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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory - 21 Reviews - 1360 N Lexington Pkwy, Saint Paul, MN - Sporting Goods Reviews - Phone (651) 487-8200
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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

1360 N Lexington Pkwy (at Kaufman Drive)
Saint Paul, MN 55103
(651) 487-8200
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WOW! Those who remember the old bear habitat will be DELIGHTED with the expansive new grounds & visitor lodge.Located behind the Sparky /aquatic building, THE POLAR ODYSSEY unfold...


OK.. ifyou're young like me.. don't go there. It's kind of a snoozer. BUT, it's pretty if you are all alone and want to make out with your mate. Just might be kind of f...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/4/2014

This zoo is absolutely terrible! All of the animals are kept in tiny, concrete enclosures, looking terribly sad and depressed! The tiger is inside a tiny, dark space and all it does is pace around aimlessly. The gorilla is the definition of sadness, sitting in the dark all by himself. The giraffes are standing in a small, concrete cell with absolutely nothing to do. They just stand there in the most UNnatural environment I could ever imagine. My heart goes out to all these poor gorgeous creatures at this AWFUL zoo! more


WOW! Those who remember the old bear habitat will be DELIGHTED with the expansive new grounds & visitor lodge.Located behind the Sparky /aquatic building, THE POLAR ODYSSEY unfolds as 3 lovely viewing areas.Once inside, you'll find a life size lair , educational computer games for the kids, and wonderful viewing windows. While visiting be sure to check out the new additions to the primate building.While watching those playful animals learn from the new murals & monitors! A treat for all and not to be missed! more

Inhumane Zoo 1/11/2009

While the gardens and conservatory are beautiful, the zoo has left me with a pit in my stomache. The apes, lions and monkeys are kept in extremely small confines. The lions are confined to a dark room that's approximately 50 x 50 feet. This is shocking given the fact that lions travel up to 50 mph in the wild - at Como they barely have enough room to pace back and forth. I will not support this zoo again. more

Best FREE zoo exhibits, park, rides, and lake all in one place in the Mpls/St.Paul area! 5/20/2008

I have lived in Mpls/St. Paul most of of my life and have been to Como Park many times. I moved away for awhile after I married but recently moved back again just to be near my hometown city! You really must explore ALL of Como Park! It has a lake where you can paddle your way around it and when you're done you can go up to the little ice cream shop for a cone while listening to the marching band. \r Next, walk on over to the beautiful conservatory where you MUST check out each wing or you'll miss the coy fish pond, the amazing flower display that changes with the holidays and seasons, the bonzai tree room, the sloth that's usually sleeping atop one of the trees, the Fern room, and more! Make sure you stop and visit the souvenir shop on the way through too. Oh! Make sure you don't miss the beautiful Japanese garden out back either! \r Next, wander on over past the flamingo pond to watch the sit-down seal show, and then you can feed and watch sealion show afterward right nearby. Then, grab a snowcone before strolling over to check out the giraffe, lion, and other outdoor exhibits. My favorite is finding and watching the baby giraffe as it stretches it's neck up the wall that has the measuring chart painted on it!\r It just never ends! Picnics, kiddie rides, food stands, helpful staff and more! Nearly everything is FREE at Como Park. \r So, if you only have a little pocket change and can't afford much, this is the place for you. BUT, if you are one of those who have been blessed and can afford things, then this is the place where you will want to donate while you share in it's wonder! Pros: Amazingly large place where there is something for everyone! Cons: The indoor monkey exhibits during the winter. more

Very sad to walk through this zoo..... 2/27/2008

My daughter and grandkids took a trip to Como Park Zoo yesterday to visit the conservatory, which was an absolutely wonderful place to be in February with all the gorgeous greenery, beautiful flowers and wonderful smells. Then we went over to see the monkeys and utterly depressing. It would be like putting me in my Grandma's old cellar for the winter. When we got to the spider monkey exhibit, we stood there for a while and first one, then two monkeys came up to the glass where we were all congregated and they both huddled there against the glass and the one had his hand pressed on the glass against my grandson's hand. They just sat there quietly like that with us on the other side of the glass for the longest time. It was really moving. We hated to leave them. \r \r They also had 3 beautiful big noble apes crammed into a small dark dank enclosure. You could see the intelligence in their eyes, and there they sat for our viewing pleasure. Again, very inhumane. \r \r If we have to have zoos they should at least try to replicate the animals natural habitat. These enclosures were all cement and resins and no natural light. \r \r We left Como Park very sad for the animals. \r \r \r more

