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Caring Animal Hospital - 18 Reviews - 2162 Aurelius Rd, Holt, MI - Service Establishment Equip & Supls Reviews - Phone (517) 709-4776
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Caring Animal Hospital

2162 Aurelius Rd (at Between Cedar and Holt Rd Just South of Holt post office on the same side (East) of the road.)
Holt, MI 48842
(517) 709-4776
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Caring Animal Hospital - Holt, MI
Caring Animal Hospital - Holt, MI
Caring Animal Hospital - Holt, MI
Caring Animal Hospital - Holt, MI


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Where to begin...we have been taking our dogs (2) and cats (3) for many years now. Dr. Steele and her staff are very professional, compassionate, educated, and all the other super...


When my regular vet was gone on a Friday, I called this place to see my dog who had begun limping. On the good side, they were able to see him right away. The vet told me that he ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/8/2012

Would never take my dog here again!! The vet was rude and suggested a bunch of expensive operations for my dog's shoulder defect that she didn't need. Thankfully, I got a second opinion. They took a look at her and said that she'd grow out of it on her own. I'm happy to say that she's 11-yrs-old and in great health. Just as it was suggested, her shoulder defect healed itself without expensive, unnecessary surgery. She had had no problems walking since she grew into adulthood. I feel like I was almost scammed into getting unnecessary medical treatment. I take my dog to a much better vet, now. more

New vet in practice-NO! 7/22/2011

This is a review on Dr. Harshbarger, who is apparently new to the practice and seeing exotics. This woman doesn't know jack about birds. I saw her at another office and she not only misdiagnosed an egg bound bird, but wanted to do lots of expensive tests, put her on antibiotics and told me she probably had worms. Perhaps she is competent with dogs/cats, but I would not ask her for avian advice! more

Wouldn't take my Fuzzy Kids Anywhere Else 2/7/2011

Where to begin...we have been taking our dogs (2) and cats (3) for many years now. Dr. Steele and her staff are very professional, compassionate, educated, and all the other superlative adjectives I could think of. Dr. Steele has always explored alternatives for care with us. As to someone elses suggestion that she does not offer one the opportunity to purchase meds online. I can tell you that this is NOT TRUE. We have never been made to feel cheap or guilty for requestiong prescriptions for meds. The entire staff seems to have one goal: Explore treatment with you the owner to obtain the best result for both you and your pet.\r I wouldn't take my fuzzy kids anywhere else more

Compasionate Caring Informed Best Vet Ever 2/6/2011

I have had pets all of my life. I have been using this clinic for more than 8 years. I have never had a better vet. Her staff is polite, professional, courteous, informed, compasionate and all of the other glosing adjectives. Dr. Steele herself is all of the above and more. She feels you out as to how aggressive you want to be and goes from there. She never hesitates to contact MSU, pharmacies, whatever it takes to get the answers to help the pet owner achieve the best results. She helped guide us through the final stages of life with one of our dogs. She has gone the extra mile to care for our 3 cats and 2 dogs. Both of the dogs have health challenges which she helps us meet in the best ways possible. She has also been a godsend with the cats. I am confident my fuzzy kids are getting the best care possible at Caring Animal Hosipital. more

Once was enough 4/22/2010

Once was enough. I couldn't believe how expensive they were and the condensending attitude when I refused to have all these fecal tests done when all I needed was a vaccination. It's my choice on how much preventive care I want for my dog. My friend also decided to get some of the pills they were selling her that were OTC and they were offended that she wouldn't pay them. At those prices and attitude, I won't go back. more

Caring Animal Hospital is very expensive! 12/10/2009

I like Dr. Steele and her staff but her prices are RIDICULOUS!!! I have been taking my two dogs there for three years and I am going to switch vets this week because I am tired of being charged $49 to walk in the door for an "exam" even when my pets have had an exam in the preceding months and all they need is vaccines! With two dogs needing three shots that's $98. The "exam" is a joke in my opinion. I never feel they are very thoroughly looked over and God forbid they suspect there is a problem because the first suggestion at Caring Animal is almost always the most expensive treatment...even when there are lower cost options available. Please understand I love my dogs as if they are my children and I have no problems paying for them to receive good veterinary care. The problem is good care is available at a much better price. more

