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Comcast Center

885 S Main St (at Rte. 140, Mansfield)
Mansfield, MA 02048
(508) 339-2331
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Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center - Mansfield, MA


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I went to the Nickelback concert on 7/24/09. I've been to more than 20 concerts and this venue was one of the best. I had 0 problems with the security unlike the rest of the peo...


I used to love tweeter center... for the past couple summers i would go to just about every show there, if i didnt have tickets, i would chill in the super lawn (parking lot) and ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/24/2012

I used to love to go to GreatWoods but the Comcast Center is an accident waiting to happen. Went to see Toby Keith 9/22/12 and what a scary experience. Parking lot at end of night filled with drunks - drunken kids wouldn't get out of the way of our car to let us out. My friends son got out of the car (stupid move, I know) to try to deal with them. Drunken moron started being disgusting to his sister sitting in the front. Both kids (early 20's) ended up getting punched. Their mother and I were locked in the car (by son) and couldn't get out to help them. I had to call 911 while 20 drunken idiots surrounded our car. State police on the scene ADMITTED they couldn't control crowds because not enough of them there. Security there is useless. DO NOT let your young kids go to concerts there - unless you want to worry all night what happens to them! Someone will be killed there soon - mark my words. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/27/2012

The biggest problem with this venue, since it opened in 1987, is and has always been security. The security personell assigned to the parking lot, seem to enjoy looking for any excuse to stir up trouble and try to intimidate/bully the patrons. The Mansfield Police who work the venue are just as obnoxious. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money to park in the private lot near to the entrance. It's not affiliated with the Comcast Center, so the security personell are not allowed in. You will have a much more enjoyable experience. more

never again 8/24/2010

Tom Petty was great, incompetent parking lot staff, the girl directing me to park was standing in the middle of the drive and everyone had to do a 2-point turn to get in the spot because no one could turn that tightly. Way too much partying in the lot, way too much smoking in the stands (I was here w/ my kids). Stupidly expensive concessions ($9 for a beer!!). The worst was trying to leave. The staff gives no direction to anybody so it took forever to get out. The few staff I saw in the lot after the show did nothing to help direct traffic so people just sat there. In short, I will never go to this venue again. more

the comcast center is FINE. stop bitching. 8/17/2010

i'm one of those fans who show up around 4am for shows. as we had GA pit tickets, that was what we did to see AFI (& green day) Aug 16th @ the comcast center. only problem was, no parking until 4pm (will call was also @ 4), so parking elsewhere was a pain in the ass. that's my only complaint. i'm not a drunk tailgater, so i can't comment on what expereince those kinds of people have at concerts. yes ticket prices, food, water, everything cost way more than it should, but it's a big venue, they're all like that - get over it. i have snacks and water in line, then refuel after the show in my car. also, the security guy who's job it was to babysit all of us in line all day was really awesome. had lots of concert stories and venue info, tips and such. i prefer to see AFI in smaller clubs, but opening for green day in this huge venue was brilliant, i realize that waiting in line all day is not most people's concert experience, but don't be scared away from the comcast center by bad reviews. our security guard told us that there is NO drinking allowed in the parking lot, but if you're of age & have it in a cup and don't flaunt it that they probably won't bother you. don't make an ass of yourself and they should leave you alone. other than the 4pm parking, it was a fine concert venue. more

