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Datavision - 82 Reviews - 445 5th Ave, New York, NY - Computers Electronic Information Services Reviews - Phone (888) 888-2087


445 5th Ave (at at 39th Street)
New York, NY 10016
(888) 888-2087
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Datavision - New York, NY
Datavision - New York, NY
Datavision - New York, NY
Datavision - New York, NY
Datavision - New York, NY


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Last week, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, I was reviewing Apple Mac Book's and I approached one of the staff members at DataVision for help on the Apple products...


I give them 2 stars not because of their available products but because their in store customer service sucks big time!! I called today to check if a product online was also avail...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/2/2013

This company are all CRIMINALS! I purchased a Mac Mini from them through, and they sent me a defective unit and not only that, they USE THEIR OWN SHRINK WRAP AROUND THE WHITE BOX IT COMES IN TO MAKE THIS ITEM LOOK BRAND NEW AND SEALED! I contacted APPLE and asked them about how this computer was supposed to be packaged, and Apple said that the computer ITSELF was supposed to have a seal around it with a sticker on it! There was NO SEAL OF ANY KIND around the computer ITSELF! The sales manager named ""Mike S."" is a congenital, pathological LIAR! He LIED about everything! Used my words and twisted them around. VERY SLEAZY AND SLIMY BUSINESS PEOPLE they have there. And make sure you read their return policy on Amazon! They charge you a 15% RESTOCKING FEE ***NO MATTER WHAT***, EVEN IF THE UNIT IS DEFECTIVE. Unless you ask for them to send you a replacement, they charge you that 15% restocking fee. They FORCE you to do business with them, even though they sell defective, used products in their store!!! DON'T EVER BUY FROM THEM! ONLY BUY FROM APPLE DIRECTLY OR AMAZON DIRECTLY. ""DataVision"" is an EXTREMELY CROOKED COMPANY! DO NOT USE THEM. \r \r As it is, my defective Mac Mini was delivered back to their ""warehouse"" in Long Island City, and IMMEDIATELY, THEY PUT MY MAC MINI UP FOR RESALE!!!!! That company DID NOT have that Mac Mini up for sale yesterday!!!! They don't care! They re-seal their defective items and put them up for sale again so that somebody else will buy it and think they won't care! It's unbelievable! ANOTHER CUSTOMER from Amazon had bought a Samsung unit from this company and had the SAME EXACT THING HAPPEN TO HIM! It was used and DataVision ""clumsily"" put their OWN shrink wrap around HIS item to make it look like it was brand new and sealed by the Samsung factory! These customers really need to come forward and file claims against this company! They are CRIMINALS! And they LIE to the bitter end! It was ONLY ***AMAZON*** WHO MADE THIS COMPANY ISSUE ME A PREPAID RETURN SHIPPING LABEL! NOT DATAVISION! If I had not told Amazon, I STILL WOULDN'T HAVE RECEIVED THE RETURN SHIPPING LABEL!!! And not only that, I still have NOT been issued a FULL REFUND YET. It will be AMAZON AGAIN, who will issue me the refund, because this company won't do it. PLEASE, DO NOT USE DATAVISION! THEY ARE CROOKS! more

STAY AWAY!!! 12/29/2011


The BEST service I ever received - Go see Joey Suede 12/24/2011

Last week, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, I was reviewing Apple Mac Book's and I approached one of the staff members at DataVision for help on the Apple products I was looking for. She was very nice and helpful. I thank her and walked over to another store. Yesterday, I had made my decision to purchase the apple products from DataVision, an associate at work said he had a great experience there and I would receive better service at DataVision than at an apple store. Well I walked in yesterday and it was busier than the previous week, just beyond busy, I had some additional questions and the floor associate was assisting me again, very pleasant and helpful. I was a little unsure if I should go with the higher end component in that my daughters had only specific needs for the Mac Book Pro, mainly school and social. Joey, the store manager had stopped by, literally with hundreds of people in the store, and resolved any additional questions I had, he understood exactly what it was that I was looking for, he did not recommend the more robust configuration for my requirements. Joey further explained that if any issues at all with the computer, under the service plan, all potential questions for the next three years would be resolved. I could not pass up this deal, I literally saved myself Hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars, because of Joey Suede? recommendations. I was also a little concerned that I had only one day to get the products to my home in time for Christmas Eve, I know this sounds like a movie, but it?s all true, every word. Joey instantly put me at ease and made sure that the products would be packaged, shipped and delivered, all within one day, on the busiest shopping day of the year. I literally walked out of the store with complete confidence and satisfaction that maybe there is a Santa Claus. I didn?t have the worry about carrying all the equipment and possibly endangering it. Joey solved every issue, with politeness and the professionalism that doesn?t exist at any other retailer. My next purchase is from DataVision and all my recommendations will be to go to DataVision. Thank you. more

