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Del Mar Rug Gallery - 5 Reviews - 211 Avenida Del Mar Ste A, San Clemente, CA - Carpets Reviews - Phone (949) 366-2425

Del Mar Rug Gallery

211 Avenida Del Mar Ste A
San Clemente, CA 92672
(949) 366-2425
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Me and my girlfriend jennifer bought two rugs from this guy. He was so honest and nice. All he wanted to do was please his customers. When we went online we found both of those ru...


This Boostani family can not survive by doing a honest bussiness.Dad,Mom, and son. They show you something and sell you something else and run you around for months. They have s m...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/10/2013

This place is terrible. They are not rug people. They are crooks!!! I just moved here from the Bay area. I have many rugs that I have had cleaned by reputable cleaning companies in San Francisco for many years. I moved to house in San Clemente, just about 100 feet from Del Mar Gallery. I walked in the store and asked about cleaning. They assured me the rugs are taken to their plant and washed the same way traditional Oriental rugs cleaning companies do. I gave them my 100 year old Sarouk to clean. The next day I walked by the gallery and saw a man going over it with something that looked like it was rented from a grocery store. I WAS HORRIFIED!!! I went in and they told me it was not my rug. Are you kidding me?! That's not the worst of it...they called me a week later and told me my rug was damaged and they are only responsible for $1000 towards replacement and I must buy one of their rugs. I have hired an attorney and hope this company gets what they deserve. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2013

These people are thieves with a capital T ! - The owner/manager is in jail now for many years, Saeid Maralan. - But this is what he and his wife, who currently works in the San Clemente and Laguna Beach stores, did to me....He picked up my natural silk 9x12 rug and another natural silk 5x3 rug for cleaning. This was about 8 years ago. - I gave him $350. cash for the cleaning and pick-up and delivery from my house in Ladera Ranch. - A day later, a woman called me from the store, who I now believe to be his wife. She told me that one of the store managers wanted to buy my rug from me. I told her no, it was not for sale. She told me that I could pick out any 2 rugs in the whole store in exchange for my 1 large silk rug. I again said no thank-you. A few days later another store owner called to again ask if I would sell my rug, as the store manager wanted it. Again, I said no thank-you. A few days later, Saeid Maralan called to say that my rugs had been cleaned and they were ready for delivery. He asked me if I would like the 2 rugs to be wrapped. I told him yes, that would be nice, was there an extra charge? He said no, no charge. - The next day he delivered my 2 rugs all wrapped nicely in heavy brown paper. He said I should take good care of them, they were so nice and also so valuable, which I already knew. He said that they were worth about $48,000. together. I thanked him and he left. - I was preparing to move soon, so I figured I would not even have to open the wrapped rugs, as they were going into storage in a few days. Yes, you guessed it.....they did go into storage for about 5 years. When I got them out of storage and opened the wrappers...different rugs. And not just different rugs, but old, cheap cotton rugs soaked in animal urine and stains. - I called the store when I finished cleaning up the contents of my stomach off the floor. Of course no one knew me or knew of any such rugs, no manager, no nothing without receipts, which of course I didn't have. So basically, I was had. I had nothing, no proof.\r I have since gotten over this tragedy for the most part. And learned several lessons, I have also intended to still meet up with Maralan's wife in San Clemente one day, but who knows, I mean, where would it get me? - --- Whenever I get the chance to trash this 'rug gallery', I will. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/25/2013

I have heard nothing but negative remarks about Saeid Maralan from Iranian rug dealers. A. A. of LA said, ""If you had told me who you were dealing with that was giving you such a bad time, I would have told you never deal with him."" When I asked him to give this to me in writing, he said, "" If I do that, all the other Iranian rug dealers will rise up against me."" This person and the rest of his kind lost my business, because I can never deal with such people who protect the likes of Maralan.\r I heard from a lawyer who works with the City of Laguna Beach that Maralan claimed to be Armenian, rather than an Iranian Turk. \r Orhan Pamuk and Taner Akcam are also Turks. There are good and bad people in all nationalities and races. The wife of prophet Moses in the Bible was an Ethiopian black. God told told off Aaron and Meriam, the brother and sister of Moses for reproaching him, because she was married to a black woman. God judges people by their deeds and not by the color of their skin. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/11/2013

they are a professional establishment and very courtesy people .\r they performed repair for our rugs and cleaning they did for our rugs was exceptional , the service was very good and prices were very reasonable.\r it was nice experience to work with them , and we will recommend them to friends and family.\r they had extensive knowledge about rugs and educated us\r before we made a decision and purchase.\r the price they charged for the rug was less than any body else were asking , as we checked that later.\r we think their honesty make a whole lot difference.\r at the end,\r we got educated , we got our rugs appraisaled we had our rugs repaired and cleaned and our new purchase was a wonderful deal.what else we could ask.\r thanks a lot more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/11/2012

