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Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - 20 Reviews - 2056 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (516) 877-7080

Catnip & Carrots Veterinary

2056 Jericho Turnpike
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
(516) 877-7080
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Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY
Catnip & Carrots Veterinary - New Hyde Park, NY


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Have been bringing my 2 cats to Dr. Saver for years now and have had nothing but great experiences. Dr. Saver and her staff have always been wonderful - very caring and always wi...


I have brought me cats there for simple health needs for quite soem time. Recently I brought my older cat there due to continued ear problems and I was told he needed a very expe...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2012

Catnip and Carrots is the only place I ever take my animals. When my rabbit Thumper died unexpectedly, Dr. Miller offered to do a necropsy for free, to find out the cause of death. When I got his body back, he was wrapped up in a blanket, re-positioned to look like he was sleeping (he was writhed as he had a seizure), and I was given a cardboard shaped coffin. The staff is very caring. more

Compassionate and excellent 1/19/2012

Have been bringing my 2 cats to Dr. Saver for years now and have had nothing but great experiences. Dr. Saver and her staff have always been wonderful - very caring and always willing to spend time with me when I have questions or concerns. My husband and I brought a stray in as a catch and release and Dr. Saver took excellent care of her as well. I cannot say enough about this veterinary practice and the staff. more

Love this Vet 9/13/2011

I love going to see Dr Saver. She takes great care of my rabbit Peter. You can tell she really loves animals and especially rabbits. It helps that she has her own. She is really honest and tells you only what you need to help make your rabbit better (Unlike other places that just want to keep charging you more). My rabbit has an eye infection and I suggested to my hubbie that we see someone closer to home and he said no way. I trust Dr Saver and she knows Peter best. So even if she is a little out of the way she is worth it 100%. By the way she also treats Cats:) more

Not sure 4/4/2011

I have brought me cats there for simple health needs for quite soem time. Recently I brought my older cat there due to continued ear problems and I was told he needed a very expensive, painful surgery with a long and painful recovery. I took the cat to two other vets for second opinions and they said there was no way they would suggest such an aggressive surgery for the problem he had. Instead medications were prescribed. I have lost faith in this vet ever since that visit and now take my pets elsewhere. more

Best rabbit vet in NY 6/1/2010

I think Dr. Saver is the best rabbit vet in NY. She has extensive experience and genuinely cares about her animal patients. She does a lot of free and low-cost medical care to a rabbit rescue group; this not only shows her devotion to the animals, but also allows her to see every illness, disease, injury, and health problem imaginable. If it exists, Dr. Saver has seen it. She?s also very up-to-date on the latest medicines, surgeries, and dietary issues for rabbits. She?s honest about what works and what?s still experimental; what she?s willing to try and what she believes is too risky. She doesn?t run unnecessary tests or give medicine unless there?s a real medical need to do so, unlike some vets who look only to ring up your bill. Pros: Extremely knowledgeable; reasonable prices Cons: sometimes difficult to get weekend apptmts more

