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Car Cash - 22 Reviews - 625 W 55th St, New York, NY - Car Dealers Reviews - Phone (800) 227-2274

Car Cash

625 W 55th St (at 11th Avenue)
New York, NY 10019
(800) 227-2274
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Car Cash - New York, NY



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I moved into the city and had no need for my 2009 Honda Civic. I called several dealers who advertised and wound up going to Car Cash. I got a fair price, paid on the spot and an ...


I recently had an experience with Car Cash in trying to sell my car and wanted to see if they would live up to their guarantee. First, i tried to sell my car privately and then to...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/30/2012

Stay far away from 1-800 Car Cash if you have a decent car that you're not desperate to sell. I went there after visiting another dealer in Queens. They wanted to know what I wanted and when I said I wanted to know what they'd give me for the car the salesman told me that's not the way it works. When I told him what someone else had offered me, he said they were lying and I said fine, see you later. I sold the car to CarMax three months later and received the same offer I had from the first place in Queens, $2,000 more than their original offer. I drove it all summer and got a fair deal from an above board company. Don't even bother with Car Cash. They're totally dishonest in my book. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/1/2012

I sold them my car last Wednesday.I would recommend them and do business with them again.I liked my car and really did not want to sell it but had to so I would not have to register the car in NY.I am a legal resident of Utah.They made an offer,I told him what I wanted but would make a concession and take this amount and we had a deal.As far as the negative reviews,well you can't please everyone.I got what I expected. more

Stay FAR AWAY from the Car Cash Guys 10/5/2011

I would stay FAR from these guys!! For all of their catchy commercials and jingles, they are no different than the sleaziest used car dealers you can imagine. They first quoted me an auto quote to entice me to come in with my vehicle. They then followed this up with a phone call reaffirming their quote. When I arrived with my car, I was greeted by a nasty salesman who offered me $500 less than the low end of the auto quote. \r \r Basically, they bait and switch. They are highly unprofessional, sleazy, and downright nasty to deal with. I would recommend staying FAR away from these guys. more

fast service and good deal 9/24/2011

I had moved into the city so I decided I no longer needed a car, so I had my BMW X5 appraised online at the car cash website. I brought the car in for them to appraise it and it was within the price that was quoted online, so I decided to go through the transaction. It literally took 20 minutes. I had all my paperwork ready and all they had to do was a tilte search and inspect the vehicle. Since my car was still being financed and the balloon payment was coming up in two weeks, I was still skeptical. I called BMW and within the two weeks, they received the balloon payment from CarCash! I was relieved that there are still some car businesses on the straight and narrow! I have recommended this to a co-worker that needs to get rid of her car. more

Save your time and energy 7/17/2011

So after going to the website and putting in all the infomation regarding my 2005 A6 Audi, they give me a price range of what my car is worth. I take the time to drive from NJ to NY, with a friend following to give me a ride back after selling the car. When I get there, they offer me $3,700 less than the low end of their estimate. They didn't care what the estimate said and were only going to give me their lowball offer. I just hate dishonest business practices! I drove back to NJ through the tunnel and headed to Jersey City to ""We Buy Any Auto"" where they gave me $2,000 more. Car Cash inflates their estimates to get you to go to them, but all's their doing is bait and switch. I recommend contacting Pete at ""We Buy Any Auto"" in Jersey City. You'll be saving your time & energy and get a fair price without any games. more

Bunch of Liars 6/16/2011

If you like being lied to or being ripped off, bring your car to Carcash. The owner, Bruce Baron, is the master of deceit and will initially convince you that he'll give you good value for your car. After shopping around, you return and he gives you a low ball figure and denies whatever value he previously promised. I was so fed up that I drove to Connecticut and got $2000 more for my car at the Carmax near New Haven. Yes, it's a 1 hour train ride back, but totally worth the extra $2000. Every good review in this site, must be fabricated by the liar in chief, Bruce Baron of Car Scam. more

Fast efficent service 4/22/2011

I moved into the city and had no need for my 2009 Honda Civic. I called several dealers who advertised and wound up going to Car Cash. I got a fair price, paid on the spot and an envelope for 20.00 (travel expenses) with $2.00 Bills (very cool). Ron was my buyer and a very nice guy. I can recommend Car Cash to anyone. more

bunch of thieves 7/14/2010

Called car cash they assured me that I would get 12k for my cooper all i had to do is drive it in. I got there they said 5k and then went to 7k and I had to take it because it was that or i was stuck in NY. My next step is to file a complaint with the bbb and from there seek a law suit for them breaking a verbal contract. Do not trust these people if they give you a price it will not be a deal by far. Crooks have a code of honor these people do not. I give them a -5 stars. Pros: not one single pro- more

