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Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - 30 Reviews - 207 N Harbor Dr, Redondo Beach, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (310) 374-3411

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse

207 N Harbor Dr
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 374-3411
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Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA
Samba Brazilian Steakhouse - Redondo Beach, CA


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Gotta love this place!! I come here for the brunch all the time!! unlimited meat!! mmmm!! What else can you ask for?! The staff is friendly.. Foods great! Cant go alone! Ya gotta ...


I can't beleive that this place has gotten worse since they reopened.\r I brought 10 people for dinner. It took almost 15 minutes to bring the first plate. Then another 10 minute...

Awesome Food! 10/8/2011

Gotta love this place!! I come here for the brunch all the time!! unlimited meat!! mmmm!! What else can you ask for?! The staff is friendly.. Foods great! Cant go alone! Ya gotta bring your buddys here all the time! The girls are beautiful too! Nice location for walks on the beach and of course don't forget to bring your date! more


I came here with a group of about 20, on a Friday night. It was lots of fun. We waited int he bar for our party to arrive before we seated. The bar has a great atmosphere. Leather couches and modern tables. The Brazilian drinks were great! Fresh fruit and very tasty. DJ playing his music. \r \r Then we sat for dinner. GREAT VIEW! Probably the best in Redondo. Our table was right along the window so maybe that had something to do with it. Dinner was tasty. All you can eat buffet plus men walking around with skewers of meats carved right at your plate. Garlic steak and pepper steak were to die for. They had their signature cut, I can't recall the name, something with a 'P' , was the best meat I've ever had! Melt in your mouth. And these little cheese balls on the buffet, can I take an order to go?\r \r Then, to my surprise, a Samba show! Two girls came out in fun costume and did a dance routine. She grabbed a guy from our group. Ha! Great time. Great service. Will be back. more

Samba Redondo is a rip off 1/17/2011

I can't beleive that this place has gotten worse since they reopened.\r I brought 10 people for dinner. It took almost 15 minutes to bring the first plate. Then another 10 minutes for the second round. 10 hungry people waiting for a tiny slice of meat. Better yet, 6 or more they automatically add 18% which is OK but since the waitress knew that we only saw her at the begininning and then 1 hour later to bring the check.\r On top of this they had the nerve to charge almost $28.00 for 7 cokes (plus tax) and $4.50 for a cup of coffee (plus tax of course)\r I would think twice before going there! more

Samba - Hopefully Closing Soon!!! Needs New Staff Badly 11/8/2010

Be conversational: Write as if relaying your experience to a good friend. Be thorough: Mention your favorite products or services offered by this business, such as menu items, home delivery or spa treatments. Be local: Identify the neighborhood where the business is located and mention nearby attractions when relevant.WTF Samba! OVER PRICED OVERCOOKED food, servers are nice but BRAIN DEAD!! The Dip Headed Blond MANAGER SHOULD BE FIRED!!! This is no way to run a restaurant in the South Bay. My story: I live a few blocks from Samba in Redondo Beach and remember when they took over the building. For years I thought the place was closed due to NO one was ever there, no people and never any cars parked in front or near it. To my surprise this summer I found out it was not closed, just not very popular. My girl and I decided to give them a chance one Saturday so we sucked up the shock of $26 each for brunch and went inside. As everyone states in their review ...nice table, bar set up and views, but the place was absolutely empty. Not another living soul was in the place, that includes the dim witted waitresses ...boy they could use a lesson or two on how to serve customers. We proceeded to have our meal which consisted of over cooked, under cooked, too salty, too bland inconstantly cooked meats. Partnered with what could be called a buffet bar, but is really just a olive and cheese center with some bad smelling seafood soup and nasty rice. It was not all bad, occasionally some of the meat would be cooked well enough to eat and was tasty, of course we had to cycle through many a skewer to finally get some. The only real plus was we had the place to ourselves and ""unlimited champagne"", if you can call anything with a screw top champagne. Seeing the food was not worth the price, we decided to get a few extra glasses of champagne whenever the dim witted waitress would come by. Which was almost never due to her watching the soccer game in the bar and couldn't be bothered, we actually had to get up and ask someone for some water. The end of the story is where several weeks later Samba started sending coupons to my girlfriends email address. The creepy and most likely illegal thing is she never gave it to the restaurant, how they got it is a mystery to us. Although a simple Google search will come up with it, her business email is part of a public service, so. But what restaurant does a thing like that?! Obviously to drum up badly needed business ...and it worked, we received a ""Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price"". So we decided to give them another chance seeing it was cheaper. When we arrived we showed the coupon to the bone headed waitress as the coupon states and she said ""No Problem"". We commenced filling our plates with ""olives and cheese"" when all of a sudden, the manager came over to us ...big surprise there was No One Else There, and she said they would not honor the coupon. I READ IT more

