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Chrome Salon & Spa - 114 Reviews - 10764 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (310) 558-8909
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Chrome Salon & Spa

10764 Washington Blvd (at Midway Avenue)
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 558-8909
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Chrome Salon & Spa - Culver City, CA
Chrome Salon & Spa - Culver City, CA
Chrome Salon & Spa - Culver City, CA
Chrome Salon & Spa - Culver City, CA
Chrome Salon & Spa - Culver City, CA
Chrome Salon & Spa - Culver City, CA
Chrome Salon & Spa - Culver City, CA


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I have been going to MELINDA at Chrome for years!!!! She is the only person that has been able to: color, cut, style, and take care of my hair. I have moved away from LA and been ...


I just got my hair cut here, and I was really disappointed after reading all of these great reviews. The person who cut my hair seemed like she was in a really big hurry, and desp...

Chrome is where its AT! 9/13/2010

I have been going to MELINDA at Chrome for years!!!! She is the only person that has been able to: color, cut, style, and take care of my hair. I have moved away from LA and been to other stylist..... to say that those other stylist ruined my hair would be an understatement! So knowing Melinda is amazing i went back to her.... She colored my hair back to what i love my hair to look like, she cut my hair to perfection, and i got the BRAZILIAN BLOW OUT!!!!!! Which was the best thing i have ever done for my hair. My hair now has its shine back, its EASY to style, its perfectly straight just by blow drying it (when before blow drying my hair i would look like a huge poof ball), and people are commenting on how amazing my hair looks... and my husband now loves to play with my hair because its so soft! Melinda was awesome at everything, cutting, coloring, styling and the products she ""proscribed"" to save my hair are amazing! and just her demeanor is so fun. She made my time there enjoyable and i was laughing and talking the whole time. LOVE HER! I walked into the salon a mess.... and walked out feeling like a million bucks! chrome is the place to go and i will never go any where else. more

Kimmie renewed my faith in hairstylists 9/9/2010

After a few years of and haircuts and razor combing my hair myself, it was time to place my hair int he hands of a professional. Kimmie was that professional, the first time I went to chrome she sat me down for a consult and I booked an appointment for the following day. Kimmie has since been the ONLY person allowed near me hair with sharp objects and is always accommodating, she even came in really early to make sure I could get my hair done in time for my college graduation. She is a master at what she does and I ALWAYS get complimented on my hair whether its the color, cut, or styling all the time. Kimmie is awesome and I highly recommend her to everyone. more

I'm hooked on Chrome! 3/25/2010

3/25/10: I originally posted the following review to Yelp on March 10, 2010. As of today, it has not been posted there for the general public to view. Therefore I am taking my content back and posting it to Citisearch, so that other people will be able to read it. ""Roger turned my bad hair day into summertime. I was unhappy with the results of my previous salon which was expensive. I took a chance on Chrome and was rewarded with better hair and a fatter purse. Mommy like! Thank you very very much. I've already recommended this salon to others and will continue to do so. The staff was very nice as well. "" Update: I've gone back a few times since my first review of Chrome and am still extremely happy with the service. Roger is great and always makes me feel so much better about the way I look when I exit his chair. Additionally, the last time I was there, I got a FANTASTIC facial from Angela. She is a very caring person and wants her clients to be educated about skin care and sun protection. Chrome will be keeping me pretty for a long time to come. Thanks to the entire crew! Oh, and I also tried to publish this update to Yelp on 8/08/10, but they still aren't publishing my Chrome reviews. I've reviewed other businesses as well on Yelp, so it's not a question of being filtered out by some sort of fraud review detection. Pros: Excellent service. Good value for the money. more

Melinda is a BADASS. 1/20/2010

Melinda is by far the best hairdresser i have ever met. I came in for a consultation on a day when she wasn't supposed to be taking clients. I wanted to go from box color black to platinum blonde, i knew it was going to be tough, but melinda willingly took on the project and made me platinum by the end of the day along with cutting a perfect bob. She has an awesome personality and made me comfortable by explaining each step and really taking her time to not damage my hair. Afterwards she explained all the products i would need to keep my hair in good shape, in my price range. Melinda is a true miracle worker and hair genius. I recommend her a 100 times over! Pros: truly knowledgeable, cares about you and your hair more

