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Diaz, Brian D Activedge Fitness & Sports - 52 Reviews - 4221 Garrett Rd # 2, Durham, NC - Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals Reviews - Phone (919) 493-1204
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Diaz, Brian D Activedge Fitness & Sports

4221 Garrett Rd # 2 (at Durham Chapel Hill Boulevard)
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 493-1204
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Diaz, Brian D Activedge Fitness & Sports - Durham, NC
Diaz, Brian D Activedge Fitness & Sports - Durham, NC
Diaz, Brian D Activedge Fitness & Sports - Durham, NC


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This place is a one-stop shop for all personal training needs. Brian worked with me as I graduated from UNC and got ready for the NFL. I still come back and work with him before I...


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NFL ready for me - fitness ready for my wife! 11/3/2011

This place is a one-stop shop for all personal training needs. Brian worked with me as I graduated from UNC and got ready for the NFL. I still come back and work with him before I need to report to summer camp. My wife has been working with his other staff members, primarily Krishinda, and has loved every second of it! They offer a balance that can meet any expectation and get you hitting your goals in stride - Brian and Krishinda are the best around! more

Sooo much better than anybody! 5/2/2011

I started training about 9 months ago with a friend down the road from ActivEdge at Move It Be Fit and this was a huge mistake... In the last 9 months we have been through numerous trainers that the owner has fired and hired without warning over that time. The owner is a chauvinist pig and I wouldn't let us out of our contracts until they expired. ActivEdge is such a welcome relief to that place that I hope to catch others shopping around and tell them THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!!! Brian is absolutely amazing! A refreshing personality that has a wonderful staff for us to work with... they make exercise fun and exciting, not demeaning and belittling. ActivEdge is a top notch facility at the highest level. A+++ more

Effective personal training- Super staff! 4/5/2010

This is the only program that has ever given me visible results in just a few weeks. The staff is friendly, smart and provides personal attention to assure maximum benefit from your training time. They have a large selection of free weights and machines to use, but the real benefit here is having a trainer set up a custom program for you every time you go. Every session is different so boredom is never a deterrent to training. As your body gets stronger, the trainers raise the bar so that you continually make progress. I spend one hour a week and really feel like I've made a great investment in my health. It's the biggest bang for my fitness buck! Pros: Professional, friendly, great value for the money more

Brian Diaz is the areas best physical therapist 3/1/2010

I'm currently seeing Brian for back pain and I have no doubt that he will help me to get back on track again. I experienced bi lateral tendinitis in my elbows in the past. UNC and Duke doctors only wanted to do surgery. After finding Brian and going thru conservative treatments with him, my tendinitis completely healed. If you have an issue that needs attention , definitely see Brian Diaz at Active Edge. Pros: Very knowledgable and definitely helped me more

THE place to be if fit is what you're looking for! 10/4/2009

If fit is what you want to be look no further! I have been trying for years to get excited about exercise and I never could do it..until now. Brian and Meredith are a dynamic duo that can't be topped! Energy, wit, and class make my workouts so awesome I can't even describe it in words! Go now and you won't be disappointed I promise! A few more weeks and I just may look like I'm supposed to be a cardiac physician haha! Pros: Atmosphere, Energy, Knowledge Cons: Absolutely none! more

Best personal training I have experianced! 3/5/2009

This is a great place to recieve personal training because it is actually personal! Highly reccommemded more

Best deal in town! (Even in the financial times of today!!!) 1/27/2009

I have always wanted a personal trainer for my wife and I for several years. Unfortunately, the older we got, the less I made it a priority. And, so here we are, in the middle of a financial downturn, and I decided that we should find a persona trainer!! Best decision I have made in a long time!! Brian, and his staff, are wonderful leaders of fitness! After comparing a membership at a local gym for about $50/month and paying him roughly $200 a month I believe I'm getting the best deal in town!! Not only do I get a personal trainer 2x a week for 60 min sessions, I can also come in anytime I want to outside of those times for that price!! As a doctor at Duke, the gym is nicely located on my way home to Chapel Hill and the hours are great for us!! We made some cuts in other areas (like golf memberships that I never use and expensive dinning and clothes) and put it in our health! I can't say enough about how great ActivEdge is for both of our lives!!! I highly recommend! Pros: Best deal in town!! Location, location, location more

No frills, no sugar coated feel good lies, just flat out hardworking trainers getting the job done! 11/6/2008

I have never met a better combo with Brian and Meredith! They compliment each other so well with their different personalities and exercise selection... I have never wanted to exercise more then now! I look forward to every visit at ActivEdge and can't wait to continue for many more to come! The place is addictive and energized! I tried some others first and they couldn't hold a candle to this place! Outstanding quality and expertise! BEST IN THE AREA!!!! Pros: Music, Cleanliness, Showers, EVERYTHING!!! more

