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Wacks, Jerry, Md - Jerry Wacks Assoc

35 Bedford St 1
Lexington, MA 02420
(781) 861-6767
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Wacks, Jerry, Md - Jerry Wacks Assoc - Lexington, MA


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I had been to a few different psychiatrists to figure out how to stabilize my mood. After two productive meetings, he picked out 2 meds that worked magic. Very creative! Thank y...


Let's get one thing straight. The staff at Dr. Wacks' office and the therapist I saw were great. However, Dr. Wacks was very unprofessional. First of all, every meeting was all...

Nailed it! 3/22/2012

I had been to a few different psychiatrists to figure out how to stabilize my mood. After two productive meetings, he picked out 2 meds that worked magic. Very creative! Thank you. more

Unprofessional to say the least! 3/5/2012

Let's get one thing straight. The staff at Dr. Wacks' office and the therapist I saw were great. However, Dr. Wacks was very unprofessional. First of all, every meeting was all about the co-pay, which I understand. However, he also charged a fee if you called to get a prescription refill and he had to pull your chart to get the info needed to write the prescription. Are you kidding me? He is charging me to look at my chart, yet he has an administrative staff to do that for him? more

Decent experience 10/28/2011

As a mom experiencing post partum depression, I found Dr Wacks to be competent and professional. He referred me to one of their on house therapists, which worked out wonderfully, but when she moved to California, he was perfectly willing to stay on with me as my psychiatrist when I moved to a therapist out of his practice. He doesn't say much during sessions, but both of my therapists and I agree that he is very good at prescribing the right drugs and changing medication needs in response to patient needs.. I didn't need him to have a phenomenal bedside manner as he wasn't my therapist, and I found him easy to make appointments with. I had none of the problems described by other reviewers and I was with his practice for about six months. I guess I saw him three or four times. Again, he didn't inspire me to gush about how wonderful he was, but he found a good combination of drugs that worked for me, and was proficient in meeting my needs. more

truly a horrific example of the medical community 9/24/2011

I have had many interactions with a plethora of doctors over the past 12 years--some good, some not so good--but NEVER in my life until I met Dr. Wacks, have I felt so horrified and appalled that I felt the need to write a review and warn other potential patients. As the other reviews state, Dr. Wacks was OBSESSED with payment and even that seemed shady, as his receptionist said there was no 'standard' fee as I handed over my 200 dollars--no standard fee??? what??? During our 45 minute first meeting he spent 30 minutes telling me anecdotes about his friends, colleagues and former patients--none of which had anything to do with my case and/or issues. I left there far more depressed than when I entered and could have thrown my money in the trash for all the 'help' he provided--truly an abysmal example of a psychiatrist. more

Mad as a Hatter 5/7/2011

Speaking from personal experience, what these people are saying is 100% true. The guy is a complete nut, DO NOT SEE HIM! The fact is, the providers in this area are few and most of them are not very good. I would go over to the NWH area to find a decent therapist. Dr. Wacks is just beyond hope -- totally nuts. more

Great doctor and staff! 12/15/2010

I am presently a patient of Dr. Wacks and to the negative reviews here, with all due respect, I don't think you'll find a psychiatrist who DOESN'T require you to see a therapist regularly while seeing him. It's considered ""best practice"" in psychiatry. If you find one that doesn't require therapy RUN away as fast as you can. They don;t know what they're doing! Secondly, it's obvious you don't know much about the psychitry field. Dr. Wacks is very professional and his only concern would be to help get you well. It would be remiss of him not to suggest you work it out with the therapist first. It's also proper etiquette and standard practice. Please, only go to Dr. Wacks if you want a true professional who knows his stuff and will go the extra mile for you. Andrea T. more

Sad excuse for a mental health practitioner 11/22/2010

FAIL: Simply put, this man is beyond unprofessional. He'll start the relationship with a bitter taste- and it will linger... I couldn't stand him or his so-called practice more than 5 wks. Have you ever interacted with someone who seemed ice-cold no matter how much charisma you're blessed with? This is that interaction. I am able to honestly say more than anything else, I left wondering how he's made it this far in life, without destroying his career and reputation. (Then I discovered he sits on a few well-chosen boards). PUSHY PUSHY: From the start, Dr. Wacks is off limits unless you see one of his therapists so that he is purely managing your medication. Although this is pretty much standard practice with med+therapy programs, you will need to agree to this arrangement before you even attend your first session (whether or not you will need medication). He's a big-brand pusher, so if you need med MGMT (and even if you don't), despite what medication you are on, expect him to push the commercial labels to the fullest, to replace your current regimen. THE RULE OF THUMB: As for his trademark contract: Dr. Wacks has his patients agree to - what most would assume - a standard set of ""rules/guidelines."" Even though I have signed financial obligation agreements at MD offices, the additions to his rules set gives it a unique ""patient etiquette- OR ELSE"" feel. The therapist I saw for a short period of time seemed extremely disconnected from the sessions and nearly every session contained 10minutes of discussion on billing and payment, as well as ""remembering the agreement you signed."" Try to bring up that you would feel more comfortable using session time for a session rather than reviewing their co-pay policies, and you may expect a tongue lashing. Just all-around awkward. THE DIRTY-HARRY DEFENSE: Good luck if you need an appointment convenient with your schedule. Dr. Wacks is seemingly always on vacation and for a doctor, one could comfortably label him as having his priorities @$$-backwards. Should you decide to go toe-to-toe and stand up for your rights as a patient and ask what the meaning of all the hostility is, prepare to have your doctor-patient relationship with Jerry Wacks & Assoc. severed without a second thought (or at the very least, verbally insulted and threatened to be dropped as a patient by both Dr. Wacks and/or therapist - even the secretary will take a few verbal shots at you). I'd hate to see how they react with someone hostile, impolite and confrontational because I experienced all this when I requested an appointment for Dr. Wacks be changed to earlier in the week, due to work schedule. They seem to be ready to go for the throat, whether it's an appointment re-scheduling or missing one of your co-pays. Prepare to walk on eggshells. If you're a fan of a 3rd Reich style practice, Jerry Wacks is your man. But, I wouldn't wish his office on my worst enemy. Bottom line is, this guy doesn't deserve a license and he should probably seek therapy, himself. more

Rude, Petty Man 3/8/2009

Sad to say. I was referred to him by my PCP for treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. He was away on vacation, so I had schedule the appointment 6 weeks ahead. Meanwhile, I was required by him to meet regularly with one of the therapists in his office. She was nice enough, but I didn't think she really had a clue what she was doing, or that we were really hitting it off. so after 5 weeks, the week before I was to meet the DOC, I called to say as much, asked for a different therapist, and told them I didn't like their rule that I HAD to see one of the 4 therapists in that office - that kind of relationship is hard to find, and I resented the oddly controlling restrictions, which I have never seen elsewhere in my life. Pros: Short Wait. Cons: Rude Doctor more
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