Smarmy--less than 0ne star 11/8/2011

The rudest people on earth. Smarmy. I bought a Krups coffee maker. When I unpacked it the glass beaker was broken and sprinkled glass all over my floor. Brought it back the next day and was told-nastily-that I would have to contact Krups. Since I am pretty sure Krups didn't intentionally send a broken beaker and I know I didn't break it, the logical conclusion would have been to exchange it-well within the 14 day deadline. But NOOO. And that was the manager. Run, don't walk, away from their store-go to Best Buy or ANYWHERE else!!! more

STAY AWAY!!!!! 10/31/2011

I purchased a coffee maker of all things. When I opened the package the glass pot had a crack. As soon as I took the ""protective"" cardboard off, the pot broke into many pieces. They would not take it back for cash, credit or exchange. I had to send to Krups for a new pot. Just a coffee maker but they were so RUDE and condescending--This was a small purchase-I can't imagine how awful they would be on a big ticket item. RUDE. STAY AWAY!! more

Great products but in store customer service sucks!!!!!! 9/30/2011

I give them 2 stars not because of their available products but because their in store customer service sucks big time!! I called today to check if a product online was also available in their store. To my horrid dismay, I was transferred several times and placed on hold for about 25 minutes and then told when someone finally picked up that my product was unavailable in stores...#major fail on the store associates part, My advice shop online more

Stay away 9/4/2011

Pathological liars. more

They scamed 6,000 people in one day 9/3/2011

In one day they sold product to 6,000 people and never had the product on hand. They led people on for 10 days claiming they would fill the order until they had no choice but to tell hte truth. They then took a few more days to refund the money . I would never shop here. more

Sold items they never had 8/31/2011

Horrible shopping experience with them. They strung everyone along for more than 10 days when they did not have the items. They lied about having TouchPads in stock and blatantly sold TouchPads that never existed. They sent out a mass email promising that everyone who received one would get one, which also turned out to be a total lie. They attempted to convince us that they had TouchPads by offering to post a bill of lading, which never materialized. When it became clear that they could not stall any longer, they said that they would refund our purchases that were never fulfilled. Even that was a lie, and I have not received a refund to date. Even though they are very good at writing rambling emails that say nothing, they do not respond to emails customers send to them. I would recommend you to stay away from this retailer that seems to provide nothing but lies. more

Dishonest merchant 8/30/2011

Rather than rant about Datavis and their propensity for dishonesty, I'll just post a timeline of their own Twitter as it relates to the Great Touchpad Rush of 2011 when Datavis withdrew money from 7000 customers, and then lied to them for an entire week. 8/20/2011 - 7000 people bought Touchpads from Datavis through Ebay and their webpage 8/20/2011- Immediate confirmation emails were sent 8/22/2011- Datavis Twitter 'All orders will ship end of this week. We will NOT cancel the orders, they wll fill.' 8/22/2011 ' Datavis Email 'We have freight tracking # from HP with enough orders so that everyone will receive their complete order. For those that ordered 10, 50, or 100, they will be PARTIALLY filled this week, and the balance FILLED most likely next week. It is the only fair thing to do, as we are assuring that everyone will get their FULL order without any canceling.....Please note, when you receive this email notice, it is GREAT NEWS, as it means it is almost out the door.' 8/26/2011 - Datavis Twitter 'Touchpads are in route and we will post a copy of our Bill of Lading as proof hopefully today.' 8/27/2011- Datavis Email 'We are certainly aware of the update emailed last Monday about the ETA and the turnaround time on these. Certainly in a perfect world, everything would have held true to form. Many of you have already received tracking, and maybe even the Touchpad itself. The second batch of shipment tracking labels will be created starting on Monday (8/29/11). ' 8/30/2011- Datavis Email 'We received another round of unfavorable news today regarding the inbound shipments of the Touchpads. ...On Wednesday, August 31, we will process all refunds ...' There you have it. Davis lied for the entire week. Many people had the opportunity to buy the item elsewhere, but they did not since Datavis assured them that all orders will ship. Don't buy from them. They're just out to make a quick buck, and if lying to you will help them get there, so be it. Check out their Ebay account and Yelp account for more reviews. more

