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Credit Protection Association - 41 Reviews - 13355 Noel Rd Ste 2100, Dallas, TX - Other Reviews - Phone (972) 233-9614

Credit Protection Association

13355 Noel Rd Ste 2100
Dallas, TX 75240
(972) 233-9614
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I'm sorry to hear that so many people have had such a bad experience with this company. I had a 5 year old account. I called to verify the account & to make arrangements to pay. I...


I received two notices from this company concerning a Comcast bill. I lived in another state 41/2 years ago and had their service. Long story short I called this company to tell t...

Fraudulent and Rude 1/13/2012

I received two notices from this company concerning a Comcast bill. I lived in another state 41/2 years ago and had their service. Long story short I called this company to tell them this bill did not exist, where did they get the information on me? The man that answered and said his named was Bianca? Was beyond rude and told me at one piont to "shut up and listen that he didn't just pull this crap out of the air that Comcast turned it over to him to collect”,. Then demanded that I tell him my ss# or phone to verify my account. I told him I did not owe this money and wasn't giving him any information to which he replied "I have all your information already think about that". I told him I was calling Comcast and my attorney he hung up without another word. I called Comcast they told me it's a scam and do not tell them or pay them anything that I did not owe any money to them! more

I guess I have fradulent charges too 12/6/2011

I called the number on my credit report because it says I have 2 accounts through Mediacom, my local cable company. I got a phone number that was disconnected so I called Mediacom to ask them what their delinquent account agency is and they gave me a different number. I called it and they tried pulling up my info by social security number, name, phone number, and anything else they could think of. They have no record of me. I don't think I will be paying this company any money if I don't owe any. more

Fraudulent charges??? 11/6/2011

My husband and I have never had a Comcast account (they don't even service our area) and yet we just received our 3rd collection notice from CPA that says we owe Comcast $2219.11!!!! I ignored the first notice, thought about calling when the 2nd once came, and finally got around to calling their toll-free number when this one came. The call never went through - not even a ring tone. Judging from what I have seen about this company online, I am assuming they are a big, fat fraud. My one major concern is that they are actually reporting this bill to the credit reporting agencies, as the notice indicates. Should I go ahead and order a credit report to see if they have put this on our record? Isn't there a fee to order an actual report? If anyone has a suggestion about what to do I would love to hear it! Thanks! more

Don't pay them! 11/2/2011

I have been receiving numerous letters and postcards from CPA stating that I owe Comcast over $200. I have a receipt showing that I paid the bill in 2010. Do not trust this company. more

They are FRAUDS! 9/10/2011

They have been sending me notices saying that I owe money for an account with Time Warner Cable. I contacted Time Warner Cable collections dept., and they told me that I NEVER had any amount due that CPA claims I do. Now this charge is also on my credit report. I have contacted both the Better Business Bureau AND the Texas Attorney General. See what anybody that can get ahold of your social security no. and personal info can do? more

Fraudulent claim 8/20/2011

If I could give them a negative number, I would. These people are asking for money for Comcast equipment when Comcast themselves do not have an account in the system with the name/social security number referenced. Frauds and impossible to deal with as they have limited hours. Not recognizing their role in identity theft. I reported them to the Texas Attorney General. I feel sorry for the people who answer the phones. The company has no accountability or ethics. more

cpa ;uncooperative, rude,full of inaccuracies. 5/27/2011

i just pulled my credit report to day and found cpa has me down for 550.00 to comcast which i spoke to comcast about this and comcast rep said that i only owed 133.00 on my past due account when i tried to explain this to cpa they gave me the account # which told this to comcast and they agian told me they only show the 133.00 cpa would neither listen or help me in this matter i think everyone affected by these morons should sue for the mximum amout allowed by law. more

I had no problem.... 5/9/2011

I'm sorry to hear that so many people have had such a bad experience with this company. I had a 5 year old account. I called to verify the account & to make arrangements to pay. I didn't recall my old address. The lady was very professional, very helpful. She asked if I wanted to pay that day. I told her I did not, & that I would call back in 2 days to make the payment. She did offer to call me, but I politely refused to give them my phone number. She informed me that they did accept cards by phone, & that at the time of payment I could update my email address. I called 2 days later to make the payment & spoke to a man. He, too, was professional & helpful. I received my confirmation email within a few minutes. I had no problems with this company. With all the negativity we're surrounded with, I wanted to share somethign positive. more

CPA = can't protect anything 4/23/2011

They do not have the capacity to reason, negotiate, or listen. They talk and don't listen to your side of the story. they appear to be frustrated with their jobs and become belligerent even when you are trying your best to assume accountability for your debt a display a professional demeanor. I've lost a job in 2009 returned my Charter box and they never add it to their inventory so they hired this company to harass me day, night, and weekends. This situation completely broke me down. I sent a letter to Charter explaining when and where I returned the box. They never respond to my letter. I sent another letter to the headquarters, same outcome. Unless they are willing to listen and reason with me I won't take any further actions. They shouldn't be in business. more



Bad Reviews 11/16/2010

I came on line to attempt to pay an old debt with Comcast, but after reading all the horrible reviews about your company, I am not even going to attempt to deal with you. I am going to wait until tomorrow morning and call Comcast directly and see if i can pay them what I owe them. I don't want any trouble out of you guys, I just want o pay an old debt. more

