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Changes Salon & Day Spa

30 Greenfield Ave
Ardmore, PA 19003
(610) 649-3773
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Changes Salon & Day Spa - Ardmore, PA
Changes Salon & Day Spa - Ardmore, PA
Changes Salon & Day Spa - Ardmore, PA
Changes Salon & Day Spa - Ardmore, PA
Changes Salon & Day Spa - Ardmore, PA
Changes Salon & Day Spa - Ardmore, PA


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I am surprised at your comment since I have worked for Mary and Lee for ten years (most of us have been there for 5 or more years) and they have not displayed anger towards any of...


I was disappointed in my first and last appointment at changes which is a shame because I am new to the area and was hoping to find a place I could really call home. While I have...

Beware of false reviews...this is a true insiders view! 1/9/2010

I am surprised at your comment since I have worked for Mary and Lee for ten years (most of us have been there for 5 or more years) and they have not displayed anger towards any of us or her customers. Mary is the best boss and Lee is awesome too. I would watch what you say in the future because you could be sued for defamation of character by making statements like them needing anger management classes. The prices are not high compared to all other salons in the area (they are paying mainline rent!) Mary and Lee have been in business for 25 years and I think that alone shows that their customers leave very happy and obviously keep coming back! Pros: Great boss, awesome-talented staff Cons: none--that is why I have been there for so long more

Bad, bad, bad 12/27/2009

I survived Changes Hair Salon in Ardmore for several years, often leaving feeling over charged and distressed from being treated badly. Stylists come and go often, few remaining longer then a few months. Owner and her husband have an anger management problem. Be prepared to tolerate a less then happy experience if you choose to be a customer. Pros: not many - no better then any other hair dresser Cons: owners are nasty more

Overpriced - dishonest? 10/18/2008

I used to go to Changes for all my haircuts, for almost 6 years. I was never particularly happy, but thought they were okay (I thought it was my hair that was the problem, until I got haircusts elsewhere, and realized it wasn't). I liked that they used more environmentally friendly Aveda products.\r Then I got a perm there. (This was, to be fair, a couple of years ago.)\r I had hair to my waist.\r They quoted me $200 to $250 for the perm.\r The woman used so much product she burned my scalp. And since she charged me for ever bottle she used - the price went up fast. Then, when she fluffed out my hair, she asked me if I wanted her to even out the ends. I said yes (fool me!). She snipped for about 3 minutes. Then she charged me $40 or $50 extra for a HAIRCUT. This was on top of the $350 they charged me for the perm.\r It was horrifying.\r Not only that, my hair was so damaged, that the perm never fell out. Instead it just started to break, even though I follwed every step for proper, gentle perm care. I had to cut off all my hair - ended up with about an inch of hair.\r It was one of the most expensive mistakes of my life.\r I felt that Changes was both dishonest and incompetetant.\r I will NEVER go there again. Pros: aveda products Cons: watch out for added costs more

quality work 7/9/2008

I have been going to Changes every six weeks for practically a year now. In there defense, they are very hardworking and lots of fun!!! I would not typically write a review but was bored and happened to read over a few of the negative ones.. Again, these girls work hard and are great! I started out going to Kathy for only my color and continued to travel to NYC for my cuts. However, she eventually earned my trust and now does a FINE job at both! ALL of Mary's other employees are very friendly with me each and everytime! Its just sad that people really have thee audacity to take precious time out of there day to knock these ladies.. Pros: talent Cons: none at all more