Best deal, best trainers, best equipment, best period! 10/29/2008

I've been in the area for 2 years after living in New York for several. I have used a personal trainer for the last 6 years and was expecting to pay big money coming from New York for a good trainer. I tried 3 different places in Durham and found ActvEdge to be the best period! Not even close! They had nicer equipment then ANY gym in this area AND New York!! I worked with Meredith and Brian and they knew so much more and kept me more excited about exercise then any trainer I have ever worked with!! And to top it off, they were also the cheapest!! This place is a gem and a terrific deal! What a classy joint! Pros: brand new top-of-the-line equipment, staff, atmosphere more

Best around Durham/Chapel Hill! 8/10/2008

I was looking to lose a few pounds over a month or so and was looking for a personal trainer at the start of the summer. I searched the Internet and tried a few different places in Durham and Chapel Hill. After a trial or two at different facilities, I chose to go to Brian and Meredith over at ActivEdge. They were simply the best out there period! I have past injuries that I needed to talk to Brian about and being a physical therapist I felt confident in my exercise routine! When I tried to talk about the injuries with the ""other"" places they tried to say that I really didn't need a physical therapist and that they could help me. But trust me, some of them actually hurt me! Brian and Meredith are a dynamic duo that offer a unique blend of toughness and determination as well as concern and insightful exercise combinations. And to top it off, they are cheaper then all the others!! I was wasting $75/hr and not even working with a physical therapist and now I spend $29/hr and get Brian and Meredith!!! What a deal!!! I would not hesitate to recommend then to anyone seeking a personal trainer! Pros: Tremendous value! Location Location Location more

UNBELIEVABLE!!! 7/31/2008

I am one of the editors for the Herald-Sun and Brian has been writing for us for over 3 years. I wanted to start training for a triathlon and thought I'd start here since he seems to know what he is talking about! But, I was completely surprised and impressed with just how good he and Meredith are!!! Absolutely unbelievable!!! I have tried a lot of personal training studios all over the Triangle and none comes even remotely close to what Brian has done at ActivEdge. His blend on training techniques and focused delivery are the best I have ever seen! He was available for questions about overuse injuries and I was even able to submit insurance for sessions when he worked on my IT band!! All the tools are here for top performance, no doubt!!! Pros: Staff, location more

Moral Character 2/25/2008

After reading some of these reviews, I would like to add another quality of Brian and Meredith: Moral character. I have lived in Durham and the Hope Valley area for much of my life and am sad to say that many of the other trainers in the area don't quite portray the best morals in their own lives (even if they give some impression that they do). But Brian and Meredith are absolutely fantastic! True role models to my son and daughter, who also go to ActivEdge, as well as myself. I have been through many different trainers and exercise routines, but what I believe should be added to ActivEdge's list of attributes before all others, is it's enriching and moral atmosphere - a must for any concerned parent! Pros: Character, Atmosphere, Positive Role Models for Children more

Combination of knowledge and enthusiasm 2/22/2008

As part of my New Years promise, I tried a variety of different fitness ""ideas"" before finding AND STAYING with ActivEdge. I started with just running on my own - didn't last. Then I added a Pilates class, this helped but wasn't quite what I wanted. My latest debacle was trying a kettlebell class that with my friends, what a disaster. Not only did we do the same thing every day, but I had to commit to several sessions up front and could not get a refund! Anyway, after leaving that ego-laden trainer behind, I found one of the best kept secrets in the Triangle area! (Although I quickly learned that it wasn't so much of a secret after seeing others there - including my own colleagues!). And here I was thinking that I didn't want to see anyone that I worked with, while they are now having as good a time as I am! This group, Brian, Meredith, and Ted, makes exercising fun! Not only that, but I was able to address some orthopedic concerns with Brian and being a physical therapist, he evaluated me and adjusted some of the exercises to maximize my gains. I have only been here 2 weeks since the kettlebell class and what a change! Change in body (4 lbs down) and change in spirit! I love this place and strongly recommend it to anyone looking to kick start a new outlook on life! Pros: Staff, Clean, Good Energy more

