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Dave's Custom Tattoos - 18 Reviews - 2109 Marconi Ave, Sacramento, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (916) 920-4166
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Dave's Custom Tattoos

2109 Marconi Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821
(916) 920-4166
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Dave's Custom Tattoos - Sacramento, CA
Dave's Custom Tattoos - Sacramento, CA
Dave's Custom Tattoos - Sacramento, CA


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So, I have several tatoos, one side piece and we are planning the rest of my back. have known Dave for over 20 years, and I will say that his work is unbelievable. Of course if y...


I went to dave when i was 16 years old to get my lip pierced. he never asked for id and he never asked what my age. being that age and no piercings i didnt know what the rules and...

Dave is the best artist in the world:) 5/18/2012

So, I have several tatoos, one side piece and we are planning the rest of my back. have known Dave for over 20 years, and I will say that his work is unbelievable. Of course if you are drunk he will not work on you. He is a professional and known well in the community. If you take care of your work and you aren't a pill head or druggie then you should keep your ink nice for a long time. He is always respectful with ladies, and men too and all I can say is get past the area, and go put a deposit down. Do not ask for deals, as he is giving you a deal. If I could afford him, I would relocate him.. He is just awesome :) more

Would Recommend! 8/16/2011

There are highly gifted artists, comfortable, and non-pretentions atmosphere. The work was great, looks amazing!! Can?t wait to go back for another one soon! Ask for Dave he does awesome portraits. more

I wish that DAVE had a computer to see what people write 3/8/2010

I believe that Dave is one of the best tattoo artist around in the Sacramento area. I love his art work and every thing about him. \r When it comes to cover ups, he is the best !!!!!!!! he knows what he is doing and teaches people how to take care of their tattoo's and no one can meet his standards. It took me a year to talk him into the tattoo that I wanted but, after it was done he was proud of it too. \r He did excellent work and if I can't find a tattoo artist here in Illinois then I will fly back to Sacramento and get more tattoo's. He is the only one that I have let touch my body with a tattoo gun. \r Dave has done tattoo's over 30 years and his work shows the talent that he has. You know that I will be returning to Sacramento just to see him again and to get more work by this man that I am very proud to know and stand behind his tattoo's. I would not go back there to Sacramento without stopping in to see him. I love his art work and most people feel the same way that I do. Pros: He is wonderful, gentle, kind, experienced etc... more

Dave Is Awesome 7/7/2009

I went to Daves Custom Tattoos becuase I heard nothing but good things about him. Considering the fact that my brother and sister in law have Tattoos all over there bodies and the work being done by someone else, which was also awesome, I decided to go with my gut instinct, and sit in daves chair. Glad I did.\r He made the process as painless as possible. When I was at my consultation I really had no idea what I wanted as far as tattoo but did bring in a few ideas, that would cover my old tattoo of ten years that I had done by a friend ten years ago that looked absolutely horrid. \r Dave let me pay in advance for my tattoo, and told me he would come up with some ideas, and get back to me. About 9 days later he got back to me and said he had a pretty good drawing for me, I scheduled to meet with him that following tuesday. I went there and seen what his amazing and talented mind had come up with, and was breathtaken for a moment. It was exactly what I wanted but also had a modified and custom tweak on it which is totally me.\r Im new to the body art technique, but I can honestly say, I will go back to Tattoo Dave again. His artwork is timeless, and you really get what you want. He was worth the wait, and worth every penny. Im glad that my old tattoo has been covered, you cant even tell there is a tattoo underneath his timeless peace he applied to my arm. \r He has a sense of humor that makes you feel comfortable and welcome as soon as you sit down. If for any reason you hesistate to go and see him, you really shouldnt. you will be satisfied, he strives to make each client happy, and its obvious that is his goal. Hes very talented, and im very glad I went to him. So Thanks Tattoo Dave, thanks for making my professional tattoo experience, a very good one. I hope to see you very soon.\r \r Keep Rockin,\r Amy Pros: Very Courteous, Good Tableside Manner Cons: None that I can think of more

Dave is Amazing! 11/3/2008

I was researching for my next tattoo and didn't really know who I should go to. My younger brother happened to drop by my house that day and saw a printout of my tattoo. He started telling me about his friends tattoo which was done by Dave. Lets just say that I completely love my tattoo! He did an amazing job on it and I am ready to take my next tattoo back to Dave. Pros: Thumbs Up more

