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Gully Animal Hospital - 32 Reviews - 6300 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (817) 468-2333

Gully Animal Hospital

6300 S Cooper St
Arlington, TX 76001
(817) 468-2333
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Gully Animal Hospital - Arlington, TX
Gully Animal Hospital - Arlington, TX


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We've been using Gully Animal Hospital for years. Dr. Franklin is a superb vet! Extremely caring and sensitive to your older pets needs. He has treated both of our Boston Terr...


Gully Animal Clinic ? 4-28-12\r My visit today with my 16+ year old Cocker Spaniel was disappointing. My dog has been Dr. Gully?s patient for many years, and for more time than ...

Veterinary Malpractice 7/30/2013

The below is what I posted on Yelp about this establishment so please disregard the Yelp referenced. To illustrate my utter disdain for this establishment, I first tried to see if there was an option to provide this clinic with zero starts. Alas, it seems Yelp tempers the amount of anger you can demonstrate towards your local businesses. If that wasn't enough evidence of how terrible this clinic is, I am 27 years old, have never posted a Yelp review, and, in fact, just opened a Yelp account for the express purpose of slamming this business. \r \r I would like to start by saying that prior to this last month I was a huge advocate of this clinic. My dog had an obstruction which Dr. Franklin and Dr. Williams did a great job in treating.\r \r However, about three weeks ago, we adopted two dogs from the Fort Worth animal shelter. We immediately drove both dogs from the shelter to the animal clinic in separate vehicles and kept them in separate waiting rooms because the older dog had an obvious more

Left or Right??? 5/18/2012

My dog had some tumors removed and I went back because they left something in, maybe a stich or something never got a straight answer. Anyway, the vet started to check the areas where the tumors were and she was looking at the dogs chart. She got to my dogs armpit and was explaining to me about why there was still a lump there and how that was scare tissue but the incision was heeling nicely and normal and how it was feeling so much better and using all these medical terms. I let her go on for a few minutes then told her she was on the wrong armpit! I think they removed the wrong tumor!!! She told me that they just wrote the wrong side down on the chart but they got the correct one. This surgery has made my dog worse and I think they just did it for the money(over $4,000) She is deaf now from it but they said that it can?t be from this. If they don?t even know the difference from left and right, then how do know that! Even after all that money I spent, they still treat me and th more

Not good place 5/18/2012

This place is an overpriced joke. I don?t Mind paying a lot if they knew what they were doing. Every time I went in there for the same problem, I got a different vet that would say, ?Well I don?t know why the they did that but this should work?. After almost a$1000 and four visits, I went to another vet and it was a simple infection and was cleared up in a week!!!! But Gully had to sell me $200 in shampoos and creams and none had antibiotics in them. I was shoving pill down my dogs throat for months and not a single one was and antibiotic. Oh and the other vet, $86 one visit and fixed!!!!!! more

Today's visit 4/28/2012

Gully Animal Clinic ? 4-28-12\r My visit today with my 16+ year old Cocker Spaniel was disappointing. My dog has been Dr. Gully?s patient for many years, and for more time than I can remember, she has received the same ear treatment, performed in the same way?almost routine. Today, for some reason, it was decided without informing me, that an ear-cytology would be added, a completely superfluous procedure. Even worse, the assistant placed the cotton swabs on the floor before using them in her ears. Plus for the first time in years I also received pills for the same condition. At the end of the visit, I was shocked at the cost: it was much higher than I had ever paid for the same treatment. Had the assistant spoken with me before doing it, or just looked at her chart, this would not have happened. Also the assistant mentioned that the dog was overdue for her shots, which Dr. Gully decided long ago that she should not get because of her age. I am wondering how the charts are more

Only vet I'll let my dogs see 11/14/2011

We've been using Gully Animal Hospital for years. Dr. Franklin is a superb vet! Extremely caring and sensitive to your older pets needs. He has treated both of our Boston Terriers as though they were his own dogs. Offered to take them home and care for them as the hospital does not provide 24hr attended care. Always there to answer phone calls when I had questions when it got towards the end. He was kind and understanding when it was our 14 yr old Boston's time. Now we have a new puppy and only Dr. Franklin or Dr. Williams will be her vet. Pros: null Cons: null more

