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Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - 55 Reviews - 14016 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (818) 788-3536

Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks

14016 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 788-3536
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Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA
Cafe Bizou-Sherman Oaks - Sherman Oaks, CA


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Cafe Bizou has been a favorite love of ours for many years. We find ourselves driving over the hill a few...


Have you ever heard of such a thing before? My husband and I made reservations at cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks for 7:30, but when we got there, we were kept waiting for nearly 40 mi...

CAFE BIZOU... "The Jewel" of the Valley!" 5/23/2012

Cafe Bizou has been a favorite love of ours for many years. We find ourselves driving over the hill a few... more

CAFE BIZOU... "The Jewel" of the Valley!" 5/23/2012

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Cafe Bizou has been a favorite love of ours for many years. We find ourselves driving over the hill a few times a month just to have a romantic din... more

Always great - Always fun 7/25/2010

I am at Cafe Bizou more than any restaurant in LA. It's blocks from where I live and a few miles from where I work so it's perfect for friends and dates alike. Highly recommend their specials - the Lobster Linguini is done to perfection. Roasted Chicken and Pork tenderloin always consistantly good. If you haven't - you absolutely have to. Pros: Great food, great patio Cons: Can get REALLY busy more

Worst Place for Dinner or Service 3/8/2010

Imagine walking into Denny's on steroids. That is what Cafe Bizou's vibe is all about. Decor that is from an 80s garage sale, old folks lounging over 3 hour lunches, and a menu that makes CPK look like a Michelin rated restaurant. Cons: Horrid service, mediocre food, stale decor more

Great time for Dine LA 2/1/2010

We had a table for 6 on Jan 31, 2010 and had the Dine LA menu. Everyone loved their food, and the service was excellent. The overall environment was nice, classy, and upscale. I started with a small pear salad and had a filet mignon and lobster combo for dinner. Great food! Others ordered the fish, which they loved, too. The sorbet was really good too, as was everyone else's dessert. Overall, everyone was really happy with the food, and the service was good too. Tack on the fact that the pre-fix meal was only $26 a person, it was awesome! I'd highly recommend this place! Pros: Great Food, good prices (for Dine LA) Cons: Valet was crazy busy more

Fantastic fantastic! 12/20/2009

Fast seating- 15 minutes with a reservation- acceptable, great service throughout meal, and the meal- fantastic - well prepared, and plentiful. One of the best restaurants in the San Fernando Valley. I recommend it for any occasion. Pros: great food at great prices more

not good at all 7/17/2009

Oh my, where to begin.... I got a raise at work and told my boyfriend that I would treat us to a nice dinner. I wanted to take him to Pastis off Beverly Blvd. in Hollywood, but unfortunately they closed their doors due to the recession. When I typed in French restaurants, Cafe Bizou came up as one of the top restaurants in LA. I called immediately and made reservations for the patio (which in fact is enclosed and only has windows at the top that are open...not much of a patio if you ask me). We arrived and the woman could not find out reservation, until we said ""patio"" then she found it. We were seated very quickly. As we opened the menu, we were shocked to find dishes such as ""teriyaki chicken"", ""cilantro lime shrimp"", and ""chicken-tequila fettuccini"" listed on a French Bistro's menu. Not to mention, the Prix Fixed menu wasn't really one. But we had read and heard good things, so why not. The waiter never greeted us. He came and took away the wine glasses, then brought 2 more, looked at our wine, and said ""Soup of the day is potato mushroom."" There was no greeting, no ""hello""....nothing. The breaded mushroom appetizer was actually 4 teeny, tiny mushrooms with a huge ball of some type of egg concoction on top drowning in a pool of balsamic vinegar reduction. We did not finish that. The soup of the day (Potato Mushroom) tasted like watered-down potato soup with no flavor of mushroom at all and the French Onion could be compared to Ramen noodles. The waiter, I might add, never asked how either of these 2 courses were. We even waited for over 10 minutes with a stack of dirty dishes on our table. When the entrees arrived, the plates were smoking hot like they had been under a warmer. I ordered Monkfish, which was incredibly fishy (and I have had it before) on a bed of poorly cooked risotto and topped with chewy carrot slivers that were supposed to be crispy. My bf ordered lamb chops that should have been rare, but were medium+ and the mashed potatoes tasted instant (which I hope were not). When the waiter asked how our meal was, I replied ""fine"" with a disgusted look and my bf said ""well....its alright I guess."" The waiter said nothing and walked away. That was a mistake we regret....we should have complained right then, but since the service had been bad I got up within 5 minutes and 3 tiny bites of my meal to get the manager. We waited 10 minutes for him to come over. He told us since we ate half our meals and did not complain to the waiter, he could do nothing. Let me add again that I had 3 tiny bites and my bf ate a couple of bites cause he was so hungry. We didn't even ask the manager to comp anything, we just wanted him to know. He said he would see what he could do (which he did not sound very convincing), but nothing came off our bill of $60. He was so rude and snotty! We left a poor tip and our stomachs were growling, so we went to Alcove for some fabulous dessert and coffee. The best part of our dining experience at Cafe Bizou: the wine! Oh, did I mention that we brought our own bottle of wine? p.s. My bf and I rarely complain...this was the one time we couldn't let it disappointing, especially from a place that gets 4/5 stars! Pros: wine Cons: service, food, management more

