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Century Air Flight Training Center - 1 Reviews - 19 Wright Way 5, Fairfield, NJ - Education & Instruction Reviews - Phone (973) 575-4800

Century Air Flight Training Center

19 Wright Way 5
Fairfield, NJ 07004
(973) 575-4800
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All reviews seem negative


It put me on alert when I asked for some very specific details on their web form and get a response from Christine by email with a generic brochure and a statement that suggested ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/17/2014

I highly recommend Century Air for all levels of aviation training. I have completed the Instrument and Multi-engine programs there and must say they have the finest facilities, staff, and aircraft that I have seen at a flight school. I will certainly return for more training with them in the future. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/17/2014

Thanks to everyone at Century Air for the fine training I received and for helping me to reach my goal of becoming a private pilot. My experience has been very positive and rewarding, and I look forward to returning to achieve additional ratings and enhance my flying skills. I will be sure to tell everyone interested in learning to fly that there is no better choice than Century Air! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/6/2014

Century Air is without question the best place to go for training if your primary goal is to become proficient as a pilot at any level. If you are only interested in doing the minimum to get a pilot's certificate or some higher rating, this is not the place.. The instructor staff at Century is very well trained very professional. Their mission is to train you, not until you meet the minimum requirements, but until reach proficiency. In my opinion, this is the only way to learn to fly. I would also note that their aircraft are maintained well above FAA standards and that their Frasca simulators are are truly amazing pieces of equipment and tremendous training tools. So if you want to become a proficient and safe pilot rather than just a certificated pilot. This is the place to go. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/13/2014

I've been a pilot for over 15 years. I started at Teterboro airport, and have since been flying out of Century Air in Caldwell (KCDW). Their planes are kept above the FAA standard and their instructors are excellent for both the beginner or a seasoned pilot looking for recurrent training (their off-site simulator training is outstanding too!) So when it comes to flying lessons, this is something you should definitely consider. Instead of reading internet reviews, see them for yourself. For more information about my background, feel free to visit youtube-dot-com-slash-altitude9, contact me there and I'll be happy to give you more info. Safe Flying! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/6/2013

I would highly recommend Richard Green and his school Century Air to anyone who wants to become a pilot. He is one of the most honest and dedicated men I have ever met. He runs a great school and gave me a lot of personal guidance throughout my training. Thanks to Richard and his many excellent istructors, I have achieved my dream of becoming a commercial pilot. This is not only a great school, it is one of the best in the country! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/8/2013

I've trained at a number of flight schools throughout my aviation career. Century Air is by far and large the best I have ever seen. From their amazing and technologically advanced facilities, equipment, and high-end flight simulators, to their competent and friendly staff of instructors, schedulers, and maintenance crew, the experience one will have upon walking through the doors is sure to impress.\r \r Century Air provided me with comprehensive syllabuses that outlined, in excruciating detail, the course of study for each rating and certificate. The courses were broken down by the hour and at every point throughout my studies I knew what content to focus on, what was expected of me, and how to accomplish the goal or task at hand. For me, being one who benefits from structure and regiment, this was invaluable.\r \r Prior to training at Century Air, I've heard from the instructor, ""We'll figure out what to do once we're in the air."", ""Let me ask my buddy what he's doing with his student today."", and, if you can believe it, even, ""Well, what do you feel like doing today?"" Really? Not at Century Air. Before every lesson the student is briefed on what will take place and any questions or ambiguities about procedures or maneuvers are clarified before stepping foot on the tarmac. After the flight the student is debriefed. Again, questions are answered, comments and performance analysis are provided, and progress is charted. It is an absolutely infallible system.\r \r The level of professionalism, guidance, and knowledge here, in my opinion, is unparalleled in today's industry. Now this is Not to say that they will babysit you or lead you by the hand down the path to success. That is not what they are about. They expect you to succeed through hard work and dedication. Let's be real, that's what it takes to succeed in the real world anyway - in Any industry. But they do an unequivocal job of providing you with the tools and the knowledge to do so.\r \r In closing, Century Air undoubtedly provided me with the necessary experience and an incredible skill set to succeed in today's aviation market. It goes without saying that the only thing superseding the already abounding professionalism and knowledge demonstrated by the entire staff at Century Air is their dedication to one's success. From the cleanliness of the flight school and simulator center, to the jovial and welcoming atmosphere, to the delicious coffee served in-house, it is immediately apparent that their aim to please goes well beyond the front desk. Do I recommend Century Air flight school to any aspiring pilot? ... no, rather I IMPLORE you to make Century Air flight school your Only choice when learning to fly. For me, there simply is No Other Option.\r \r JetBlue PIlot and Proud Graduate of Century Air \r \r VJL more