Go to another Venue 3/11/2010

Last summer my wife and I decided to go to a concert (311 and Snoop Dogg), We arrived parked in Premium Parking and within ten minutes of our arrival, I was arrested for allegedly giving minors alcohol. First of all as a parent this is something I would not do. Not to mention I wouldn't want any adult to give my child alcohol. I wasn't questioned about the incident at all just cuffed and hauled off without being asked a single question. The police and security decided only to listen to two teenage boys and their friends who were parked about 50 feet away from me and for all I know they brought it themselves. The Mansfield police department or at least the officers who chose to work the detail for the Comcast Center for extra money are incompetent and were enthralled with arresting me. Keep in mind at the end of the night the I was the only male above the age of 21 years of age in the Police dept. Adding insult my wife was also arrested for disorderly conduct for protesting my arrest and was hauled off as well. The police report stated that I was drinking which I was not. What I was drinking was Coca Cola from a can, an obvious and often made mistake for Budweiser. All said and done: 2 tickets to concert $135 Bail money $50 Atty. Fees $1500 Court Fees $1300 Never having to ever go to Mansfield again priceless. Cons: Mansfield Police, Comcast Center Security, Suffolk County more

No Need For Fear 8/30/2009

Went to see the Allman Brothers last night 8-29-09 at the Comcast Center. This was my first time to this venue. After reading all of the reviews here on Thursday night I was scared s**tless. The weather was crappy and we did not Tailgate. BUT we did standing in the parking lot and sipped on a few beers. I have to say that I did see a few Bike Patrol Officers and golf carts, but they did NOTHING bad to anyone that I saw. The staff at this venue was exceptionally friendly and it was all a positive experience. Being from Connecticut I have been to the ""Meadows"" many time. Mansfield beats the Meadows handsdown. MUCH better acoustics and seating. The facilities were as clean as you could expect given the usage on one night by that many people. I've seen the mensroom in Hartford with an inch deep of ""overflow"" on the entire floor. Beverage prices are no more outrageous then any large concert or sporting event I've been to in the last few years. It was less than ten minutes out of the parking lot and back on the highway. ABB was incredible !!!! I'd go back to this venue in a heartbeat. Pros: Great Experience Cons: Tropical Storm Danny more

Amazing Experience 7/26/2009

I went to the Nickelback concert on 7/24/09. I've been to more than 20 concerts and this venue was one of the best. I had 0 problems with the security unlike the rest of the people who wrote reviews. They were very helpful especially when it came time to show me my seat (I showed him my Crue Fest Tickets by mistake and he showed us those seats then I realized what happened, he had no problem helping again) Venue was amazing, bathrooms well go to the porta potties less of a wait. Beer was like $9 but thats to be expected. Food prices wernt to bad. Had no trouble with tailgating :) After the concert it only took 35 minutes to get out of the parking lot and back onto the highway and that was with free parking. Overall great experience can't wait to go back 8/19/09 for Crue Fest. more

Parking staff - rude 7/21/2009

Last week I drove my teenagers to a concert at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell. I was not staying for the show, but there was adequate space for me to drop them off and sit until they were in safely. Having had this experience, I did not hesitate to drive them to the Comcast Center for Warped Tour today, thinking I would be able to get them there safely rather than sending them with their friends (teenaged drivers). more

Premier Parking not what it used to be! 6/26/2009

We did not mind paying the extra for special parking. It has always been a great thing in the past. We paid $40 so that we could get a parking space and be able to leave the concert without alot of traffic hassel. This has been great in the past but not this year. We got the to get to part next to the porta potties on the grass. I guess all the bike patrols were too busy to police the area and tell people they paid for one spot not 2 or 3. There was absolutely no control as to the space people were taking up. I guess around 6:30 to was time to start making people move out of parking places. This was good as the gates open at 7 p.m. After the concert this was no help to empty the parking lot which created complete chaos. It took us almost an hour to get out of it. I am not sure what we paid $40 for this year, but the service just wasn't there as in the past. Oh, and those patroling bicycles just whip right by you on te walking paths without even a sound that they are there. I think the Comcast Center should check on what they are offering before they charge for it. Maybe you need some employees that care. Pros: Bottled water Cons: What happened to premier parking more