Keenan is KING of Hair 12/8/2009

I have never met a hairdresser who knows about color as much as Keenen King and his cuts are so sylish too. I work in entertainment and am quite picky as to who does my hair and the outcome, as it needs to look fastastic, as in camera ready, every time. \r \r I have long, fine hair and he gives it volume and advised me how to thicken it too. I get compliments every time. I refer family and friends and he made my sisters hair, which is long and very curly, the best I have ever seen it in her life. Again, his expertise with color is ""spot on"" and I've had my color and cuts done in London, Boston and Los Angeles and he IS my favorite. \r \r He took my hair from unhealthy and damaged, due to another hairdresser's mistake, to literally perfect. It takes time for hair to grow and damage to disappear so don't be discouraged. If your hair is damaged, he WILL make it look amazing while your hair recovers.\r \r I really can't speak highly enough of his work and can recommend him with no hesitation. He is very experienced in hair, modeling and fashion so he knows how to make you look good. On a personal level, he is VERY professional and also laid back & friendly, so he instantly makes you feel comfortable. I enjoy going to do my hair with him! \r \r I am certainly an impressed and faithful client of his and would follow him where ever he goes! Pros: His color technique is exceptional Cons: None!! more

Kimmie 9/16/2009

I GIVE ONE STAR ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE TO. NO STARS FOR KIMMIE. I went to Kimmie on a Sunday at 2:30. She overbooked and I had to wait until 3pm until we started. I decided to go all blonde with brown underneath. She bleached my roots first and let that sit while she was working on someone else. She kept it on for a long time and I was getting concerned when she finally rushed back over to me and literally ""slopped"" the rest of the bleach on my head. The bleach was dripping all over.. She did it so half-fast. She left that on until it was ""convenient"" for her to rinse it out. Once I saw the color of my hair I was obviously freaked out (it was like bright yellow!!!). She was ADAMAMENT that it was not yellow. She suceeded in brain washing me so that she could go on to her next customer (who also had to wait like 30 min.s). I left thinking ""maybe it does look ok""... -> WRONG!!! I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY GUT INSTINCT AND NOT LISTENED TO HER BS!!! She should have been more than happy to spend like 15 more minutes on toner seeing that I was concerned, but she's too selfish for that. VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. SHE DOESN'T LISTEN. When I tried to schedule an appointment with her to fix it she was NOT ACCOMODATING AT ALL. You think she'd be willing to squeeze me in considering I'm walking around like this. She wouldn't listen to me when I said I couldn't take off work to go to the salon and that I get off at 5:30pm. She obviously didn't even read or pay attention to what I told her because she tried scheduling me at 5pm. Finally, she sent me a rude text message, ""u let me know"". I tried calling her and she would never answer. Finally I left a message for her manager to call me to straighten things out since she wasn't responding to me. OF COURSE, then she calls all IRATE. SHE WAS COMPLETELY YELLING AT ME SAYING I""M HARRASSING HER!!! I just wanted the reassurance that she cared, understood and that she would schedule me ASAP. She's all, ""I don't even know if your check is going to clear""! Where did that come from?! She didn't have a c.c. machine that worked so what other choice did I have but to write a check!? (Meanwhile, I checked and the check had already been cashed! She just straight up lied to me!) I was trying to get her to calm down and stop yelling at me, so when I started saying, ""I'm sorry if it comes accross as me ""harrassing"" you, but... AND THEN SHE STRAIGHT HUNG UP ON ME!!!! I WAS TRYING TO APOLOGIZE AND CALM HER DOWN, BUT SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!!???? I THOUGHT THE CUSTOMER WAS ALWAYS RIGHT?! ITHOUGHT SHE SHOULD BE CALMING ME DOWN!!!!!\r \r Go to Kimmie if you don't mind wasting money and time on a stylist who has MASSIVE ATTITUDE, DOESN""T LISTEN and WHO DAMN WELL WON""T HELP YOU IF YOU ARE SATISFIED! Pros: Good cut Cons: Bleach out turned yelowish-orange more

So happy I found chrome 6/12/2009

I get peels and Botox at cosmitique med spa a few doors down and was referred to Crome, and they are the best! The stylists are all so sweet and they even added money in the parking meeter! I like that they have bumble and bumble products! My new favorite salon!!! more


