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Dance 101 - 15 Reviews - 2480 Briarcliff Rd Ne Ste 11, Atlanta, GA - Dance Companies Reviews - Phone (404) 542-3887

Dance 101

2480 Briarcliff Rd Ne Ste 11
Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 542-3887
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Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA
Dance 101 - Atlanta, GA


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Dance 101 is the best studio I have ever been to. The instructors are absolutely phenomenal. There is a high energy vibe and attitude that will make you instantly addicted to tak...


Had high hopes for this place because I love to dance and love to get a hard workout. Tried the 1:00 'Discover Dance fitness' on Saturday, because it came recommended (by the fro...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2013

If I could give this place a big fat 0 I would :-(. The customer service here is horrible, and the kicker is, i was talking with the owners . I called today to request an extension on my 30 day 5 class pass. It expires tomorrow, and I am not able to use the class before then. When I spoke with Paulina (apparently part owner) I did not want to discuss the reason why, because it shouldn't matter (the real reason is because I have to travel for a funeral)-- the nerve of her making me feel like I was trying to get over on them, or cost them money. The class is ALREADY paid for. \r \r My conversation on the phone with her to say the least was impossible. She spoke over me the entire time, which in turn made me do the same to her. When I asked for her name because I thought she was rude, she very meanly said "" I don't have to tell you that"" When I asked for her manager she laughed and said I was talking with her, and then actually told me she could not make the decision to extend the membership for me (then how are you the manager-- ahhh that’s right, the one that cannot make any decisions?) \r \r When I finally got someone else on the phone (the business manager aka decision maker) she told me I made Paulina so upset and that I was aggressive on the phone (just and FYI I share an office with a co-worker who heard our entire conversation, and reassured me I was not rude AT ALL). She also told me that they do make exceptions to their rules for people who ask nicely-- which I felt I was extremely calm and nice considering that they kept explaining to me how they would lose money if they give me an extension:\r \r 1) How much will you lose? $5 or $10??\r 2) NEVER tell a customer about your financial situation as a business\r 3) Give me 1 class now to keep a customer long term, OR don't give me the class and lose me forever?\r \r I was extremely offended that these business women were more interested in short term money, and squeezing me out of a couple bucks than making a new customer happy and turning me in to a repeat customer. You better believe I am going to let everyone know how they treated me and how much they do not care about their customers.\r \r The classes there to “drop in” are $20 ( I already paid $50 for the pass) so they wanted me to pay $30 total for 1 class. And from the 4 classes I took, there is NO WAY I would pay $20 for a drop in. I felt taken for paying $10 a class. The “dance classes” were not good, and the instructors who are supposed to be soooo amazing were not. They were hard to follow, very silent when ""teaching"" and more interested in watching themselves than making sure the class was going well. \r \r Don't waste your money.\r more

Don't Waste Your Time & Money 1/23/2012

I visited Dance 101 to inquire about the variety of classes offered and the pricing. A group of us are preparing for a huge wedding schedled in June of this year. Some of the guests of the bride will be coming from Spain. Most of the wedding party are in their 30's and live in the Atlanta area. Our objective is to take enough classes to feel confortable on the floor with Ballroom dancing and 'Spanish' dance steps. A friend of ours was told that Dance 101 offered Ballroom dancing, paid money and was later told that Ballroom dancing was not available and the fees paid were non refundable. During my visit, I was told that Dance 101 does NOT offer Ballroom classes. I confirmed with them that all class fees are nonrefundable and not transferable. Single class fees are rather expensive compared to the multiple session pricing. I consider this a very poor business practice and even though we may have considered Dance 101 for the non Ballroom classes, we are looking elsewhere. There are at least 7 of us in the group (mostly female), we all live in the Buckhead area and the exposure to Dance 101 would have been a plus for their business. We will not consider Dance 101 and we will definitely let our friends know about our experience. Don't waste your time! more

dance 101 1/23/2012

interesting studio more

Atlanta's Best Dance Studio 8/5/2010

Dance 101 is the best studio I have ever been to. The instructors are absolutely phenomenal. There is a high energy vibe and attitude that will make you instantly addicted to taking classes here. more

Great Studio!!! 6/27/2010

This is the only dance studio I've ever gone to that has a celebrity artistic director that puts anybody who wants to dance on stage in an incredible artistic production with video backdrops and amazing choreography! I just saw Koru this weekend - all three shows sold completely out! 145 dancers on stage... what other studios do that?!? I LOVE THIS PLACE! Great concept - well run - friendly atmosphere - and GREAT CLASSES! Next year I'm going to be one of the dancers on stage! Come join me! Pros: 120+ classes, open 7 days a week, 40+ teachers. Cons: Only one location - not near me; definitely worth the trip more