What if the staff members are more drunk than me? 6/21/2009

Employee # 607 who was clearly drunk and/or on pills decided to pull my friends and I aside because he received ""reports"" of a girl in a black jacket that was intoxicated. They proceeded to make my friend and I stand off to the side while a Mansfield police officer his gave my other friend...the above mentioned ""girl in a black jacket"" a field sobriety test. Not only was my friend NOT drunk but she was publicly humiliated all because these moronic staff members have no idea how to work security at a show. Never mind the fact that everyone gets drunk in the parking lot, underage kids shot gun beers, people do lines off the toilet paper dispensers in the bathroom, and you see at least ten people throwing up at every show. I guess on this particular night none of that mattered and my friend looked like a threat to the Comcast Center. My friends and I are all in our 30's and we were treated like criminals and not allowed into a show that we paid money to see. The cop kept telling my friend if she completed the sobriety test that they would let us all back in, so after saying her ABC's and touching her fingers to her nose the cop told her to stand on one leg and start counting. At this point my friend was so humiliated that she began crying and refused to finish the test. We decided it was best to leave because if we had been let in to see No Doubt, the staff members and cops would have followed us and we probably would have to dump out our 9.00 beers. This is the absolute worst place to see a show. Pros: the artists Cons: everything else more

Check Back Later 5/6/2009

I had just recently got hired byt he comcast center a few weeks ago and I start in a couple of weeks. Aftrer reading all these bad reviews for it, I am kinda regreting ever applying here. I am so very sorry for the bad experiences that you have had before but when I start working there maybe I can get to the bottom of this and see how they treat their employees too. I will be logging back on later and letting you guys know whats going here more


They ought to change the name to the ""COMMUNIST Center"", as long as you don't mind being constantly harrassed by police on mountain bikes while you tailgate, its great. Its so enjoyable paying $40 to park in a highly policed area, and then watching tailgaters getting arrested and taken away on golfcarts. We got searched, including our cars, and had to pour our beers out. We were told ""if you want to drink beer you can buy it inside"" (for like $7each). Pros: Its location and history (Great Woods...Tweeter) Cons: INVASIVE POLICE and SECURITY more

Overall, a good time. 9/25/2008

Just went to Farm Aid 2008 here. I have to say that I was a little nervous about going after reading all the bad reviews but we really had no problems while we were there. We drank ""adult beverages"" in the parking lot for several hours with no confontation from police or security. Everyone around us was doing the same. A limo parked next to us had about 15 people partying behind it playing beer di and pong, and a few people across from us were actually shotgunning cans of beer. In fact at one point, two officers even came up to the people in the limo group and then several laughs followed before they continued on their way. We made no attemp to hide the fact that we had beer filled cups in our hands, and they never bothered us. I think the rule of thumb here would be have fun but don't get stupid and out of control. Thats what the cops are looking for. Other than that, the show was really awesome. Sound was pretty good. Yes the food and drinks were a little outrageous. The bathrooms were not the nicest, but what do you expect when you have 12,000 plus people packed into a venue that need to use the bathroom. They do check you tickets everytime you come back to the seating section, but this is to keep the people out that don't belong there so they don't take your seats or block your view. Overall, I really had an enjoyable experience here, and will most likely be back. Pros: good sound quality, no bad seats, easy to find venue(right off highway) Cons: expensive food, dirty bathrooms more

Horrible Venue 9/21/2008

I just returned from Farm Aid at the Comcast Center. While the music was red hot, the venue and its staff are ice cold. It started in the parking lot with over zealous, intrusive police officers walking and riding bicycles up and down the rows in the lot, hoping to make the big bust of catching someone enjoying a beer on a beautiful sunny afternoon. It is ridulous when a 44 year old man has feel like he needs to sneak and pour beer in a cup at a tailgate party. We watched 5 police officers descend on a woman and haul her away in the golf cart (I think they need lights and sirens on the golf carts, by the way for a little extra testosterone boost)...........not sure what heinous crime she comitted, but rumors swirled about that it involved B-E-E-R!! (That's right folks beer at a concert!!!) Speaking of about those great $8.00 Miller Light to wash down your $9.00 fried dough. Can't you buy like 36 Miller LItes for less than $20.00 ? But 44, or not, be ready to dig for your ID and your ticket every time you turn around at this Compound. I have been to alot of concerts at many different venues, but none like this. Overall, I rate thist this place COM -LAST.. Pros: Sound was pretty good Cons: Video monitors small and outdated. Security was way too intense... more