I've had a lot of experience with vets... 5/29/2010

I've been going to Doctors Saver and George for six years. My two Aunts and my late Uncle have all brought their cats to Catnip & Carrots as well. In all - that's 8 happy, healthy cats, and 4 happy, secure parents!! The in-office experience is incredible - serene, quiet (no barking or tweeting,) cozy and clean, and the aftercare and support they provide is, in my years of experience, unsurpassed. I had brought my first cat to them when she was about 15, she was not feeling well. It turned out that she had kidney failure, and they very quickly diagnosed her and prescribed the meds she needed to be able to enjoy her senior years. If it weren't for the doctors and staff at Catnip, she would not have made it to eighteen years old, at least not comfortably - that's for sure. When it was time to let her go, they gave her the most loving, humane and dignified exit possible, and me the most compassion and support I had ever seen when dealing with such a difficult situation. More recently, I found two male kittens on the side of the road in upstate New York, while on a trip, and I had never had males before. They gave me great advice and educated me on the differences in adopting and caring for male cats. However, my JohnnyCakes ended up getting sick in October, due to a medical condition common in overweight male cats (he's not a total fatty, but he's nice and plump! :) When he was in extreme pain and unable to go potty, Dr. Saver instantly returned my late night call and referred me to an awesome emergency clinic, and immediately afterward arranged to take in JohnnyCakes for intensive care. On my visits to him in the hospital, I once again had the privilege of observing and speaking with the support staff, and was very happy to see that their hiring standards are so high. The staff are so THOUGHTFUL, CARING, INTELLIGENT and RESPONSIVE to all the pets in their care, and I think any parent would appreciate that. When it was time to take JohnnyCakes home, Dr. Saver gave me complete and thorough instructions on his aftercare - medicating, taking temperature, and administering fluids if needed. Within minutes I was completely comfortable with, and felt ready and confident to do anything necessary to care for him in the coming weeks. For about the first 10 days following his stay, every day, the Doctor and her staff called to check up on JohnnyCakes (He's the sweetest thing, and such a good patient, everyone there knew his name and they adore him!) And she assured me that I could call her anytime, after hours, if I had questions (which I did, and which she received and answered without even a hint of being inconvenienced or disrupted.) I'm telling you from years of experience, not only with the Catnip & Carrots family but with many, many other vets while working in cat shelters and doing independent rescue work, that nobody I have ever taken cats to have been even close to the providing the excellence in feline care that Catnip has. I think I can speak for my entire family, and any other sensible Catnip & Carrots patients' parents, when I say that I will NEVER take my cats elsewhere, no matter how long the drive. My cats deserve only the best care, and that they shall have for all their lives. I urge you to make an appointment with them, and you will be so thankful you did - for lets be honest, all of our animals deserve the best :) Pros: Compassionate, honest, experienced and knowledgeable. Cons: None. more

Incredibly Attentive 3/31/2010

I have used Catnip and Carrots to board my cat Carly on several occassions. She recently had a procedure done by the Doctor there. The Doctor's services and her staff are top notch! I love this place and wouldn't consider going anywhere else. Pros: Knowledgable, flexible schedule more

BEST VET IN NY 2/7/2010

I have used Catnip & Carrots for years. Dr. Saver and all the other vets who work there genuinely love animals. They also understand how a family with multiple animals cannot always follow dietary directions and will work with you to achieve the best outcome. When I had a cat put down, the vets as well as my husband and I were in tears. They treated my cat Tori as if she was a member of their family. When I adopted 2 cats from a shelter and they as well as my pet cat got sick they handled this disaster professionally. All got well thanks to them. I have been to many vets over the years and this practice, and all who work there are the best of them all. Everyone I know who uses them, absolutely, loves them, as do I. Pros: SUPERIOR CARE FOR YOUR PETS Cons: absolutely none !!! more

I love C&C 8/18/2009

I have taken both rabbits and cats to Dr Saver and Dr George.They are both caring and meticulous vets.Everyone that works there is professional ,courteous ,and gives the animals the utmost attention and care.There is a reason they are always booked solid and have to run a tight schedule.They also do work with numerous cat and rabbit rescue agencies ,probono a lot of the time.I took 2 of my cats as adoptions from them.They do amazing work. more

Ridiculous 7/13/2009

On multiple occassions, with very sick animals, w have been turned away for an appt because ""she is all full"" How much can you care about animals if this is the attitude you have. We won't give her any more of our business or suggest her to others. BAD POLICY!!! Get a grip on yourself Dr!! I would think there is some sort of oath vets take, like doctors do. So what if you are at work another half hour when it comes to an animal dying or not. What goes around, comes around! Pros: Good care Cons: Won't adjust her schedule more

Injured New Zealand 5/14/2009

There is something wrong with our rabbits rear left leg. We cannot afford anything major--what would the cost be if I went to catnip and carrots? Do they check for free? more