May as well join the others. 3/10/2008

EXCELLENT! :} i LOVED IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

If you like the truth?read this 3/10/2008

Hi all, I?m Allison and I have gone to Changes Salon for 5 years. I just read these comments and I wanted to respond to most of them b/c I believe they are lies. I have always had a great experience and my friends that I have referred have as well. Every 7 weeks I get my roots colored, 2 color high lights, and a haircut. I never pay more than $260. I am there for about 3 hours and my hair always looks great. It is a very reasonable price, especially for the main line where I can?t imagine what the rent must be. Im sure prices must vary b/c not everyone has the same hair. Probably a person w/ short/thin hair would be charged differently from someone w/ long/thick hair. Seems like common sense. I have hair a little below my shoulder. Mary did my hair once when my stylist was out sick and the pricing was slightly higher?which I understood b/c she does have 25 or more yrs of experience. In any profession, the more experience a person has, the higher the price. I can also vouch in saying the prices have definitely not doubled in 5 years. They have gone up accordingly with inflation like everything else in the real world. I also question why someone would tip a person if they were that unhappy? It is not fair to slander a business after leaving and after paying and tipping. I would never pay for something if I was that unhappy and then leave a comment on this website w/o giving them the fair opportunity to address the ?problem.? I have gotten my hair done almost any day (tues-sat) in the past 5 years and Mary is always there. How could a person accuse her of not being there often if it was the first time that he/she went there? Lastly, I have always been taken on time and treated kindly and with respect.You have to check in at the front desk on arrival, so I find it extremely impossible that someone waited for 1 hour! I have had multiple waxing services and have always been happy! Please take my advice and try this salon.I am a real person and this is a true comment!\r \r Pros: Great Salon with great services--reasonable prices! Cons: n/a more

Had a decent experience 3/9/2008

Not bad. I may go back and try a different service. I did not have a horrible experience but, I am in search of a great stylist. i am slightly picky so maybe it was just me. I look foreward to trying a massage. more

People have to much to say about the prices 3/9/2008

I live in the Philadelphia area and I know most of the salon owners on the main Line. I have had the pleasure of working with Mary in advertising for the past ten years. Part of my job is to research business owners so I know what I am bringing to the table so I can sell my services. I do laugh at some of these reviews ,especially the one on how the prices have doubled in five years! I have a record of her fees for the ten years because I have been associated with the salon and I can tell you that they have not doubled. People that do not know how to run/own a business can't begin to know what is involved. If gas, oil and even food went up ,I can't imagine how much rent has gone up for businesses. Just look at the world news in regards to the economy. \r I can tell you that Changes offers a fee scale based on the technicians level of expertise and experience which enables the client to chose where their comfort level is .I think that speaks for the owners sensitivity to the economic enviornment we have today! Pros: 10 thumbs up more

:} 3/8/2008

I think others have done enough. Good luck in the upcoming year! I wish you the best. I did not want to be linked with other posters. I have enough pride. more

Bad Value 3/5/2008

Changes used to be a wonderful salon. I have been going there for the past 5 years. The prices nearly doubled and the quality of service has not been the same lately. I can not say that any one thing has changed my mind. I have just found other places that have a better value for the money and better customer service. They really do not care about the client here. I made one comment the last time I was there and they made me feel like I was wrong in doing so. I am the client! I am always looking for good recs before I go to a new place and just felt like others needed to know about the lack respect this company gives to its clients. It is really a shame in a customer service industry. Cons: an owner who cares more about money than her customers more

did you know they do botox now 2/29/2008

yes I have had botox done . i can say karen F. is great at what she does and she offers a great deal. Im thinking about having my eye liner tattoo done too. I will let you know how that went. I'm excitied to get that done!!!! Pros: nice people more

very relaxing experience 2/29/2008

i just received a facial and massage. wow what a great experience. they have the spa closed from the rest of the salon. i thought that was great. The music they play was very soothing. I have 3 kids and i really need to just be away and treat myself. After i had my third child i ended up have brown spots on my face and Tori picked out some face cream that will lighten up my spots. She is sooooo sweet and gave me very good information that my doctor didn't explain. Thank Tori and karen Pros: very relaxing, good information, very caring Cons: people who write bad reviews. more

Salon 2/21/2008

[[===I happen to agree with other posters. Happy Spring..... water is the key to a healthy complexion. more

Great time 2/20/2008

Im very new to the area and i was looking for a place that would give me a great hair cut. I know as a man its hard to find a place that will give me the same time that they would offer a women. I went to kathy and we tried something new. I am very pleased with my hair cut. It was great being around very normal people in the main line. So far I have been around very up tight people. I felt i could be myself and open up about anything. See you soon kathy Pros: 10 thumbs up, free parking, great people, fun place more

Not a very relaxing experience 2/16/2008

I was disappointed in my first and last appointment at changes which is a shame because I am new to the area and was hoping to find a place I could really call home. While I have to say I got a pretty fabulous haircut it was over taken by the unprofessional chatter among the employees at the salon while I was waiting for my next service. No one wants to hear vulgar language and the events that took place over the weekend. The place also smelled like take out as half the employees rushed to the back to nibble on french fries which were delivered. It smelled not like a spa but more like mcdonalds. If I am spending a day to relax I want to be relaxed. The services themselves were good but I did not have the true relaxing experience I desired. Pros: Fabulous haircut Cons: not a relaxing experience more


