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Davis-Paul Management Group

1375 Sutter St Ste 203
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 447-1550
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I have rented from Davis Paul Management for sometime now. They have always been professional and responses whenever I have called with any questions or requests. They have also d...


It seems to be all about profit management. I agree with one of the other reviewers that it is about the minimum input by owners. The property manager in my building is, in my o...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/6/2014

Please whatever you do, do not rent from these people. Davis-Paul Management Group do have a high turn over rate. The buildings are okay but the environment is toxic. They will write you up for every single offense and stick it on your door. IF there is a problem, they will not fix it. The maintenance guy came over to look at our AC that was leaking. He did not do anything about it. We found out later that the other apartments have the same problem. Once you move out, they will take your deposit and anything else that they could add to it. Everything bad thing they said here about these people are true. more

Good place to rent from......... 7/6/2011

I have rented from Davis Paul Management for sometime now. They have always been professional and responses whenever I have called with any questions or requests. They have also done several improvements on the building that makes our living area an even nicer place to live and they maintain the building. In the time I have rented from Davis Paul I have never had an issue with the staff or felt they were unreasonable or not responsive. I would recommend renting from the Davis Paul Management Group. more

Fair dealings with straightforward management 6/29/2011

I've lived at a Davis Paul apartment complex for the past 4 years. I've spoken directly with Keith Robling on several occasions. He's always come across as level headed and fair. I've also visited the office on Sutter and spoken to other DP staff. They all seem very nice and have helped me over the years to make sure any apartment problems or rent delays were taken care of. There have been minimal increases in my rent since I moved in 4 years ago (maybe $40) and I've always received clear instructions on all maintenance that has been done to both my apartment and other parts of the complex. In my time spent at this apartment, I've also seen 4 managers that live/lived in the building. They've all been very helpful and in some cases quite kind. In particular, the current managing couple are excellent. They have a child but still manage to do necessary cleaning, maintenance and all other tasks that come with managing this building. more

from a landlord - beware 4/25/2011

i'm a landlord whom had to leave San Francico for a few years when my mother became terminally ill with cancer. I have a business built on integrity and commitment. I hired Elizabeth Aldrich because this business was around the corner from my office.\r She and her managment not only treated our tenants so badly that we were ashamed of ourselves when we visited the building but they also stole so much money and caused so much damage when hiring so called very expensive ' professioanl repair' people that we lost the building. Please don't take our word for it - just look up how many court battles they are in. more


They were a pain to deal with and in the end after our notice to move out they added several charges to our bill so they didn't have to give us our deposit back. Charges that should not be there. This was one of their buildings in Modesto. I will stay away from this company. more

Good experiences 3/16/2010

My experience with Davis-Paul wasn't as bad as the rest of you who cared to share your stories. There were some maintenance issues within the building, but what buildings don't have them? I felt safe in my apartment, my maintenance requests were taken care of, my landlord was super sweet, and I got my deposit back. I paid my rent on the first, and never bothered to use up the grace period the offer (up until the 5th). The only complaint I have was that the response time wasn't as fast as having direct contact with the owner. As far as I know, Davis-Paul manages somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 units (What I heard from the man who answers the phones). So realizing that there are probably lots of maintenance calls coming in, I understand how it could be difficult to track all of them. I've worked in management before, and it's not an easy job. You're stuck in the middle of trying to please both tenants, and owners of the buildings. It's hard to convince an owner that he needs to spend $20,000 to fix a leaking roof, when he can spend $500 and do a minor fix on the unit that is leaking. Often times, the owners of these buildings are trying to sell the building for a profit, and spending thousands of dollars repairing something big, is not in their budget. Luckily, the building I lived in, was not in one of these situations, but they do exist. That being said, I sympathize with those of you who have had bad experiences... But mine was great. Thanks Davis-Paul! Pros: Full deposit, friendly staff, flexibile Cons: Slightly slow response time more