Eating A lot!!! 1/21/2010

I love their Picanha with cheese!!!! My sister and I had way too much fun with their Caipirinhas!!!! I could not believe the ammount of food we were served. It was such a lovely experience. more

love this place! 12/13/2009

I went there to have dinner on Saturday night and was amazed with the variety of meats they bring you to the table. You have this little wooden thing with red and green to flip to indicate when you want the meats to be served. On the top of that the meats are delicious. My absolute favorite was garlic beef. I ate so much I could hardly move. I almost forgot to add- the view is amazing. Pros: great view and awesome selection of meats Cons: ate too much:) more

SAMBA ROCKS!! 12/12/2009

My experience at Samba was fantastic from start to finish - I was greeted by a bevy of young beauties, and didn't mind waiting at the awesome bar for my table (this place is hoppin!!) The bartender was fun and attentive and made great drinks - these Brazilian cocktails called caipirinhas - soo good. Service was great and the food was fantastic - great price for all you can eat. The best part was the Samba dancers - they were awesome!! I will definitely be back - but next time I'm making a reservation for sure - Samba rocks! Pros: Fun atmosphere, hot hostesses, great food - ALL YOU CAN EAT! Cons: waited a little because it was busy but soo WORTH IT!! more

Best Brazilian BBQ in South Bay area!!! 12/11/2009

Had a big group dinner there!! The view is beautiful! The drinks were fantastic and the food awesome!! We stuffed ourselves silly!! Great value!! Definitely will be back!! Must go!!! Pros: Meat, Meat and More meat!!! Cons: Can't think of any!! more

GO! GO GO GO GO!!!!!! 9/11/2009

Beautiful restaurant. Beautiful views. Wonderful service. I have never tasted better meat in my life. The loung area was so classy looking. Samba dancers were so much fun! Overall, great experience! Pros: BEST MEAT EVER more

Don't go 1/12/2009

Meat was raw. Service was slow also. Very, very pricey. Don't go if you have an eye for a good steakhouse. Cons: food, service, price more

Didn't this place close down years ago? 11/10/2008

Please remove this business address from the Citysearch listings. It is no longer in operation. It's been years since the place was open. more

best time sat night 9/27/2008

I was at samba last saturday with my friends great place great food and they have DJ at the bar so after dinner we dance litlle bit.I had great time.I wanna say it is one of the best restaurant in South Bay. more

Tasty Food & Beautiful People 7/2/2008

I was there Saturday June 28th 2008 with my Sweetie for the first time and I enjoyed everything. The food was tasty with lots of flavor, the service was wonderful and very pleasant and the view was so relaxing. I will visit again maybe in the fall, so continue to do what you do... Many thanks from your Nations Capitol. Pros: I enjoyed everything Cons: Don't have any to report more

Congratulations 5/25/2008

I took my mom to Samba for mothers day, that was a great choice food service and atmosphere I have to admit this is a fun place congratulations you guys keep up the good work, the best Brunch in the southbay\r the variety was excelent for a brunch the champagne was flowing, the meat was perfectly cooked non stop and the Samba Show what a great experience and the view makes you feel like you are dining on a boat.\r can't wait to go back. Pros: Thumbs up Cons: Thumbs up more

BIG disappointment!!!! 5/11/2008

Scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast sticks and Brazilian style BBQ! I was so disappointed with this restaurant's concept of what a Brazilian steakhouse is. I am from South Brazil and it was the first time in my life that I left a Churrascaria hungry. Service was sloppish, my boyfriend and I were sitting at the edge of the table and by the end we had meat juice splashed all over our clothes. I am not sure what kind of market is their target, but one thing I am sure - it's not the Brazilian one. Pros: nice ambience Cons: everything else more

