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Cardio Express - 15 Reviews - 1199 Silas Deane Hwy, Wethersfield, CT - Fitness Reviews - Phone (860) 563-8280

Cardio Express

1199 Silas Deane Hwy
Wethersfield, CT 06109
(860) 563-8280
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WOW! I couldn't believe my eyes! I recently went and looked at Cardio Express in Wethersfield and was amazed! It was a breath of fresh air from the alternative in the area. You...


The staff is ok I guess, and the place is in decent condition, however going after 5pm is suicide, the place is just too packed, you gotta wait for machines. The trainers are comp...

This place is a RIP OFF!!! Stay away! 5/28/2012

This place is a RIP OFF!!! Stay away! There are hidden fees that show up on your bank statement and if your credit card has to be canceled for any reason i.e. someone stole it, they will charge you a late fee and not refund it regardless of the fact that you show them proof that your card was compromised. Also, do not fall for their personal trainer programs I'm out several hundred because the sub-contracted trainers they had disappeared and Cardio Express told me that they couldn't help me because the trainers worked for a different company. If you're not going to take responsibility for the services you offer then don't offer them...Just sayin' more

Best Gym in CT 12/30/2010

WOW! I couldn't believe my eyes! I recently went and looked at Cardio Express in Wethersfield and was amazed! It was a breath of fresh air from the alternative in the area. You walk into the front door and are greeted by what is possibly the nicest staff. Its nice knowing that every time you walk into the gym you will always be greeted with a smile and friendly face. Behind the smiles they really mean well I have never felt this comfortable in a gym and am excited to continue working out there. Trust in the Staff at Cardio Express and you will have the same experience I do every time I walk in to the facility. more

A Nice Place to Work Out 9/23/2009

I go to Carido Express 3 times a week. I go to Donna. I take her classes. She is very nice and helps me when I take her class. The personal trainners are very expensive. I went to them once. I would not go to them anymore. The Ladies room could be cleaner. Sometimes when people are done with the machine. They do not clean them. I think they should. Pros: A Trainer Cons: It could be cleaner more

Horrible 6/15/2009

This gym come originally from Atlanta, and they are predatory on their contracts because they know most people will sign up for a gym and not go, so they do lock ins for ""12"" months. I mean just a disgusting gym, if you want a cheap gym with gross equipment and promises of a new location come to one of these. Pros: Contract Gym, lock you in Cons: All Cons more

Great basic gym, great basic value - Southington location 3/8/2009

I don't know what some people are expecting for either $10 or $20 a month, but if you're looking for tons of equipment where there's alway something available for use, then CardioExpress is a fantastic place. The trainers in Southington are super-nice, and although I don't ""subscribe"" to their program, they are always happy to give me a pointer about the use of a piece of equipment or my form in executing a particular exercise. I love to watch what they do with their ""clients"" and if I ask another (not busy) trainer about the concept or whatever, they are happy to tell me about it. The staff is friendly and although they do socialize amongst themselves when it's slow, they immediately hop to attention if a member approaches, and place the member's needs first. The equipment and locker rooms are always clean and in good working order. Parking stinks, but that's not their fault, the parking lot was designed before they came along! The staff that run the classes are so friendly, they tailor the class to the participants every time. For my ten bucks a month, I couldn't ask for a better place. If you want leh-de-dah glitzy classes and continuously changing programmes, join the expensive'll find it there. If you want a gym where ordinary people can go and get a thorough workout of every muscle in their body on a variety of equipment and never have to wait for a piece of cardio equipment (plus t.v.'s to boot!) without breaking the bank in this tough economy, then Cardio Express is for you! Pros: plenty of equipment, courteous attentive staff Cons: limited parking more

Ain't worth the 200 dollars a year they went hell no. 2/2/2009

The staff is ok I guess, and the place is in decent condition, however going after 5pm is suicide, the place is just too packed, you gotta wait for machines. The trainers are complete idiots, they use the same workouts for everyone, and if u happen to cancel their sessions or decide not to sign up after the intro they look at u all mean and talk to one another about you when you pass by. I went there for 2 years and I've seen pretty much no new machines, the staff is pretty lazy and just hangs around the desk. The plus to this gym is that they are open almost all the time and u get free tanning, other then that the price isnt worth it either. Pros: free tanning Cons: idiot trainers, lazy staff, rip off more

Don't be foolish ladies!! 5/2/2008

Alright...lets get a few things cleared up here..all the trainers suk, all they are lookin for is a girls number to go on a date...if you noticed all of them repeat the workouts for every person they train its never a variety unless you train with Jay...its ONE BIG BALL OF DRAMA when it comes to them...also if im not mistaken its against company policy to involve yourself with a client or member of the gym, grounds for termination if you ask me. Its sickening to walk into the gym to try and get your work out done because hello thats why your there, and these meat heads who think they are hot sh!t bother you thinking they are gods gift to women....listen boys get a grip and learn how to be a trainer instead of a player...i think they are a complete waist of money and everyone who got sukered into paying for a trainer is a complete idiot..either that or they got a free dinner date outa the trainers and thats why they did it...charming i tell you just charming hhahahahahahahahahaha....personaly i think they should fire custom built training because they all suk and who knows how they got jobs there your business would be better off hireing jay and donna as personal trainers cause they are the only 2 that EVER DO ANYTHING AROUND THERE.If its clear to me your job is to try and HELP PEOPLE get to a goal weight, not bring them on dates and shove food in there mouths....shame on all you boys working for custom built...and Peter..your a complete moron for thinking this was a good idea is has been nothing but a huge issue, i go to the gym and ALL I HEAR from random people is how much they HATE THE TRAINERS and think its a waist of money and cant get out of there contracts...rethink your choice on bringing custom built into your gym.. Pros: wonderful front desk staff Cons: Personal trainers-keep it job related instead of a compotition on who can get the most girlfriends/numbers more