Keep looking! 1/5/2009

I am a past employee and everything you guys wrote is true, take it from someone who knows first-hand how underhanded they are! more


If you enjoy being angry, then march to the nearest apartment building that is ""Professionally Managed by Davis-Paul Management Group"". You don't like being ripped off, stressed out and having your legal rights urinated on? Then run like the devil is chasing you, because if you rent from these lovely people, he is.\r \r They lose things..important rent checks, security deposits, things like that. It doesn't matter if you send the check by Priority Mail with signature confirmation days early..they will swear up and down that it wasn't received until the 6th..never mind the 6th may have been a weekend or legal holiday. \r When you refuse to pay their bogus $75 ""late fee"", a Three Day Notice will appear upon your door, calling the bogus fees ""rent""..a definite no-no under California landlord statutes. When you tell one of the owners that her notice is ""fatally flawed"" legally and not worth wiping your backside from a legal standpoint, you will get to laugh and laugh, as she calls you names and questions your intelligence, shrieking like a hyena.\r \r If you are desperate and must rent from these fine people, paper trail them into the next will save both your sanity and your credit rating. Pros: I never have to deal with them again, thanks to a great consumer attorney. Cons: Too many to mention. Besides, this board is rated PG-13. more

worst landlords of the century: davis paul management group 5/29/2008

Have you ever dreamed of living in hell? Have you ever lived in fear of being evicted for o reason? Have you ever had to shower with freezing cold water? Have you ever had to live in decrepit conditions in a dilapidated building? No you say? Weeeeeeeeeeell, in case you want to do that and lots more, just move into ANY of the buildings owned by this conglomerate owned by and run by morons. Phone calls never get returned. Rent checks ""get lost"" or deposited late just so they can charge you the never ending late fees. The employe representatives of this company from nightmare hell all pass you along from one to the other, never resolving any issue. 3 day eviction notices get served for no reason. Turn over rate at their buildings is such to make you wonder what goes on with them. Read the other reviews, they are not lying or making things up or anything like that. Before these people stepped in my building was a heavenly place, no it's quite the opposite. Repairs NEVER get done or left up to you. Hallways are always dark, smelly and dangerous. Trees get chopped down for no reason at all. Paint peels from the walls. Don't believe me? Ask to see one of their never ending vacancies! Do pray you never have to deal with the office staff since they are the epitome of ineptness. Even the manager from my building cannot stand these people. Judging by how many empty apartemnts they always have (up to 50% vacancy rate at times) makes the statement that these people don't care about their tenants, so they move on. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: lots of light in the apartments Cons: the light shows all the blemishes more

Down right cheats 5/19/2008

I lived in one of their studio's for 1 yr 3 months and then needed to move out of the country. My girl friend just moved into town and I was leaving the country (I know very sad) and I wanted to get the apartment for her. So I asked them if that is possible. My agent flat out refused to move it to my gf's name (all cases, put her on the lease, get a new lease, leave me on the lease and make her an authorized occupant). Her argument was that the apartment was far below the market rate. So I asked her for the new rate and she came back with $1800 as the market rate and a subsidized rate of $1500 for my girl friend. I was currently paying $1080. A flat out increase of 47%. My girl friend just moved into a 1 bed room in the same neighborhood for $1400 including garage. Now tell me $1800 for a studio with a bathroom smaller than a closet (don't believe me check out 320 duncan st. #B). This is not the worst. The lady comes on my moving day to inspect the premise (i had given nearlly 2 month notice) and she gets the absolute last day to visit. Tells me everything is alright and they will deduct $80 for standard cleaning. I get a check 2 weeks later with beleive it or not $748 deducted from my deposit. I was billed for house painting in the apartment that wasn't painted when i moved in. Don't trust these people. I have written proof of all the records and pictures. If you don't believe my case I will send you the proof. Stay away from them. There are plenty other better places to rent from Pros: Do not bother you while you live in their property Cons: Cheats more

