeated fieling my phone calls, faxes and questions from United Health Care. She has provided customer service to me that is above and beyond anything I could have reasonably expected from her. She is a blessing to talk to and I cannot thank her enough for the time and effort she has put into this case. Her dedication speaks volumes about the kind of person she is. Thank you for a job well done. Pros: Great Office Staff more

Very Quick 12/5/2008

I went to this office about an hour or two after I had a motorcycle accident. I had a bunch of x-rays done, injections, and I got some medications. It was very quick while I was there. There was no wait at all. I had a couple chipped bones so they put a plaster splint on my wrist and gave me some antibiotic shots so none of my road rash would get infected. They also gave me my medication on the spot, I was in alot of pain so I was really glad when I realized that I didn't have to stop at the pharmacy to fill my script. This office even worked with me on filing the visit through my auto insurance. Pros: Can get your medications there. One stop shop more

The new 50 Can ACTUALLY Look 30!! 12/3/2008

I have been a patient of Dr. Laurusonis for six years. I was in his office and noticed he had put up pictures of patients that hed the dermabrasion done on their face and neck. I inquired and he explained the procedure to me. We talked about it a couple of times, mainly because I wanted it done on my face and neck but I was scared. Doc drew me pictures for my layers of skin and told me how far he would have to go down.He was very diligent on how I would feel before, during, and after. It's wasn't as painful as I expected: it was uncomfortable for about a week, but as the days passed I was so amazed on how my face and neck were changing. I had so many son spots on my face and they were disappearing before my eyes. Since the treatment I have got so many compliments on my skin. I've been told many times how smooth it looked, and actually let some people touch my face to feel the smoothness. I actually have people tell me I look 10-12 years younger. I love the results. Great Job Pros: excellent job state of the art machines used more

Laser Hair Removal 11/29/2008

I am of mixed race, therefore considered of the black race. My skin is not very dark but has a deep bronze tan color and therefore not considered white. My daughter however has a dark brown color to her skin. I am describing these two skin colors so you will understand the effects when the wrong equipment technique of laser is used on these diverse colors of black skin. My daughter and I had been interested in the laser hair removal for a couple of years and had visited a few places. These were too expensive for us so we had just about given up and then we happened on a too good to be true Internet ad. The prices were just right and it all seemed very convenient. This was a big, big mistake. I thought that they would have all the equipment there, they did not. The equipment used was a table top outdated rig. The person who did the therapy only had 24 hours of training and she was filling in for someone else. We both suffered 1st and 2nd degree burns. My daughters burns were worse. She had blisters up and down her legs and she still has scars today that I am not sure if they will ever fade.\r My wish is not to discourage you, but to advise you to seek only professionals for these treatments. I was very lucky to find Doctors Medical Center in duluth where they have the most up to date equipment which does not target pigmentation (so it will not burn dark skin) but red hair follicles and includes a cooling mechanism to eliminate the chances of getting burnt. My daughter and I are into our third treatments and have experienced only the best of service there.\r \r Pros: Up to date equipment more

Great Doctor 11/1/2008

I went to Dr. Laurusonis for an earache. I was given eardrops to use and with in hours my ear ache was already going away. This is the first doctor I've ever went to that had me feeling better in hours. Pros: All more

Great Doctor 9/23/2008

I work for Dr.Laurusonis and I can personally say that he has treated me and my family members with respect and he is a brilliant doctor that I can trust. As a boss he is a wonderfull person to work for. I believe other ex-employees are upset because they are not competent for the job and what is expected of them. He has never been rude to me in any shape or form. Any feedback that I have recieved has been positive and has helped me grow as a person and in my career. I am amazed at his work and would not trust any other doctor with my family's or my own health. I love my job and I love working with Dr.Laurusonis. Pros: Doctor that actually knows what he's doing with your health Cons: nothing more

DR. Laurusonis will ruin your life and fatten his pockets 9/21/2008

For legal reasons I cannot tell what happend there. But if you e-mail me at brusierbrody2099@hotmail.c o mI will tell you the whole story. But it ended up with me paying for my mom to go to rehab 2 times to kick pain killers Pros: I do not think he has offed anyone yet Cons: I could be wrong, more

great experience with Dr and clinic 7/20/2008

I had minor surgery on my foot and I couldn't have been more impressed with the care I received from Dr Laurusonis and staff at the clinic.\r \r The place was spotlessly clean and the Dr was a really smart guy. He handled my emergency and made me very comfortable. He answered all my questions and made sure I understood everything he was going to do during the surgery. He did a great job and my foot has healed nicely.\r \r The clinic was the cleanest health care facility I have seen in years. That alone made me much more comfortable than I would have been at a dirty ER. \r \r I knew before treatment that I would have to pay for services and file for insurance reimbursement. It was expensive but worth it because there was no wait for treatment and the facility was clean. \r \r An ER visit is a nightmare and I am grateful I didn't have to endure spending all Saturday waiting to see a Doc at a dirty, crowded ER. Pros: clean, no wait for services, very competent Dr Cons: expensive more

Newspaper article 6/20/2008

A doctor and two staffers at a Duluth medical practice face charges of false imprisonment for allegedly locking a patient in a room when concerns arose about her ability to pay the bill.\r \r Dr. John Drew Laurusonis and office assistants Leslie Ann York and Alexander Acquah of the Doctors Medical Center were indicted this week on false imprisonment charges. The three face arraignment July 3.\r \r Police say Frances Bales, 36, of Duluth, was held against her will on Oct. 4, 2007, when she went to the clinic seeking treatment for arm pain.\r \r A receptionist at Doctors Medical Center said the clinic would have no comment and then hung up. Office staff for Laurusonis' attorney, Richard Ryczek, said the attorney would call back later for comment.\r \r Bales' attorney, Joseph Fried, said Friday she was told initially that the visit would cost $98. Bales had been visiting from out-of-state and didn't have health insurance, Fried said.\r \r ""They took her debit card and her driver's license at the reception desk,"" Fried said. ""She figured with X-rays it might be a little more.""\r \r Instead, after tests, she was charged $755.\r \r ""She says, 'I don't have the money,' "" Fried said. ""They direct her to go into what they called their billing office."" For several hours, the staff refused to allow her to leave, locking her in for periods of time, Fried said. They had her log into her bank records from a computer while she was there, he said.\r \r ""They said, 'Don't you have anyone who loves you who can come and help you? Because you're not leaving until this bill is paid,' "" Fried said. ""They made her feel like she was a criminal. She was made to feel like she couldn't leave without something bad to happen to her.""\r \r Fried described Bales' personality as less assertive than other people.\r \r At one point, they allowed her to go to her truck to get a paycheck, but held her keys while she looked, unlocking the vehicle's doors with the electronic key fob on the keychain, Fried said. more
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