Cardio Express-Wethersfield 3/21/2008

I am currently a member of Cardio Express. I joined the gym because of the cheap membership and the seemingly no pressure staff. But now Im starting to regret my membership. They have so little to offer besides all the bulky machines. The staff doesnt seem that friendly and no one is ever around to help you out. I only go there for cardio now and leave. I am using a personal trainer from another place to help me get the real work done. This gym is good because its cheap, but if you are looking for variety and different classes, you have come to the wrong place. I recommend thoses like me who need variety in their routines please do some research and go to another gym...IM LOOKING INTO IT!!!! Pros: Cheap Membership, Lots of Treadmills Cons: No variety and no support more

Please don't use this gym 2/28/2008

I've been a member of this gym since 2003. The prices are fair; however, the gym is ridiculously packed during the evening hours and parking is a real pain. Right around the beginning of the new year, everybody and their cousin seems to join and the place is a mob scene for a few months. It does get better as the lazy ones stop coming around March. Monday nights are never worth going unless you want to wait for machines. The worst thing about this gym is how long they take to repair equipment. I've seen things broken for over a month before they fix them. Also, they've been ""renovating"" for years now, and the women's locker room is a disaster. Last year, the ab room/basement flooded and it was closed for over two weeks. The gym's solution to the moldy floor? : Air freshners. And depending on the shift, some really bitchy women work there, who are more interested in flirting with their male coworkers and primping then they are in actually doing their job. Not a great gym. I do NOT recommend it; however, for financial reasons, it is the only option locally. Pros:'s only $20 a month. Cons: Small, slow at repairs, some snotty staff, disasterous female locker room, pressuring personal trainers. more

problems with personal trainers 2/27/2008

I joined the gym a couple of days ago and am concerned with the reviews re: personal trainers. Part of the reason I joined was to work with a quality personal trainer. I'm looking for qualified, conscientious, responsible personal trainers. Maybe I should cancel my membership more

Don't waste money on a personal trainer at Cardio Express, Wethersfield. They're clueless!!! 2/25/2008

Don't bother signing up for a personal trainer at the Cardio Express, Wethersfield. They get you to sign up by seeming to care and want to be involved in actually training you... then they never show up for scheduled appointments once you've paid. I've had 3 no-shows by the trainers for scheduled appointments in a month. One had the nerve to tell me that he was too busy managing the trainers (all 2 of them) to meet with me that day but he would find someone to take over my training the next time. I did actually see one of them today, but he was telling a woman in front of me on a treadmill that he was canceling her training session but he would see her next week. Ok, so who is paying these trainers and what are they actually doing??? The one session that I did have just after I signed up (you pay for an hour of training) was 20 minutes long, maybe. Then he told me to spend the rest of the time on a treadmill and he and his buddy were going to the gas station to buy gum. Wow. Lots of brain power and hard work, guys. Thanks for getting me in the exact same shape I was in last month when I signed up... I am demanding my money back. Pros: membership is cheap, the girl at the desk is friendly Cons: personal trainers are HORRIBLE - don't sign up until they fire these morons, parking is difficult more

A good deal for a fair price 2/18/2008

On the plus side, the staff makes a strong effort to keep the equipment clean and when you first walk in they make an effort to address you by name (which shows up on the scanner). The men's locker room and bathroom is usually clean. I haven't seen more than two cardio units under repair at any one time.\r \r On the negative side, please replace the missing/torn carpet on the cable crossover machines!! A four square for patch of rubber would work just fine. And the music tends to be more head banger than necessary, which is probably why most folks listen to their own music.\r \r Parking does get a bit crowded during peak hours but there is an overflow lot across a small foot bridge.\r \r That's about it, plain and simple. Pros: Staff, equipment Cons: some wear and tear not addressed; piped in music could be a lot better more

Um 2/13/2008

Hopefully it's better than the southington location. The gym in southington is horrible! absolutely horrible more

Great Place to be a Member........... 11/27/2006

This is a wonderful facility, everything is up to date and easy to use. The price is great for what you get, tanning is a major bonus. The manager Beth was very helpful and sold me on this place. Plus she is in great shape so it helps to motivate me to workout more. Thanks Beth for helping me sign up and making my membership enjoyable. Pros: great equipment, great price, great staff(Beth) Cons: the short haired girl who is always eating mexican food(please shut up) more

great facility for the price 4/8/2006

they are a keep it simple program...cardio...weight training, no classes, no pools, basic. They do however have free tanning and showers, it's a convient, great for your proce place! Pros: inexpensive, convienent hours, multiple locations Cons: few classes, slow with repairs, slow with renovations more
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