Best free attraction in the city. 1/30/2008

We origanlly planned to go to the Minnesota Zoo but saw this was free/donation. I am have no clue how they don't charge anything, this place is awesome. I have lived in the cities for 2.5 years now and this is easly the best find. There were a good amount of animals at the zoo and observatory was cool. Pros: Cheap! Cons: Nothing more

Como Park is awesome! 9/9/2007

I love como park zoo. I've been going there since I was old enough to remember-so for decades.I was just there 9/5/07. The gorilla looked alittle bored, but he'll probably live longer in a protected enviroment- he just needs a friend. They used to have alot more animals for people who obviously enjoy taking their kids to a park with animals without getting on a plane and worrying about being blown up by terrorist's. Also it's still FREE america's favorite word! They also had a baby elephant , but someone feed him rocks and he died-polar bears out in the caves behind the conservatory but again , sick people threw things down from above including other animals and that put a end to that open area. Also the wolf fenced in area, people threw dogs in and watched the wolf's devour them. REMEMBER the articles about all this!!!! I think the park should stay and people who are complaining should donate to como park . They also have the carousel there, alot of cool things to see and do. It's people who once again have made things have to change by killing animals they could have easy access to, just like it's us people who will destroy ourselves by all the wars-prejudice- power-hungry.\r So I say put a few dollars towards something that's fun to do, and has lots and lots of history. My grandchildren derserve a place like como park near by. Do yours? Or do all they need is a computer, designer clothes and the wrong group of friends. I want mine to know God and to have fun in a healthy way. The park does the best they can - it's free admission- still...... Pros: Lots of activities for all ages Cons: Parking can be tough -especially on weekends more

Most depressing zoo EVER 8/14/2007

Took a day trip to the conservatory which was beautiful. One member of our party wanted to stop by the zoo to see what it was all about. It was awful - the animals have NO room and they all look depressed. It really got to me when we stopped by the gorilla's pen - he was just sitting there as people pointed and stared and he looked so sad...just sitting there. And he was HUGE and in a tiny tiny enclosure. I had to leave because I started to tear up - I felt so awful for him.\r This zoo is a disgrace and should be shut down so that the animals can be sent somewhere where they can live a relatively normal life. more

I Didn't Think There Were Zoos Like This Anymore 6/16/2007

I've been to this zoo twice; once about 6 years ago, then about 3 years ago, after there were some renovations were made to it. Both times were some of the most depressing experiences I've ever had. The exhibits look like those 60's or 70's style zoos, with the giraffes in their area eating hay that were placed in tall metal ""trees"" that have a nest-like structure on top of them. The baby giraffe was in a pen inside a building that had to be less than 20' by 20'. The primate house had very small areas, esp. for the gorillas, who seemed depressed. What struck me was how the biggest gorilla sat with his back against the viewing glass, as if to avoid having to look at the gawking children tapping on the glass, just behind him. Outside, on a *very* warm summer day, the polar bear was swimming in his very tiny pool, (it couldn't have been more than 10' by 10') trying to keep cool; I don't think his natural habitat has too many 85 degree days. But I think the saddest thing I saw were the bison lazing around. A lot of them had open sores on their legs and bloody hooves; seeing that finally messed me up and I had to leave. The zoo was asking for donations to renovate the seal area (which I'm sure also needs improvement), but I couldn't bring myself to donate to a place that maybe shouldn't exist. I hope that the Como Zoo closes and the animals get sent to bigger, more modern zoos, and the Como Zoo should just stay an amusement park and conservatory, which is great. Cons: 70's style exhibits; Animals don't look healthy more

crowded jungle paradise, crowded zoo hell 4/1/2007

The conservatory was like walking through a jungle- very beautiful, however it was very crowded and made the experience less enjoyable. Finding parking is a challenge. I'm not into zoos, but we checked out the primate part anyway, and those animals definitely need more room to roam. It seems inhumane to me how little room they had. Overall, check out the conservatory, but beware of the crowds. more