I am a recent graduate of Century Air, 10/7/2013

I am a recent graduate of Century Air, having completed private, instrument, commercial and multi-engine training with them. I believe Century Air is one of the best schools in the country for aviation training and my education there was worth every penny! I would highly recommend this school! I feel very proud to say that I am a graduate of Century Air. My father was an airline pilot for Avianca and he researched a lot before choosing Century Air for my training. I’m truly glad he did! Yes, it was a lot of work and sometimes very difficult to achieve all my ratings/certificates, but when you graduate from Century Air you know you earned your certificate! The owner is also a retired airline pilot who is there everyday and is very concerned about each student getting a good education – but you have to work for it! No student there gets through the course unless they are a decent pilot. I would not only highly recommend Century Air to anyone who wants to learn to fly I would suggest that it’s the only choice you should make! You will get an excellent education and will be treated with respect and care throughout your training. This is a very professional school with very well maintained and clean airplanes and a quality staff of people to work with. If you want a professional program and excellent training, this is the school for you! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/3/2013

Not a flight a flight school I would recommend. Student care is quite low. I was a student there with a lot of hours, and they said I was no where near getting my license, and that I would need a grand amount of hours to finish, but I believe that statement was simply to get more money out of me. I already spent $30,000 on that school, so I went to get a second opinion at a more honest flight school. I flew with the chief instructor who has more than 7,000 hours, and with keen observation, he stated I was a great pilot and would only need about ten hours to finish up, and in less than 10 hours, I went for my check ride and got my license!\r This school will bill you about 50 dollars if your five minutes late for your flight, one time I was driving to school and my car broke down on the highway, obviously I was going to be late. I called the school and they avoided answering my question directly if I would be billed or not, if they could AT LEAST make an exception. I was billed anyway. They are excessive in billing their students. If you intend to enroll, they WILL make you do a down payment of more than one thousand dollars. I find this highly unfair, because you should pay as you go, and keep in check yourself how much your spending. The people that work at the front desk are not nice, many times when I was dispatched to fly the dispatchers would give me the keys with an attitude. \r The airplanes aren’t as well maintained as they claim. The P models don’t have headset availability in the back, which means if you wanted to carry passengers you would have to take the SP model which is an extra $25 an hour. Most of the airplanes are dirty inside; old chairs, worn out airplanes. The VOR needle fluctuates constantly, always making it difficult to get an accurate read on it. The rpm reached red line very often which frightened me whenever I flew, always having to reduce power often, means more time in the airplane, more money. The engines had a lot of roughness in them which also scared me causing me to think the engine would give out any minute.\r Most concerning is that the schools employees speaks very bad about other schools nearby, and claims they are the best school in the northeast. THAT’S A RED FLAG. If you’re running a business, why would you speak bad about your rivals to people interested in investing in YOUR business? Talk about your business only and what you can offer. I STRONGLY don’t recommend this school for international students, because once you see how they really are, it’ll be very hard to transfer out. It’s a school that doesn’t care about you, only your money.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/13/2013

Update: After the owner of Century (Richard Greene) read this review he went to the Owner of the airport and complained about me. This is typical of how he treats students and other people at the airport. It is also the reason he was thrown out of Morristowns Airport. \r \r \r I flew these guy for 4 months. They are the worst flight school in the Northeast. Richard Greene is more interested in the size of your wallet that teaching you to fly. Went to a friend of my primary instructor (he did not like working for them any better than I did) and got my Private, Commercial certificates, an Instrument Rating..\r \r There are three other flight schools on the airport. My recommendation is Fischer, who I still use to maintain my currency...\r \r Neil Rosoff\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/25/2013

I trained at Century Air and received my private certificate from them and could not have been more pleased with the process. I wanted to fly often since I was close by and Century offered a plethora of instructors and aircraft (I believe they are the largest flight school in the area). Their facilities are clean and well suited to the business, and although I did not use it they also have a full simulator center just a traffic light away. I continue to fly at Century and do all of my recurrent training and BFR's with them. I highly recommend them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/22/2012

