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Debt Recovery Solutions Llc - 16 Reviews - 900 Merchants Concourse Ste 106, Westbury, NY - Collection Agency Services Reviews - Phone (516) 228-7100

Debt Recovery Solutions Llc

900 Merchants Concourse Ste 106
Westbury, NY 11590
(516) 228-7100
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These people are not real people they call you many times and dont know the meaning of harassment I had filed a harassment case against them and they declined to follow through it...


I have a feeling that Debt Recovery Solutions is a scam company. I settled and closed my account in august yet have not received any ""proof"" by receipts of this settlement des...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/3/2012

These people are CON ARTIST! They were on my credit report and i contacted them, faxed them information about myself, then there phone numbers stopped working. Have yet to hear from them! more


These people are not real people they call you many times and dont know the meaning of harassment I had filed a harassment case against them and they declined to follow through it because it would a waste of their time. This is seriously pissing me off because they are still on my credit report as pending and its screwing up my credit. Because of them I cant get a mortgage loan and I am not very happy. I am this close to calling them and finding out what in the hell is going on with why they are still on my credit report. My attorney has already sent them a letter and they are not cooperating. I am stuck and dont know what to do. more

Criminals 10/27/2011

I have a feeling that Debt Recovery Solutions is a scam company. I settled and closed my account in august yet have not received any ""proof"" by receipts of this settlement despite confirming FOUR TIMES that they have my correct address and they have sent out a hardcopy and email. There has been no receipt on their behave and NO CHANGE to my credit. I got duped? Please, if you get a call from this number, send a WRITTEN LETTER with return envelope included asking for the written copy of their claim. If you don't hear from them within 30 days, they have legally lost their right to contact you. Send them another letter stating that within the law, they are to cease contacting you. more

Horrible/Unprofessional/Liar 8/24/2011

Dear Friends, I was out of US for 4+ years, when I returned back last year, came to know that a this Debt Recovery Solution is chasing me for 79$ account balance with TMobile. I paid Tmobile my pending due and fax the proof of the same to Debt Recovery Solutions. DRS told to wait for 3-5 weeks until they hear from TMobile. They said there is no way they can call Tmobile and expedite this process. After 5 weeks DBS said they got confirmation from TMobile, and will be faxing the staus to all 3 Credit agencies in their next business cycle and it will take 2 months for Credit agencies will update my record. Today after 5 months, I checked my Credit report and surprisingly collection is still active in my credit report. I called DRS back and they said they cannot do anything, as they have already informed all of them. When I asked them to give me a written letter stating I have paid the amount and my account with them is closed. They are not willing to do that. Friends, I am looking for some ways to complain against this company. Please let me know how can I do that? Someone suggested me to complaint to Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Beuro and State Attorney General. I will be complaining them soon. But PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE STAY AWAY from this company. more

Horrifying Money Mongers! 6/16/2011

My issue started with T-Mobile in 2002 with an unresolved dispute over charges. Fast forward to 2011, and these money mongers that have purchased the debt - Debt Recovery Solutions - refuse to acknowledge that the statute of limitations has RUN OUT. The ""supervisor"" fabricates dates to suit his whim, and has added derogatory comments to my credit file, even after being put on notice for further legal action. T-Mobile has no issue with me and has retracted the debt, notifying Debt Recovery Solutions of same. Time for the court system to remedy matters......... more

These guy need to be taken down 11/17/2009

Everyone of the other stories are true about these bandits. I have started a law suite against them in small calims and included Verizon in the court action. As one person I will get them to fix my problem but they are causing for alot of other people and if you dont do anything they will just will based on the law of large numbers. If you want to get these guys out of your credit and out of your life, you need to sue them in small calims like I just did. Its $15 and if everyone sue them in the them month of December 2009, they wil have so many lawsuites it will drive them out of business trying to defend themselfs. If you sue them, they have to be represnted by a lawyer in court because they are a corporation. Thats a minamum of $1000. If 100 people sue them that means they are going to have to pay $100,000 just to defend. Use the courts and the legal system like they do and beat them up with money. I have already started mine and I know I will win. But if its just me, they will roll over but shrug it off as a cost of doing business. If everyone joins in, they will take notice and fix your problems. Its up to you to not let them get away with it. Pros: There are none Cons: They are screwing up your credit more

