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Holt Large Animal Clinic - 32 Reviews - 7188 County Road 276, Terrell, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (972) 564-0099

Holt Large Animal Clinic

7188 County Road 276
Terrell, TX 75160
(972) 564-0099
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I STRONGLY appreciate Tim Holts ability to work with purebred fanciers and breeders. This is an art to which most Dr.'s don't care to learn, and I would like to commend Dr. Holts ...


I would like to start off by saying that i have not used Tim Holt forany of his services. My openion comes soley from his REFUSAL of acknowldgement about me. I am not an Ex- gir...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/29/2013

I have not used Tim for a few years because I moved to far for him to be effective, however, if I still lived close enough, I would continue to use him as my primary vet. Like anything else in life it is easy to give negative feed back, and if you as 10 people about any one thing you will get 10 completely different answers. In my opinion Tim is a very good doctor. He gets up in the middle of the night to take care of sick animals. He works very hard to get to those in need. I have had cases with him , I had to wait my turn, but even then he would give me tips on the phone to keep a horse calm and up until he could get there. I know of nights (I'm talking cold nights) that he was up all night taking care of sick babies in many places. He was always caring and tried to give hope even when there was very little. I personally have nothing but good things to say about the man as a man and a doctor. Call him anytime day or night and he will do the very best to help you with your sick or injured animals. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/21/2013

We found Tim Holt to be caring, professional and knowledgeable. We had a foundered donkey that most vets would have put down. Tim not only treated Roscoe he took the time to teach us how we could ease Roscoe's pain until he had time to heal. Though this was several years ago I can't imagine anyone changing that much.\r \r Leave his personal life personal! more

less than a man!!! 6/22/2011

I would like to start off by saying that i have not used Tim Holt forany of his services. My openion comes soley from his REFUSAL of acknowldgement about me. I am not an Ex- girlfriend, employee, friend,or family member etc... I think that those of you who have choosen to write these so-called ""good reviews"" , are either in complete denial, gullable, unintelligent, and/ or weak minded and obviously easily persuaded. There are multiple, honest, reviews about him on several websites.(womansavers (dot com), junglecat (dot com).. just google his name. Timothy Ray Holt. Some in refrence to his work and some in reference to his charicter as a whole. But dont they go hand in hand? I believe so, you cant have good work ethic and do right by others, unless you possess the qualities of good charicter. Tim lacks that. My openion was not formed by these sites,though i understand and agree with the people about his undesirable charicter. I have now FINALLY had the chance to form it on my own (after 10 years) thanks to his own words and lack of being a man. There is a 99.99% chance he has a daughter and with that grandchildren. (check facebook; e-mail- jonathanjc@aol) tell me if you see a resemblance. He has been aware of this possibility for 10 going on 11 years. not only has he done nothing, but has REFUSED a paternity test (at no cost to him), and insists that i am ""the neighbors"". REFUSES to meet me, lied to everyone and told them i was an astranged neice when i mailed him a picture of me and my family 6 years ago, then threw it away. Last year left me a message threatning to sue me for ""stalking,slander and deffimation of charicter"" if i didnt leave him alone, after i had come down in an attempt to meet him. I am too old to get anything from him. ie.. back child support, money, nor do i want or need it. I simply just want to know, THATS IT! With that being said, before you go out of your way to try and get a point accross, make sure you know that your openion is a direct reflection on you. You may want to make sure that what you stand for isnt compromised in the way of who you are standing up for. more

Oop..I smell a rat 9/8/2010

I positively smell a big fat rat, in these September glorifying reviews, who must be getting its cheese from Holt Large Animal Clinic. I do want to say that I have never used this business. I just so happen to stumble upon it when I was searching for Holt Animal Clinic in Dallas by SMU. So of course I had to click on it out of curiosity from all the reviews. This has got to be a bad joke? Wonder if this company or the poster even knows how unbelievable all these recent stories look? Just saying from an outsider's opinion. You got a 1 star rating because of the rat smell, hope that made someone laugh. more