My experience at Century Air has been excellent. I have been flying at Century Air for about 12 years now. I had learned to fly in the 70's but had been away from flying for over 20 years. I had some trepidations about getting back to flying again after so long. I went to Century in 2000 and had a consultation with the owner, Richard Greene. The consultation provided me with an excellent opportunity to find out what I would be getting into if I decided to get back into flying. Ultimately, the consultation became a significant factor in my decision to go back to flying and to do it at Century Air. This was because Capt. Greene made clear what would be involved, what would be expected of me, and what I should expect from Century. He urged that I only consider going forward if I was fully committed to the endeavor as he explained that flying is not something you can successfully do half-way. After I decided to proceed with training, I found myself in a well structured program that was tailored to my needs, required me to ""push the envelope"" and which enabled me to, once again, regain my confidence as a pilot. Century delivered fully on what was promised. I have found that the many programs available at Century are comprehensive and suited to all levels of training. The owners and staff at Century are both knowledgeable and professional as well as thorough I highly recommend Century as a superb training facility. more

What a nightmare - don't ever deal with these guys 6/20/2011

It put me on alert when I asked for some very specific details on their web form and get a response from Christine by email with a generic brochure and a statement that suggested that the only way to answer any questions was to make a trip to their facilities and meet with them in person. Then I got a call from Richard, who opened the conversation with me by telling me for five minutes how he was the owner and ran the only ""real"" flight school in the entire northeastern United States, in particular because he used to be a pilot for American Airlines (stress ""used to"" and wonder why that might be, and then realize that he was going out of his way to all but intimate that none of those other schools' instructors are actually even pilots...just him...and then you'll be catching the attitude that he was throwing). This was all before he even asked what I was interested in or how I found them, or even if it was a good time to talk (since it was the middle of the business day when he called). His opening salvo also included statements about how confusing my information request was (hello, it was your website form, Richard!) and then he started on a rant he never managed to finish even 10 minutes later, which had to do with how I can't pick a doctor over the phone so how can I pick a flight school over the phone...even though I was just trying to gather the information about them to know that they were worth visiting - something made clear to him in between short pauses for breath in his never-ending speech. This was after he argued with me for two minutes about how long it takes to get to Fairfield NJ for a person in Manhattan taking public transportation (I got rid of the car years ago since it was such a waste and a pain, but that doesn't mean I enjoy spending an hour and a half of train and bus rides and transfers each way just to meet a guy to find out I don't like him or that he doesn't offer what I'm looking for). I tried to play along with his analogy, noting that I neither would hire a doctor over the phone nor would I expect a diagnosis from one over the phone, but that before I spent half a day or more trudging back and forth to New Jersey I'd be damn sure I was not going to a dermatologist if I needed a cardiologist. He didn't get it - I think he read the analogy somewhere and repeats it like a parrot, but doesn't know quite what it means. He alternately told me that a) they can pretty much set up any ""program"" I was looking for, and yet b) that he couldn't tell me over the phone that he could do a simple private pilot's license and instrument rating course at the same time on parallel tracks (something most schools offer - and even recommend - in my experience). Maybe the world parallel threw him off, having three syllables and all. Of course, back to the broken record, I had to spend a day coming out to his facility for him to tell me that apparently top secret answer in person. When it got to the point that he was literally yelling at me, back to the ""choosing a doctor over the phone"" theme, I sent him on his way with a curt choice conversation-ender of my own before hanging up, and I am completely convinced that he felt better by alienating me as a customer than he could ever have felt if he had welcomed me, answered my questions, and signed me up. Trust me, Richard is not only smarter than you, but if he thinks you might get any uppity notions to the contrary, you're in for a talking to until you're straight on that. Not quite what I expect out of a guy that I so mistakenly thought would see me as a potential customer, when I wanted to come in and spend $25,000 with him on just the first two of the four certifications I'd like to get over the next two years. Don't make the same mistake I did - I promise you if it doesn't come out up front, you'll have this same experience at some point in dealing with these idiots (the nicest word I can come up with to describe them). more
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Located at Caldwell Airport (CDW) in Essex County.

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