They call themselves veterinarians? 1/25/2011

I had to take my dog into this office on Sunday because he got into a fight and was bleeding bad and had several deep cuts. I chose them because when calling around all the other places open on a Sunday charged an addtional $50 emergency fee. When I went the vet came in and examined my dog and then left the room. Then she sent in the vet tech with an estimate of charges. There were 2 prices on the sheet, one was the "cadillac" price per the vet tech and the other was the "volvo" price. They were going to go ahead and offer a couple of extra surgeries for my dog while they had them under for a low cost. Things that I did not ask for or come in for that day. My dog is bleeding and in pain, I am not concerned about dental surgery or getting him neutered. After I told them no I did not want to do that the vet did come back and I told her I wanted antibiotics and pain medicine for my dog and I would go home and make a decision on the $830.00 dollar surgery but the $999.00 dollar surg more


I took my 10 yr. old beloved Yorkie to Gully Hospt. because he was not feeling well. Dr. Franklin listened to his heart and appeared overly excited when he announced he had a hart murmur (as if he had never encountered one before). He looked at his teeth and told me because I had not practice good oral hygiene I was responsible for his heart issue. He took blood and told me the out come would probably not be good and he was not sure they would be able to do anything for him. I had to wait on the labs for 20 mins. and when the vet returned he told me it wasn't good and that I needed to put him down. When I asked if that was the only option he said he could put him on IV fluids but had only a 10% chance. Thank heavens I thought to take him to I-20 where Dr. Welch and Troy looked at the labs, told me they saw NO reason to put him down and asked if they could put him in ICU. Long story short one year later my Yorkie is doing great and more active than ever! My experience with this vet was heart breaking and I've since learned of others who have had worse experiences! more

Great 11/27/2010

Both of our dogs gave gone to Dr. Gully's for nearly 10 years. We always receive great customer service,an honest diagnosis and a fair price. Also good kennel service. more

Mr. 10/17/2010

Used Dr. Gully's office for boarding, because it was closer to our kids to pick up. I was told out pet need one shot after they received his records. I was RIPPED OFF with an exam charge with the shot. Cost me triple my normal rate to borad with the undisclosed charges by his staff. Truth is , Dr. Gully is a tremendous vet, and his staff should not have to stoop to these kind of actions just to make a buck. BEWARE OF THE HIDDEN CHARGES, I will NEVER be back. more

Open Late on Saturdays- For Better or Worse 8/18/2010

A few weeks ago, I found a puppy in pretty poor condition. All of his fur was missing, he had a distended belly, and of course, worms/worm eggs in his stool. more

Gully Animal Hospital Saved My Dog's Life 6/11/2010

My 1 year old German Shepherd mix ate an entire container of prescription medication. I knew of Gully's hours and had previously taken other pets there. I called them once I discovered the evidence of the medication being eaten. They got my dog right in when I showed up. Doctor McSween checked out my dog, and leveled with me. She was professional and courteous. It was not a good situation and had the overwhelming possibility of a horrible outcome. They admitted my dog and used a four-angle approach to aggressively treat her poisoning. She had to stay in the hospital for almost a week and it was very expensive. But, in the end, they saved my dog. End of story. She should have died. All of the research I did led me to that conclusion, and the vets were pretty honest that it was a definite possibility. But she did not. And I attribute that to their immaculate care. They informed me that the hospital was unattended overnight, and I chose to keep my dog with them because at that point they more

Mom to Colby and Brie 6/3/2010

I'm not sure where/how "Concerned Pet Owner, Not Bitter Ex-Employee" came to her conclusions. I am a relatively new patient's owner (7 months) and became so when my cat got sick and his former vet misdiagnosed him. Dr. Gully took copious notes for over 30 minutes on my cat?s condition, and listened to everything I had to say. Dr. Gully vigorously treated my cat, but by the time I got him to Gully Animal Hospital, he was a pretty sick kitty and they managed to keep him with me for another 4 months. I found the staff to be exceptional, caring and compassionate. I found Gully to be personable, caring and my cat, who never liked a vet, would run to Dr. Gully when he entered the room and begin purring. Not sure what the ?chummy? comment is about, but I have found each and every person, Dr. Gully included, being respectful of all pet owners, and not just an exclusive group. The premise is immaculate, and I know of no other vet within miles who have staff that stay open as many ho more

LOVE Dr. Gully 8/14/2009

I have been taking my pets to Dr. Gully for 20 years and have NEVER had a problem. The office has always been very accomidating and I have never experienced anyone being rude to me or mistreating my animals. I will continue to bring my pets to Dr. Gully for as long as he is in operation! more