Kimmie Chi is the BOMB!!! I've been coming to her for over 6 years & followed her from 2 other salons!! When I first met Kimmie, my hair was a mess and was in need of a miracle!! Another stylist from a different salon attempted to make me a blonde on top of my black hair. She basically fried it. So much of my hair had fallen out, and the hair I did have left was all different colors, (orange, blonde, brown, black). I cried:(\r I thought I was going to have to cut all of my hair off and wait 2 years for it all to grow back. By the time Kimmie was done with my hair, not only did she restore my color but also somehow made my hair look really healthy and shiny!!! From that day on I knew Kimmie would be the only one who could touch this head!!! Not to mention, she cuts hairs beautifully too!!! Til this day, I consistently receive compliments on my hair!!! Thank you Kimmie!!! Your the Best and I don't know what my hair would do without you:) Pros: KIMMIE'S MAGIC WITH HAIR more

it's less about the salon than KIMMIE(stylist/colorist) 4/25/2009

ok, so I follow this chick wherever she goes because:\r I was told by SIX STYLIST that they would NOT attempt to lighten my dyed black hair to platinum blonde UNTIL I met Kimmie, who said yes. not only did she do it, but my hair was glossy, gorgeous and no one could believe it was all mine...eight years later, Kimmie has kept my hair (red and black now) silky and I get compliments AT LEAST once I week - she's the bomb and is really reasonably priced, considering she could be in Bev Hills and charge three times as much!! seriously, she has made my hair my number one asset (it's down to my butt and a real eyecatcher) and the boys go crazy for my locks! Pros: Kimmie more

Melinda is the lady... 4/23/2009

I love Melinda- she has a kick-ass personality that makes you feel very welcome in her chair. After my first appt. with her she sent a Thank You and a reminder for a treatment that I need to go back for monthly- fantastic!! Pros: friendly staff, good music, good atmosphere, decent prices more

Looking for fabulous hair? Book Keenan today! 4/10/2009

Keenan is an amazing stylist and colorist! He takes his time to find the best color for each client and helps you decide what is best for YOUR hair. He is extremely knowledgeable about the chemistry of hair color and takes the time to explain the process. Keenan is extremely talented and I always walk out of there feeling so great because I know how fabulous my hair looks!\r Pros: Great service, knowledgeable staff, Bumble and Bumble produc Cons: Not a full service spa if you are looking to spend the day more

Jared Rocks 2/12/2009

Jared simply rocks. I've been going to him for a yr now and am constantly impressed by his combination of mad crazy haircut skills and easy going demeanor. I've got Asian boy hair and for the longest time would only see stylists who themselves were Asian. (Excuse my myopia, but I have had way too many bad experiences with non-Asian stylists/barbers.) Jared changed all that. It probably helps that his zen nature extends into his professional skills. The other thing that is great about Jared is that he is a good people person. He can easily read your mood. If you are not feeling well, hung over, or not feeling particularly chatty, he'll do the job and get you out of there. Otherwise, he is completely affable, even keeled, and quite funny. But always, you'll leave Chrome with kick a$s hair. Also should mention that Sunday appts are possible -- a definite plus. Pros: Have the best stylist in Jared Cons: Hair product is quality but expensive more

Amazing Affordable Extensions 1/29/2009

I saw Berit Jansen-Rodsater at Chrome Salon and she honestly.. changed my life! I have thick curly hair and about 5 years ago I cut it short. Since then I have been wearing some variation of a pixie cut. I've also sworn and made bets about growing my hair out at least once each year, only to fail! A friend recommended Chrome and suggested I try talking to Berit. I went in for a consultation and a week later I had a full head of GORGEOUS, flawless curly hair. I had never had extensions, ALWAYS wanted them but assumed I couldnt afford them. I am writing this review 6 weeks later and the first batch of extensions are still goin strong. We spent about 6 hours together actually putting the extensions in and she was polite and entertaining, needless to say excellent at her craft. She used a technique called ringlock which will be gentle on MY hair as I grow it out along with the extensions. \r Here comes the best part... \r Including the hair I only paid $400. At other salons, this amount of work would have cost me somewhere around $2,000. Berit also colored my hair to match the extensions-- for a small price and overall my experience has been beyond great. I highly highly recommend Berit. \r for before and after photos, look for me on flickr\r celiaagnescastelaz the set is creatively titled ""extensions"" Pros: Always street parking, relatively quiet street, BERIT, atmosphere, little sushi joint next door Cons: I live in the valley, so.. it was a bit of a hike but worth it! more

Disappointing 1/9/2009

I just got my hair cut here, and I was really disappointed after reading all of these great reviews. The person who cut my hair seemed like she was in a really big hurry, and despite being marginally nice, cut my hair lopsided so that it is longer on the left side than on the right side. Other than that, it would have been a sort of cute haircut. It's definitely not the most expensive place I've seen in LA, but for $60 at least I hoped for a symmetrical haircut. Next time I'll go back to Kenworthy in Beverly Hills which is pricier but did a great job last time. more