Tourist Trap! 5/11/2008

I had decided to take my mother to Samba for Mother's day. Big mistake. We have tried several brazilian steakhouses prior, and this was by far the worst! First off, you can't serve brazilian meats without offering yucca flour, rice, and beans in your brunch buffet! Eating meat by itself is not that exciting! I have to say I haven't tried their dinner, but I am not willing to go back to try it! more

Great feast! 4/24/2008

I just wanted to share with everybody what a wonderful experience I had. My friends and I went to check out the newly reopened Samba out of curiosity and of course for all you can eat meats. It was very delicious. They kept bringing us meats and cut it table side. We especially enjoyed the Brazilian beef and turkey with bacon. The salad bar is very nice too especially that it has hot food and shrimp. We saw the show- the girls were beautiful but what made it truly unique experience was the life drummers along with them. They danced approximately 10 minutes traveling around the tables for everyone to see. We ate so much that we could not move. After dinner we went to the bar to have more of the Brazilian drinks with limes. We were surprised to find out that they have late happy hour and we could order drinks for half price past 10pm. We had a really good time and will definitely go back! Pros: service, food and view more

Unfortunate 4/15/2008

I have never written a review before, and am sad to write this one, because Samba has such great potential. I went because I thought my date would enjoy the dance show, which we both did, but even that was mediocre at best. Instead of being completely negative, I will instead offer advice to management at Samba, because I truly would like to see it do better: \r 1) The buffet that accompanies the ""feast"" channels bad Vegas. More selection and better quality needed for $30/person; \r \r 2) Beef up the dance show. We were there long enough to see all three shows (7:30, 8:30, 9:30), and they were all exactly the same- and not very long. Same dancers, same routine, same everything. Wait- I think that the dancers may have traded costumes. I stand corrected. However, the show had minimal interaction with the audience, and could just generally be more engaging. But the girls were adorable and did a good job for what was required of them! The show is technically 10 minutes, but the dancers travel throughout the dining room, so you can't see them the entire time. \r \r 3) You need major ambiance re-haul. When the show wasn't going on, there was no music, no spirit, nothing to indicate the ""authentic"" Brazilian atmosphere that the website boasts. At the very least, add some flatscreens to the main dining room and play soccer or Brazilian soap operas or something. The vibe was very dry- the place where I get my eyebrows done has more ambiance.\r \r 4) Something that can create ambiance: decor. Didn't they just remodel?! The restaurant was clean, and the furniture was new, I'll give them that. But there was nothing to distinguish Samba from the nearest pancake house, really. You have an amazing theme- decorate accordingly! The building structure is so unfortunate in and of itself- 1980's contemporary- you MUST counteract that with some Amazonian influence, please! \r \r Service and food were just okay. If that's going to be the case, give me an experience! more

the meat quality is so so 4/15/2008

we ate there lunch on April 14, they do not offer salad bar for lunch any longer, soup rice salad and cook vegetable as appetizers came promptly.\r For meet they only served sausages, chicken and 3 kinds of beef, the meat quality is so so. more

Disappointing for dinner 3/24/2008

We went by Samba because we were considering it for our wedding rehearsal dinner. I'm glad it was a second choice, because our experience was sub-par. We ordered off the appetizer menu to get a variety -- they do not offer salads in the evening, so we were disappointed in that. Two of our appetizers came promptly and were adequate -- the onion ring tower, especially, was delicious if small. We had also asked for two orders of fish tacos. These took over an hour to arrive, despite our waitress assuring us multiple times that they were almost ready, and when they arrived, the fish was lukewarm and the salsa ice-cold and so watery that the tortillas dissolved, which made the tacos difficult to eat. The tacos arrived two minutes before the time we had decided we would give up and leave and we were so hungry by the time they did arrive that we ate them without asking for a warmer version. They would have been very tasty had they been hot. We won't return to Samba unless it is for the Sunday brunch, which my fiance has had several times and enjoyed. Pros: Skewer appetizer, onion rings, view Cons: Food was slow and arrived cold more
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  • Brazilian bbq served the traditional way and a wide variety of other sides will make your tastebuds samba at Samba.

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