This is the worst company to ever rent from....NEVER RENT AT PALOMAR TERRACE IN HAYWARD 3/11/2008

I have lived here 5 years in Palomar Terrace and I can honestly say the management is abysmal.\r My walls have peeling paint, broken doors, broken window screens, faucets that leak, mold and no matter how much you ask for assistance, you get greeted by Brenda, the office latchkey, who always ""knows nothing, ask Karen"" (Karen being the head kahuna, the Leasing Mgr) Karen says she'll make a note of it, in a pleasant voice and nothing ever happens thereafter. Yet, please believe, they are quick to send 3day notices, 30 days notices, mysterious charges appear, they bill you for mysterious things u ""never paid"" back in 2004, they are ridiculous. On top of that, the staff are mostly illegal immigrants who only fix their friend's apartments. If they don't know you, or like you, DON'T EXPECT ANY TYPE OF SERVICE. I am now looking for legal recourse and I know they will try to rip off my deposit when it's time to leave. Regardless of the fact that they have NOT DONE ANY UPKEEP ON THE APARTMENT.\r \r *** NEVER, EVER, RENT OR LEASE FROM THIS CO OR AT THESE APARTMENTS, IT'S JUST NOT WORTH THE AGGRAVATION *** Pros: LOCATION OF PALOMAR TERRACE IS NEAR COURTHOUSE, SCHOOLS, SHOPPING CENTER, SOUTHLAND MALL, PARK, JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU WANT IS WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE Cons: EXTREMELY TERRIBLE MANAGEMENT, NO REPAIRS MADE, MYSTERIOUS BILLING CONSISTENTLY, REPAIR STAFF CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH. YOUR REQUESTS WILL ALWAYS BE IGNORED more

AVOID DAVIS/PAUL apartments 8/11/2007

believe what you hear and read. These people should be put out of business and in my mind JAILED. the way they treat tenants is disgraceful. I have heard that they have been sued by landlords as well. Any lawyer with a minute of spare time should investigate these people. how they are still in business baffles me. \r \r the list is too large to go into but suffice it to say that you WILL get burned by them. I believe in kharma and these folks have a lot of bad kharma that will catch up to them. They rip off tenants and owners. There is a vacancy in HELL and they are all heading there. Not one employee can honestly say to themselves that they have not ripped someone off. That is sad. Pros: decent apartment buildings Cons: dishonest more

THE WORST! 6/4/2007

These people are a joke. They must hire people straight out of junior high because they have no customer service skills or intelligence. I have left numerous messages, sent emails to them, and nothing. When you do get a hold of them they act like they never got a message and you are lying. They are the worst management company and all of the reviews on here are completely true. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. The owners of the buildings that they manage should be made aware of this if they already aren't. HORRIBLE. Cons: Rude, Unresponsive, confrontational, thieves more

Hands Down the Worst Property Management Company in California. 3/23/2007

I am not the type of person that posts reviews about companies on websites. I can across this site when I was looking for an agency that I could report Davis Paul Management Group to for their lack of service and inability to get anything done. As stated in the prior notes, It is all but impossible to get anyone there to return a call even for easy to answer questions. I have called over 7 times this month to check to see if they received a check that I sent to them. After 7 calls placed I still have yet to get a call back. ANd this is just to say if they have something or not. I have lived in my apartment for 3 years and have had to replace the light bulbs in the common hallways since I moved in otherwise they would not get done. I had to have the carpet de-flee'd before I could move into my apartment and was asked my davis paul if I would not mind vacuming up the dead fleas myself as they just could not seem to get someone out to my place to finish cleaning my unit. They managed to cash my check very quickly however. They did not paint, I had to request they clean the carpet (which they did not) and I am sure they will be a big problem with my deposit when I do move out. They are very rude to deal with and even their form letters are curt and rude. When you get tired of trying to get your account manager on the phone, Don't bother trying to call one of the owners, they are even worse than their staff. The lack of customer service seems to come from the top. I must be listed as a core value of the company! If I owned a property and was looking for a company to manage it, this company would be the last one I would choose. If you find your dream apt and it is with Davis Paul I would suggest that you get a new dream. more