BS with DRS 9/5/2009

I checked my credit report and the compnay said that I owed them personnaly for $505.00. Now i have to find a way to get that debt off my credit score. Any ideas on how to do this. There are alot of debt agencies on my credit score and they need to get off there. more

Anything to get paid 5/4/2009

I received a call from a rep at Debt Recovery Solutions telling me I owed them $300 for a Sprint PCS account that was opened in 2007. I explained to them that I had been using the same Sprint account since 2003. The DRS rep eluded to that a family member must have opened this account and that I need to take legal action against my family for re-reimbursement. I found this unbelievable that a collection rep would suggest such a thing. I did file a police report and faxed DBS the report. A manager called me back and insisted that I pay the bill for this fraudulent account. She claims that a family member must have opened this account and that DBS will not remove this fraudulent account from my credit report. I spoke to the General Counsel at the FTC, and they told me to mail a copy of the police report to the three major bureaus and if the bureaus did not remove this fraudulent account then the FTC would take legal action against the three major bureaus. If you are in a similar situation just contact the FTC. more

DRS (Debt Recovery Solutions) 2/21/2009

Hello. I have a story similar to others I have read on here. My mother started receiving phone calls from DRS asking for me. I have not lived at my mothers residence since I was 16 years old. My mother gave me the number to call so I did. The first lady I spoke to asked me for my social security number, when I would not give it to her she hung up on me. So I proceeded to call back. The second lady knew who I was before I said a word, she started out with Miss. (my last name). So how was it that she knew and the other lady did not? She proceeded to tell me I owed a debt for $183 to Verizon but could not give me a phone number of the account, the date or the address of the account. I asked her for her name and she hung up on me. I called back, this time I got a gentleman (well not in the sense of the word). He too was rude as the first two ladies were, when I asked him for the full name of DRS he said I was asking too many questions and hung up on me. I continued to call back and each time I did I got hung up on. These people are rude and refuse to give any information about the company. They will only supply a PO Box and not a physical address. I did some research online and found out who they were. Debt Recovery Solutions and there are many reviews of negative practices about them. The last gentleman I spoke to (after I researched them) I asked him if he could sleep at night even though he is stealing money from innocent people, he tells me he gets paid in the end so he does not care. Nice! It is unbelievable to me that these people have not been taken down yet, but I will do my best to make sure this theft ring ends. I also plan on calling Verizon and asking them if I do in fact have a debt with them because upon checking my credit report it is not there. Please be careful if these people come your way. Pros: There are none Cons: They are extremely rude and continuously hang up on you more

Fake debt on my name 1/2/2009

My credit reports show that I have a debt with Verizon with them. I never in my life used Verizon services, and they are still on my record despite discharged bankruptcy.\r \r Website has ZERO contact information, Every link leads to Make a Payment, no information how to dispute anything.\r \r Guess you won't have a choice but to deal with them if this company does appear somewhere. Pros: None that I can see Cons: Fradulent activity, hanging bogus collection items on your name more

Worst Company Ever... 11/19/2008

This company has harrassed me few a months now regarding a verizon debt collection out of the bronx. I ve been telling them ive never lived in the bronx let alone New York, Im from Jersey. When this thing accured I was in High School, they dont care or understand and they're not being any help especially this Mr. Rodrigues guy who I always seem to speak to. It's making me very fustrated and annoyed! Pros: You can speak to someone and not have to go through the automated system... Cons: Everything Else about the company.... more

