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Camden County Jail - 24 Reviews - 330 Federal St, Camden, NJ - City & County Government Reviews - Phone (856) 225-7630

Camden County Jail

330 Federal St
Camden, NJ 08103
(856) 225-7630
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This is a jail. What do people expect, it's not a 4 star hotel. If you don't like it in jail, be a good citizen, not a scum bag. Pros: It's Jail Cons: It's Jail


The county need some heat in the cells people can b-c come sick in spread germs


Have been calling the Jail for over an hour.... Can one of you put your F'n Doughnut the F down long enough to answer the phone?????? What the he** !!!!! more

its prison 11/6/2011

i was imprisoned in camdem county jain for some time. During my stay, as a white inmate i enjoyed my time. The guards treat the white inmates very nicely, i also enjoyed joining the guards in daily beatings of minorities and i enjoyed watching the weekly ""n!gger lynching"" The black inmates never step out of line , because they know they will be the next victim. the cooks do not feed the non white inmates as much as they feed the whites, as it should be. Overal if you are a white inmate or believe in the power of the white race camden county prison is a great place for you more

ayo 10/20/2011

i know i gotta 13 yr old warrant out there. chillin in mo. more

your not so tough on the outside 7/11/2011

lets be honest, most people in the camden county jail (the inmates) have done something deserving of being there. BUT as a previous guest at ccj, the ignorant CO's are unbelievably lazy and extremely racist!!! If youre a white girl, ccj is not for YOU!!!! you are white trash and the other races are a product of their enviroment. FUCCJ!! more

Every Human Deserves Basic Respect and Rights 5/18/2011

I understand what each review which relies on degradation more than facts related to the jail itself are referring to, and to some degree, I agree. If you commit a crime, you deserve to pay for that. Otherwise, what is the point of a justice system at all?\r \r My boyfriend was recently imprisoned. Quite honestly, I have never known anyone in jail and the only time I had visited a jail previously was to do volunteer bible studies with juvenile offenders. Now...I am of course aware this is an atypical visitor for a jail inmate. \r \r However, I am also employed with a multi-billion dollar corporation and currently hold a Master's degree. The most interesting aspect in all of this is that during my significant other's imprisonment (which he has warned me was impending for over a year but I disagree with the general population in judging someone due to their past), I have received the exact same treament others are less intelligently (perhaps) and more passionately (absolutely) describing. \r \r The truth is, I believe others will read my review and most likely pay more heed to it simply because I am obviously intelligent and educated. Let me ask each of you a question who are so quick to insult others: \r \r If you have the intelligence and wherewithall to understand they are not as ""accomplished"" as you, should that not make you more responsible as well? \r \r I have truly never even committed a crime where I could go to jail and am currently working with the prosecution in another state as a witness. I personally believe I am in the minority of the American population in being able to accurately state that as a fact.\r \r No one...I repeat no one...deserves to be treated as less than HUMAN. If you disagree with that and think a 19-year-old who went along on a drug deal with his 30-year-old brother (hypothetically but completely plausible) and his mother who comes to visit him deserve to be treated as less than human...that makes you far more ignorant than the people who commit the crimes. \r \r The only solace I can take in that is that your ignorance is generally incurable and you will be kept in your prison of a mind until you realize the world we truly live in. People makes, me, everybody. \r \r I can only genuinely hope your children never get caught when they make theirs. Not everybody is blessed at birth. Please consider that when being cruel to people that cannot be heard. I have called and visited myself, and I commit to each and every person reading this review that is absolutely the case. They not only treat visitors (quite often) as thought they committed crimes themselves but also deny some basic civil liberties. \r \r Please...anyone with someone in there and any of the good workers there (there are quite a few)...good luck to you, from the bottom of my heart. more

