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Boston Flat Rate Movers - Allston, MA
Boston Flat Rate Movers - Allston, MA
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Really happy we went with Boston Flat Rate Movers. Outstanding job and very professional. Will definitely recommend to anyone who's looking for help moving. Boston Flat Rate Mover...


They don't even deserve 1 star, except the drivers helpers were very good at moving the items. As the previous reviewer stated, all the bad reviews are true. I was given a quote...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/30/2013

Flat rate - flat out dishonest. Charged us more than double for the move, way more than double for the insurance, and charged us for the 'free' month of storage. Beware. We are filing a formal complaint for fraudulent business practices. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/17/2013

Great Job!! I used BFRM and was very happy with the move; I recommend them to every one! \r Great moving Company it's an easy job, I was so happy with the way they did my local move on 4/1/2013, I chose them because of their High BBB rating A+ and very friendly and professional over the phone.\r \r My furniture was fragile and I needed it protected, I wanted full service full pack door-to-door work. I moved to a 3rd floor walk up andthey worked hard, extremely fast which resulted in a lower cost than i had expected were careful with my furniture, no damage to my walls and my belongings were delivered to me in perfect condition. I highly recommend this moving company.\r \r Thanks to BFRM move masters for making my local move a moving that was easy. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/4/2012

NEVER use this company!!! Moving a mattress they punched two holes through the wall of my house and then said their insurance did not cover it. They are scam artists!!! The damaged furniture and were beyond careless and reckless. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/20/2012

Thieves! That is the only word that describes them. Do NOT believe anything the very nice girl on the phone tells you. She just wants your business and agrees to anything you ask for. Once the movers show up they star stealing from you any which way they can!!! They start their clock early. They give you one form to sign that has the right start time, but later switch it with another time at the end of the day that has an earlier start time. At 5 pm they ask you to pay for the move even if you are not done because the office is closing and they need to run your credit card. They estimate it will be another 3 or 4 hours more and add it to your bill. Their promise is that you will get credit if the move is completed earlier. If you don't pay, they will stop unloading your belonging and say they will take it with them. During this process that takes about an hour, the 3 guys just stand around and do nothing. You are forced to pay and after you pay they just dump everything to the nearest place in your house (in my case the garage) and get the truck empty and leave!!!! If you ask them to put things in different rooms, they tell you ""you do it"". The next day you call the office to get the unused portion of the time you were forced to pay and they give you the run around. The sweet girl that sold you the service in the first place is no longer sweet. They transfer you 10 times. They tell you the paper work shows the movers were there the entire time while you are holding a different paperwork in your hand!!! They fabricate new times and say you have no refund!!! \r \r DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE!!! They are THIEVES!!!! more

Excellent moving company. 10/3/2011

Really happy we went with Boston Flat Rate Movers. Outstanding job and very professional. Will definitely recommend to anyone who's looking for help moving. Boston Flat Rate Movers packed and loaded our truck with such perfection. Very professional and knew what they were doing. Thank you Boston Flat Rate Movers. You have a lifelong customer and we will refer you to everyone. We are so happy that you made our move easy. more

Nice and smooth 9/23/2011

I used this company last week for a move from Newton. Their headquarters is in Allston. After researching moving companies, their quote was clearly competitive and the agent was very responsive (I tend to ask a lot of questions). This is one of the main reasons I chose them. 24 hours before the move, someone called to confirm the time for the move and they were there right on time. The group of guys were very professional, courteous and answered all of our questions. The house that I moved from had a lot of stairs but they were complete professionals and did not complain once about the stairs or charge me extra or anything. They carefully wrapped all of my furniture and handled all of my boxes with care. Upon arrival at my new home, everything arrived just as it left. To top it off, they finished earlier than was quoted. All in all, a wonderful experience with a moving company. I hope I will not have to move anytime soon but if I do, I would definitely use them again more

Completely unethical business practices 9/6/2011

They don't even deserve 1 star, except the drivers helpers were very good at moving the items. As the previous reviewer stated, all the bad reviews are true. I was given a quote, which was accurate at the time. Once the furniture was loaded and transported back to Boston, they would not unload the truck unless I prepaid. That wouldn't have been a problem except they added 2 more hours to the bill. We went back and forth with the office, wasting 30 minutes. I was assured that they would ""reconcile the bill"" once the more was complete and rebate the additional $200 I had to pay. Office then tells me that an hour from the pick up destination in RI to Boston was considered LABOR. We were totally ripped off. 2 hours of travel time only counts to the pickup destination, and then at the end returning to their location. All time inbetween is considered LABOR, even if an hour of it was travel. Original estimate was $400, final charge $600, with NO rebate. 40 more minutes disputing paying the additional 2 hours, when only 45 minutes was left to unload. Complete ripoff of student movers. They stood outside and closed the truck until I agreed to sign the authorization to pay in full, even though it was 2 additional hours that they hadn't worked.\r NEVER would I use them again. Contacting Better Business Bureau next.\r \r MA Dept of Utilities--Transportation Oversight Division--Complaint Process\r If you have a complaint against a tow company, intrastate household good moving company,* bus company, or transit agency, please submit a written complaint to the Department's Transportation Division. \r In your written complaint, please include your name, address, daytime phone number, a complete description of the complaint, and any actions taken to resolve it thus far. Also include all pertinent documents, such as tow slips, bills of lading, claim forms and/or correspondence relating to your complaint.\r You can send your written complaint by U.S. Mail, fax or email to:\r Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities\r Transportation Division\r One South Station\r Boston, MA 02110\r \r * Complaints against interstate moving companies should be submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. more