Had a good experienece here, despite all the bad reviews 8/25/2008

I just saw L/S & Kid Rock at the Comcast Center. I was not looking forward to the 1.5 hour drive because of all the bad reviews I read here. I am glad to say I disagree. I went with out the tail gating basics having read the reviews on how bad this venue was, how people were harassed and threatened, beer taken away, etc.... I didn't see anything close to that. People were partying in the parking lot, grills, coolers, canopies, I even saw one keg (not in public of course). Twice police officers drove by in golf carts without saying a word to anyone. No hassles, questions, nothing, they even waited patiently while people moved chairs so they could fit by. I think it was a real good time for everyone and I will go back. Pros: Great artists Cons: Far away from me more

I won't go here anymore and I have dumped COMCAST CABLE for supporting this place. Please cancel Comcast and go with another vender. 8/25/2008

This place is using 1940 Nazi(WW2) style tactics to enforce it's view on anti drinking. This is not prohibition times, yet it is looking that way at Comcast. It is a private venue and it is not illegal to tailgate on private property when you are not driving. I am 33 years old and have been going here since 1988 when I first saw Poison/Tesla there. I am officially done and have dumped Comcast cable and went with another vendor. I emplore you to do the same. They don't even clearly state this on their website. It is very very very expensive to see a show there these days, and for them to do this is just another wack in the face. I will not be harrassed at a place that is supposed to provide fun. All done forever. I hope they shut their doors. Pros: They are still attracting talent to the venue for now. Cons: Military police tactics to ban legal substances, bad venue experiences, 8 dollar beers. Just overall unpleasant. Go somewhere else. more

Great show, no hassles! 8/18/2008

Went to the Toby Keith concert on 8-17-2008. We paid the $30 to park across the street. The peace of mind knowing that you can get right out is worth it. When we got to the lot there were people tailgating, footballs being thrown around and everyone generally having a good time. People were definitely drinking, however, everyone had it in red cups and were very respectful. The police did walk through twice, ID'ed one group and generally left everyone alone. Pros: Great selection of shows Cons: None, it was what we expected more

Comcast is horrible!!! Bring back Tweeter Center!!! 8/18/2008

I have been going to this venue for over 15 years and have seen at least 20 shows there. All I can say is BRING BACK THE TWEETER CENTER!!! Comcast has completely ruined it. After you show your ID to buy a $10 beer, you are then asked to fish it out and show it every ten minutes to every Comcast staff member you run into. I'm in my mid-thirties and had to do this at least 6 times. They really harrass you. I found the staff to be extremely rude and unprofessional. It's sad to say, but I wil NEVER go back as long as Comcast owns this venue. Pros: Good shows Cons: ""Securioty Staff"" harrasses everyone. Don't plan on drinking! more

A customer service nightmare 8/17/2008

My most recent experience at the Comcast Center was in every way horrendous. The days of Great Woods and even Tweeter are past and the venue is languishing under new management. Pros: Can' t think of a single one Cons: Everything more

Terrible 8/7/2008

I'll start from the beginning. As you can see, when the place was called the Tweeter Center there are 5 star reviews, now that its the Comcast center they are one stars. SUCKED. Went to see Mayhem, didnt even see the show. Thought we could tail gate and chill. Didnt, cops grabbed us for drinking, we are BANNED from the place, good riddance. And our tickets were worthless, our beers were taken by them probably to drink. We waited in the detention area for someone to pick us up while we watched the cops nab a bunch of other kids AND adults while eating thier dunkin donuts on the table. Pros: The Events themselves Cons: Everything else. Especially the new Star Trooper police Force. more
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