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Campisi's Restaurant - 28 Reviews - 5610 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (214) 827-0355

Campisi's Restaurant

5610 E Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 827-0355
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Goodness I'm starting to think Citysearch is run by Morons for allowing these bad posts without some kind of filter. Love Campisis. Good family good food!


My new office is within walking distance to this restaurant.\r \r People from my office rave about their italian food and especially their pizza and how they have been in busine...

I don't usually rate restaraunts but 6/12/2012

I don't usually rate restaraunts but this had to be known. I don't understand how there is even a 3.5 rating right now. This food was horrible, and the service was horrible. I went here with my family, and they did not enjoy their food either. I had the lunch ""chicken"" breast with angel hair pasta and marsala with mushrooms. When I ordered this I read it off the menu, and yet for some reason the waiter was asking me if I wanted the marsala with mushrooms on my chicken or on my pasta? I was like... how do you usually serve it? I mean really... The ""chicken"" was like fast food chicken it was completely processed and didn't even have the consistancy of a real chicken breast (ridiculous considering this plate was 10$) and the mushrooms must have been poured straight out of a can onto my chicken. The whole mess tasted like dirty dish water and looked like it too. I took two bites of it. The waiter was never around when we needed him and we waited 20 minutes for him to come take our food order. Then once everyone else was done eating (or barely eating since it was practically inedible) when the waiter came to take my plate he asked if I was done and I said yes, then he asked me if I didn't like it since I didn't eat it and I told him no, I didn't like it. Maybe I just believe in good customer service but if someone gets a whole plate, tells the waiter they didn't like it and didn't eat any of it then they should not have to pay for it? I mean really I was not expecting it to taste like that. I actually cringe thinking about it. more

just plane bad 3/30/2011

its crap really it it is the people are retards and its just bad if you want good pizza go to louies or divinos there the better places to go if you like really good pizza just me more

Love campisis 1/13/2011

Goodness I'm starting to think Citysearch is run by Morons for allowing these bad posts without some kind of filter. Love Campisis. Good family good food! more

Gross 2/13/2010

I tried Campisi's pizza because all my friends swear by it...I'm now in the process of reevaluating these friendships because this was the worst muck I've ever been served out of a cardboard box. First smells odd....the toppings (extra cheese, beef, sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, black and green olives, onions) I can only describe them as slimy bits and chunks...with the runniest cheese I've ever had the misfortune of eating. (seemed like they poured left over fondue cheese all over the pizza) ...the sauce is sickeningly sweet...and the crust (which I use the term ""crust"" loosely--saying something had a crust implies it might have at least a hint of crisp to it)....the crust was soggy and limp almost as if it sat in dirty dishwater for a few seconds before it was dumped in the box....gah...and if that isn't enough....they cut this thing into like 30 thin strips that are so limp you can barely pick them up out of the box....why would someone do this and try to call it pizza? My boyfriend who can pretty much stomach eating anything...for example he will mix canned tuna fish with plain rice and soy sauce and call it you see he does not exactly come to the table with a discriminating pallet...even he, Mr. Canned Tuna Fish Sushi couldn't choke down this mess. I agree wholeheartedly with my fellow poster that compared this muck to a clothes-hanger abortion. It's so gross, we need a new word for gross. gag. Pros: I'm drawing a blank here Cons: Hands down the WORST pizza I've ever encountered more

How does this place even stay in business? 8/6/2009

My girlfriend likes their horrible pizza that tastes worse than any frozen pizza I've ever had, so once in a while I will tolerate a bite or two. I have tried to like many things on this place's menu, and each time I am even more grossed out than before. So last nite I agreed to try the fettucine alfredo and we had that and a green pepper pizza, along with one a piece of chocolate cheesecake delivered. The always bad pizza was cold, and the fettucine alfredo was HORRIBLE, but I was starving, so I doused it with parmesan cheese and pepper and ate as many bites as I could stand and vowed never to put myself thru the torture of eating any of the so-called food from this place again. In the middle of the nite I woke up totally sick and spent the rest of the nite in the bathroom. I have no idea why this place is so well known and has been around so long. This place has NO CLUE on how to make good Italian food. It's called an ""Egyptian"" restaurant so maybe that explains it. Seriously, they don't even know how to make decent tomato sauce. Try Campania if you want real and delicious Italian pizza. Actually you would probably enjoy a frozen pizza you bought at 7-11 more than this food. It is truly awful. Even the cheesecake sucked. I'm really bummed that I have to even give this place one star. It does not deserve it and should just do us all a favor and close down. Man I miss Cremona. Pros: WORST FOOD I'VE EVER EATEN Cons: DISCUSTINGLY CHEAP TASTING more