They don't protect credit 7/16/2010

I am thoroughly disgusted with this company. I think their company name Credit Protection Association is ridiculous. They don't protect credit, they abuse it. I have the only negative in my credit file from them and it's from 2002 for xxxs-sake. I never heard from these guys and I don't know which company they represent. IF it's Comcast, I don't owe them one red cent, let alone $102.00. I also worked for a collection agency in California in the 60's & 70's in various capacities and my husband was a collector for 3 different companies for over 30 years. It was always his and his companies' credo to work with the debtor and straighten out any conflict, including whether is was a valid debt or not. They are not supposed to refer you back to their client to straighten out whether the debt is valid. It's part of their job. Looks like Credit Protection Association is too darn BIG to properly deal with both their clients (Assigning company) and customer (debtor) and just don't give a Damn. Pros: Nothing Cons: Irresponsible more

Infuriating 6/17/2010

I called CPA and paid my debt of $145 on June 10. Today I received another collection notice. It had a phone number, but the system that I called was entirely automated. I couldn't reach a live representative. I found a phone number where I could talk to a live person -- presumably someone with a brain -- on this web site. The collection letter that they sent me was dated June 10, the same day that I paid my debt, and they didn't have my current address until I gave it to them that day. So, I know that they sent me a collection notice AFTER I paid my debt. Maybe their databases don't cross-reference all the information, but if they could send my home address to the people who mailed the collection notice, why couldn't they also send the information that I had paid? Why do they harass me AFTER I paid? I finally got a hold of a live representative and confirmed that my balance was $0. They wonder why people hate collection agencies. Between constant, harassing phone calls and stuff like this, no wonder nobody wants to deal with them. But that hurts their business. It lowers the response rate and their revenues. They need to get their STUFF together. (and you know what I really want to write) Also, why does it take 3 weeks to get a letter confirming that my debt was paid in full when they can send a collection notice literally within HOURS of talking to me? more

Freshnewstart Consulting Credit Repair 6/7/2010

Hello, contact FNS Consulting with any of your credit wows. We can remove collections, medical, bankruptcy, judgements, civil, tax liens, student loans, and foreclosures. Google fnsconsulting Thanks Pros: Remove collections and debt fast. Cons: Helping consumers nationwide more

These jokers suck 6/1/2010

If they paid even SLIGHTLY above minimum wage, they could attract a quality of employee that could form a sentence, rather than simply (poorly) parroting off a script without engaging their brain. This sort of business model (extorting you based on an ability to put a negative mark on your credit report and then the burden of proof is on you with the bureaus to remove it, whereas jokers like these can simply say "The debt is valid" and that suffices for Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) should be illegal. I wonder how many people pay money they don't owe simply because it's easier? If you're considering employment here, don't! If you're considering becoming a customer, go elsewhere! If you're considering paying a bill you don't owe because of this extortion technique, don't! It only feeds the beast and will lead to more. I too found out about a "debt I owe" based on Comcast's faulty equipment return process only via a negative mark on my credit. Pros: none Cons: everything more

Received a notice that i owe 25 dollars - NOT TRUE! 4/18/2010

I received a collection notice from these jokers, saying i owe them $25 dollars for a modem that i supposedly NEVER returned to Charter back in March 09. I called Charter and they say my balance is ZERO!!!!!! I OWE nothing. They need to be reported to the state officials in TX Pros: None! Cons: Liars!!!! more

Can any one sue this company? 4/15/2010

Can TX do something with this company? Pros: This company deserves to be in court more

CPA Contact Information 3/29/2010

I am posting on behalf of Credit Protection Association (CPA), L.P. to address many of your questions and concerns. You may contact CPA by: Phone: 1-877-332-2432 Fax: 972-726-7557 more

Another Comcast CPA issue 3/22/2010

I recently checked my credit and found that Comcast said that I didn't return my internet modem. They had sent my account to Credit Protection Association of which never contacted me. I have not received a single letter in over 3 years from CPA indicating my account is in collections. I called Comcast and they had no record of my account being delinquent or in collections. They said my account balance was in good standing. CPA said I had to contact Comcast to get this resolved. Comcast said I had to contact CPA to get this resolved. Nothing has worked. If this many people are writing reviews on City Search, there must be thousands of us out there with the same problem. Pros: None Cons: Don't deal with them more

Improper Comcast Reporting 2/14/2010

I received a letter from CPA stating that I owed Comcast for a receiver that was returned to them back in September 2009. In fact, they actually came and picked it up when I canceled my service. I still had the work order receipt noting the pickup and the unit's serial number. So, I called my local Comcast office and asked them what was the deal. They spoke from a script about my not returning the received. I explained about the work order noting the serial number, and they completely disregarded anything I said. So I called a toll free number to see if I could speak with a "higher up", after doing a quick search, they indicated that that receiver was back in their inventory. "Duh!!!" and that there should not be a collection item for it. They referred me back to the local office noting they put a flag on my file noting the error. I called the local office again, they refused to budge stating that I had to pay for the box or the collection account would remain on my credit report. To avoid fighting, I simply challenged the charges to all three collections bureau, which I informed Comcast I would do, and would leave it to them to justify the charges. Which they won't. Lesson: KEEP ALL RECEIPT for at least 7 years. The time that creditors have to either collect a debt or file suit. more
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