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These guys put on a great little show that usually lasts 1 1/2 hrs. And they still have elephants.


Interesting acts, not just fillers. BUT, the cats were whipped the entire time. The cage they put up around the cats, I am afraid, was not safe. No cage what so ever around ele...

Great family show! 6/8/2017

These guys put on a great little show that usually lasts 1 1/2 hrs. And they still have elephants. more

good small circus 1/16/2017

for a small family circus I have to tell you it was a whole lot of fun. now that the big circus is gone maybe these family shows will do better. I will tell you this is Americana at its best. go have some fun be corney. more

Don't waste your money 5/4/2015

I should have known going in that $17 for each my husband and I was too much to be spending on such an event, but like many parents I wanted my children to experience the circus like I did growing up and have those fun memories. Even my 5 year old was unimpressed. The shows were not interesting and it felt like most of the workers were just goofing around, like it was a practice and that hard working people hadn't just gotten ripped off. The "clown" was out in the entry-way as we were exiting and you would think he would have been happy and interactive. Instead he just stood there. For $17/person I would have thought that the music and acts could have had some choreography. The jugglers were just in the ring each doing their own thing. One of the jugglers (who was also the MC, on the bikes and other things) was very talented, however that was overshadowed by his need to make it feel like "he was in charge". It was very annoying. I could go on, but I am just wanting to help those who wish to do something fun with their children to look elsewhere or invest in a more organized show. more

Shelbyville, Tennessee 2/15/2015

My kids and I had lots of fun!The show was awesome. I highly recommend you to check it out. more

loved it!!! 1/29/2015

We took our kids to the show in Covington GA last night and it was great!!! The animals were beautiful and very well trained, the performers were amazing and they incorporated a lot of Spanish music which made the show that much more live. The only negative I saw was the skimpy outfits the young girls were wearing. There was very young performers wearing see through outfits that only covered the breast and lower area in almost a thong form at the butt.. for the adults it was fine but for the 11 year old Kayla and the other teen dancers I thought it was distributing especially when all the men pulled out their cell phones to record their provocative dances. Another thing was how forceful the vendors were, they would stand there telling the kids to "tell mommy if she loves you she'll buy you one" and it'd be like a $10 light up your, and would kp coming back and offering the kids more stuff, that I wasn't fond of, but it was only one guy out of the 4 waking around. Other than that I think we got our money's worth and some!!! :) hope this helps! more

concerns 2/6/2014

It was a great show. Everyone was great but I wad very concerned on the way the lights hanging in the air was ridged. The ropes were tied to the door hinges on several doors. Im sure the ropes were big enough, but door hinges is not very supportive of that kind of weight. And this was at a government facility. more

enjoy a lot 1/19/2014

I thought the show was awesome well worth my time and money. Prices were very cheap in my opinion I only paid for myself child get in free 14 and under all the little things like elephant ride $5 pony rides$5 were not much $2 snow cone cotton candy $2 . They did awesome and my son like it very much it might have not been a lot but it was enough for him more people should have came out and enjoy the show. I wish the people would have gave them more credit then what they got I thought they were awesome I'm very impressed by their young ring leader and her show with the lion and tigers I'm sure that they paid out more money than what they brought in, and hope they will come back next year to our small town.. I was very impressed by their family oriented circuits and might of not been much but it was a a privilege to have them here in a town that we don't get to see much thankful they stop by . I enjoyed it look forward to next year. Thank you more

Do not support Circus Pages 3/22/2013

I took my 5 yr old daughter to this circus and will never do it again. It was $15 for me and she was free so I didnt expect much, however, I did expect a family friendly environment. All of the people working there, aside from one, were not friendly and the acts were not that entertainng. But most of all,,the animals, lions, tigers, camels, horse, were whipped constantly. The lions would swat at the tamer because she hit them so often. The y have a small dog act and whenever one of the dogs would mess up they would look at the tamer (the ring master) and cower and when he got close they would back away from him like they were scared. The elephants were poked with what look liked a fireplace poker and they looked so sad. I feel so ashamed that I gave them my money so they can continue to hurt the animals. I am not going to give them anything again. more

Sight to Behold 2/11/2013

Interesting acts, not just fillers. BUT, the cats were whipped the entire time. The cage they put up around the cats, I am afraid, was not safe. No cage what so ever around elephants. They were huge, and stunk. We were just hoping no one pissed them off. Oh, and an acrobat fell from around 20 feet in the air. She didn't move for several minutes, pretty scary stuff. I can say it is something I will never forget! more

Circus was a no show. 2/13/2012

After posting flyers all around Winder, GA for at least a month we, along with hundreds of other families, showed up at our national guard armory for this show. There was no circus. The people at the armory knew nothing about a circus even though their address was on the flyers. They directed us to the airport thinking it might be there but they also knew nothing about a circus. This circus disappointed hundreds of children, including my two little girls, who had been talking and looking forward to this event with much excitement for weeks. The only contact I could find was an email address on their facebook page but I've still yet to hear any explanation back from them. What a horrible thing to do! more