Check your bank/credit statements... they might skim more for themselves! 12/16/2008

My boyfriend and I had a lovely dinner. We ordered appetizers, salad, entrees, desserts, and drinks. Overall, everything was really good. He paid the check with his debit card, and I left a generous cash tip. A few days later when my bf noticed that his card was overcharged, he called the manager. Apparently, the manager authorized the waitress to charge a higher amount because we ""didn't"" leave a tip. We positively left cash on the check book, but even if we hadn't, the manager has no right to charge an amount in excess of what an account holder authorizes. Gratuity is optional, and I cannot believe restaurant policy allows management to override a guest's signed credit slip. What a shameful disappointment! We will never go back. Pros: Affordable Cons: Horrible Customer Service more

Incredible French 9/30/2008

I was a little perplexed on the terms of service reading previous reviews about this place. However, I found it tasty and service was fine. Most reviews are accurate, I just felt I had a bone to pick with the ""Tude Snude and Rude"" review-ist. Please don't account this ignorant review into your ""research"" for Cafe Bizou, it is very clear that the review was written by an arrogant individual (""Cafe Bizou certainly has mastered the arrogant ways of their culture""). For anyone to judge such a beautiful old culture is prejudiced and disgusting. In my experience, the French are only ignorant towards the American, but how can they not be when the American populace is giving them such incentive as ugly one-liners such as the aforementioned. more

Cozy Elegance not to mention fine food 7/29/2008

I went here to celebrate a 21st Bday with a few friends and we had a really great time. We got there around 8:30 w/out a reservation, but because we mentioned we were celebrating a special occassion we got seated immediately. Cash conscience and calorie conscience (not a great combo I might add) I was able to find a selection of items that appeased my appetite, my body, and my wallet (as much as I possibly could). I got the tuna tartare appetizer- delicious and delicate- and a side of their carrot rosemary soup- sweet and soft. I had to nibble on their walnut bread- too yummy to pass up- and got a sip of their pomegranate and sour apple martinis (strong, but nice flavor) and a piece of their warm, flourless, chocolate cake. So maybe I splurged a bit, but trust me it was worth it! Pros: Elegant setting Cons: definitely paying for the high quality food more