Tim Holt FTW! 9/7/2010

I STRONGLY appreciate Tim Holts ability to work with purebred fanciers and breeders. This is an art to which most Dr.'s don't care to learn, and I would like to commend Dr. Holts for his tolerance towards a group of people who are rarely tolerated elsewhere. Purebred fanciers and breeders are more likely to spend the extra dollar-and while they can be demanding and google educated, they really just want the best for their next champion. more

thank u! 9/7/2010

Dr. Holt is the best. When my little Jack russel got kick by my horse he saved his life. And saved my heart from breaking because 2 months before that I lost my dog(nalla) to dog food poisining. He has also work with my horse. I think he is the best. Thank you for being my Vet. my animals mean everything to me they are my best friends. more

Disingenuously Hyped 9/7/2010

I chose my heading due to the fact that I was requested to help this veterinarian out by placing some positive reviews for him on this site and several other sites, also asked if I could have friends and family members do the same, even if none of us have ever used his services. I was told that Dr. Holt needed some help in upping his negative ratings on the internet, and several people were going to help even though they too had not ever used him. But after researching and finding many negative reviews and some state board complaints, I decided, being a man with a conscious, that I was not going to be any part of misleading people into believing something that I cannot even rate or review. After you research the internet you will find the same duplicate problem, described below, on a majority of the sites similar to this site. \r \r When I first came to this site only a few days ago, over 10 of the comments below were not on here. It appears I am not the only one who was requested to hype up this clinic's ratings. There are clear telltale signs that I obviously was not the only one requested to mislead consumers. \r \r The bottom line is someone associated with this clinic has been very busy the month of September. Now lets see how many more positive reviews appear above this one and in what time span each is placed. \r more

I love this place! 9/6/2010

I brought Stella, my boer goat, to Dr. Holt for an infection that she had in her hoof. Dr. Holt was comforting, understanding and extremely friendly with Stella's issues and tended to her with lots of love and know-how. Dr. Holt treated my pet with the utmost professionalism and care that, unfortunately, just doesn't seem to be commonplace anymore. Their knowledge and experience was incredible, alleviating any worries I had, replacing them with solid information and a sense of calmness that will make me come back anytime (hopefully not too much!). more

Great Vet! 9/5/2010

I have been with Holt Large Animal Clinic for over 15 years. I have 60 horses, several sheep, a goat, and pigs. I would not go elsewhere. Dr. Holt has been great with my animals. Before I used them, I was using a vet in Forney and had an emergency and he could not come, I called Dr.Holt as I had a mare with a bad presentation of a foal, he showed up promptly, helped with the birthing. He had my business after that and have been pleased with all the vet care there.Thumbs up to goes to Dr. Holt for helping me in extreme emergency. I've read other reviews online about the clinic and have never had any problem with the clinic or Dr. Holt, he has been professional at all times and has never once made me feel uneasy! more

Proven Vet 9/5/2010

Holt Large Animal Clinic has proven for years, on many horses of mine, and my clients, that they are the best Veterinarians in the area. With 24 hour emergency on call service, there is no reason to ever use another vet. They are especially good with lameness in the performance horse. Being able to diagnose and treat better than any vet I have ever seen. more

One of the Best 9/5/2010

Tim Holt has consistantly been able to find, properly diagnose and treat lamenesses that other vets couldn't identify. He and his partners are thoughtful, kind and responsive in emergancies. I would not want to use anyone else. more

Good Vet, Good Clinic! 9/5/2010

I have used this Animal Clinic several times for my 6 year old Paint Horse. My grandparents have also taken all three of their mini ponies there for a good 8-10 years. None of us have ever had an issue and have always had great service. more

Look No Further! 9/5/2010

My horse had a serious cut on hind leg and this vet come to my stable within 15mins. He stitched the 8 inch cut with easy and professionalism. I would recommend this clinic to everyone who cares about their horses and wants the best care possible. more