Dave is an artist... 9/29/2008

I'm a bit of a ""newbie"" to the body-art lifestyle (I've only gotten one tat and my nipples pierced so far - all done by Dave... have plans for MANY MANY more tats by Dave), but when I decided on getting a tattoo, I knew I wanted to feel confident in my artist. Every shop I went to was quoting me REDICULOUS prices for the original artwork I wanted to get done. Dave gave me a very fair price, and within minutes after meeting him, I was confident and ready for my tat. For my first experience, it was AMAZING. Dave is very personable, very professional and he's great at putting you at ease in his shop. I am really disgusted by the negative comments left about Dave when it comes to piercing. I had both of my nipples pierced by Dave... and here's a little insight as to how GOOD he is with body piercings: I'd never gotten pierced before, and didn't realize that after the needle goes through, the piercing still needs to be looped in... I started joking with my Mom right after the actual piercing, and the needle came out with the jewelry only halfway through! COMPLETELY MY FAULT. Dave was still able to save the piercing, ensured that they were even (and for a woman with larger breasts, that is VERY important and more difficult than you might imagine... especially because I had inverted nipples).. AND they never got infected. Dave makes sure to tell you exactly how to care for your body art, and if you follow his instructions, you will end up with exactly what you wanted. Please remember - the artist can only do so much to ensure that your artwork remains healthy and beautiful. It is up to you, and the aftercare you follow through with, to ensure your piercings, tats do not get infected or scraped. Thanks Dave! I'm so glad I found a reliable artist in Sacramento that still has business and artistic ethics. By the way... Dave knows what he's doing, he knows what will look good, and he will tell you if you're about to make a mistake... he may even refuse to put something on you! more

Best tattoo work you'll ever get! 8/21/2008

I have had 8 artists work on me and I have to say, not one of them comes close to Dave's work. Dave has done 4 pieces for me so far and one was of a famous painting. The work was done so well it looks, identical to the original. He is a true artist and he knows his craft better than anyone. I have gone to a few local ""famous"" artists around the Sacramento area and I have not been nearly as impressed by any of them as I have with Dave and his work. They don't touch his work! Don't get something you'll regret, go see Dave and he will take good care of you. Dave, YOU ROCK! Pros: Top quality work. Dave's a great guy, too. more

Best tat guy in town 4/18/2008

i got my tat from dave over 10 yrs ago and he is the best. He even finished the tat and let me pay the other half at a later date. my work is the best i have ever seen and all my freids and family go there. Years ago i tried to get a touch up done and i was living out of town. Not only did all the other shops i went to know of dave but they wouldn't even touch his work from fear of bringing down the quality. The message up above about dave not being good at piiercing is pure bullsh*t. i had my tounge pierced by dave and everything went smooth and painless. what people need to understand about dave is he is a artist in every manner of the word. He has shown me leather clothing he has made from old boots and perses girls have brought him in trade for tats. He is freindly and always willing to work with you. I will never go anywhere else but dave with the exception of wild bill and even dave will admit that bill is good, just way to pricy. whereas dave gives you quality at a resonable price Pros: everything Cons: the parking dose stink but if you look behind the shop you can usually find some more

Best Artist 2/25/2008

I have had alot of work done by Dave, he even went over a few of my tatts including a portrait I have, he said they looked like they were a couple of years old but the were only a few months old, the work turned out awesome! He also took a picture that I drew of Mickeymouse, (and let me tell you I'm not artist) he re drew it up then did my tattoo, well worth the wait. I have sent numerous people to Dave and will continue to do so! I am going back to Dave to have the portraits of parents done, I would not go to any other Artist for portraits. His work is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Very comfortable feeling! Excellent work!!!! Reasonable prices!!!! Cons: Parking! But I would walk a Mile for Dave's work!!!! more

parking is lame =) 2/10/2008

I NEVER EVER wanted a tatt until I saw the cover up Dave did to a couple of my sisters tatts. I made an appointment right away and figured if I'm ever going to get one, it has to be by Dave. I can't WAIT till he does my next. Love ya Dave!!! Pros: EVERYTHING Cons: parking but I'd walk to him for his art work!!! =) more

I've found my tattoo artist for life! 10/25/2007

I'm in the process of getting my first real big tattoo done. I have 3 other small ones, but this is the ""go big or go home"" one. Dave has been the best artist I have ever dealt with. I came in with some pictures and a slight idea of what I wanted. Between questions and his experience he was able to draw me up an amazing piece for my shoulder. I am about 5 hours into the piece and have another 1-2 more to go. Each sitting have been great times. He is very fast and knows when you need a break or are ""done"". Just sitting and talking with Dave, you realize not only how much he loves what he does, but also he cares for the outcome and what is become of his profession of choice.\r \r Dave sticks to his rules that he has posted on the windows, walls, etc and will tell you up front if what you want is a bad idea, however, anything he comes up with will be beyond your expectations. I plan on getting many more tattoos and Dave will be doing each one of them from now on. I don't see any reason to ever go to anyone else. Pros: amazing artist, friendly, honest, and experience Cons: parking, but who cares. more

Proud, Conscientious, Meticulous, Responsible 8/29/2007

These are the descriptions that come to mind with this shop. I have seen and experienced his work. I have seen him bluntly tell people what will and will not work. Some lazy moron (in need of spell check) with a fat lip is far from qualified to give an opinion of an artist. He won't even let minors in the door. I've seen it. His work is above reproach and excellent. I have before and will continue to highly recommend David to my friends and relatives. more