DAVIS PAUL SUCKS...Be prepared to do all of the work to get what you need! 2/26/2007

I agree with all of the previously posted reviews. As a tenant of Davis Paul Management Group's for over 3 years, it was a successive nightmare one after another to get anything repaired or any adjustments made to the paperwork (i.e. tenant addendums, etc). A few tips if you are already subjected to renting from them:\r \r 1. They are excellent at Passive Aggressive responses. Demand all agreements, however minor they may seem, IN WRITING. \r \r 2. They will do everything they can not to meet with you in person. They will only give verbal agreements & will not back them up with action. If you want something done, you must go to their office & sit there demanding that they deal with you if you want to get anything from them. Even then, get names of each person you interact with & get written agreements! I can't stress this enough. They are incredibly skilled at dodging their commitments & agreements with their tenants. Even at the end of my tenancy with them, there were issues 2+ years outstanding that we believed had been resolved & were never resolved. \r \r 3. They really don't care about their tenants. You can say that about alot of rental companies in the city, but once you know this- you won't feel bad about harrassing them to get what you legally deserve. Because, unfortunately, that is what you have to do & even though it wastes ALOT of your personal energy & time - there is no other way.\r \r They make it particularly frustrating because they will tell you something is handled, or will be repaired, and then they just won't do it! And the burden of getting them to do their job is left to you, the poor tenant.\r \r Avoid renting from them if you can, but if not, definately learn your rights - you'll need all the help you can get. more

I Agree: Do not Rent from Davis-Paul Management 2/22/2007

I must agree with the former reviewer, what she says is true. They do not follow up on problems in a prompt or even respectful manner. When something breaks down, they replace it with an inferior product. They do not follow up on problems with the building, even when they receive repeated calls from various tenants. And I do get a strong sense from their treatment of tenants that they prefer a high turnover so they are able to constantly raise the rents. They have nice properties, but I do agree with the previous review - do not rent from Davis-Paul Management if you plan on being a tenant for any length of time. Pros: Nice Buildings Cons: Poor Management, Treatment of Tenants more


My family and I lived in one of their units and moved after being disgusted by the way we were treated. They undermine the tenants....the tenants move out.... they raise the rents afterwards.\r That is their MO. \r No protection to the tenant who pay their salary , just passive agressive behavior.\r I have to agree with all the negitive comments that have been recently written over the past year. Parents with a young child need NOT apply here , you will be waisting your time.REJECTED. more

Not the best service 5/31/2006

It seems to be all about profit management. I agree with one of the other reviewers that it is about the minimum input by owners. The property manager in my building is, in my opinion, a jerk. My apartment is amazingly noisy from the floor above and outside. I inquired about this when I viewed the property and was told that you can hear somethngs, but tenants have worked it out. You can hear all walking, etc. on the floor above you and the street noise in my apartment is really bad. I would not hve rented it had I known. My leasing agent was a great nice guy, but since then, I have been less than pleased. Pros: remodeled, good location Cons: cheap fixtures, NOISY, charge for washing more

Late Rent Fee 4/10/2006

I mailed my rent a day before the 1st of the month of April, Davis-Paul sent me a notice stating my rent was late therefore I owe a late fee. There is no way that it takes the Post Office five days to deliver a letter in th Bay Area. All other debtors received payments by the 3rd of the month. There are others charges for other months listed on the statement for thirty cents, sixty cents, etc. for which there is no explanation what these charges are for. What really rankles me is they take for ever to cash your rent check. more

They don't know what they are doing... 7/21/2005

It is unreal how unorganized these people were. They sent me a 3-day notice even though my first month of rent was free and then didn't believe me until I showed them the lease. The guy I worked with was a total misogynist who treated me like some dumb girl whose daddy paid her rent. The worst renting experience I've ever had. more
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