Caring Animal Hospital is the best! 9/4/2009

This is the best vet and staff I've ever gone to. Over the past years, they've treated all of my dogs with kindness, compassion, and excellence. Their rates are not higher than other vets, certainly not for the quality and excellence received. They care first and foremost about the animal's welfare and comfort. I, too, had a dog with a torn cruciate and was not advised surgery OR euthanasia, so I think the other reviewer wasn't paying attention or something. Dr. Steele and her staff are terrific. more

Best vet and staff!! 9/4/2009

Dr. Steele and her staff are simply the best! They've cared for my dogs for nearly 7 years now, selected to do so after carefully interviewing other vets in the area. Dr. Steele is up-to-date on everything, partly because she and her staff go to refresher and other training on a regular basis. Not a lot of vets do that or pay to have their staffs do that, either. The animals' welfare and comfort is her top priority, and my animals have received excellent, attentive care. She always thoroughly explains what's going on and what it means, what my options are, and has supported me through some very tough times with terminally ill dogs with kindness and compassion. I can't recommend Caring Animal Hospital enough - they're really, really good. Pros: Knowledgeable, gentle, caring. more

High tech, high price, narrow minded... 7/21/2009

When my regular vet was gone on a Friday, I called this place to see my dog who had begun limping. On the good side, they were able to see him right away. The vet told me that he had torn his cruiatus tendon in his knee and that he needed a $1000 surgery that would "get him by" or a $2500 surgery from MSU Vet Clinic. When I said that I couldn't afford either amount, the vet asked me if I was prepared to put my dog down today. I was stunned that she had no other options. I took the pain meds she prescribed for $50, paid the office visit fee, and told her that I'd see how it went before I made a decision. My regular vet was incensed that this vet didn't even entertain any other options. He wouldn't even consider euthanizing the dog until the knee had a chance to heal for a couple of weeks. I gave the dog the pain meds and kept him confined to his cage and didn't let him go upstairs for three weeks and he got much better. He still has days when he limps, but he's able to go up and down st more

Don't go here 5/12/2009

I thought I'd try this place out since it was closer to me. The facility was very clean, the assistants were friendly, but the vet was rude and forthcoming, not to mention their prices were RIDICULOUS. If you want to be insulted and charged an incredibly high price, then this place is perfect for you! more

Don't go here! 5/12/2009

I thought I'd try this place out since it was closer to me. The facility was very clean, but the vet was rude and forthcoming, not to mention their prices were RIDICULOUS. If you want to be insulted and charged an incredibly high price, then this place is perfect for you! more

Way over-priced 4/23/2009

The staff are wonderful and caring but they charge more than some full service clinics and are not open to giving you options to purchase med on line or at a discount. more

Wonderful compassionate service 9/26/2008

I have been taking my two older cats to Caring Animal Hospital for 4 years since a friend of mine worked there as a vet tech, and have absolutely no complaints. My cats have received excellent care through various health crises and are happy and healthy. Dr. Steele is very professional, courteous, and yes, caring. Every staff person I have worked with has been nothing but friendly and efficient, and have always gone out of their way to make sure I knew all of the care options for my pets. They are very prompt with follow-up calls, too. Pros: Compassionate care, proferssionalism, able to see my pets quickly, tries to work to keep costs down. Cons: Parking lot is small, location is in Holt and may not be convenient to people on other end of Lansing. more

People learn from experiance 8/10/2008

I am shocked at how a someone can be so shameful to write a bad review on there competitors page. If they had any intelligents they would know that people learn from experiance and the fact that Dr. Patterson has been in the field for so long should say how good he is. I'd like to know how long the Dr.s at Caring Animal hospital have been practicing; which by the way I'd never heard of this practice until I read the ONLY bad review on Dr. Pattersons site. If he has had so many patients that were upset, he wouldn't have people lined up at the doors an hour before he opens everyday. I have bee seeing Dr. Patterson with my cats and dogs for over 20 years and he's saved all that God wasn't ready for, and is always friendly and cheerful. If this practice has had so many bad experiances why doesn't any one them post a review??? Unlike on the review site for Caring Animal. This just makes me sick to think that someone that is caring for animals can be so childish. more

