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I visted Disneyland on my birthday and due to their newest promotion, entrance to the park was free! you have to register ahead of time online and they will send you an email two...


We just got back from a week long Disney trip, a first for all of us. The trip was designed for my kids, but my hubby and I, and my older kids 10 and 12 were bored. Not one ride...

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The place to celebrate your birthday 4/27/2009

I visted Disneyland on my birthday and due to their newest promotion, entrance to the park was free! you have to register ahead of time online and they will send you an email two weeks before your birthday that you have to print out and show to the main ticket window. i had such a fun time - they give you a birthday pin that you can wear all day long and random people will greet you with birthday wishes. you also get to see all the other people in the park who also share the same birthday as you :) the rides are geared more for little kids - this is not the place to go for roller coasters or high thrilled rides but more for escaping from the daily grind and running away to a magical place. i was disappointed that i wasn't able to take a photo with Mickey but we did see Buzz lightyear and mary poppins. My favourite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride - i can't remember the name of it. There are FastPass tickets you can get for the more popular rides in the park that will enable you to bypass longer lines at a given time. I wish they had them on more rides because some of the good ones still had extremely long lineups (60 min + ) that I didn't want to wait for. still, this is was really awesome. what a great birthday present! i was able to enjoy a day at the park absolutely free! :) it's not so great for the person you drag with you but hey, you can say it'll be their birthday present to you. more

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Wine Country Trattoria (Disney California Adventure) 10/24/2006

Wine Country Trattoria is located in the Disney's California Adventure Park. It's simple to find as it is located in the vineyard at the park in the Golden State area. The food is wonderful! You'll find all kinds of Italian dishes here. Baked pastas that are so delicious! The lasagna is, oh my goodness amazing! They have some children's selections here also. You can really relax at his restaurant. Sit down to a wonderful meal, have a glass of wine, and be waited on hand and foot. It's a real nice break after running your feet off all day in the park. There is indoor and outdoor seating. Prices range from $10 to $20 per person. They have Vegetarian dishes also. If you plan it right you might be able to sit outside and catch a wonderful view of a parade! They serve Lunch and Dinner. Enjoy! You won't be disappointed! more

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Redd Rockett's Pizza Port (Disneyland) 10/24/2006

Redd Rockett's Pizza Port is located in Disneyland's Tomorrowland. The food is really good and you sure get your money's worth here. The Chicken Fusilli pasta is the best! The pizza is great! You can order it by the whole pie or slice! The slices are really big, it's like getting 2 pieces in one. They have a really nice selection of great salads too! Prices are $10 per person or less. This is another place where they serve refillable drinks in the park. It is pretty much wheel chair friendly... but you do have to enter the restaurant from the exit. The restaurant is cafeteria style which most of them are. They are open for Lunch and Dinner. more

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Disneyland 10/7/2006

I think every girl should have a chance to visit Disneyland in her lifetime. When I stepped into Disneyland and saw that beautiful castle (it's so gorgeous at night), I thought I would cry. My mom raised me on bedtime stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I am now doing the same thing with my own daughter. We had such a wonderful time. My kids were amazed by all of the characters. I can't wait to go back when they are a little older. My daughter will be one of those little blonde headed girls in line with a pen and autograph book for the princesses to sign. more

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Disneyland 8/27/2006

What can I say, they just get better all the time. We arrived on Sunday, which just happened to be "Goth Day" So not only were the rides fun, but we had an eyeful of different "goth" outfits. Some very creative, some should have stayed on the hanger. I love the improvement Disneyland has made. Pirates of the Caribbean was awesome, but get there early and get a hopper pass ( a pass that allows you to come back at a specific time, no extra cost, and you "hop" to the front or near front of the line, a must especially in the busier times) This line was always the longest and insane. Splash Mountain was the second longest, but a cute water ride with some real fun drops. Space Mt is the best in my opinion. They have improved the ride and it was so fun and scary, couldn't see a thing except stars! My son screamed the whole time. Again a hopper pass is the way to go. We got our hopper pass then went on other smaller ride until out designated time. My husband went on Star Tours 7 times, yes you heard me. He loves it! Always a fun ride the 1st time, but 7 ugh! Buzzlight years blasters was a hoot. You sit in a little car and shoot with your gun @ the "Z" . We also loved Mr. Toads wild ride, always a favorite. If your not into fireworks, try to get on the Matterhorn when they are shooting them off, it makes the ride really neat, and easy to get onto as most people line up on Main street to watch the show. As for food, it was the same as California Adventure, We found we spent a tiny more at Carnation on Main but the food was good, service was great, and free refills! We also timed it so we could watch the parade at the same time. My daughter got into the pins, you can buy a pin, then trade them with the staff that have the pins. She would buy the cheap one (5.95) then trade up! It was a lot of fun. You need at least two days at Disneyland, but the staff is friendly, and the park is clean. An "E" ticket all the way! more