Best Tatoo Shop in Sacramento 7/31/2007

As I was reading through some of the reviews I came upon a very disturbing yet almost rediculous comment made regarding Dave's tatoos and body piercing. I felt a need to rebuttle such an ignorant yet intrusive comment made regarding this guys shop and ethics. \r I have known Dave as my personal tatoo artist for some ten odd years and know first hand that he does not do work on minors regardless of what this person is claiming. It is clearly posted several times in and outside his shop "" no minors allowed"". Let me tell you some personal insight into Dave. When Dave says something, he stands firm on not only his work but his word as well.So posting no minors means no minors. So with that said, please take your immature comments to myspace where your age group belongs trying to so call ""clown."" In the real world we as adults have no time for such nonscense . \r So now to rate this man and his artistic talents, well lets just say if you just want a tattoo , there are lots of shops, but if you want a piece of art on your body, check out his work. You will not be disappointed at all. In fact, my next one is Friday. I would never recommend anyone else. Pros: Clean shop, professional atmosphere, makes you feel relaxed during and after... Cons: as usual parking lol more


Just want all to know that Dave has done all but one of my tat's, he has done both of my daughters tat'a and my niece and a few friends I have sent his way. He put a portrait of one of my children on my chest from a snap shot and it is amazing. I plan to get more work done, I am 41 and not at all finished and Dave will be doing any body art I choose to get. I can't imagine that Dave has put any art on any one that is under legal age for the work, he won't even let my youngest daughter go inside the shop when he is working on one of her sisters. I reccomend Dave highly and have sent the people that mean more to me than air to him to get their work done. You rock Dave, see ya soon..... Pros: He is an amazing artist, makes you feel very comfy while he works.. Cons: Parking not great but wadda ya gonna do more


I went to dave when i was 16 years old to get my lip pierced. he never asked for id and he never asked what my age. being that age and no piercings i didnt know what the rules and regulations were. anyways he pierced with no questions asked. when he pierced my lip he took about a minute to put the needle through. when he finally got the needle through he stepped out of the room and and came back about a minute later with a piece of cork and put it at the end of the needle. then he stepped out of the room once again to grab jewelry and took another two minutes trying to put the flat back labret into my lip. he sat there and struggled for so long trying to put the jewelry through my lip and then he finally just pushed with all of his strength and pushed the jewelry through. the aftercare that he gave to me was a bottle of rubbing alcohol and dish soap. he told me to soak 2 cottonballs in alcohol and put one in the inside of my lip and the outside for a half an hour 4 times a day and clean it with the dish soap every hour and to not wash it off. about 2 days later i was in excruciating pain and the flat back had cut through the inside of my lip and skin had closed around it. i called dave up and he proceeded to tell me that it was all my fault and not his what so ever. that night i went to another piercing studio that was a lot more reputable and they had to cut the inside of my lip to get the jewlery out of my lip. when they had measured the jewelry out it was a 1/4 of an inch long when usually for initial piercings they use 3/8 to accommodate swelling. the outside and inside of my lip had such bad burns form the dish soap and alcohol that it took about 8 weeks to completely heal. they went over the proper aftercare with me. gave me proper jewelry and sent me on my way a much more happier girl than before. never go to dave for piercings or tattoo! Pros: NO PROS! Cons: EVERYTHING more

Dave's Custom Tattoos 11/15/2006

Dave gave me my first tattoo. I wanted one for years but was afraid of the pain and needles. My tattoo only took about 45 minutes and the pain was nearly nothing. When he was finished it seemed like someone painted a picture on me. It was beautifull! I am going back for another thats even bigger. The man is an artist, very detailed oriented. If you want the best body art, and the detail is important to you, go to Dave. You wont be dissapointed. more

best art work, and fast !! 9/25/2006

I have know Dave since I was only Nine yrs old. I remember Dave's first tattoo. It was the Zig Zag guy. That was a long time ago. Now dave has been doing tatoos going on 36+ years and is very good at what he does. What I like most about Dave is that he CARES what he does and will remind you that tattoos are beautiful and PERMANATE. Lets say he has a certain personal obligation and he feels very strongly about it. He wont do drunks and wont do names, unless it is a child or relitive. Oh, also Dave is an expert coverup artist.If you have a tattoo that you want to cover up or just make better. Dave is the go-to guy.Let me sum up by saying that once biten by Dave you will be very happy and there is a good chance you'll be back..... Paul tg Pros: appts are better so you dont have to wait Cons: small place, lots of stuff to look at more

Dave is great! 6/4/2006

Dave did my tattoo 12 years ago and people still ask me if it's new!! Go see Dave for a tattoo....i'm going back soon! more
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  • Tina P. Dave is amazing, hands down one of the best artist in Sacramento. Tattoo Parlor

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