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Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - 20 Reviews - 2555 Lititz Pike, Lancaster, PA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (717) 553-4977

Neffsville Veterinary Clinic

2555 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 553-4977
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Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA
Neffsville Veterinary Clinic - Lancaster, PA


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Highly recommend this vet. I use them for everything including vet care, grooming and boarding. The staff is friendly and treat me and my dog like family.


First of all, my dog has always received excellent care at this facility, so in that respect, it's fine. My beef is with their prices. This place is so incredibly expensive!! I NE...

Lynda W. 5/24/2015

My family has used Neffsville for over thirty years and when I became a dog parent, my pups went there, too. I've always received top-notch care from everyone on staff. I don't feel like I'm pushed into using meds, that's usually the last option. Most importantly, my concerns and questions are taken seriously. Additionally, the resort staff is attentive and my girl enjoys her visits there. I'd highly recommend the clinic and resort. more

5 stars! 4/23/2014

Highly recommend this vet. I use them for everything including vet care, grooming and boarding. The staff is friendly and treat me and my dog like family. more

Ruth 1/18/2014

We would rate this facility very poorly, we have been patients for over 15 years and have seen change and unfortunately not for the better. As with most businesses that have a large expansion something always gets lost and recently it is the quality of pet care. It seems they are more interested in pet day care and boarding then their regular patients. No follow up calls as stated from the doctor we had an assistant call who would relay the message to the doctor, sad to say the doctor never called and our pet was hurt seriously. No mention of cost of anything until the assistant comes in you room and asks how are you taking care of this today. Most places let you know before or during and not when your ready to walk out the door. So you better make sure you have a couple of hundred dollars ready to spend. As far as their dog day care we have never used and will never but if they state they give long extended walks or just walks let me tell you that if the dog makes it past the more

They Treat My Rescue with Respect! 12/9/2011

I've been using Neffsville Veterinary Clinic's services since August. My pup is my best friend and an important family member, and I wouldn't even consider anything less than the best for him.\r I toured the clinic before I became a client & was very impressed with how friendly & accommodating everyone was, from the front desk staff to the nurses and doctors. They greeted me AND my dog, (using his name!) which is a huge deal to me since we were not even clients yet.\r The lobby is upscale and attractive, and the furniture and decorations seem to calm my dog since it's almost like a home environment. This is another big deal, because my dog is a rescue so strange environments and people don't usually bring out the best in him. The whole clinic was immaculate and in the hospital section a tech was sitting on the floor with a dog as it looked like it was coming out of anesthesia. They even had the dog laying on a fluffy comforter, not just the floor and she was petting his head.\r I knew rig more

Exurbanite 5/22/2011

I have been going to Neffsville for about 5 years. The care is generally thorough but as other people have said, they seem to push every possible test, shot and procedure on you that they can. They are very expensive - it was $495 to have a cat's tooth extracted, and it would have been $695 if I had not insisted on re-using the bloodwork they had done just 4 months prior, which they wanted to repeat. Some of the docs seem compassionate, but others like Dr. Blythe are like a cold fish and you feel like they are rushing through appointments. I recently took my dog there for his one year check up, and it felt really cursory and rushed. She did not even bother to look at his teeth, which had a lot of tartar. He really needed a dental cleaning but she did not even bother to look at them. I also feel that she is sometimes insensitive to animals pain and discomfort. For a recent exam she twisted my dog's head until he yelped in pain. She is one of the worst in terms of recommending expensive more

high prices, but good vets. 1/15/2011

This is a very nice clinic, but in being a very nice place (no "kennel smell" and professional waiting area etc) they are also VERY pricey. They also fall into the (all too common with vets) Science Diet mindset and peddle this terrible food. The doctors all seem knowledgeable and are friendly and helpful. I still use my regular vet for certain problems (she has no attachment to certain brands, and food marketing etc) but go there if I have an emergency or for vaccinations.\r The pet resort is great and an excellent place to take your pet while on vacation. more

"Office Manager" 3/25/2010

I came for an appointment just like i always do and their "Office Manager" a women i have never seen or even heard of just busts into MY appt, and interupts the assistant who was asking questions, very concerned for my cat who was basically on his death bed. And this "Office Manager" just bursts in and interupts MY appt, the time I am paying for to help my cat, and comes in and starts petting and annoying and causing him stress and pain, which was obvious. I can assure she can not even name 10 clients that come to Neffsville. I have nothing against the doctors and staff they are all wonderful! more