A very nice price 6/17/2011

There is a nice section of this store dedicated only to computers parts, accessories and components... including rare to find cables... They have a very nice price for most of the things there, but cable prices are almost unbeatable (good cable, not rip off...) Not only computer cables but also HDMI , RCA style cables or fiber optic cables, they have all kind and formats at the best pprice around... For IT's do-it-your self this is a nice off shelf store as they also offer a great assortment of tools... No need to wait for the internet orders... more

Nothing like a knowledgable salesperson 6/14/2011

Called them, salesman on the phone gave me a solution that cost me ZERO dollars rather than the $60 worth of components I was about to buy. There's nothing like a knowledgable salesperson who can troubleshoot a problem rather than just sell you what you thought you needed. more

Poor service bad attitude 6/14/2011

Don't go there expecting anyone to care about the customer. I had gone their expecting to buy something until I saw what was going on in the store. I saw the manager Elliott yelling at a customer trying to return something. I felt bad for the customer and how he was being treated. I wanted to say something but decided to just leave and not buy anything from there. Beware of yelling people,maybe put on your headset to block the noise. more

Very enjoyable experience 6/9/2011

why bother with the apple stores and deal with cut throat tourists.. DATAVISION has specialist who can answer all of your questions and have you in and out satisfied in no time!!!very enjoyable experience more

They have a wide variety of electronics 6/8/2011

I think Datavision is a very good and convenient store. The store has a wide variety of electronics. They have a new very nice home theater section on the second floor. When ever they have deals they beat anybody else that i saw. They have great black Friday deals for all products. Great store and looking forward to buy again from them. more

Best People, Best Prices, All new stuff are there. 6/1/2011

Big store, good prices no hassles! If you need computer, television or camera gear this is the place to go. They really know what they are doing. Best shopping experience i ever had in the U.S. more

Complete Failure 5/23/2011

I've rarely had such a negative experience with a business. I purchased two Western Digital Hard Drives from DataVision via ebay about 9 months ago. They both arrived about a month later. One of the drives was dead on arrival so I shipped it back on my dime and after another month passed a new drive showed up. This one was also dead on arrival. I paid to ship it back, followed up with an email. There was some confusion with the RMA # on my part, but I called several times to clear it up and sent the UPS tracking number to customer service. Each time I was told they would look into it. Finally after calling and emailing numerous times I got a call from them saying they would refund my money to paypal and that it may take some time to go through. After a month with nothing, I started emailing and calling again. The response I got today was my favorite part. Customer service told me that she tried everything she could to refund my money, but that I would have better luck disputing the charge. Of course this a charge from such a long time ago, that I doubt it will be easy to get refunded. At this point I'm out almost $400.00 from DataVision not counting the cost of shipping two drives bak. Never again. more

Great technology store 5/19/2011

Great technology store where you can find the latest electronics on the market. The staff is great and very helpful. I definetly recommend it for any gadgets lovers or computer enthusiasts. more

Customer service is excellent 5/17/2011

Their customer service is excellent!! Their customer service is great! When I went to seek for technical support for my laptop, the clerks downstairs are all have patience and polite.They treat me very well especially the ASUS engineer Mr.Yung. He always have smile and willing to answer all our question. If you need technical support for laptop, they are definitely the best choice! more

Very good Customer Service Experience 5/13/2011

Very good Customer Service Experience We live in France and went on Holidays last February 2010 in NY. We bought frw accessories for our computer in France and when we plugged in one of the memory that we bought in the shop it did not work. I contacted directly the Customer Service in NY and spoke to Joe who asked me to send him the memory as well as the copy of the invoice and he will take care of resending a new one to me. Unfortunately, the memory was not available in the shop so we had to wait around 7-10 days in order for the shop to received it. Joe was really helpfull and kept me informed all time regarding my new memory to be shipped. When he received it, he emailed me in order to get my informations in France and shipped it to me directly. I received it few days ago and it works perfectly. Thank you very much for this good Experience with Datavision. more
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  • DataVision's flagship 30,000 sq/ft SuperStore is located in Manhattan, at 445 Fifth avenue @ 39th street adjacent to the New York Public Library. Our family owned store has provided exceptional selection, prices, and service to our customers for 22 years.
    DataVision SuperStores are the most advanced computer retail environments in the country and are often used as showcases for major manufacturer product releases from Apple, Sony and Intel. We are an authorized dealer for virtually every product we offer.
    In addition to authorizations for retail, we are also authorized service centers for Apple, Sony, Toshiba, Asus, Lenovo, and Microsoft. We perform custom installations, repairs, and even can help you recover from most computer related disasters. Our turnaround time starts at SAME DAY.

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    M-Sa 8:30am - 8:00pm, Su 9:00am - 6:00pm
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    Midtown, Midtown South Central