I wish I had read some the somber reviews here before I asked for a delivery of what amounted to be a coat hanger abortion version of pizza. I should have bailed out of the phone call when I found out they don't sell mozzarella sticks, but being hungry I was desperate and ordered some fried raviolis and a pizza. Delivery was prompt (one bonus and the only reason for 1 star rating) but as I opened the door and saw the delivery guy standing before me holding a paper bag and a SMALL RECTANGULAR box I thought ""Hmmm, shouldn't he be holding a big square box?"" I accepted the delivery, sat down, opened the box and saw it. Instead of a nice round pizza I got some weird oval pizza that had crust about as thin as a ritz cracker with a scant smattering of cheese. This thing looked like a giant scab peeled off of the knuckle from the jolly green giant. Perhaps the fried ravioli would be better... nope! Upon opening the container I found 6 little pan fried burnt puffy squares that appeared as though I got the scrapings from the bottom of an old can of ""Chef Boy-R-Dee"". I choked down some of the ravioli and I could only eat 2 pieces of the pizza before chucking the whole lot in the garbage like a prom night dumpster baby. Do your self a favor... order from Dominoes or Pizza Hut; at least you will get something that resembles food. To comment on the ""yankee"" comment I read here: Yes I am a ""yankee"". One of the reasons the north won the war is because we do things alot better above of the mason dixon line; aside from fighting better (Thats right, the south will not rise again!) we make far better pizza!!! Pros: prompt delivery Cons: horrible food more

Best Pizza Ever...not just for native Texans either! 5/28/2008

This pizza is not your commercial pizza and I think that's what the yankee's on here don't understand.....and NO IT'S NOT EGYPTIAN FOOD! Definatley out of the mouth of a yankee. \r None the less you MUST try it!!! \r Seriously fab...great atmosphere!!! \r Try the pizza!! Pros: Great atmosphere...cozy...great food Cons: Don't like the new room with all the windows!!! more

Grittiest Clams In Dallas 5/10/2008

If you're going to go to Campisi's, go to the one on Mockingbird. Otherwise, just go to Olive Garden. If you go to Campisi's on Mockingbird, order the pizza, it's awesome! Don't order the pasta with clam sauce. It's inedible. more

Nasty, gagging food. Ick. 4/1/2008

This place smelled like dirty feet and the food didn't taste much better. The manicotti , which is my favorite Italian dish, gagged me, I was so disappointed and grossed out. It tasted like it had been sitting out on the kitchen counter for a few months and had gone bad. The salad was rubbery and foul-smelling and the bread was stale and had the consistency of having been reheated several times before making it to our table. Definitely will not be going there again or recommending it to anyone, unless maybe I don't like the person, then maybe I'd send them there. Cons: bad ambience, smell and food more

FOUL 3/17/2008

Went there once and will never go back again. The alfredo was disgusting and tasted like the stuff you buy in a can, the cheap stuff. The place looked dirty and dingy. I was waiting for something on four legs to start crawling out of the kitchen any moment. Can?t believe that this guy took me on a date there. Dirty disgusting and foul. Oh and had a weird musty smell too. Salad was the kind that you got back in grade school. Dishes were dirty and the whole atmosphere was dark and smelly. I would not recommend for any one to go. YUCK more

What else to say? 12/11/2007

Not much to say that hasn't already been covered here, but I absolutely love this place and their pizza. In fact, if I ever moved, it would be the one place I missed the most! I'd have to have them ship their pizza or something. But even then, it wouldn't be the same. There's just something about that dark hole-in-the wall atmosphere with awesome food and friendly people! more

Any night is a good night, but I love Friday's best and if you go early there isn't much of a wait. The statement: Best Pizza Anywhere, is in fact the Gospel Truth of Metroplex dining. 1/26/2007

Joe Campisi's the Egyptian Italian Resturant is my favorite Italian resturant in the city. I was first taken there as a small child with my brother and my parent and a family friend and his family. I agree with what fcbx said about the reviewer getting the opening dates wrong, the original resturant has been open long before 1964, the Egyptian actually opened in 1946 as another critic rightly pointed out. My parents were first taken there by my grandparents when they were small children too. The pizza is by far the best in the metroplex. The person who said it doesn't even compare to New York pizza has probably never eaten New York pizza either. The other items on and the menu are just as good. The sauce is exceptional and the legendary appetizer of the crab claws scampi is to die for. One of my favorite orders there is a the crab claws scampi and salad as antipasto followed by the lasagne and meatballs with sauce, along with a good bottle of Italian red wine, and then of course you order the pizza as a take home item. The sauce reminds me of my grandfather's except he uses more wine in his sauce I believe. The pizza has rich and fullfilling flavors that start from the crispy crust and work their way up through a rich and delicious pizza sauce, good cheeses, and of course the toppings are spread on lavishly. While famous for the chunk pepperoni, you should also try the other toppings as well. I hope in the future the, ""reviewer"" will pay more attention to the actual history and true facts of this place. The Egyptian did get something of a bad reputation when a famous Major League Basebal Umpire was shot and hurt seriously just outside the resturant. It was a terrible thing, but don't let something like this stop you from going, because it is in a well patroled and relatively safe neighborhood. Please check out ""Campisi"" as it is affectionately called, even though it does have the unusual name of, The Egyptian, for an Italia Ristorante'. Molto deliciosos! Pros: Try the crab claws scampi. It is among the top five antipasti dishes of any Italian resturant in the metroplex. Cons: Parking is alway a problem at a small resturant in a deep urban environment as this. Be prepared to walk a little. more