Stay Clear of this Veterinarian!!! 9/3/2010

Based strictly on Tim Holt's character, we cannot nor will we ever recommend him. Our choice to terminate his services was not only for the health of our horses, but most importantly for the health of my children. Dr. Holt was providing steroids to my son, off of his truck! Tim Holt is far from a fine gentleman/sweetie/etc. He is corrupt, untrustworthy, a hypocrite and conniving. We did have good experiences with him in the first 10 years, but over time he became a man that we never would of expected. Additionally, as in many of the negative reviews on Tim Holt, I must agree he is priced on the higher end, his inappropriate advances towards women is out of control, and Dr. Holt is extremely unreliable. He does not have a full time staffed office, his equipment on his truck is appalling with filth, a majority of his medications look extremely old and out of date, and his attitude and remarks about women are uncalled for and demeaning. Dr. Holt does not offer on-site medical care or boarding for ill animals that need round the clock care. Dr. Keaton Arnold in Terrell on FM 2578 is the best veterinarian around. With all the class, knowledge, equipment, staff, experience, facilities, and INTEGRITY Dr. Holt clearly lacks. more

One of a Kind 9/1/2010

Just wanted to take a minute to say what a fine gentleman mr Tim Holt is. I've had the pleasure of going to church with him for years and just now starting using him as my animals primary care. A truly wonderful vet. more

Love Him! 9/1/2010

tim Holt is such a sweetie! I have a large horse stable south of dallas that he comes and takes care of on a monthly basis. I wouldnt trust anyone else with my babies! Love him! more

Best Vet Ever!!!! 8/30/2010

Tim Holt took the time to come visit me and take care of my animals in there time of need. Bless him and I hope he continues to practice for years to come. more

Appalling! Not To Be Trusted 4/29/2010

I cannot recommend Dr. Holt. I have a large stable that boards superior/posh horses, with high maintenance clientele who pamper and love their horses. They expect impeccable services, as we all should, especially at Dr. Holt's prices. We attempted to use him based on the limited positive reviews, but quickly found that the negative reviews flooding the internet were correctly pronounced. He is inconsistent in his response to calls, services and pricing; and on one too many occasions simply failed to respond. My clientele has complained about his incoherent and unusual stall side behavior/etiquette. Dr. Holt's equipment/tools are lacking in cleanliness. We made the collective choice to cancel Dr. Holt's services based on my own personal experiences and my clienteles. We learned when you see a negative review, especially more than one, you better pay attention and simply search for a vet with no negative reviews or at least not as many as Dr. Holt has. Cons: Unreliable Poorly Equipped Expensive Unsanitary Dishonest more

Revealing Our Deficient Experiences 3/26/2010

Dr. Holt has become extremely fickle and unreliable under both emergency and routine-work conditions. A fly-by-night/hit or miss mobile veterinarian. We could not get a customary response from this veterinarian or his office, after leaving many emergency messages at his office and on his pager. Sadly, by the time Dr. Holt responded, our daughter’s horse had acute colic and passed. Her horse could have been saved, if Dr. Holt or his staff would have responded to our numerous calls, even the courtesy of referring us to another veterinarian would have been appropriately professional. We have used Dr. Holt since relocating to Forney back in 1998, and his fickleness appeared to have begun back in 2005. Since this time, Dr. Holt has only degenerated rapidly in all aspects of his professional services, approach and personal hygiene. We cannot recommend using Dr. Holt for either emergency or routine work. Our veterinarian should be one we can rely upon in responding and in giving the utmost care and health guidance for our horses. We will not take the risk of losing another one of our family members by staying with Dr. Holt. more

Great Vet 3/9/2010

Tim has been our vet for as long as we have lived in the area over 17 yrs. He has always been great in showing up when stated. he has taken care of the easy stuff like shots and coggins, but also in many times of major incidents done great work, and been very great with our horses. \r My daughters 1st pony was having major heart issues, he came out several times in one night to check on this pony and make it comfortable in its final moments. I also had a rescue horse that had been way underfed and had many problems. Tim was happy to come out several times and help us with it. I had a barrel horse that broke and almost cut off its foot, Tim was able to save the horses foot and he recovered to be a great trail horse. I had another drill team horse, that was attacked by coyotes. Almost had its stomach ripped out, it was the size of a football and inches away from intestines and vital organs. TIm was able to get the horse to stand still, while he cleaned it, cut out the bad flesh and stitched what he could. He came out several times and cleaned it . the horse had a full recovery, and you could never tell it had any kind of problem or tear in its side at all. no scarring or problems of any kind.\r Tim is the only vet I will use for my horses. He is kind, knows the horses and will do great work no matter what the circumstance. I give him an excellent rating! Pros: Great care with Animals more
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