Time Slot Seating? Dot waste your time. 7/23/2008

Have you ever heard of such a thing before? My husband and I made reservations at cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks for 7:30, but when we got there, we were kept waiting for nearly 40 minutes. We were seated at 8:05. I had complained about the delay twice, and finally the maitradee had explained to me that the Cafe seated guests in 2 dining rushes, so as to be able to clean their dishware and prepare for each group in a more timely manner. I couldn't believe such a thing- what was the purpose of making a reservation? If you want to be kept waiting, and if you like to get lulled into a false sense of busy nightlife traffic appeal, this is the place for you- just show up at either 6 or 8. The food was served luke warm, yet the silverware was spotless (as promised). I saw our waitress, once throughout the course of the evening. Apparently there had been a ""shift change"" and another young gentleman, named RYAN, had taken over our table; this was of course made known to everyone except to those who were sitting at our table. When RYAN finally came about, we were ready to order dessert. His actor/ singer/ dancer/ waiter/ I couldn't give a ratz a** because Im the next hitt reality TV show star attitude was so overbearing and self righteous, I almost felt as though it was a privilege just to be graced by his presence. In light of such tact, I spent his 15% (should have been 5%) tip on a fruit martini as an effort to simply knock me out of what kind of mess I had just sat through. My advice...if you want a bad taste left in your mouth, consider Cafe Bizou, but cheap wine and cigarettes will do the trick just the same. Pros: clean forks Cons: robotic, poor taste, rude, bad service, embarassing wait staff, unattentive more

TUDE, SNUDE, and RUDE!!! 7/23/2008

I work for a well know PR firm on the west side of LA. A few of my collegues and I had been running around in the valley one afternoon, and had decided to dine at Cafe Bizou. With a loyal following to the Pasadena location, I figured the Valley would offer equal taste- I was soon to be proven HORRIBLY wrong. I booked reservation for 7:00pm on a WEDNESDAY night. Upon our arrival, we were told that our reservations were pushed back to 7:30pm as there was minimal seating available. I was perturbed, but kept to myself. As I looked inside the venue, I saw a few couples finishing their dining experience, several tables were unseated, and the bar area was fully packed. I asked the lady at the front lobby, why were asked to hold our seating when there were at least 3 available tables- to which she nonchalantly responded "" those are for a private party,"" (one that never showed up). My party of 4 continued to wait, clumped together on one tiny bench, outside the restaurant. Over the course of the next 45 minutes, I had asked 4 times when we would be seated, only to get the same crewd answer each time- ""your table is being cleaned up, you're next to be seated."" Perhaps I am mistaken, but 45 minutes cleaning off 1 table, does not a good dining experience make. In fact, I gathered that this IMMITATION upper class restaurant is making a foolish attempt to block-seat its guests. They'll take your reservation for anytime you wish, but seat you at 2 different dining periods throughout the night, as a poor attempt to create a busy flow of traffic. If you're in the mood to dine at a fine French restaurant, Cafe Bizou certainly has mastered the arrogant ways of their culture. As for the food...I wish I had enough patience to wait and order some of it. There are plenty of places in the valley that offer a true dining experience, filled with flavor and tact- AVOID this disgustingly mechanical Boulangerie Cafe look a like, with an atmosphere similar to that of a NYC subway station. Cons: No punctuality, poor service, disgusting wait staff, bad service, rude more

Fantastic dinner for four - under $100 7/10/2008

On Monday, we made our 6:30pm reservation for Wednesday night. Upon our arrival we handed our car to the valet...I was a little nervous to do this, due to the other reviews... Our friends arrived and we were promptly seated. We all started with soups or salads (I got the salad and wished I would've gotten the chicken and rice soup b/c is looked so good) and wine. Our dinners were delish. I had the sesame crusted salmon and the portion was just right. My husband had the shrimp and scallop pasta and said that it was very good. We are foodies from W. LA, follow the food section religiously, and went to Cafe Bizou on a recommendation from a friend that lives in Sherman Oaks. Our server was very nice, and prompt. The bill came to only $92. Where else in this city can you get a great dinner with great atmosphere, for 4 adults under $100?! When we picked up our car, valet was $4. I would have rated this restaurant 4 stars, but I am not a fan of valet and there was no other parking in the area. more

Delicious food! 7/6/2008

My husband and I love to eat at this restaurant! They are always friendly and seat us quickly even when they are crowded. We never feel discriminated against for sometimes looking a little sloppy (I would recommend dressing a little nice) and the food is incredible! They serve very simple cuisine with the most incredible sauces! I highly recommend the roasted chicken in a balsamic glaze. more