Very quick transactions. Good service. 5/19/2010

This place rocks if you want to sell your car in 20 minutes and have a check given to you immediately. They gave me a 5k-7k quote for my car on the phone and when I came in... Offered me 5k. A guy does a test drive around the block and you're done. I didn't think the price was as low as everyone else said it is. The service is friendly... If your car is in good condition and is in demand they really work with you to sell your car on the spot... Its sort of a reversed car dealership. I don't think this is a good alternative for selling a car yourself because it is slighlt below market value. However, in a situation like mine I appreciated walking out with a check 20 minutes later. more

Avoid if you want close to fair value 4/24/2010

I would highly recommend avoiding this place if possible. The only reason to go here is if you're looking to sell your car in 10 minutes (literally, it's that quick). I found them to be highly dishonest. Granted, it's a business so they're there to make money, but that doesn't justify trying to completely rip people off. AVOID! Pros: quick Cons: Dishonest more

Car Cash is a Business. Plain and Simple. 1/21/2010

I recently had an experience with Car Cash in trying to sell my car and wanted to see if they would live up to their guarantee. First, i tried to sell my car privately and then to a dealer. The private buyer offered me 3250 for my car and the dealer offered me 3000, after i got these offers I went to the Car Cash website to see if they really do offer the highest price. Their instant quote gave me a range of 2750-4600 which i thought was fair even at the lowest range. I went up to their office and their sales rep merely glanced at my car without opening the hood or checking the interior. The paint on my car was fresh and there is no dents or scratches anywhere. He came back in and told me dealers would not pay more than 500-1000 for my car and the best he could offer me was 1500. I called him on it and asked if they sold cars too? The rep said no. Obviously they don't keep the cars, and they need to make a profit somehow. So the truth is, they would buy my car for 1500, auction it for 2000-2500 to a dealer, who then sells it back out for 3000-3500. Everyone makes money except the Original Seller and the final buyer, and that's how they stay in business. So yea, car cash is a quick and easy way to get rid of your car if you don't care about how much you get. But if you put a little effort into selling the car yourself or giving it to a dealer, You would make their part of the profit. Their highest price guarantee means nothing. Pros: Gives you cash for your car. Cons: Adding another Middle man so you actually get less. more

Great Service & Friendly Staff 11/19/2009

This was my first time selling my car and I had heard about Car Cash so came into the city from New Jersey. From the minute I arrived I was impressed with not only the facility itself but by the friendly staff and their professionalism. I had gone to some other used car dealers and let me tell you I ended up at Car Cash because I had the typical experience you hear about when talking about used car salesmen. The staff took time to discuss the condition of my car and what it would be worth and made me feel as if I was getting the most for my car without feeling rushed into a decision. Being a female I would recommend this to anyone male or female looking for great service and professionalism when it comes time to sell your car! Pros: For First Time Selling Car Great Experience! more

Your typical used car dealers 7/11/2009

Went to car cash to sell my car. The hondlers they have working there are very unprofessional and basically act like any other used car dealer. They try to set you up for a haggle and to beat you down as much as they can. I don't really find these people to be honest or trustworthy. What miserable people..imagine having to get up every morning and going to work at car cash?? more

Sold My Car to 1800 Car Cash and will be back to do business again!!!! 12/29/2008

First let me say that I find it upsetting that the previous reviews seem to miss that a quote is just that, A QUOTE! You wouldn?t by a car or a coach over the phone without seeing it first and you certainly would not offer a price on something you weren?t sure on, especially when you are talking about a significant amount of money. That?s why there are disclaimers at the bottom! That?s also why they offer you a ?value range?? To give you an idea of what your car could be worth if the condition of you vehicle warrants that monetary amount. \r \r Let me just say that I personally found this service to be quick and hassle free. I needed to sell an older vehicle that my spouse and I no longer needed but needed the cash not another car (because we all know a dealership would not do this!). Our transaction took less than 20 minutes and they gave me a check on the spot. 1800 Car Cash helped me get out of an old car and get on with my life! I would also like to give a special ?thanks? to Andrew Baron (the owner?s son) for being so kind and accessible during our transaction! Thank you Car Cash and Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!\r \r Sincerely,\r Al\r more

Service good but do your homework 10/18/2008

I have two seperate comments about my experience with Car Cash. Firstly, let me warn you to do your homework before going in and trying to sell your car to this or any other similar company. The instant quotes really don't mean much, you'll be lucky to get the bottom price of your quote. Know the book value of your car, set a number and then get ready to negotiate. My actual visit to Car Cash was acceptable. The staff greeted me right away and were friendly and courteous. The entire process took less than 30 mins with minimal paperwork. I was given a corporate check and I was on my way. I would recommend this business to those who are looking to get rid of their vehicle fast and painless. more