A Historic Standard 11/27/2006

I don't know how long the editor has been around but he/she has it wrong. I don't know exactly how long Campisi's has been around, but 1964 is flat out wrong. I remember going there on my first date as a freshman at Jesuit in the fall of 1960. There is just something special about those thin, oblong pizzas. I've been eating them for years. One of the nicest sideline benefits of moving back to Dallas from Arlington was being able to live within easy driving distance of Campisi's. The drive over from Arlington got to be a real irritation, but not enough of an irritation to keep me away. Don't let anything keep you away from Campisi's pizza. Try the meatbal pizza with extra cheese. Pros: The food Cons: Parking more

Good Pizza 8/22/2006

May not be New York Pizza but as a Native Texan I'm not sure I would like New York Pizza anyway. Good pizza, great crab claws great atmosphere, if you are looking for New York Pizza go back to New York. more

Possibly worse pizza in the world! 8/12/2006

This certainly is not New York Pizza, or even a sad approximation of same. It may however be authentic Egyptian pizza. Actually, it does seem like something my ancestors may have been forced to subsist on during 40 long dry years in the dessert! Thin, burnt, square, and strangely pointless pizzas. The pasta dishes are also notably insipid.\r There is always a line to get in, but this is as much a reflection of the total lack of seating as of their totally overblown reputation. It seems that the lines in front of the restaurant account for their reputation as much as the food. Highly recommended by many Texans I know, but almost never by people with experience with northeastern Italian fare.\r I would actually recommend a Dominoes delivery over this stuff. Cons: poor food, long wait more

Dallas landmark since 1946 7/25/2006

Unique racetrack shaped pizza, wonderful salad, and the crabclaws are to die for. I have been less than impressed with the pasta dishes, but the ambiance works for me, especially on the old side of the restaurant. Affordable and good! Pros: Good food! Cons: Stick with the pizza, the pasta sauce isn't the best. more

Resting on their reputation. 7/23/2006

My new office is within walking distance to this restaurant.\r \r People from my office rave about their italian food and especially their pizza and how they have been in business for over 50 years.\r \r Well, don't waste your time. \r \r As a full blooded italian-american who knows a thing or three about real italian food and pizza, they are way overrated. \r \r Their pizza crust was crunchy and the sauce was undercooked.\r \r I laughed when I read several of the other reviews (Best pizza in the world, wish I could get it flown in, etc).\r \r If I was on a desert island and had my choice of this restaurant's pizza or a hot dog from a sport stadium grill, I'd choose the hot dog.\r \r Obviously, many of the people reviewing this restaurant are native to Texas and have no idea what good pizza is.\r \r Stick to reviewing the BBQ places Y'all !!! more

Bad parking 7/11/2006

Love it, best pizza in metroplex. We drive from Arlington, Tx to eat there. like the wine list, and the side room when you have A private party. Pros: Fun Great Pizza Cons: Parking more

Scrumptious! 7/4/2006

I have been going to Campisi's for about 30 years......last taste as good as the first. Joe's Toast is nothing less than a sin.....the salads are always cool and crisp, the pizza is the best ~ unique and flavorful. The ingredients are fresh and never ""scimped"" on.\r I much prefer the ""old side"" to the new....that is where the atmosphere is. 60 years of history to savor along with fabulous food. The service is excellent!\r I have been to some of the other stores, but I guess the old kitchen just can't be beat ~ the original restaurant is by far the best. Pros: Food, food, food Cons: parking more

Best Pizza Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow 6/14/2006

I'm glad I read the review from someone that the actual opening date was 1946 because I knew I had been having pizza there before I was married in 1952, I was 21 then. I am 75 now and still request their pizza when friends from Dallas come to visit me on my retirement acreage about 50 or 60 miles north of Mockingbird Lane. I can still taste the crispy crust and smell the pungent aroma of the delectable sauce and cheese. It's a memory easily recalled just by hearing their name. You should go now, not tomorrow, not next week, now. You don't know what will happen tomorrow, but you are here today, so enjoy all the special sensations that Campisi's has to offier. Pros: KISS thet do keep it simple, which is best Cons: none really once you get past the parking more
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    It's so dark in the original dining room that sunshine from the opening door hurts the eyes. Windows line the second, much-larger room, which features a long bar and seems...

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