Changed My Life and Body 6/7/2010

There are so many wonderful things about this dance studio. I came to Dance 101 on recommendation from a friend in New York City (where I use to live) and it has certainly lived up to the solid reputation that it has built within the dance community. I would describe myself as a beginner and, after having my second child, I needed a place that would not feel intimadating. It is beginner friendly, and the instructors there really give dancers of all levels a good technical foundation, a sense of fun, style and a strong workout. The first class I took was Ballet 101 with Brad McCaskill, who is just one of the most outstanding teachers I have every come across to date and is extremely approachable. He is professionally accomplished (recognized around the world), technique oriented, passionate about his students and has a great sense of humor that keeps the class interesting. It is a good entry point to start back into dance and get in shape. There are over 50+ Discover classes offered every week and I never get bored trying new things as well. The best advice I can offer is get a dance pass first and try a few different classes to see what area/teachers you like the best. The wonderful thing is that you do not have to commit to a membership or class contract upfront---it affords you a lot of flexibility. Based upon other studios with their quality of teachers, the prices are in line and certainly, in my opnion, worth it.\r \r \r Pros: Beginner Friendly, Good Workout, Accomplished Instructors more

Too expensive!!!! 12/2/2009

Will never go there again. Too expensive!! Wow, $20.00 a class. I bought a class card but it was still very expensive and I have had such a bad experience there, I doubt I will finish using the card. What happened to pleasing the customer is what I would like to know because the customer service is very poor there...One day I was 5 minutes late for class and they would not let me attend the class. Why? ...not sure, but if you have already paid for a service, why should you be denied the service because you were stuck in traffic and could not get there in time. The facility is beautiful but what is that saying, ""Looks are deceiving."" It seems they want to take your money and that's all they care about. I'm not one to give negative comments but it's the truth...Nothing special about this place!! Pros: NONE!! Cons: MANY!! more

Awesome Place to be 7 days a week! 10/24/2009

I find that all the negative comments are really unncessary! All of the staff and teachers are extremely friendly! Dance 101 is one of a kind! The prices are so reasonable and they offer so much! The teachers are so knowledgeable about their style of dance! I've learned so much from every teacher. What better way to get in shape and loose inches then to dance! If you get an opportunity you really should stop by and check it out, its worth your time! Pros: Best place for fitness and dance more

DON'T GO HERE 6/30/2009

These people are scheisters and will steal your money even after you've PAID for classes. Convenient that they don't tell you their policy, and no wonder they can stay in business charging an outrageous $20 per class and then taking your money without ever giving you a class. Also, the front desk staff seem arrogant, don't smile, and frankly are not very smart. If you do go, make sure you bring something under a $20 bill because they can't figure out the change without a calculator...... Cons: Expensive, rude staff, stealers of hard-earned money more

Good for dancing, not for fitness 6/3/2009

Let me start off by saying that I WANT to like this place so badly. Even though some of the classes were disappointing, I have returned in an effort to try and find some I like. I am trying to really hard to give them a fifth, sixth, seventh, and so on, chance. They organize it, where some classes are for fun and calorie burn, while others are instructional classes to help you with your dancing. So I will speak to the two different types of classes individually. PART 1: Dancing for Fitness: I think the reviewer NoraSchmitz really got the nail on the head. I have also taken the Discover Dance Fitness class with Elaina, the Tighten Up Conditioning class (although Helen had a sub when I did it), and the abs class with Ofelia. I did not think any of them were remotely a good enough work out given that they were supposed to be ""fitness"" classes. So far the only classes I have taken that made me work up a sweat at all was a disco class and Discover Hip Hop Fit with d.norris. Therefore, I think if you are looking for a dance class that will really give you a work out, you are much better off going to a gym that offers dance fitness classes. If you can find a gym that has it, Bodyjam is AMAZING. I've heard Group Groove is really good too. Zumba (for latin dance lovers) can be good or horrible depending on the teacher. PART 2: Dancing for Dance: If you are taking classes here just because you want to dance and do something else for fitness, then I think it could work. I haven't yet taken enough classes to speak to some of them specifically but I have peeked in on some of the classes. Some of the jazz, modern, lyrical, hip hop, etc look AMAZING and it is fun just to have a place to dance. If you are an experienced dancer, I am sure some of the higher level classes are an amazing calorie burn. PART 3: Customer Service: First of all, the place is expensive. In my opinion, it is probably too expensive for the product received. Also, the customer service stinks. Do not ever expect the front desk staff to smile or be nice- because they won't be. Go in with the expectation that the service stinks so you aren't disappointed. Pros: Some fun classes, dance for ADULTS, great concept Cons: Fitness-based classes are poor, bad customer service more