Our first Vet choice for ten plus years. 3/5/2010

While anyone can have a negative experience on any given day with any given vet or support staff, my family has been using Neffsville Vet Clinic for over ten years for our dogs and cats and we would not use any other vet given the option. The staff is friendly, supportive and thorough. They know my pets and my family members on sight and by name. The prices may seem high- but they consistantly provide options and quality care. This past year our beloved lab of 11 years had a very difficult and potentially costly final year of life. The staff at Neffsville respected all of our choices reguarding quality of life, cost and treatment options. When the time came to put our pet down, the staff showed support, compassion and a level of care for our pet and our family members, including my young daughter, that made the tramatic experience as calm and smooth as possible. The Vets and staff have continued to show the same high level of quality and involvement with our younger lab- seeming more

Money making machine 3/9/2009

First of all, my dog has always received excellent care at this facility, so in that respect, it's fine. My beef is with their prices. This place is so incredibly expensive!! I NEVER leave for less than $125. They pad your bill with all kinds of goodies...shampoos, meds....they never ask or give you the option of having routine prescriptions filled elsewhere, or whether or not you agree to have a particular test done. I always leave with an icky feeling like I have been taken advantage of. The facility is really nice...very upscale....I guess they have to pay for it somehow. They are feeding off of the Manheim Township wealth....but not me anymore...I'm going elsewhere. more

Love this Vet! 2/21/2009

I recently moved to Lancaster and Neffsville Vet was recommended to me.\r From my experience on the phone to my first visit was wonderful!\r The staff and Doctors were so caring and knowledgeable. They discussed things with me that previous vets never even told me about.\r I never expected to love my vet like I love Neffsville Vet, but I am very happy that I found them!\r They truly go above and beyond. more

Best Medicine / High Customer Service 1/23/2009

I have only recently discovered Neffsville Veterinary Clinic for my own pets, but have many friends and colleagues that highly recommended this clinic. I found the staff to be very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. The facility is second to none - they have everything!Most important - their doctors are top notch. I've met them all and their first concern is that of best medicine for the care of my pets. They are kind and compassionate and I trust them with my 'babies'. more

Unforgettable Mistake 1/1/2009

I have been using Neffsville Veterinarian for the past few years. However, this past month they have made an unforgettable and unforgiving error!! I had to put my 14 year old dog to rest on 12/12/08. I was told the she would be cremated separately and the ashes would be returned to me in 1 week. After 1 week, I called in regards to my dogs ashes and I received no call back. I called a second time after 2 weeks and again, I received no call back. However, on New Year's Eve Day, I finally received a dreadful phone call. The Dr told me, my dog had been tagged incorrectly by the office staff and my baby was mass-cremated with no return ashes. This is a devastating loss to my family and UNACCEPTABLE ERROR! I will NEVER return to Neffsville Clinic and will let EVERYONE, I know, my experience. I am suggesting to ALL, not to take your loved ones to this clinic. more

Great place to take your beloved pets! 11/30/2008

Neffsville Vet has been my primary clinic for the past ten years and I have never had one bad experience. Every single veterinarian and tech is so knowledgeable, friendly, and nice. You can really tell that they care about the animals and this shows in how they treat them with love and even know their names when we walk them into the lobby! They have recently renovated the entire office and it is definitely one of the nicest clinics I have ever been in. The atmosphere is perfect for you and your pets and it is organized in the most efficient way. It is always clean in there, and I always feel welcome and important. I will always go to Neffsville Veterinary Clinic as long as I live in PA. more

Upscale and friendly! 8/19/2008

Neffsville Veterinary Clinic has always been there when I needed them. They've never said "We are closing soon, go somewhere else", but opened their arms to my pet when he was in need. Wow!!! That speaks volumes of how they care!!\r \r I appreciate the options they?ve given me and the high quality service they?ve provided both during my dog?s surgery and in the exam room. My dog LOVES to play in the activity room when he is ?on vacation? in the pet resort. The caregivers always give him the hands-on attention that he enjoys so much!! He comes home ?normal? and full of love? which gives me peace of mind. \r \r Neffsville Vet will always be considered home for my family pets! more