I found a stray bunny and was referred to Catnip & Carrots by the Long Island Rabbit Rescue. Dr. Saver gave me complete instructions on how to care for my new bunny. After the spaying procedure, I was instructed to call the next morning to inform Dr. Saver of Bun Bun's condition. The following day, the office CALLED ME (!) to see how Bun Bun was. I never, ever experienced such warmth and caring from a veterinarian's office. I highly recommend this knowledgeable staff. It's reminicent of the good old days when they really CARED about your pet!!! And their prices are very reasonable, too! Pros: Very clean office.....very friendly staff...... appointments run on time more

Excellent! Best Veterinarian in NY / Long Island 1/5/2009

Dr. Saver is wonderful. She is patient, caring, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable. Pros: Excellent Care, Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Reasonable Prices, Convenient Hours more

Very special, kind, and loving veterinarians 8/8/2008

Catnip & carrots is a unique Veterinary. I have never before seen a vet cuddle, speak to, and soothe the ""patient"" like Dr. Saver and Dr. George. This is a Veterinary practice that truly cares, provides top notch medical treatment, and clear, straightforward instructions on how to care for your pet. They saved my rabbit Bambi's life, and are now treating our kitten ""Sam"". Pros: Caring professionals, excellent medical treatment Cons: none! more

Absolutely the best vet I've ever worked with. 3/31/2008

Two years ago my 6-year old bunny began having seizures and I called Dr. Saver in the middle of the night, and at this point I wasn't even a client. I had gotten her name from the House Rabbit Society and in a panic, I called. She was very patient with this crying, scared mom. She told me to bring in my bun the next day, (which was a Sunday) and examined her with so much care and gentleness that I had never seen with my prior vets. Over the next few months, we ruled out certain diseases and conditions and my bun was diagnosed with epilepsy and has been doing very well under Dr. Saver's care. Pros: Great Care, Knowledgable & Dedicated Staff, Reasonable Prices, Convenient Hours Cons: None worth mentioning more

Wonderful Bunny Specialist 3/10/2008

We first brought our bun to Dr. Saver last spring. Right off the bat she spoke with us about proper care, and as another reviewer has already said, even had props for demonstration. She was patient with our questions and provided us with a wealth of knowledge which we still use to this day (no litter, only towels! :-D ). We brought our bun back that summer to be neutered. They let us drop him off the night before and I picked him up after work the next day. Dr. George spoke with us this time, discussing the after care and assuring us that our poor little bun would be back to normal in no time. A few days later, after the initial shock wore off, our bun was good as new! (minus the obvious parts) He had no complications and is still lively as ever. On both visits they provided us with any medications he had needed at the time. Their prices are very reasonable and the staff is extremely friendly. They've even got a whole bunch of books on cats and rabbits in the waiting room. Dr. Saver and Dr. George will definitely be the ones to help us help our bun live a long and happy life. We've got other small animal specialists local to us, but will continue to make the trip out to New Hyde Park solely because of the experience we've had going to Catnip and Carrots. Pros: Knowledge, Friendly, Patient more

Best Veterinary Staff Ever! 1/23/2008

Dr. Saver and Dr. George and the whole staff are the greatest - very compassionate and caring. They take more time examining my cats and explaining things to me than my own medical doctor! You really have to try this Veterinary Staff to believe me....they are wonderful! Pros: Caring Staff, Clean Office, Convenient Hours Cons: None ! more

EXCELLENT! 11/5/2007

This was one of the best veterinary experiences I have ever had. Pros: Vet is extremely knowledgable, clean facility, friendly staff, Sunday hours more


Dr.. Saver and Dr. George are exceptional people in the world of veterinary medicine. In a time when many are mercenary, they are loving, compassionate and competent. I have had experinces with other veterinarians and the staff and vets at Catnip and Carrots offer superior care and credibility. The office is immaculate and welcoming to both pets and their owners. Highest kudos and recommendation to this team. Pros: Extended and weekend hours, caring staff more
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