What both of these recent negative reviews have forgotten to mention is... 10/9/2008

I am an employee of 1-800 CAR CASH and I usually do NOT do something this unorthodox as to write a review about a review about my business, but these BOGUS negative reviews have gone far enough. \r \r INSTANT QUOTES generated by consumers themselves or via LIVE CHAT on our website are free instant ranges that are AUTOMATED and computerized. That being said...\r \r Our form clearly states that: \r \r ""IMPORTANT: INSTANT QUOTES are automated computerized ranges in CLEAN condition based upon the information you have provided. Pricing on your vehicle however, may have a value range significantly higher or possibly lower based on current market demand and overall quality of your vehicle. INSTANT QUOTES are NOT Guaranteed offers. Our Guaranteed HIGHEST possible Instant Cash Price ONLY offered when your vehicle is presented to 1-800 CAR CASH at our convenient Manhattan location.""\r \r The range that will be generated is an idea of where a vehicle might be in terms of a value. It is difficult to qualify and quantify a vehicle via email or even by a phone conversation.\r \r Obviously anything that takes away from the original look of it will adversely effect the value.\r \r How much is the question.\r \r The vehicle's condition does not solely dictate its true cash value.\r \r Market demand is just as, if not more important than overall condition. Meaning, we properly qualify and quantify in real time what a vehicle will be worth to other markets the day a vehicle is present here.\r \r To call us a SCAM is VERY low and uncalled for. In all the years that we have been open there have been very few UNSATISFIED customers, because of various reasons NOT related to PRICE.\r \r I am willing to wager that these negative reviews have been written by other ""car buying"" companies similar to CAR CASH. In fact...if you look and click the names of the 2 negative reviews beneath, you will see that these are BOGUS accounts only created to defame our good name!\r \r Sincerely,\r \r Andrew\r 1-800 CAR CASH Pros: We Guarantee the Highest Possible Instant Cash Price! more

Total Scam 9/7/2008

Just like the previous guy, my online quote was in the $5800-8000 range for my 2001 Subaru Forester. I get there and they offer me $4k. They say it starts at the bottom end if the car is in pristine condition. The upper price is what they sell it for. The guy admitted the online quotes were to lure people in. Beware! These guys make stealerships seem honest. Save your gas and time. Pros: i guess if you HAVE to sell your car they will pay you something. Cons: Cons are what they are. more

Wasted time and gas to find out they are a scam 8/17/2008

We filled out their online quote which gave us the 2K-4K range, which we figured was fair. Our car is selling around 3K used right now elsewhere - we were willing to take 2K to get rid of it fast.\r \r We get there- the guy said they start at the 2K and go down- WTF? So basically the range was 0-2K... yet, online different. The man didn't understand why that seemed insane- and then blamed their online system for being flawed - huh?? Then fix it! They offered us 1K- HA!!!\r \r We drove in from NJ - wasted 2 hours driving to/from and all that gas- just to find out they are a scam joint. If you live close go ahead and try them out- but NEVER waste time/money going if you don't live around the block!! more

Happy to recommend Car Cash 7/18/2008

Ok I read the reviews. Here's my story. I went to buy a new Infiniti M35x and I offered my 2003 GMC Denali for the trade in. The salesman said to me that his boss will not take any SUV's as trades and if I wanted to buy the new Infiniti it would have to be without a trade in. I was not a happy customer. The salesman told me to call 1-800 CARCASH and maybe they could help me. I said to myself that this is going to be a waste of my time and energy. Anyway I called Car Cash and I spoke with Ron. He gave me a price range and assured me that Car Cash was buying SUV's and they still had an active market for these vehicles. So the next day (Saturday) I drove in to the city and went to Car Cash. I was greeted by a friendly guy (who turned out to be the owner) and he introduced me to Ron. I went into the office and Ron went to look at my Denali. He came back into the office and told me how nice my truck was and that he could offer me the price we discussed on the phone. Needless to say I was thrilled. They test drove the car, took off my plates and paid me all in less than 30 minutes. All I can say is that these guys are realisitic and want to do business the right way. I like them and I would be very happy to recommend them. Thanks Ron and Car Cash. Pros: Fast service, parking inside, nice people more

Very Pleasant selling experience 2/16/2008

I called 1 800 car cash and spoke to Sid, he quoted me a very good price for my Mini Cooper. I went to w 55 st and sold my car in 20 minutes. Sid was a very nice guy and gave me the price he said on the phone...needless to say I was very pleasantly surprised. Their office was filled with customers selling all sorts of cars. Highly recommended * * * * * My wife just told me she wants to sell her car...guess what I'm calling the car cash guys again. Pros: Free parking, paid immediately, nice people to deal with more
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  • Buys used cars from consumers or businesses and pays in cash, has free indoor parking.

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