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California Screamin! Good Time! 8/14/2006

Just got back from Disneyland with the family. How much fun is that? Me, hubby, and the five kids plus the one best friend all took off for 3 action filled days in the Disney parks in Southern California. Outside of dealing with an 18 month old who doesn't like strollers, it was a blast and well worth the trip. I especially love California Adventure. It's not nearly as busy as Disneyland and there is a lot of interactive fun. Soarin' Over California is a neat experience that everyone should see. My kids loved California Screamin! roller coaster and all the characters running around. Can't wait to go again. more

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Disneyland 6/15/2006

Its been a while since I went to Disneyland but when I went we weren't able to ride that many rides cause the lines were so long. That was about annoying, which is the case for any amusement park. I think I had more fun shopping than I did on the rides. They really need to get more rides for adults and for older children. I'm sure that the little ones have a blast but sometimes the older ones get bored. Of course like any amusement park, everything was way overpriced. If you wanted a drink be prepared to pay around 5.00 or more. Plus eating inside the park was really expensive too. I bought a tigger and I think the little thing cost me around $20.00 with taxes. Mind you this was a few years back, I am sure the prices have gone up since then. more

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We had some fun, but where the heck was that magic 6/7/2006

We just got back from a week long Disney trip, a first for all of us. The trip was designed for my kids, but my hubby and I, and my older kids 10 and 12 were bored. Not one ride, really excited me. And I LOVE amusement rides. We noticed that they speed the rides up in the afternoon, so fast you couldn't even take in what was going on. We found this out because during our early entry we re-rode some of the rides from other days and they were going so much slower. I was Ticked our last night there. Got into a fight with a gal who worked the gate, she tried to lecture me because we hadn't signed our tickets. Ummm hello, it was the 5th day and our last trip into the park to see the fireworks and she was treating me like a little kid. Not one other person all week had told us we were supposed to sign them. Then we got the kids the mouse ears hats. They didn't have anyone to embrodier thier names on them, even though they offer it for free. The only person who knew how to use the machine was gone! Lines were long, and not enough characters were out to interact with the kids. The one day we had early entry, was the one and only day we saw Mickey Mouse. We tried to get in line, but then a disney worker told us he wasn't going to see anyone else, but we could return at 9am to see him. UM freaking hello, what the heck was the point of having early entry then, if we had to wait in line with everyone else to see him. Another day my daughter saw Woody from toy story and ran up to give him a hug. She's 4, and another disney worker pushed her away and said she had to get into line. Crushed her, she didn't know what standing in line meant to give someone she adored a hug. Where is the magic for the little kids if they can't show the affection for the characters they love. Never saw any princess characters in the park, good thing we made dinner reservations with them. Which was awesome by the way. Restaurants that we wished to patron were closed, as was Pirates of the Carrabian. Space Mountain was down for one of the days we were there. Compared to Six Flags Amusement parks, and even Kings Dominion, this place sucked! Most of our fun was at the California Adventure Park. more

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Disney Fun in Southern California! 4/17/2006

Disneyland is located near Los Angeles in Anaheim, California. It is true Disney fun and wonderful place for all ages to visit. It is very close to Disney's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida and has many of the same rides and attractions with a few extras thrown in. Remember to take some time to enjoy the parades. Have fun! more

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Too Expensive 4/15/2006

Disneyland is not too great. It can get very frustrating waiting in the long lines and its not really worth it. The kids get sleepy and tired just waiting. Admission is too expensive and the food prices are ridiculous. The only thing I like about Disneyland is the parade and fireworks. more