I will not take any pet back to Neffsville 4/10/2007

Around Christmas my dog developed these lesions on his back. Neffsville gave us medication for a bacterial skin infection. When that failed to work they gave us medication for a viral skin infection. Five months, four veterinary visit each time with a different doctor, multiple guesses at what was wrong and a few hundred dollars later a biopsy was done. It turns out that my dog has skin cancer. Unfortunately I will now need to wait for another week to discuss any possible options for my dog?s future care and happiness with a Veterinarian. The outlook is not promising and I can only think that maybe if Neffsville had figured out that he had cancer five months ago there may have been a better chance at beating this. I will most likely now be looking at just keeping my dog as comfortable as possible but I don?t doubt that Neffsville will have the audacity to suggest a costly procedure which would only prolong my dog?s suffering. I have become extremely dissatisfied with the care m more

Long-time client 1/18/2007

My family has been going to Neffsville since I was 5 yrs old. I'm now 38. Their staff is very friendly and caring. They are pricey and I hate the fact that they have 5+ doctors but we need to use the emergency hour Pet hospital which doesn't have the best reputation based upon our personal experience and that of others we found. Still, when we moved we used a vet closer and were totally unsatisfied so decided that it was worth it to use & our pets to travel the 45 min to the clinic. They've saved 2 of our danes from bloat and have helped us help several pets over the bridge and were extremely supportive through it all. The new facility is lovely as well and theyve taken into consideration all sizes of pets in their redesign which is great for us giant breed owners! more

I'm fed up! 1/5/2007

We have been taking our dog to Neffsville Vet for years, and I have only been happy 1 time leaving. I feel like the majority of the vets there are taking advantage of the love you have for your animal, and telling you misinformation in order to make a buck. Its laughable, some of the things that they reccomend. I work with 2 trained (non-practicing) vets and they did actually laugh. \r \r If you do wind up going there I suggest you be very careful of what vet you get, and stick with that one, once you are happy. There is very little consistency between the vets (I have been there a couple times where I had to remind them about information in the chart right in front of them). My problem is mainly with the doctors. The nurses, and staff are really great, I always enjoyed talking to them, and they are very professional. more

I've been going to Neffsville for 30 years 1/4/2007

30 years as a client should really speak for itself... you'll find none better. This place is top-notch and everyone there is genuinely compassionate and interested in your pet. The medical care is unsurpassed. more

The best 1/4/2007

I've been going to Neffsville for 10 years and have never experienced anything but the best for myself and for my many pets from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave. From the front desk, to the techs and nurses, to the doctors... everyone is friendly, attentive, caring, knowledgeable and helpful. The staff there has seen us through all our routine health care as well as gotten us successfully through some very serious and life threating illnesses, including 2 rare forms of cancer in 2 different cats. Not the cheapest in town but, you know the old saying about getting what you pay for? I wouldn't go anywhere else.\r \r As for the prior comment... putting a pet down is never easy, for anyone. Sometimes, though, it's all the vet has to offer and it is the last act of compassion we can show our beloved critters. I suspect it wouldn't have sounded any better coming from another vet but maybe it was the best thing. An emotional vet is an unprofessional vet and wouldn't have made more

Bad experience 11/2/2005

A few years back my family pet was not only old, but getting very sick. When he started doing weird things and seemed sick, we took him to Neffsville Vet. We were not happy when the vet suggested putting him to sleep. It was so hard for the family since he was around for over 10 years. But the vet had no sympathy for the situation and you'd think he'd have more of a heart for that. We were so depressed and disappointed and would not recommend them. It could have been one of the vets bad days, but it was worse for us. more
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  • Welcome to Neffsville Veterinary Clinic Neffsville Veterinary Clinic is a small animal practice providing the highest level of care to your family pets. Our dedicated staff includes six doctors with a combined 100 years of experience. Since 1977 Neffsville Veterinary Clinic has continually earned accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Only 15% of all veterinary hospitals across the United State earn this coveted accreditation. We are regularly and voluntarily evaluated in the areas of examination, dentistry, medical records, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, anesthesiology, surgery and nursing care in order to meet AAHA’s continually upgraded standards of care and professionalism.

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