Debt Recovery Solutions - Unjust! What can be done?? 10/6/2008

This is uncanny. My father has had the same exact experience with Debt Recovery Solutions that everyone here has described. He is being harassed by this company about a $195 Verizon bill that was never his to begin with. My father has always lived in Queens, and the $195 debt belongs to someone with the same last name but with a home address in Brooklyn. Debt Recovery Solutions refuses to listen and has been harassing him for the past year now. Is it safe to just ignore them? Is there some legal action that can be taken? Pros: none! more

They've managed to hire the nastiest people in New York! 9/17/2008

My mother is being hounded by these people for a bill that is not her's for a woman with the same name living in Brooklyn NY. We have sent them mail, attempted to reach them by phone and all we have encountered are completely nasty people. They apparently do not read incoming mail unless it's a payment form. They do not allow you to speak to the person who has written. I can't put words to the level of my frustration at this point. Good Luck if your name ever comes into their hands. Pros: nothing ""pro"" about them Cons: EVERYTHING!! more

Join others who have complaints to stop them Debt Recovery Solutions LLC 9/6/2008

Dear friend,\r You are not alone if you are reading this. See below fro an example of a typical complaint--one of hundreds. Perhaps a class action is the answer to the trouble that Debt Recovery Solutions, LLC is causing Americans.\r \r Hi Noah. I have had the unfortunate experience of have to deal with DRS. Today was the final straw and sort of the straw that broke the camel's back. To make a long story short I have the same expereince as many others regarding this matter. I received a letter from them in early january regarding a 295.00 dolar debt from verizon. I called verizon and was told that I had no outstanding balance in fact my account was closed in 2004. According to DRS the account was for a number and address in manhattan but I never lived in manhattan at the address given and currently reside in queens. I was told by DRS they would send a dispute form, the form never came and now 4 months later today I called them and recieved the same rude hanging up and nasty service everyone else has experienced. I'm upset for allowing these degenterate aholes for upsetting me and possibly further ruining my vredit by providing them with my name and last four! However, Im even more shocked after reading all these responses that they are still in business!! I've called Howard Thompson from CW11 hopefully some media spotlight can spare some others the grief we have gone thru! especially since it looks like the law wont get involved! Pros: N/A Cons: Unjust more

Identify Theft Ring 9/6/2008

This place is a scam and a front for an identity theft ring. Do a search for them on google. Do not give them any information, they are trying to look for any mising peices of the puzzle to steal your identity. more

D Rec Sol 8/5/2008

I was informed that they have something on my credit report. I contacted them several times and was hung up on because I refused to update any information. The money they claim I owe is not even my account and they REFUSE to send me any of the information that they are required by law to send. As they don't have an updated phone number they are unable to call me, but it still shows up on my report. Every rep from there that I talk to won't put me through to anyone else. I'm definitely going to report them and am thinking of having my atty go after them. If you have to deal with them make sure to report them to the Btr Bs Bu. I'm planning on doing that later on today. Cons: You name it more

Not good in any way 5/6/2008

People are idiots. They have been trying to collect a bill from a Sprint account (we never have used Sprint in our lives) because the person had the same name as my husband. We have explained this via mail many times. Report them to the Btter Bsnss Breau of New York as soon as you can (abbreviated because this site will not allow their name in a review). According to the them, this company has finally dropped their case against us. They used to call a lot before we reported it, but usually it's a recorded message. We're too smart to answer the phone and even deal with these lowlife people. Google their phone numbers, you will see how awful they are. In the meantime, we'll see how long they stop calling us.\r \r We also called Sprint and they are helping us out in the matter. DO NOT SPEAK WITH THIS COMPANY! If you get a letter, contact the company that the bill goes to, not DRS. Use that company for help - you know they won't be rude. Pros: Easy to avoid if you ignore the phone. Ignorant-sounding workers. Cons: Annoying because they call all the time. Not smart. Relentless. Angry-sounding workers. more
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