Dont ever go there! 2/17/2009

This place is a rip off. They sell you classes and when u come back they tell you that the class on your card has expired and you should have read the website or the sale literature lying in the basket next to the reception to find that out. What a rip off! I will never ever go there again! more

Great Concept...Front Desk Stinks at Customer Service 10/8/2008

The classes are fun and fill up very quickly, but if you're looking to call or email for more info on getting started, think again. I'm not sure why they hire ""front desk help"" when there is none. They are lazy girls that never get back to you, and act as if they get too much business to need yours. That's a sure fire way to lose business, slowly but surely! Pros: Popular Cons: Front Desk...No Help/Arrogant more

Best Classes in Atlanta 6/6/2008

This place is the Bomb!!! Anyone who says otherwise needs to take classes at other Atlanta dance studios and they'll see the difference immediately. Friendly, knowledgeable staff; nice clean studios with great sound systems and lighting. The variety of classes are amazing. I've taken The A-Town Funk and Dance Fitness classes and gotten great workouts in both of them. Even challenged myself to a beginner ballet class and had a great time. Several friends and I have become regulars now; I'm never going to the gym again!!! Pros: great location, well lit parking lot more

fitness club - good concept but still long way to go! 5/4/2008

Had high hopes for this place because I love to dance and love to get a hard workout. Tried the 1:00 'Discover Dance fitness' on Saturday, because it came recommended (by the frontdesk staff) as a very strong, high-energy workout. What a disappointment! After 20 (twenty!) minutes I had not broken a sweat yet. The choregraphy was SO simple and yet the teacher stopped the music to painstakingly explain the steps. She also had the bad habit of still having to figure out her music during class, with regular trips to the stereo to forward to other songs (this happened at least 5-6 times during the first 10 minutes of the class, and with no direction to the class as to what to practice during that time). Overall, the workout was WAY too easy, no challenge at all. Elaina (the teacher) should try taking a class from Andrew at 10am on Saturdays, at Jean's Body Tech! He does much more fun and complicated moves but yet keeps it high-energy and you never stop (a good teacher gives cues at the right time, to keep everybody moving, and only STOPS the music when absolutely necessary). At the end of that class, everybody is drenched and had a GREAT workout, with every body part having been used to the max. I think that Dance101 is a great concept, and Ofelia is a remarkable woman with inspiring energy, but she just has to look for better teachers and make it more of a 'fitness' challenge, not just a place to do some cool moves in front of a mirror and lights. Most of us don't have much time to work out and every hour counts. Also, their policies are VERY inflexible: my pass had expired and they were unwilling to extend it, or do anything at all. Then, when the class was disappointing, the people at the front desk did not offer ANY kind of compensation for that (free class next time, for example). Just plain friendliness (and business sense!) goes a long way in a business like that. Keep up the work, Ofelia, but it's time to make some adjustments to this concept! Pros: good concept Cons: not a tough workout, teachers need improving, very expensive for what you get more

Best little secret in Atlanta 6/25/2007

I'm torn whether to write this, as I dont want all of Atlanta stealing my workout place!! However, i've got to give these guys their props. Because they're great! Dance 101 is an adult dance studio, with all drop in classes--perfect for the non-comittal types like me! Instructors are really fun, and classes are not only a great workout, but their fun too! Like belly-dancing, or Jazercise, or hip-hop jazz! Just a really cool, low-key place to work out without feeling like you're exercising.... because you're dancing!!! more

Fantastic dance studio 1/10/2006

Great adult dance studio, the best in Atlanta, now moving and expanding. Good for non-dancers and professionals alike. Pros: Great teachers, All levels, Good value more
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  • Dance 101 is an all adult Dance Studio specializing in beginners while training and developing professional level dancers.
    Award winning choreographer of 'Slumdog Millionaire' Longinus Fernandus said "Dance 101 is something else! It's the best and biggest dance studio in America I've seen!" (Fox 5 Atlanta, August 13, 2009)
    Voted "Best Exercise Alternative" Atlanta Magazine 2008, Voted #1 on the 08 Atlanta Hot List for CityVoter; voted "Best Dance Performance" by Creative Loafing 2008 and profiled in just about every media publication in Altanta, not to mention 5 live dance segments on Good Day Atlanta, come see what all the fuss is about!

    Located just north of downtown, Dance 101 is Atlanta's Best exercise alternative with over 125 weekly drop-in classes from dance fitness to ballet. Dance to get in great shape, dance for good health, dance for beauty, dance for yourself!


  • Adult dance, fitness and performance center offers everything from salsa and belly dancing classes to jazz and ballet.

  • 8/31/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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