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4039 Trenholm Rd B
Columbia, SC 29206

(803) 470-2736
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Cat Clinic - Columbia, SC
Cat Clinic - Columbia, SC
Cat Clinic - Columbia, SC
Cat Clinic - Columbia, SC
Cat Clinic - Columbia, SC
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Excellent clinic. I would not take my precious cats anywhere else. Dr. Susan Ellis is intelligent and caring. Because they treat only cats the atmosphere is very friendly for s...


Not a big fan. The vet didn't even introduce herself to us, no smiles, no eye contact - I think her first name was Shawn, no clue what her last name was. She was very frustrated d...

char 9/17/2011

Excellent clinic. I would not take my precious cats anywhere else. Dr. Susan Ellis is intelligent and caring. Because they treat only cats the atmosphere is very friendly for skittish kitties. more

The ONLY vet my cats will ever see. 1/19/2011

Dr. Verbrick would be my doctor if only she saw people (and I won't go to a doctor.) She respects her patients and sees them as individuals. She is a straight-shooter: she'll tell you if your cat has a problem she can fix vs. one she can't. My cats have had both. My four 15+ year old cats have gone to her for years and years, and she did everything possible to keep them comfortable as each developed cancer (she kept them alive through the thyroid problems and all the other fixable illnesses they had) and eventually passed away. She has cried with me over their deaths. Yes, she's human and may seem impatient sometimes-- but she ALWAYS has the best interest of your cat as her primary concern. She is a wonderful lady and the best cat vet I have ever met. Also remember that before your visit she may have had to deal with someone who doesn't take good care of a cat, or had to euthanize a long-time patient-- how hard would that be to a true animal lover? If you love your cat and want the best possible care, please see Dr. Verbrick. I have 2 new kittens and they will never go anywhere else, and I desperately hope she keeps practicing for their entire lives. more

Horrible Vet - Go Elsewhere! 1/14/2011

Not a big fan. The vet didn't even introduce herself to us, no smiles, no eye contact - I think her first name was Shawn, no clue what her last name was. She was very frustrated during the whole visit - first it was because she couldn't find a pen and then her frustration turned to us. She was clearly frustrated over the fact that we requested an estimate for our cat to be sedated and have x-rays. She didn't examine our cat at all - maybe looked at the cat's eyes and teeth. We also asked for an estimate on the rabies vaccine - another inconvenience for Shawn. She came back into the room and explained how much the vaccine would cost. As my husband and I were debating on whether to get it or not, she basically said that we were ""idiots"" (her words) for not getting the vaccine. When she was giving the cat the vaccine, we tried to help her, but she snapped at us and said ""No! I got it!"". All in all, the vet was VERY impersonal with poor bedside manner. It also felt like we were ""inconveniencing"" her. My husband and I were very polite with her, so she had no reason to be frustrated with us. We are not going back and I will not recommend this place to anyone unless you want to feel like an ""idiot"". For five minutes, it cost $45. If she had a better attitude, this would have been worth it. Very poor provider, take your well earned money elsewhere. more

Ashes thanks the Cat Clinic 6/25/2010

Even though I have a daughter and son in law who are vets, they are an hour away. I have made emergency visits to the Irmo Cat Clinic and Dr. Ellis has always been wonderful.When the time came to end the suffering of our 16 year old cat,Ashes,Dr. Ellis was compassionate and caring.Ashes ended his life with no fear or pain.We can not say enough good things about the Cat Clinic. more

Three Great Vets--My Happy Cats 2/22/2010

The Cat Clinic has the best Veterinarian care my furry babies have ever had. All 3 Vets are knowledgeable, caring, efficient, and LOVE cats. They are patient with my bratty kitties and helpful with my cat care questions. I've had 2 terminally ill cats--one older and one kitten. The Vets were clear and compassionate about the options and supportive of my decision. The 3 doctors' strong points are all complementary and together they make a wonderful Vet team. Though there is usually yowling on the trip TO the Vet, my babies sense they are in good hands once their Vet touches them. They know, and that's the world to a cat parent! more

Fantastic vet, very clean clinic. 9/10/2009

After a bad experience with another local vet, I brought my cat to the Cat Clinic for a visit. Dr. Verbrink could not have been more professional and knowledgeable. She's been my cat vet for three years now, and there's no one else that I would trust with my cat's health. When my kitty got cancer, she proved to be on the cutting edge of the field, and I felt really good about trusting her with my kitty. I've never regretted it. Easily the best cat vet in the Columbia area; there's no comparison! more

