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Pet Wonderland Inc - 17 Reviews - 757 Kidder St, Wilkes Barre, PA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (570) 823-3331

Pet Wonderland Inc

757 Kidder St
Wilkes Barre, PA 18702
(570) 823-3331
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I myself think this store is wonderful . I was treated very nice and the manager was very helpful when we were looking at which type of yorkie to get. she answered all of our ques...


I wish I could give a negative star. They don't deserve even 1. They are disgusting, not only their employees either. Their rodent tanks are overfilled, with no food or water (...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/24/2012

Puppie mill . When we bought are boy the breeders name was zimmermen located in Lancaster. Just google zimmermen puppie mill our beloved boy died at 18 months from heart failure vet say genetic overbreeding this place is disgusting please don't buy from this puppie mill more

Disgusting 3/5/2012

I wish I could give a negative star. They don't deserve even 1. They are disgusting, not only their employees either. Their rodent tanks are overfilled, with no food or water (if they do have water it's brown and filled with feces), they aren't separated by gender either. Their cats living conditions are no better. I've been there once and the scum working hit a cats head off the door (accidentally) after bringing it out to show a costumer and laughed about how it would have brain damage now. I hope this place gets shut down ASAP. At least name it truthfully- Pet Scumland To the people that buy animals there you aren't just paying bills for scumbags but you are also supporting puppy mills. Heck, I would rather (if they MUST) support puppy mills in a DIFFERENT STORE. Not this scummy unprofessional ""business"" more

very helpful 12/23/2010

I myself think this store is wonderful . I was treated very nice and the manager was very helpful when we were looking at which type of yorkie to get. she answered all of our questions and was very polite. I think the new location is also very clean and sanitary. I will be buying my yorkie from here and anything else i need . very impressed ! more

Bad 8/11/2009

I was recently searching for a new companion when i came across a sign that read PUPPY SALE! I fell in love with a MIXED BREED and was extremely shocked when the lady said she costs $900 ON SALE!!!! Pros: Clean Cons: Everything is way 2 much money, rude associates. more

I am not the only one! 7/24/2009

Well I guess I'm not the only one that feels disgusted about this place. I have read various reviews regarding the staff, and of course, the owners that have little to no knowledge when it comes to proper pet quality. I have over 15 years working with animals and unfortunately have come across people that are in business only to make a profit, no matter what it entails. Now I know why they go through so many applicants. Nobody stays for very long. I can't wait until they are put out of business for good. Cons: rude owners, inexperienced staff more

hell hole 7/11/2009

horrible more

Aweful Management 5/31/2009

My child always asks me to go there, I do sometimes to look at the pets. But I HATE going there, the MANAGER is self centered and rude, he does not even smile. I get such a negative vibe when I walk in there. Employees there change like underwear. More mouses to sell then actual pets. Over priced items. I tried to go in there and feel welcome, it just does not happen. Terrible customer service. I drive 10 minutes to Pet Supplies Plus to get my pet supplies, when they are about 2 minutes from my house. I won't give them any business. Even if I spend $2.00 in there- I should be greeted and waited on every time, I tried them to see how they run business a few times, but they knew me to just walk in and look so they just never bothered. They only seek people who are going to spend alot of money in there. SALES SALES SALES. Have no knowledge of the dogs. They go through a list to get their answers, and most of the time don't know about the animals they sell. POOR QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE, OVER PRICED ITEMS. Pros: Nice to look at Cons: Management & Customer Service more

Great addition to W-B area 2/21/2009

We have recently purchased a puppy at the new Pet Wonderland and they can't keep their high quality pups in the store. I have been going there since they opened with my kids and this store is super nice. Sure, it's high end stuff, but it's really nice. The puppies especially are well cared for with lots of play time with customers. They clean cages several times a day and the pups are pampered and playing in the play room. The garden center is nice with unique items to choose like the soy candles. I don't know the owners but I'm sure they have invested a lot of money into their new business. It's Dundee Gardens nice with a pet shop twist. For the spring I heard they are adding some tables to the huge deck area and possibly getting drink machines so you can relax outside overlooking the garden center. We are looking forward to that just to get away from home for a bit. It's unfortunate when people have a bad experience with a sick puppy, but sometimes that does happen and I hope it doesn't happen to me. Pet Wonderland has good quality pets that I'm sure don't come from puppy mills. I have only seen beautiful pups of show quality in the store since they opened and I'm in there a lot with my kids and we have played with many puppies there. I'm not an expert but I am a huge fan of dogs and I watch alot of Animal Planet and dog shows. Stop in once and you'll be sold on this pet shopping experience. more