Concerned Pet Owner, Not Bitter Ex-Employee 5/26/2009

If you must take your pet to Gully Animal Hospital, DO NOT see Dr. Gully. I would advise that you only request Dr. Williams or Dr. Franklin, they are both fine veterinarians (I have never met Dr. Sweeney, and therefore cannot comment on her care). Not only is Dr. Gully rude with a horrible bedside manner (that is, unless you're chummy with him); but he also has some serious temper, and has, at times, taken this out on the animals he treats at his clinic. I have witnessed this on more than one occasion, his temper presenting itself in the form of what I would deem physical abuse towards his patients. I will warn against one other thing, no matter which vet you see at Gully's, if your pet is in a critical condition, DO NOT HOSPITALIZE THE ANIMAL OVERNIGHT AT GULLY'S. If at all possible, I would HIGHLY suggest having your pet transferred to a clinic that can give 24 care, such as I-20 Animal Medical Center or Airport Freeway Animal Hospital (both AAHA accredited). Gully Animal Hospital do more

Ex-employee myself, mixed feelings. 5/26/2009

Yes, yes... I myself am an ex-employee of Gully Animal Hospital, like so many others. I'm not going to totally rag on the place, but I do agree with some of the significant statements below. Some of the practices are unethical (physical treatment of animals.. but I have to say, its not like every animal who enters the place is abused. But I have seen it happen more times than I think is OK. (which is zero times) Pros: Availability of appointments, grooming. Cons: Well, See below. more

We care! 4/21/2009

We work hard to serve a clients and take great care of their pets at Gully Animal Hospital. We are open 7 days a week. Monday-Friday 7:00am to 9:00pm, Saturday 7:00am to 6:00pm & Sunday 8:00am to 6:00pm. Call 817-468-2333. more

Very nice, sweet 4/5/2009

I am only 15, but I've always had at least one or two dogs or cats living around. In my 15 years, my family has never taken our pets to a vet. Crazy, huh? Well, a few months ago we found a cat in our pond and I decided to be the caretaker. Recently, she has gotten really sick: vomiting, loss of appetite, everything. I was so upset! I begged to take her to the vet, and I took some money and went alone. The place was beautiful, the people were very nice, and they took good care of my cat. The medicine for my cat was way out of my budget, but Mr. Roy found a way to work it into what little money I had. I will definitely take my cat back to the Gully Animal Hospital. more

what a load of crock 12/14/2008

I have taken my dog here for the past few years and they are friendly people. As a matter of fact I just called today..Sunday and my appointment is in an hour..Wonderful office and friendly staff. more

... 10/1/2008

"From a behind the scenes perspective, the prices are what they are because Dr. Gully has more diagnostic and updated equipment than alot of other clinics"\r \r Hahahaha, you have OBVIOUSLY never worked at another clinic, Gully's equipment is SO outdated. You may want to look at the equipment other clinics have before you say that. more

Ex-employee 9/25/2008

I too am a previous employee, and I have to say it is ridiculous what bitter ex-employees will say. I worked at Gully's for several years while I was in school and left to pursue my career goals. I have never witnessed any wrong doing nor any animals being mistreated. I still bring my animals to Gully Animal Hospital, and could not imagine taking them anywhere else. From a behind the scenes perspective, the prices are what they are because Dr. Gully has more diagnostic and updated equipment than alot of other clinics. There are alot of clinic referrals to Gully Animal Hospital because of the care they can provide and the hours they provide. more
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  • Dr. Roy Gully and our team are committed to bringing you and your pets better health by practicing the science of Veterinary Medicine. Arlington based Gully Animal Hospital was founded in 1981. Since then our staff has been performing veterinarian medicine and compassionate animal care in the Arlington area. Gully Animal Hospital is a full-service Animal Hospital whose mission is to provide the highest standard of quality and compassion in veterinary care for our patients through welcoming, informative, and supportive service for our clients, while maintaining a superior working environment for our employees. Gully Animal Hospital offers the Arlington animal community emergency veterinary services in addition to standard medical, surgical, and dental veterinary care. Because we have an in-house pharmacy, lab, radiology facilities, and Intensive Care Unit, our facility enables you to make one stop for your pet's medical care. We are open for appointments during normal business hours, evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. We are always available in an emergency, just call or come in, day or night.

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    Sun 8am-6pm, Mon-Sat 7am-10pm
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    Southwest (North & South Rush Creek), Southwest Arlington