Very caring & well educated staff. Dr. Steele is great! 7/8/2008

We've been using Caring Animal Hospital for well over a year now with our medically challenged dogs, so I base this review on more than just a single visit. The staff have ALWAYS been friendly with us and are extremely helpful. They are very caring and know our dogs' personalities well. We have never had a bad visit--and we've been there probably 20 times. Dr. Steele and her staff have always followed up in a friendly, quick manner and often go the extra mile, contacting MSU & prescription companies to find more information for us. Dr. Steele is honest and always has the animal's best interest at heart. She always presents all options and gives her opinion on which is best, leaving the final decision to the owner. At the same time, I am confident that she would never do anything that might jeapordize an animal's health or comfort. The Caring Animal Hospital staff have done their best to keep our costs low, despite our dogs' numerous concerns. They are innovative in coming up with low cost solutions to expensive problems. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. We will certainly continue to use them! Our dogs have benefited from Dr. Steele's thorough examinations, wide range of knowledge, and warm ""bedside"" manner. We have enjoyed knowing that when we take our dogs to CAH, our animals will be treated with respect, caring, and receive the best treatments and differential diagnoses possible. After almost 20 visits, it's like visiting friends. Pros: Everyone at the clinic is very well educated and professional. They're open late some nights! Cons: Parking can be tight, but it's only been a problem once or twice. more

I wouldnt take my animal there if it was the last place on earth 12/12/2007

I am an 18 year old in college studying Veterinary Medicine. I went around to different people I knew with pets to see who would be the best person to try to get a job with. EVERY SINGLE person told me not to go to Dr. Steele. A lot of people told me of misdiagnoses, and unfriendliness. I went there to see if what they told me was right, I found them to be true. The staff was incredibly mean when I asked if they had any kind of position for me to work. I even explained my goals to be a Vet. I was told to stop waisting their time. If they treat people that bad, I would hate to see how they treat animals. Pros: Its close for people in Holt... Cons: Everything else more

Great vet 2/12/2007

Caring and helpful, we'd always reccommend Dr. Bethany. Ignore that other reviewer. If you were going to her assistant for writing skills, I could see the concern...but this is a VET OFFICE. I've never heard anything poor come out of anyone's mouth there. Everyone is ALWAYS pleasant and they are a great local place. more

Employees don't verify facts before publication...... 2/1/2007

I can't say that I'd EVER recommend another veterinarian who would allow her employees to SLANDER another veterinary clinic. It would appear that she retains a vet assistant who doesn't know her place, much less anything else. I would never allow one of my employees to make such empty headed remarks. She should well check her facts before typing them on the web, lest a liable suit is in his/her future...... more

The best veterinary hospital in Town! 12/29/2006

I work for this veterinarian and she is the best I've ever worked with. She gives you every option possible for your pet. She cares for all animals, even ones that we've seen for the first time. Dr. Steele is a very caring veterinarian and the name of her hospital reflects her practice. Pros: Friendly Staff, Practices Good Medicine, attends continuing education seminars Cons: No Cons more
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  • We provide preventative care including vaccination, blood work, heartworm testing, tick disease testing, heartworm, flea, and intestinal parasite prevention. Sentinel is a once-a- month tablet for dogs that is given with a meal. It prevents heartworm and fleas (in your home) and controls intestinal parasites. Interceptor is a once-a-month tablet for both dogs and cats; it prevents heartworm and controls intestinal parasites. Vectra 3D is a topical flea and tick prevention for dogs. Heartguard is a monthly chewable for heartworm prevention in cats. Program is a flea prevention for cats; it is given as an injection at our clinic every 6 months. Revolution is a monthly topical flea, heartworm, and intestinal parasite prevention for cats. And Comfortis is a once-a-month oral flea prevention for dogs.

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