hope i never end up there 8/18/2010

my brother violated his probation by not reporting after he was released from rehab, the only crime he comited was against himself, he had been arrested for public drunkeness and placed in camden county jail for two months because he couldn't come up with bail. ok i""m not trying to make him sound innocent but the fact is that something can go wrong for any of us and that is no place to end up. so now he has to turn himself in to that jail to await sentancing for his probation violation which can take up to 2 more months. the last time he was there he got scabees, and had to wear sneakers that were used and gave him a fungus on his foot. and what is bieng said about the commisary is true and the phone privelages as well. this money comes from the families of the inmates probably families already down one income. the most amazing part to me (probably not a big deal considering the other things you have to endure) is that upon your arrival you are told to find your own cell, and the people in that cell can reject you from that cell. i just think thatthey can do better in a county jail, save the tough stuff for prison. my understanding is that these people haven't all been convicted they have been charged and waiting for a hearing, or can't afford bail and have to wait months for there trial, a lot of them with crimes of public drunkness, or disorderly conduct. i haven""t been there myself but i know disorderly conduct covers a lot of ground. more

Cry Babies 7/29/2010

This is a jail. What do people expect, it's not a 4 star hotel. If you don't like it in jail, be a good citizen, not a scum bag. Pros: It's Jail Cons: It's Jail more

Too cold 11/30/2009

The county need some heat in the cells people can b-c come sick in spread germs more

Happy Thanksgiving 2009 11/28/2009

To Deputy Warden Anthony Pazzrow.\r Happy Thanks giving to you and your family 2009.\r kimmy Pros: Prasie God and those Christian Good Lady's Cons: crime more

A Truthful Assesment Of This Jail 9/18/2009

I once had the terrible misfortune of staying there and it is horrible. They are overcrowded with people sleeping on the floor on matresses that are worn and torn. They have terrible food and the clothing that they give you for uniforms are worn out and dirty. The staff for the most part are some of the rudess people I have ever seen and I have live in 12 different states. You can't really get any attention and if you don't have someone on the outside working on your behalf you could possibly sit in there and die and no one would notice. I can't believe the government in New Jersey would allow such a nasty horrible place exist for anyone even if they have committed a crime. True story Pros: It is in the city of Camden so people can catch bus Cons: This is the worst place to house a humand being regardless more

Animals at zoo are treated better than the inmates @CCJ 8/8/2009

Commisary (Jail store) has 75% markup on anyting you can purchase. Who owns the store, and is responsible and profits from it, is a question I would like to have answered. The inmates families have to put money in inmates account, or their loved ones would simply starve. The provided meal trays wouldn't be sufficient to substain a 5 yr old child. The housing accommadations are a joke\r There are inmates actually sleeping with their heads on a towel, under toliets. 4 & 5 inmates housed in a 2 person cell. Try schedling a visit to see your loved one! Either in person, Fridays only, or call on Sat & Sun, trying to get thru for at least an hour, then on hold for 45 mins to an hr, only to be disconnected!!!! Happpened to me personally, on 3 occassions, at least! The system there is broke.... and corrupt! How can the Board of Health condone these deplurable conditions. Phone calls....there's a scam for you. You pre- pay Global Tel\r Link $25 or $50, and then get charged a fee of near $5.00, leaving you with a balance of $20.42. Each call has a connection fee, etc. So for every $25.00, you're lucky to get 5 phone calls, 5 mins each. Incoming inmates have a negative balance in their account, because it cost $35.00 to enter the correctional system, and you must have $10.00 surplus on your account for medical provisions, in case you have to see the Doctor. \r So, if your loved one happens to be incarcerated at Camden Co Jail, and you put $50.00 on his account so that he /she can order food, etc, they actually onl;y get $5.00 of that money. This is all the truth! In my opinion, \r someone needs to be accountable for these inhumane\r conditions. I intend to find out who's who, and what's what, and how this has been able to go on, for such a long period of time. I am sure that other County Jails are not run like this. The animals at the Philadelphia Zoo are treated better than the inmates at the Camden County Jail. I rated CCJ (1) star because I was required to rate it, in order to publish, otherwise I wouldn't give it any stars!!!!!!!!!! Pros: Can't think of ONE! Cons: Meal trays, bunking accomadations, visits, scheduling visits more

why do they pay 7/26/2009

Why do they have to pay for food clothes soap toothpaste ? or is my Daugthers boyfriend not telling truth more

I love jail! 7/6/2009

This is a good jail with very helpful staff and extremely nice medical personnel. Whenever I could not pay my rent I would check in at the jail so I have free food, housing, and all o my medical needs. You definitely can't beat that at all. I hope one day they'll offer me a job there since I'm in and out so often. more