Go see Anna!! 11/18/2008

Wow!!! I have finally found my hairstylist!!!!! For those of you who have been looking and looking for a stylist to go to...LOOK NO FURTHER!! Go see Anna. It is hard to find a stylist who will listen to what you want and give you what you need. Say good bye to horrible hair!!!!! Pros: Awesome service!!! Cons: None at all!!! more

""OMG! You look hot"" hair by Keenen 11/18/2008

I have been on a mission to find a great stylist for over two years. I walked into Chrome very skeptical and I figured my hair can't get any worse than it already is. Then I met Keenan. He asked me what I wanted, but more importantly what I didn't hair. He explained to me the anatomy of various types of hair and what I could expect when chemically altering it?it was Hair 101 tailored for me. When he was done coloring, cutting, and styling my hair, I was shocked. I could not believe my hair could look so good. The color was perfect for my skin tone. The cut framed my face beautifully and the layers were even on each side. Keenan is a hair genius!!! Later that evening, I went out and the first thing I heard when I walked in was, ?OMG! You look hot.? All I have to say is, ?My search is over. Thank you Keenan for giving me hair nirvana.? You have to check this place out and let Keenan work his magic. Pros: I didn't have to put my kidney up on e-bay to pay for the great hair. more

Anna gave me the best haircut ever! 10/31/2008

I called Chrome Salon about a week and a half ago and asked who was available for Saturday morning. They told me that Anna was available so I booked an appointment with her. Anna gave me the best haircut ever! I have had maybe 5 good haircuts in my entire life (I have curly, dry, crazy hair) - and this was definitely the best. She listened to my monologue about my hair and the haircuts I've had in the past and offered some suggestions for what she thought would work best - and she had great ideas for my short curly hair (not the easiest thing to work with). The weirdest thing about this haircut was it seemed to be over and done with so much faster than any other haircut I've gotten. I definitely don't mean that in a bad way either - Anna just knew what she was doing! I've rarely gotten my haircut by the same person twice, but now I'm never going to anyone else! Thanks Anna! Pros: Fun vibe, great stylists, value Cons: NONE! more

Jared is the best. 10/25/2008

I've been getting haircuts from Jared for six years now. He's an absolute sweetheart and he knows what the f$%# he's doing. I'm a guy with super thick wavy hair, and whether I'm growing it longer or getting it short, I can always trust him. I've followed him from salon to salon and turned a gaggle of people onto him, women included. I now live in another city and still wait until I come to LA to get my hair cut by him. more

Jared is the best! 9/30/2008

I've been looking for a good, affordable stylist for ages and I found Jared right here on CitySearch. He's really nice and extremely knowledgable. He knew exactly how to fix the mistakes of my former stylist. He's a great combination of someone who is creative and artistic, yet completely open to his client's point of view. I'm so happy with my hair and I've gotten lots of compliments---even from my husband who usually doesn't even notice when I get my hair done. more

Raquel's my girl! 9/25/2008

This hair won't be touched by another hand as long as I have a breath in this body! I walked in feeling like Jared Leto in that movie that he ate chalupas for 6 months to fatten up for and left feeling like Jared Leto in every other frickin movie! I've never had 'the looks' to feel this comfortable inside my own skin. I walk into Chrome because it's on my way to the coffee shop, meekly ask this drop-dead gorgeous girl to give me something that stands out, something that brings out my inner punk, and after some major hair rehab--coloring, blowdrying cutting--I felt like a frog turned into a prince. A sexxy a$@ prince. I have a feeling I could've gotten a great cut from anyone in the salon, but Raquel gave me a great one. She's my girl for life! Pros: Raquel was really easy to talk to and she made me laugh out loud Cons: I don't need my coiffe cut and dyed every day! more
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Culver City salon specializes in color, including double process treatments. Other services include relaxers, straightening and extensions.

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  • Chrome is a full-service hair salon & spa where the atmosphere is warm and relaxing. We offer stylish, artistic Haircuts and trendsetting Haircolor. Other services include: "Bonded" & "Ring lock" hair extensions, Japanese Thermal Straightening, Corrective Color and Conditioning Treatments. Our spa provides a relaxing yet, beneficial and pampered skin care experience. From Airbrush tanning, waxing, facials from simple to extravagant , we are here to meet your skin care needs


  • Culver City salon specializes in color, including double process treatments. Other services include relaxers, straightening and extensions.

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