Not my favorite valley restaurant 5/26/2008

We have eaten here several times. Even with reservations there has been a long wait for our table. The restaurant is noisy and it's hard to hear a conversation even at a table of four. I asked for my salmon well done and had to send it back three times. Of course it was ruined because nothing can be cooked three times and taste right. They should have started over. I made it very very clear that the salmon was to be well-done when I placed the order. They acted as if I had been asking them to bring me the moon on a platter rather than a piece of well-done salmon. Pros: Can't think of any Cons: Poor service, poor parking, poor food, noisy more

GREAT FOOD -- Bleh service. 4/27/2008

Here's the skinny - Cafe Bizou has FANTASTIC food, however, it takes forever to get seated EVEN WHEN YOU HAVE A RESERVATION. We have eaten at this place several times, each time WITH a reservation, and have NEVER been seated without a significant wait. I have to say this though - we continue to go back even though the service is mediocre - because the food and $2 cork fee are just that good. Pros: GREAT FOOD! Cons: Disregard for those who take the time to make a reservation. more

Ended up here after driving around looking for somewhere to eat...and really like it! 12/27/2007

My friend and I went to a movie in Encino and afterward we decided we were hungry. So we drove down Ventura Blvd. looking for a last minute dinner on a Saturday night. Well, we ended up here and had a really nice dinner. We had to wait an hour because we didn't have a reservation, but we didn't mind...we just had martinis at the bar. We were seated in the main dining room which was completely full. Our server was very sweet. The prices are very reasonable. We shared a bottle of wine (I'll be back with wine in tow as they have a cheap $2.00 corkage fee!) and each had an entree. I had the Crispy Potato Scaled Salmon with spinach and mushrooms in a white wine and port sauce which was terrific. The server recommended it and she was right. I can't wait to go back to have it again! My friend had the Salmon with Citrus Salsa which which was a little heavy on the citrus, but still quite good. Basically Cafe Bizou is a casual restaurant with good food, fast and pleasant service, and good prices! Pros: Good french food at decent prices, cheapest corkage fee in town Cons: long waits, not a lot of parking more

Nice atmosphere 11/30/2007

I recently went to Cafe Bizou for the first time with a group of friends. We had a great time. The restaurant was very busy but the service was great. We were in a large group and everyone ordered something different. everyone loved their food. I had the Ahi Tuna which was delicious. I would recommend this restaurant to my friends. Pros: Great atmospher and food more

Cafe Bizou no longer what it used to be... 11/23/2007

I used to be a devout fan of Cafe Bizou, but have gotten enough disappointments to revise my view... The sesame-coated salmon is still out of this world and the sauce good enough to eat with a spoon, but the salmon is sometimes overcooked. The monk fish, last time I had it was way overcooked. I've also had some sort of steak there that was dry and tasteless, although my friend's steak au poivre was succulent and the lambchops were good, too. The gioza in cilantro sauce I had to send back. I like butter, but the gioza was drenched in it and the cilantro sauce was so overwhelming, that it almost naseated me. The stuffed mushrooms and lobster filled raviolis was also not up to par. The stuffing, instead of being light and fluffy, had the consistency of spam and tasted like something out of a can... Finally, my adored tartatin, was served cold -- with the butter congealed. When I requested to have it warmed, it was promptly shoved in the microwave and served this dehydrated and faded without even the decency of embarassment. The Ahi Tuna Salad was also a sad display of veiny fish -- not something I'll dare to have again. However, the tuna tartare -- as appetizer or meal is still delicious. I really hope the owner or manager there take heed and at least fix the tartatin... I'd still recommend the place, but with a warning... Pros: Affordable and some dishes are great. Cons: Has gone down hill. You gotta watch what you order, because some of it is disappointing. more

Best Deal in town 11/9/2007

Yes , you usually have to wait about 15 minutes to be seated even with a reservation on a Friday night, but last time I went to the Ivy I had to wait too. Pros: Great deal for the $$, good food, 2$ corkage Cons: Waiting for a table, sometimes too noisy more
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  • The Scene
    The elegant dining room filled with jazzy music and colorful French posters gets loud and rather chaotic by early evening, when a crush of well-dressed locals vie for tables....

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