They are all unfare 4/29/2009

They treat people unfare like animal. But the ones that visit is the same to us, they act stupid and treat us like if we were nothing or guilty for what ever our family did. Also the people from probation too they act with out feelings. And lock people until programs with fake promises on when they coming back, home. Pros: the county Cons: family more



My Husbands Home 3/25/2009

My Husbands been there since feb. 01 and is getting (hopefully) reseasded on frinday! I say hopfully beacuse you really never know with this jail, no1 knows anything they are unhelpful and rude. They will and always treat you like your the one who belongs there. They are all Dictators, and completely take advantage of there power. Yes I understand Jail is not fun and thier there for punishment. But They treat the prisiners like dogs and take little privilages away ""beacuse They Can"". I cant wait to get my husband home and get him eating real, healthy,eatable food again. \r \r Pros: Straightning Him Out Cons: Missing Him, Worry About Him more

MRSA from camden county jail 2/8/2009

My husband was in camden countyjail for 16 days for child support. Upon entering the jail he was treated like a murderer. When they let him out it was 10 pm. He was in the hospital for almost a week because of MRSA. The cause the Dr. said was the conditions at the jail. Now my point is he has MRSA on his right foot from the sneakers they have you wear in the jail. Did the person who wore the sneakers they give to wear have MRSA. Now what about the person who is wearing the shoes now the MRSA germs is in the fabric in the shoe. Therefore there is another case of MRSA. Cons: filth, unsanitary conditions more

Well the Jail employees where not bad to me at all, yes they have a little rude tone of voice but it's the Job itself. 11/13/2008

Well I called out of state and even though I read all the issues other people had, I am sorry to say for the others my experience was nice they directed me to the proper chanels and I got the answers I needed. Because I was out of state all I needed was 24 hour notice to do a visit. You guys should check other jails in CT you only get 15 min visit you have to be on the list if not oh well your done. So they lady was really nice and obn Saturday I will visit him. I great surprise for him since I am driving 4 hours to get their.\r \r Thank you so much,\r \r CAMDEN JAIL LADY YOU WAS GREAT HELP TODAY AND YOU MADE MY DAY.\r \r THANKS AGAIN,\r \r LADY D Pros: So far Thumps Up! I Cons: After the visit I will let you know. more

great customer service 10/7/2008

jail is not supposed to be nice if you don't want to be there don't put yourself in compromising positions \r sounds like to me they are doing a wonderful job Pros: a good deterant for crime Cons: costs law abiding citizens money more

Camden County Jail: Is this beyond punishment? 8/12/2008

This is an aweful jail with even worse employees. No respect for human life. It is one of the filthiest jails in our country and fails to change for the better. The wait time to find anything out about when you will see a doctor is horrific, and so is the wait to see a judge or talk to a lawyer about when you will be getting out of the hell hole. Many innocent people that are put in there for minor offenses have died in there. For example, a few years back one elderly man was murdered in a cell because they had him in with a man who was mentally ill. What are these people doing? Are there any requirement for their jobs?The only way you get preferential treatment is if you know someone in there. They have people sleeping on their dirty cold floors right by the toilets. Is this sanitary? Then they have some people sleeping in sleds in the middle of the park area, where everyone is whenever they aren't locked in. Is this even legal? It's like a dog kennel. Except dog kennels are cleaner. One girl became fatally ill from the food she was eating there and receiving any medical attention that she got so consitpated her own fecal matter came out of all her orifices and she died. A little to long to wait for medical attention, you think? My brother was in their for traffic violations and he was put in the same area as murderers going away for life. Is this right? Can they put you in harm like that? Just like i said, they have NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE. Is someone less of a person because they made a mistake and got caught, how many of us have done illegal things and just have gotten away with them. Any of us could be the ones in this jail but no one seems to care enough to do anything about it. Time for change people. Wake up before its too late and you are the one suffering in there or you have a loved one brutally murdered because they just don't care enough to correct the correctional officers and camden county jail requirments for healthy and safe living standards. Pros: Making murderers and pediphiles suffer. Cons: Filthy, non caring envionment. more
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