Danger! Danger!!! I smell a puppy mill!!!!! 9/21/2008

I consider myself to be an extreme animal lover.and I've BANNED PET WONDERLAND for years. In fact I worked for one of their compeditiors for years. I was looking for another puppy. Now like I said, I havn't been in this store for years, ever since their turtle tank had a VERY DEAD TURTLE in it,then i went back in a week later and it was still there!! So I reluctantly went in,and nothing had changed it smelled awful..the dogs were obviously being neglected. I saw this tiny chihuahua in a cage.shaking uncontrollably,he didnt even have a little towel to lay on.The woman that waited on me didnt know his age, where he came from,all questions you MUST ask when buying a puppy. And the employee huddled over me like a vulture, smothering me and not giving me a chance to decided. Now much like the other review with the lab/wam mix, I just couldnt put him back in that i shelled out $1200.00 for my little ""menudo"". When i got home i picked him up and noticed that he had an umbillical hernia,which they should have told me about. They also failed to mention that even though his parents are aca registered,he couldnt be. I took him to my vet and she confirmed it..we faxed the report over to them...and they were supposed to call me back but they never did...i have a feeling that they are going to fight having to pay for this surgery..which costs two hundred dollars! I've also heard form former employees that they absolutley put dead or dying animals in the freezer!! So if you are in the market for any pet (even a goldfish) GO ELSEWHERE!THESE ARE MONEY-HUNGRY, SICK PEOPLE THAT DON'T HAVE ONE OUNCE OF COMPASSION IN THEIR BODIES!WE NEED TO SHUT THEM DOWN! PS. IF AN ANIMAL CAN'T BE REGISTERED OR HAS A NON-LIFE THREATENING DEFECT..THEIR PRICE SHOULD BE REDUCED DRASTICALLY...TO GET IT A GOOD HOME, BUT PET WONDERLAND DOESNT CARE ABOUT GETTING THEM GOOD HOMES WITH PEOPLE THAT WILL LOVE THEM..IN THEIR MINDS...THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM IN THE FREEZER........MAN, I HATE THAT PLACE!! Pros: nothing Cons: Neglectful, greedy, disgusting more

New Location 6/10/2008

This store has moved to a new location on Blackman Street in Wilkes-Barre. The new facility had all new cages and furnishings. Lets hope that the management will take note of prior problems with regard to selling sick animals and inattentive, uncaring, staff and make adjustments. There were some cats and dogs and several birds and all looked like they were being properly cared for. I would recommend, however, that the management close the bird and cat room with glass doors to keep the animals from being startled by strangers and to keep little children's hands out of cages. I did recognize a dog that had been in the shop for several months, since before the move to the new location. Hopefully, the dog is getting out of his cage for exercise and human attention on a daily basis. The store manager plans to ""diversify"" and eventually open up a garden center and a card and gift shop. Pros: New store - plenty of parking Cons: Deferred until store is officially open. more

Terrible management - doesn't care about the animals they are selling 3/13/2008

I used to work for this pet store and quit after three days for the lack of respect they show to their customers, the lack of care they give the pets, and the frozen animals in their freezer they have for their staff to use. The poor animals with kennel cough are all treated with the same dispenser without being cleaned in between, the dogs are left in their kennels, sometimes too small for their bodies to be able to move around or stand on all fours comfortably, and the way they treat their staff not allowing staff to be around certain animals if they show they have a heart towards them...terrible management, poor animal care, and poor customer service...the store should be closed and the animals rescued from the neglect... Pros: good selection of animals and supplies Cons: animals in poor health, poor customer service more