The Circus 2/1/2012

I went and saw the animals. They looked malnourished and not in good condition. It broke my heart and several others and I walked out. I will never support an operation who cant care for there animals. The word around town is that I wasnt the only one to leave after seeing this. more

big things come in small packages 1/22/2012

I took my two year old son to the show in Fort Walton,FL. and enjoyed every last minute. The family put on agreat show and seemed to love doing it. I was impressed how everyone worked together..the face painter was the lion tamer and acrobat. They had lions, tigers, camels, and elephants. the dogs were fun to watch as well. The only fall back was the seating. The stands did not feel stable and my father in law almost fell getting seated!!! I was amazed how much talent this family has from the older members to the children. They all performed and worked!!!! Keep up the good work. We will see you all next time!! more

Actually had fun! 10/16/2011

This is the first time that I have actually enjoyed a circus. The show was simple and sweet. The ticket was reasonable and the refreshments/toys were priced very cheap. The performers were very enthusiastic and fun. The clown was actually funny and not scary at all. All the animals looked healthy and happy. The show was interactive with the audience which is probably what made it more entertaining. The only con that I would say is that they kept selling tickets after all the bleachers were full, but the people did not seem to mind. Kudos to Circus Pages! more

Don't support Circus Pages 6/1/2011

The word to describe it was sad. The atmosphere wasn't professional and seemed dangerous for the performers, some of whom were children. The worst part was the animals. They clearly aren't well cared for. The lions and tigers seemed to be drugged and were whipped during the show. The elephants didn't look healthy and stunk horribly so they clearly weren't getting bathed often. I was ashamed to have supported them with our ticket money and ashamed to have exposed my children to the animal cruelty. more

great circus 8/10/2010

This was the best circus I have ever seen and I have seen many. The staff and the performers were very friendly and talked to us. The prices were very good. Lansing, Mi. need to get them to come here.. They are way better than the circus that come to Lansing. Tell everyone that Theresa said hi.... more

NO SHOW 5/13/2010

The kids were all excited because we got tickets to go to the circus, but after driving all the way there... there was absolutely no sign of them. There weren't any signs or anything, as though we had it wrong. The posters were plastered all over and they were handing out free kid's tickets, all for nothing??? Needless to say, it was a wasted trip and the kids were extremely disappointed. And, I might add I was very disappointed as well. What kind of circus is this? It's no fair to hand out tickets and get kids' hopes up just to not show up. more

Cruelty to the animals 4/9/2010

The animals looked weak and they would whip them ALOT! I was in tears how they treated those animals. They were fearful of their lives. They are stored in very small cages. Animals like that are meant to roam free, not to be whipped. The children were very talented, yet very young. Not like the circus I used to go to back in the day. more

Interesting Little Circus 3/15/2010

Single ring - ticket price $15. Two children under 14 free with paid adult with a voucher - which were in many local businesses. Seating first come first choice; doors open hour prior. Treats were small servings: Popcorn, cotton candy $2, nachos $3, peanuts $1. Snow cones, hotdogs, and soda served - unsure of price. Pony & elephant rides $5 - pictures an additional $5. Face painting $5 (same sponges used on all children). After the circus feed the elephants a bag of peanuts $1 - unsure if peanuts were extra. Blow up plastic toys on sticks $5, bull whips $5 (necessity of selling these questionable), coloring books $1. Stuffed animals and light up toys - unsure of price. Had some interesting acts: girl that hula-hooped, acrobatic cowboys, motorcycles, trained dog revue, single trapeze artist, girl who was on her way to being a contortionist, single seated equestrian stunt rider, camels. No clowns. We weren't expecting that much for an inexpensive circus though. The large cats looked well fed/groomed, but it was easy to see they did not care for their trainers. The elephants looked worn out and very sad - easy to tell their training had been rough. Our biggest problem was the 7 year old girl who tottered on and off in high heels like her grown counterpart to hang from the top of the arena floor in an aerial routine. Her body wasn't ready for these types of stunts. It was obvious that it was a struggle for her to shimmy up and down the rope and loop her body for the act. Later we got to see the same little girl being swung around by an elephant's trunk. Given my husband and I were there with our two little girls so this just left us shaking our heads NOT amazed but this was a personal comfort level issue for us. Intermission lasted for 1 hour (circus itself was only 1 1/2) until the lines for rides were completely gone. The ring master spent the circus hawking the goods for sale. more

Good family fun 10/13/2009

Great price, liked the new attractions, good family fun, my son loves the kids that preform in the circus. The staff is super nice and frendly. Lenir City TN more

that was the best 10/3/2009

Good: First of all I liked the food and the personal of the circus was so nice and good looking. Improvements: More clowns. Other: This was in Durham North Carolina and you guys should come more often we don't get much of anything here. my name is shadia and I am 24. more
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