This was a complete shock when Mr. Bustani informed us that he had decided to go ahead and ""repair"" our carpets in addition to our request that was ONLY to wash them, based on his ""understanding"" that he had by talking to us! When asked how he got that ""understanding"", he responded that my wife had smiled when he had praised her for being a good negotiator! When we asked again would it not only make sense to have such an expensive order in writing, he immediately changed the subject to, ""Even if you are right, now that the ""work"" is accomplished, you have to pay for my workers' expenses.""\r The facts are as follow:\r 1) There was absolutely No Verbal or Written order to repair our carpets,\r 2) There was absolutely no repair accomplished,\r 3) He only returned our carpets when he knew we had contacted San Clemente Police department to help us to get our carpets which he was refusing to give them back to us\r 4) He has been harassing us since then with threats of ""putting lean on our home"" and calling us and our friend to ""settle"" the case!!\r 5) His wife, Parisa, even though agreed that this was her husband's ""misunderstanding"", but is also playing the same corrupt role as her husband.\r I strongly believe that this family is a disgrace to Persian community, dishonest and fraudulent business people, with a long history of law suits as we learned from several of our friends. Be aware and stay away from them! more


This Boostani family can not survive by doing a honest bussiness.Dad,Mom, and son. They show you something and sell you something else and run you around for months. They have s many complains and law suits agaunst them and they run bussiness under soo many fake names,. Biggest crooks............... more

this guy is the biggest fraud !!! watch out 1/31/2009

we went to his store and looked to buy carpet from him. He shows you one product and later install much cheaper quality and when you bring this to his attention, he comes up with lots of reason and lies,andwhen you ask him for a refund he hold you money hostage to buy other things in his store does not matter if you need any of his fake and used merchandise. This guy has a long list og complain and lawsuits against him and goes by different name. Watch out he will do the same to you . please look up abou this bussines practicesunder \r better bussiness bereau, small claim cases against him, andeven thsi site for all the complain against him. Pros: nothing pros about him Cons: every aspect of the way he does bussiness more

Saeid Bustani is the nicest man I have ever met! Del Mar Rug Gallery=GREAT COMPANY LOW PRICES 3/8/2007

Me and my girlfriend jennifer bought two rugs from this guy. He was so honest and nice. All he wanted to do was please his customers. When we went online we found both of those rugs $1600 MORE! We are so grateful to have met this man. We used that money we saved to buy a nice table and dining set to go ontop on those rugs! Pros: He is the probably the nicest man Ive ever met! LOW LOW PRICES! Cons: He kept giving us gifts because of his new year celebration he said it was a tradition [nowruz?] and I had nothing to give bak to this nice ma! more

Delmar Rug Gallery-Owner:Saeid Bustani=BEST RUG GALLERY! 3/8/2007

Me and my wife went to buy a rug from the owner. He looked so upset. He kept complaining about how these people are always tricking him into stealing his money and rugs. He said he was having very little profits if any. He gave us the best price we couldve asked for, we went online and our tabriz fish design was $300 more ONLINE. We had a very good experience with this company, and are so grateful to have met such a nice man. Pros: Nice Man, GREAT PRICES, wonderful serivce[free shipping, free wine because it was me and my wifes anniversary, etc...] Cons: None! more

This guy is a criminal and a fraud... he will screw you 8/22/2006

we went in this guys shop and he talked us into coming to our home to show us some rugs. he brought about 15 rugs and we decided to buy 1. He gave us a quote for about 7 more rugs and we told him we'd make a decision tomorrow and would call him. he said to write a check for the 1 rug and he would reimburse us if we changed our mind. We made it CLEAR we didn't want any of the other rugs and would call him if we did... onthe rug he left he left the mfg'rs tag. we looked it up on the internet and found that the rug he was charging us for $3,200 was only 500.00 from another site... he even wrote on the paperwork that ""if you find our rugs in sold prices there would be NO charge)... When we told him we didn't want the rugs he said he ORDERED all the other rugs (what other rugs) and that we had to pay for them... he said the price was over $10,000 and we said we had NO signed contract and we found them cheaper and we were told if we didn't want the ONE we paid for we could return the next day... THIS WAS THE NEXT DAY... we put a stop payment on the check and he began to harrass us... we had to take the rug back to him and get OUR rug he took without our permission and he now put a lien on our property for over $18,000.00 and said we wrote a fraudulent check and stiffed him for his order??? We called the police and they investigated and told us it was a civil matter and now we have to file a case to get him to lift the lien... STAY AWAY Pros: Can't see any value he is a criminal Cons: Read the story about this guy... he's not somebody to do business with more
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