How is this place still in business? 1/22/2008

They sell sick animals, & have been for years... I had a horrible experience with this place & the owner Sandi Miller over 10 years ago. They sold me a sick kitten that eventually died, they blamed me & told me I was banned from the store & from what I see she is still at it. PLEASE do your research before buying an animal from Pet Wonderland, just look at their record it speaks for itself. Cons: all more

Avoid this store at all costs 9/11/2007

I went into this pet store two months ago. I asked one of the sales people, her name was Sandy, about some of the breeds. She knew very little. She kept saying isn't that dog cute. It has such pretty coloring. Cons: Avoid, they don't care what they sell more

Awful 6/2/2007

Coming all the way from AZ do not buy pets here! Liars, greedy, heartless and they treat the animals horrible!!!! They will sell you anything that still breathes. Awful owner and she threatens customers Pros: i feel bad for the animals there more

Avoid like the plague! 5/6/2007

I am the proud owner of 4 dogs one of which came from Pet Wonderland. This was the last dog that we have purchased and purchased her from there in January 2007. She was a lab/weim mix and was about 3 months old or so. She was very active, but when we were checking out she was coughing and hacking uncontrollably. The one woman working there was going over the warranty, etc for our ""Midnight"" and she got to the part about kennel cough. She laughed and joked that Midnight had kennel cough and that it was no big deal. I didn't think of it at the time, but when we got home realized that we had 3 other dogs in the home (all of which were vaccinated against kennel cough-but which makes no difference because it can still be contracted after vaccination.) The manager and the employee at the pet store assisting us were well aware of the fact that all the dogs there had kennel cough including our dog and that we had 3 more at home that were healthy and we were bringing this infection into our home. We couldn't leave the little sweet girl there so we took her home. I took her to my vet of many years for her checkup and assessment of her kennel cough and she was put on antibiotics and cough pills for the kennel cough. I called the store and spoke with the manager when I got home and she informed me that because I knew she was sick when I received her, I was not entitled to any form of reimbursement what so ever. Now granted, the total cost of all medications was $40.00 for the antibiotics and 2 seperate rounds of cough pills, but the principle still is what matters. I followed all procedures right down to when I took her in, getting the vet form filled out and signed, and notifing the store before the ""deadline"" and I received nothing. In short, do not ever purchase a pet from this store. Go down the street, or better yet to your local SPCA or humane society. Pros: lots of dogs and cats to choose from (just like the SPCA) Cons: everything- read above more

Horrible expierence... 1/23/2007

In short we purchased a kitten from the store, the kitten died the same day as his vet appointment. My partner took the kitten to the store and was ridiculed by the employees and manager at this location. I wrote to the Better BB about this, and the response from the 'manager' at the store was that the kitten was alive and well. (Even though he was brought back in a shoebox....) They refused to give the body back for a proper burial, and he was indeed tossed in a trash can outside the store. They did nothing for me, and made me select another kitten, which in turn had ringworm which we didn't know about, we ended up contracting this from the kitten. He had surgery for entripion, and also suffering from a kidney disease... Cons: Read above! more

Horrible Customer Service 9/28/2006

I was treated horribly in the store while I was purchasing products. The Manager Amy stood there and allowed her employess to act this way. I use to shop there often. Never again. It may have been a personal attack, Im not sure. You should be able to go to a store and not be degraded. Professional behavior is important. None found here. Pros: Location but three other pet stores are there go to them!!!!!! Cons: Nasty treatment of customers more

horrable store to deal with 9/14/2005

we purchased a new minerature longhair dachshund on 9/8/05,he got sick 3 days after we took him home.he passed away on 9/14/05 at our vet hospital.called about procedures to get a credit(not real important but thing we must do somtimes)anyway we were treated with no respect and no respect for the puppy.we tried to get the puppy back off of the pet store on 9/15/05 bucause they put him in a freezer.not for a day but for a wee before they would send him for an autopsy.anyway er thought this was horrable and decided to forget about the money(1400.00)and give shooter a proper funeral.they told us ewe ould not havbe him back and if we give them any trouble they would drag out the warranty as long as they could.. more
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