It appears that a smear campaign is going on against Changes Salon & Day Spa! Who can be behind such activity? An- ex employee, a fired employee, friends of either or just small minded people who don't have the courage to bring themselves forward. In defense of the salon the public should be made aware that the negative reviews started when a hairdresser was put on a leave of absense for disrespectful behavior and then qiut on her own, without notice. Interesting timing isn't it? People are free to say what they want but why should untruths be tolerated? I work at the salon, I don't have a computer and my name is Heather.I have worked for her for over six years and I can't allow this to go on unnoted. It seems as though somebody is behind this vicious and slanderous activity. It is unkind and hurts everyone who works here. We love our boss and we our salon.l Pros: EVERYTHING Cons: ABSOULTELY NONE! more

Honest review! 12/31/2007

That is pretty sad. They made a horrible mistake on my hair by turning it blue. The stylist on her own decided to change the color of my hair which was never asked for. Then ruined it in the mean time. Mary sent me emails blaming me for the horrible color and said I was difficult and unable to please. Who would be happy with grey/ blue hair. I was only upset and not mean. Would you let the same stylist who took it upon herself to change the color in the first place? That is all I said. I was never mean,just upset. I am shy and she called me curt. She made me feel like I was unable to tell the stylist what I wanted. Either way i never asked for dark hair and it was now bluish grey. The color correction while better was still copper in color and not what I went in for. It was not her fault she did not know my original color. She did a nice job fixing my hair but, with all i spent all i was asking for was the difference in price since i was charged with my hair being darker which it was not when i left. Mary is extremely unprofessional. She called me a liar which I never lied about anything. Let me know if you would like to see the e-mails that she sent to me. I alone may not be able to affect her salon. I just hope the fact I am an honest and nice person others will not go to the salon. They do not deserve your business. I wish I chatted with the other customers before I went there. Cons: mary the owner is not a pleasant person and unprofessional more

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! 8/17/2007

I read the two reviews and it is apparent to me that these people will never be happy anywhere they go!I \r \r Let me share my experience with you. I am a loyal customer to Changes and i have never been dissapointed with any service i have received. The staff is made up of some of the most caring, helpful and honest people. They know exactly what they are doing when it comes to haircuts, color, maincures, pedicures, facials, massages, hair removal, etc. A day at Changes Salon and Day Spa is an expeirence to look forward to. They treat their customers with the respect they would their own family. I am and will always be a happy, satisfied customer of this salon. Pros: They provide the best services in the Philadelphia region Cons: NOTHING more

great service 8/17/2007

I went online and checked out changessalonspa and looked at what service i would purchase for my mother as a gift. I decided to purchase the bridel bliss package and booked the appoinment for my mother. When we came to the appointment i felt very comfertable with the staff. My mother does not speak english very well and they were very patient with her. while i was there i decided to have a mani, pedi and hair cut . Deanna was my tech for my mani and pedi, I would recommend her to anybody. She is so sweet and i would have to say that is the best mani and pedi i had in months. My polish still looks good after two weeks!!! my hair cut is perfect, i had a free consult but before my hair cut I had the most amazing hair wash ever. Ask for Ms.k to wash your hair. Ask for Erica for a hair cut. She took the time to listen to what i want and did a great job. I would give this spa 10 stars. My mom was so pleased with her service. She also recieved a hair cut by Dean. I never seen some one cut hair like he did. He did some cool tricks with scissors..My mom looked like a new women and she felt so good. Thank you Changes Pros: Great service overall more

Terrible service, unfriendly staff, poor haircuts 2/26/2007

My experience today provided the impetus for me to write this review. Today is the second time that I have gone to Changes only to have them tell me that my appointment has been canceled. The woman working the front counter was quite insolent and cold.\r \r The other times that I have gone to Changes, I have received a lacklustre haircut for a quite expensive price.\r \r Avoid at all costs. Pros: ??? Cons: Awful service, terrible quality, disrespectful staff more
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  • Ardmore-based full-service salon and day spa for men and women offers treatments such as hair coloring, manicure, pedicure, facials and waxing.

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