Better than all the rest! 1/24/2008

I have tried a trainer at the local gym...not motivating enough. Then I tried Curves...too boring and repetitive. Recently I tried a kettlebell class with a friend and injured my low back and couldn't even see patients for 2 days. Then after talking with some of the other Duke physicians, I called Brian. What an exhilarating change! He wasn't overly egotistic like the kettlebell guy, he was a much better inspiration then the other trainer at the local gym, and mixed up the exercises to keep it exciting! Look no farther - this guy is the best! What really impressed me was how thorough the evaluation was, he looked at all my medical history, diet, and exercise background. After watching me go through several movements, he came up with a plan. Granted, he still adds the occasional kettlebell exercise, ugh, but he goes over the movement and will adjust if necessary. He also adds other forms of resistance to give a much more well rounded workout then anything I have ever experienced! We focus mostly of multi-joint complex movements, engaging the core, and adding cardio throughout the workout. His hands-on blend of all different types of exercises, diet tips, and grasp of human anatomy has helped me lose 3lbs in one week! While I know this may not continue at that rate, he has made a believer out of me! I have more energy now then I ever have and love to work out! This place is truly a blessing in my life! Pros: Parking (easy), Atmosphere (extremely clean!), Top notch service more

Fusion of Personal Training and Physical Therapy a real key! 1/23/2008

I have been working as a sport medicine specialty physician at 3 different universities in my career. I have never seen anybody better at fusing together rehab and personal training than Brian does at ActivEdge. His skills and personality match and better anyone in the similar field. Everything he does is physiologically sound and I trust him with all my patients for rehab or post rehab concerns. He knows the body and movements that bring out the best results. I highly recommend Brian and his staff without reservations. Pros: More knowledge than anyone else around! more

Makes you feel like family! 1/21/2008

I moved here with my husband 3 months ago when he took a job at UNC. I was looking for a personal trainer in the area and some of his colleagues recommended Brian at ActivEdge. Brian is absolutely the best trainer in the area and made me feel like family immediately. I love going over to his warm facility where the staff is always encouraging and helping me reach my goals. With their guidance, I have learned how to take better care of myself and have already lost 5 pounds since starting just before Christmas! If you are looking for a great trainer, motivator, and friend, look no farther - this is the place! Pros: Friendly and caring more

Better than the competition - hands down! 10/1/2007

I was working out at ""another facility"" off of Shannon Rd. in Durham and decided to give theses guys a try after I did an internet search for other trainers in the area and found these guys. What a team! Brian and Meredith are hands-down better than the other place that I was at! What energy and knowledge and best of all Brian is a physical therapist and was able to get coverage through my insurance for some of the sessions due to a previous injury! Even though it is difficult to change trainers once you become adjusted to someone's style and approach, I am trying to get all my friends from the other place to join me at ActivEdge! This place is top notch! Pros: Better value than ""the other place"", location, music, atmosphere more

Top of the line!!! 7/9/2007

I came from Atlanta where I trained at a place called Velocity Sports Performance. After 1 day here at ActivEdge, I immediately knew this place was better!!! They transformed my workouts adding several ""new"" and exciting exercises that really made my game pop! In 6 weeks I am running faster, cutting faster, jumping higher and ready for DI basketball. They taught me about body awareness and movement in certain exercises and how that translates into improvements on the court. This place pays attention to all the details and I highly recommend their services to anyone considering taking their game to the next level! Pros: Tremendous value with weekly options, location was key - minutes from campus! more

Helping Duke get to the National Championship! 6/5/2007

Brian has helped several of our lacrosse players here at Duke over the past year. The players that have worked with him display tremendous agility and movement with and without the ball. They are strong and solid, yet quick and agile and are usually the better athletes on the team. What he has done with those players has really helped our team and I can't wait to send more players his way in the coming years. Any top-level lacrosse player in the triangle area needs to see Brian and get on a program! Thanks for all the help in getting Duke back on track for a National Championship! Pros: Sports Performance At It's Best! more

Training/Injury Prevention/Skills - Brian has it all! 5/20/2007

I have been training with Brian for the past 3 years getting ready for soccer and trying to prevent injuries. His combination of drills and exercises are the best I have seen and done in my 15 years of sports. He offers great explanations of why we are doing them and unlike most trainers can actually give a demo of the drill. Furthermore, any athlete that is looking to combine their gym work with on-field training, this is the place. I have done several private skills sessions in which Brian has led me through some complex movement drills to help my footwork and touch on the ball. He is awesome and I can't wait to get back and train with him again! Pros: Location - right off I-40 more
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Offers one-on-one and group training programs for fitness, physical therapy and nutrition counseling.

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  • ActivEdge is not a health club or a fitness center in the conventional sense of the words. Every person that walks through the doors of ActivEdge to improve their life and physical health will be tied to a personal training program. These programs occur at many levels and can be tailored to fit your needs and your budget, but every member will get personal guidance at least once per month. Unlike large health clubs where people often feel lost, disconnected and waste precious time searching for the right exercises, ActivEdge is designed to only give you two jobs- show up and try hard. We design the program and provide the direction you need to get to where you want to go.


  • Since 2004, offers one-on-one and group training programs for fitness, physical therapy and nutrition counseling; sports conditioning programs available.

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