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Disneyland 4/14/2006

I think Disneyland is one of the best places on earth! lol I've been here several times as a child and a couple of times as an adult. I wish I lived closer so I could go more often. One of my best friends worked there twice and said it was also very neat to work for. Plus when you work there you get a certain number of free passes a year or whatnot and are able to bring your family and/or friends, which she did the last time I went. My favorite ride is the Pirates one. A true classic. Everytime is like the first time when I go on it. more

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Disneyland 4/12/2006

This is one of the best theme parks ever constructed. I have been here while a kid and later on as an adult, and both times I had some of the best times of my live. The beauty of this theme park is that it is timeless. It is a wonderful place for anyone of any walk of life. more

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disneyland 4/10/2006

I have been to Disneyland on several different occasions and each time I went was as fun if not more fun than the time before. It is always a different experience and adventure each time. Lots of great rides, although some of the lines are terribly long. Great food, music and gift shops galore! Something for everyone, youngand old alike! It is quite spendy though, so be prepared for that aspect! more

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Disneyland 4/6/2006

Disneyland can be a great place to take your children but it can be expensive! The food is overpriced and also the disney merchandise. Everything is worth buying if it makes a child happy. You can spend the whole day at Disneyland and never get bored. Disneyland is a great place for the whole family. more

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Disneyland 4/5/2006

We recently returned from a family vacation to Disneyland! We are big Disney Fan's and try to go once every few years! We enjoyed all of the new attractions such as the Fireworks, The new Winnie the Pooh ride, Disney's California Adventure, and so much more! We are certainly pleased with Disney time and time again and it is so fun to see the kids enjoy it too! Disneyland is definitely the Happiest Place on Earth for our Families! more

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Disneyland 3/30/2006

We recently took the kids to Disneyland, and to be honest, I was really dreading it. I remembered Disneyland to be far too crowded and more frustrating than fun. I don't know if they changed things or what, but I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, for anybody that has not been there in a long time - things are way different. You can't just walk in from a local hotel to avoid parking at Disneyland. Once you hit the front gate, you will drive for a good 15 minutes or so before you even get to the parking. It would take forever to walk it. They now have a HUGE parking structure instead of just the big parking lot they had. They also have Downtown Disney where they have a bunch of restaurants and shops that are not inside the park itself. Inside, the park is really clean and inviting and the workers were a lot nicer than I remembered them to be the last time that I went. Of course, everything is pretty much a fortune there. It will cost you a lot of money to eat throughout the day. You can check out a bunch of websites for tips on how to save money, but one of the best is Also, if you look online, there are a lot of sites that will give you tips on what order to go on the rides in order to avoid long lines - this really works! more

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Disneyland 3/27/2006

Disneyland is a great place to spend with the family. It is always best to arrive early so you can get a chance to explore everything. Lots of parking is available and easy to find. The food and toys can be expensive and over priced. This is a nice place to visit every other year. more

Can't Get Enough of this Place! 3/20/2006

I went to Disneyland several times as a child, and just recently as an adult. Some things never change. The excitement and wonder that are found inside the gates of Disneyland bring out the kid in all of us. I was especially impressed with the changes that had been made to Space Mountain (much darker - much faster) and some of the new rides like the Buzz Lightyear Ride. My favorites, Pirates and the Teacups are still happily running, and I can't wait for the new Nemo ride to fill the hole left by the Submarine ride. A lot of people may have issues with the marketing and cost of a trip to the park, but once you get there, you find that no matter our age, we are all kids at heart. more

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DisneyLand review 3/20/2006

DisneyLand is obviously a Mecca for children, but I was impressed by how enjoyable it is for adults. The rides are obviously wonderful, and their new system that allows you move to the head of the line at a predetermined time is convenient and works surprisingly well. I enjoyed it as a child, but I treasure the memories I made there as an adult even more. more

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My second Childhood 3/20/2006

We recently went to disneyland, having not been there since 1987 the prices were startling but We had a blast, The weather was beautiful for feb. it wasnt crowded other then the weekend and my daughter got 23 character autographs, they are really got all out for their anniversary, the parade was wonderful, I will always love Pirates of the Caribean and Its a small world more
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