If you own a cat in Columbia, go nowhere else! 9/10/2009

Dr. Verbrick is the best vet in Columbia, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. She *knows* about cats. I began taking my cat to her after a terrible experience with a local vet who doesn't specialize in cats (the Platt Springs Road Animal Clinic). That vet's bad diagnosis actually resulted in one of my cats' death. I shopped around for vets after that, and in my experience the Cat Clinic has the best vets for feline problems, bar none. They understand cat diseases that other vets see rarely or not at all, they understand the importance of cat diet and they routinely treat diseases like giardia that other vets don't recognize or refuse treatment as 'one of those things that just gets better' (it doesn't). Perhaps most importantly, they are willing to work with special needs cats. The fantastic people at the Cat Clinic actually scheduled an after-hours visit for my special needs cat, who can't be around other cats or stressful situations because of a life-threatening health condition. Dr. Verbrink stayed after her normal hours to make sure my cat could have a vet visit that was safe and unstressful for her. I appreciate so much that these vets are willing to give cats the care they deserve. Five stars, and I've become a willing advocate for the Cat Clinic for as long as I live in Columbia! There's no better place in the state for cat-specific care. Pros: The only true cat specialist in town Cons: NONE AT ALL! more

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible! 4/21/2009

I don't even know where to start with this place. The staff is rude and clearly did not care about my cat. I took him in to be neutered and they tried to add on a bunch of charges that were unneccesary. When I said no thank you, they felt the need to tell me how I did not care enough about my cat and that I would never be allowed to bring my cat back, as if they had to worry about that! I now take all my cats to ShandonWood Animal Clinic. I have been going there for years now and never had any problems. I would suggest that any readers of this review would do the same! Pros: There are none Cons: To many to mention more

They will run your bill up 11/20/2008

While the doctors at this clinic are very competent they will look to give your cat every possible inspection/treatment possible to run up the bill. If at all possible they will sedate your cat to run your bill up. Even if you request that they not. They will charge you the 35 sedation charge to give the shots and then another 50 sedation charge if you are getting them shaved as well - this doesn't make sense - sedate and do it all.\r \r Pros: Will check on EVERYTHING Cons: Will run your bill up!!!!! more

Good Vet 10/14/2008

The vet is very intelligent. She knows what she is doing. The place is well kept, and the clinic can provide a level of care some other vets cannot. I would recommend her. On the other hand, unless I caught her on a bad day, if you are looking for warm and friendly, she is not your vet. I don't think there was one smile the entire time. more

Great vet 2/12/2008

Dr. Verbrick is a wonderful vet. She takes the time to really figure out what is going on with a cat and the best course of treatment. She has kept my old cats going strong years longer than I could hope for. And, when the end comes, she takes just as good care of humans as she does cats. more

Dr. Verbrick knows her stuff 8/21/2007

I have known Dr. Verbrick for something like 12 years now. The great thing about her is that she is very intelligent. If you have a question about a symptom or disease, she is well informed and up to date. In fact, when I lived in Charleston for awhile, many of the vets there recommended her for procedures that were infrequently done by most vets. She is no more pricey than other vets, but she will have the answer before most will and likely with less pricey testing. She is a go-to first vet. more

We trust them whole-heartedly with our cats! 6/27/2007

Dr. Verbrick is one of the finest vets in Columbia. We think she IS the finest and would never trust our cats to anyone else. Her clinic is immaculate, and the staff is wonderful. We have had a number of cats over the years, and she has cared for all of them. We recommend her 100%! more

Best cat vet in SC! 11/1/2006

Dr. Verbrick is a wonderful combination of kind and brilliant. She has worked with our older cats and helped them live comfortably in old age, as well as supported cats with mental imbalance, allowing them to live in our home. Big thumbs up! more

User review by mboggs 11/19/2005

Dr. Verbrick offers services such as blood pressure check and medicationthat many other veterinarians don't even have equipment for. aDditionaly, she is on the cutting edge of her field. My cat has had kidney trouble for five years, had a lump removed from her thyroid, and is still going strong at eighteen, thanks to Dr. Verbrick. She truly cares about her animals. Pros: caring, intelligent/skilled, dedicated more

Great Place! 11/6/2005

I took my kitten here for a second opinion after going to another vet and they were suggesting surgery for her leg. Dr. Verbick accepted the X-Ray I brought from the other vet so I wouldn't have to pay for a new one. After determining my kitten had just banged up her leg a little bit doing what kittens do best - running around! Sure enough, a few weeks later she was walking around fine. Dr. Verbick might come across as a little abrupt - but she is all business. Very thorough doctor! more
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  • Dr. Shawn Verbrick and The Cat Clinic staff are dedicated to providing your cat(s) with the very best care and services available in the field of feline veterinary medicine. Our caring and compassionate staff and state-of-the-art facilities are readily available for all your feline pet care needs, including diagnostics, surgery, vaccinations, grooming and boarding services. We provide exceptional care for special needs and geriatric cats.

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