Como Park 4/14/2004

I think Como Park is a great place for anyone. You've got the zoo and the arboretum and in the summer there are rides, playgrounds, the lake, and picnic areas as well as a nice, small golf course. It appeals to singles as well as families. Pros: Close to things, Variety of activities, Inexpensive Cons: , Can get crowded more

The Best 1/29/2004

For those who may not have watched the transformation of Como Park, This is THE Spot for both young and old. I went there as a child and it brings my children as much joy as I received. The Zoo is large enough to enjoy yet small enough to handle in a day and not feel overwhelmed. great for an hour or two or an all day trip. The conservatory is beyond words. But the best part of the park is really the history, it has been around forever and it keeps improving. The park is continually being updated and yet the improvements never impair the visit. Pros: Free, ample parking, wonderful history more

simply the best. 6/19/2003

The cost of the park, everything is free even the ample parking, and it's location make it the best park in the cities. more

Como is great 6/18/2003

Como Park is by far the better of the parks I've ever been to. It's got a zoo, flower garden, park, and it's all free!!!! It also has rides, mini-golf, regular golf, and more. If you are in St. Paul you MUST go there. Pros: Everything Cons: Looks Old more

Como Park 2/27/2003

I've been to Como Park several times and have never left feeling displeased. It is a wonderful park and it's a perfect place for a family outing, especially for families on a budget. The people who maintain and care for the park and the animals there are to be commended on the outstanding job they do. We try and make it to the park whenever we're in the Cities and we hope it remains open for a long time. Pros: clean, baby-friendly, inexpensive more

Fun, Free, and Fuzzy! 9/12/2002

Whenever I have visitors (weather permitting), I take them to Como Park. It is such a beautiful area with the lakes, grassy areas, and walking/biking trails. And, the FREE zoo has so many varieties of animals that there's something for everyone! Not even the bigger, more expensive Minnesota Zoo has polar bears, but they can certainly be found playing around at the Como Park Zoo! There are exhibits inside and out, but it is in a well-contained area so you don't get tired walking for miles to see all the animals. Also, because it isn't huge, you don't have to spend an entire day at the zoo--you'd still have time for a nice walk around the lake or a picnic in the park! more

My 'Hood 8/11/2002

I live just minutes away from Como so I always go there to hang out. There are lots of things to do and see. The flower garden in the Spring is magnificent and the water ride at the lake is fun. You can also visit the garden or the zoo or even have the kids go on the rides.. It's a cool place! more

For gramps and grams...or families 8/9/2002

OK.. ifyou're young like me.. don't go there. It's kind of a snoozer. BUT, it's pretty if you are all alone and want to make out with your mate. Just might be kind of fun to watch those poor animals in small living quarters and smell pretty flowers. Pros: quiet, pretty scenery Cons: to quiet, whatcanIdow/scenery?, where's the bathroom? more

Shades of my Childhood 8/8/2002

I spent many summer days at Como Park as a kid, and I have soooo many fond memories. Like the day I FINALLY got up the nerve to ride the Mad Mouse -- you couldn't get me off of it! And feeding the seals -- especially the REALLY BIG, LOUD one! I loved that! And riding the giant tortoise. And getting one of those wax gorilla figures (the smell of hot wax STILL evokes that memory!) I was out last summer, and we COULDN'T FEED THE SEALS!!! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!?!? THAT WAS THE BEST PART OF GOING TO COMO! Pros: Historic Buildings, Carousel, Sparky Cons: Parking, No feeding the seals more

Hey Yogi!!! 8/7/2002

This is a park of parks...a place for a date..or just to go and enjoy some of the cities finest park..the zoo..totally rules..and if your into plants..Como has all for you...what a view!!! more
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    One of the Cities' premier parks, Como stands out for its range of attractions: 450 acres include an 18-hole golf course, a zoo, a conservatory, the historic Cafesjian's...

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