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Burt's Electronics


549 Albany Ave
Kingston, NY 12401

(845) 331-5011
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I've been a customer of Burt's Electronics since the early 1990's. I find him personable, knowledgeable, professional and highly skilled.


Hi when I was 16yrs old like 1993 that is seventeen yrs ago I wish I used that 16,000.00 for a collage eductcation at a college instead I wasted it at burts electronics.I can reca...

BURT'S THE BEST!!! 12/16/2010

I've been a customer of Burt's Electronics since the early 1990's. I find him personable, knowledgeable, professional and highly skilled. more

Sixteen 12/11/2010

Hi when I was 16yrs old like 1993 that is seventeen yrs ago I wish I used that 16,000.00 for a collage eductcation at a college instead I wasted it at burts electronics.I can recall one time being in his store talking to burt and asking him why my psb speaker covers were broken out of the box and he wouldnt warrentie them.I think that burts elctronics sells a lot of good products that you can go online and buy right from the manufactures and you will have more of a sellection.17 years ago we only had dial up know with high speed internet we can buy psb nad products online right from the manufactures.I wont talk junk but please whne you put my tweeeters behind my heater vents and put wood puddy to hold them in place because when I put my heater on the wood pudy will melt and my ads tweeters will bounce around and get damaged from the heat.I still have the ads bass box! more

Horrible Experience At Burt's 6/12/2010

I only went to Burt's Electronics ONCE, and, I will NEVER go back again. This was a few years ago, things could have changed, but, I'd rather not find out. I went there to have a cd player installed in my Dodge Neon... had no problems with any price or anything, but, when I got into my car... dear GOD, what a disaster! The guys installing the cd player decided to eat cheese doodles, and, leave crumbs, and, the empty bag all over my car. The panel from the driver's side door was completley torn off, and, sitting in my backseat! They had the cd player turned ALL THE WAY UP, with one of MY cd's in it (meaning, they went through my cd case, and, picked one out that suited them). I went inside, and, demanded my money back, and, told him to keep the cd player, but, he said he couldn't give me the money back, and, sent the guys that installed the cd player to put the panel back on my door... and, that was it. I stood outside watching them do it while that cursed at me and used profanity because they had to put the panel back on. When they did put it on, I got in, and, furiously drove away. I never went back there again, never will. I still cringe when I even pass that place going to work. Pros: Absolutley None Cons: Everything more

Great Place 12/16/2009

Burt knows everything about quality audio and he can really hook you up with exactly what you need. Some of the other reviews mention that the wait can be long which is true, but it's one guy taking care of everything, working the phones etc. Still I had a great time waiting. I brought in a vintage record player, which he knew everything about and told me how to care for it in the future. While he fixed it and helped other customers I sifted through records, then he tested it out and played a few from his personal collection. I think he has something for everybody, high end or not. He's all about quality so if what he recommends is too pricey just say so and he'll give you an alternative. As for the political discussions that come up...he has very strong opinions and can come off as preachy to those who might know less. Still, no point in getting in an argument, he really means well. more

Burt stands buy his products in a huge way 11/18/2008

As you can see from the other reviews people either loveBurt, or hate him without much in between. Bottom line is he sells quality audio, and electronics. Some of it is relatively high end, and most is very good quality, good value electronics that will fit into most's budget. If you can't afford something very high end then chances are he will have something for what you might pay at best buy, but is much better quality then what best buy will carry. The clincher is that he offers a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on his goods and does not make you pay extra for any kind of service plan. Well worth having to pay tax (as another poster mentioned). Take best buy's price, add their service contract price, tax, etc.., and you probably pay as much or more than burt charges and they will not stand by their product for life. Your life. I just brought him a dvd player i bought from him in 2/2002 (almost 7 years ago) and he repaired it on the spot (replaced a part) right in front of me. no charge. This is not the first time he has come through for me. The only problem I can see people having with him is that he gets a little manic sometimes - his personality can turn some people off. I personally think he's hilarious and will continue to buy my electronics from him. Pros: no fee guarantee, higher end audio thats affordable, wacky dude Cons: some people don't like wacky dudes more

Long Live BURT! 9/19/2008

Burt is a one man encyclopedia of audio and he has used his time and expertise to stock the absolute best products in your budget. He always has time for customers, which is why sometimes you have to wait to get his ear, but it is well worth the wait. For what you get, he is not in the least overpriced. He is a throwback to a time when people spent time with customers, and worked for the love of it. Long live Burt! Pros: Burt Cons: parking could be better more

Another day, Another dollar-He's or Yours? 3/16/2008

I had a Blaupunkt deck I had just removed from another bought it to Burt's and he told me the deck was no good.Was this to sell me a new deck or doesn't he know his product and how to service them?I was almost to trash the deck and buy another when I decided to go home and buy the wiring harness I needed from Ebay ($10)and try it myself.After receiving the harness ""Plug & Play"" , the deck worked new. more

Burt's Electronics 1/19/2008

Burt is a storehouse of knowledge about sound and sound systems. His one-person store has been there for many years (30 or so I think); I've shopped there about 3-4 times in the past 2 years, and always received personalized, excellent service. Prices may not be as low as in a big box store (but no independent store's prices can be), but you will never go wrong with his knowledgable advice. Last time I went in with a defective car stereo faceplate that would have cost $40 to replace ($10 or so used on Ebay). He unscrewed it, clened it, and it's worked fine. No charge for his time. Pros: advice, selection, service Cons: sometimes a long wait (one person place)! more

Burt's the only indie store, that treats you personally, and really knows his stuff 1/14/2008

The other review must have been written by a guy that only buys from the big box Wal-Mart. Go China. If you need info, Burt has it, and will order things for you if out of stock. Go Dave Mathews. Pros: he is a pro, and will have the solution to your problems Cons: non more

burt's electronics 1/10/2008

This store reminds me of buying a overpriced grill cheese sandwich in the parking lot of a dead show. a self serving hippie that only cares about his bottom line and his profit. ask about a product and listen to why you need to buy it because of politics .he knows about good sound and he is happy to take your money for it. if he was so real he wouldn't charge tax. you can buy this stuff elsewhere at a better rate. Cons: attitude more
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