Movers from *Hell* 8/30/2011

All the bad reviews is true. Do not look for bargain with this company. Let them rip off big guns like corporate relocation. They might have quoted you a good price but the actual bill doubles. My movers showed up at 7pm with a scheduled time of arrival at 3-6. I live 10 minutes from Brighton where these guys are coming from, yet they gave me 1 hour of travel time. When it got completely dark, they decided to back the truck into my driveway which knocked down a few branches of a tree. Their truck was not big enough to fit everything in so we decided to make a second trip. At 1130 at night, the second load with only a few piece arrived and the foreman is standing in my house telling me that it will take him another 2.5 hours to complete the unloading. Brings my total hours to 8.5 instead of the 5 hours I was quoted for. I said no way it will take 2.5 hours (he would have to stay til 3:30 am the next am) and refused to pay for the extra hours. He then threatened to take my stuff back to storage and closed the truck on me. I called Newton police. All the time he was on the phone with his boss Issac the dispatcher. I guess the company policy is to get payment, no matter how ludicrous it is, in any means possible. And that is their only priority. They do not care to lose a customer and their reputation along with it, just to get paid, even at 12 midnight. On their form, it says completely non-refundble for any reason. I wasn't going to give this guy my credit card so that he could abuse the hours he didn't work. He refused to work so finally I paid him. And he was done in less than an hour as expected. My final bill was $1300 instead of $700. I found out the next morning the payment he forced me to give him was posted immediately at midnight last night. Jose the foreman spent so much time fighting with me and taking breaks to care about doing his job. They didn't even reassemble the furnitures because it was already 1am. This company is working their movers to death. These guys do 4 jobs a day, starts out at 7am, finishes by 1am, no meal breaks and under constant pressure from their bosses to charge more and get paid on the spot. It's the company policy that's the culprit here and Jose being a real jerk. more


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I couldn't believe what I heard when they quoted me what I thought was the phenomenal rate for my move from Boston to NYC. It is now apparent that they always provide extremely low estimates because the fine print states that these are simply just estimates. I ended up paying $2100 when I was quoted that the move would take $1100. When I called to complain about how slow moving the company was, and how I found it completely absurd that they underestimated the travel time by so much. One of the representatives at the company then told me that they used Google Maps for their estimates, and that these estimates are done for passenger vehicles and that their moves cannot be expected to be able to travel as quickly. IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE SLOWER THEN TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION. I am surprised that none of my items were lost in transit, although they were held hostage until I agreed to pay the exorbitant fee they were charging me. They know that their customers are going to be in a bind on the day of the move and completely take advantage of this fact to overcharge them without worrying about any repercussions. It worked on me. I don't have time to take these criminals to small claims court, but I will do everything in my power to share this horror story with anyone moving from Boston. more

The worst experience ever! 7/29/2011

I can't believe this group got ANY good reviews... I think the good ones were written by the owners and friends, if they have any friends, that is (and that would be surprising). These people should be put out of business. They are rip-off artists, pure and simple. Rude, unprofessional and just plain low. I would be surprised if they are even a legitimate company. They are a bunch of thugs. I wouldn't have given them any stars but you have to. UGH! more

I highly recommend Boston Flat Rate Movers 7/6/2011

I booked the moved only a week in advance after it became clear that I would not round up enough hands in order to assist me in my move. The company provided 3 guys who arrived early and were quick and efficient. They were careful and courteous. I was moved in and out by noon despite a couch that did not want cooperate. They were persistent and got my couch that was too big for the door way in and without any damage. The price could not be beat as well. No gimmicks, in and out and quick move. Saved my back and probably a whole day of my life! I highly recommend Boston Flat Rate Movers!!!! \r more

Lazy, slow movers, overcharging service. 6/29/2011

6/29 We have moved across US more than 10 times. The flat rate movers is not doubt the worst. We have moved from Boston to Andover. We have hired other moving company before, it took them usually 5 hours to finish the job. Here is our experience with them: 1. They are about 30 min late. 2. Slack workers, other movers could finish the moving in 5 hours. They have not finish loading truck in 4 hours. That is one piano less. Yes, they don't have to move piano which other moving company did. 3. Over-charging. It is about 18 miles distance, about 15 miles highway. It took us less than 40 min to drive. They charged us 1.5hr for driving. Yes, it is at noon time, there is no traffic. They left at my old place at 12:30 and arrived at 2PM. Then they started to unload furniture. We thought the nightmare would be over. No, it wasn't. At 3PM, the flatrate movers approached us and told us they want to charge us till 5PM. There are only about 20 boxes left and we told them we would like them to finish the job and pay them accordingly. They refused and threatened us to take away rest of stuff unless we paid them as they request. We contacted their supervisor who insisted us to pay them to 5PM. We finally paid them after 1 hour arguement. You know how long it took them to finish? 21 mins. YES. 21 mins. They want to charge us two hours for 21 mins on top of already overpaid moving. We end up paying them 9 hour moving, which other moving company can finish in 5 hour plus moving a piano. It is purely horrible service, I would not recommend to anyone unless you have extra cash.. 7/1 Addendum We called customer service mutiple times. At the first, she told us she can not do anything till her movers are back. I called her at 4:40 and told her the movers already left at 4:27. Two days later, I called her again. She told me accroding to them, the movers left my house at 4:58PM. I told her that is not true as I called her at 4:40 two days ago and I have an officer as my witness who happened to see the movers left before 4:30. She refused to do anything and would not let me talk to her manager. In the end, she said she read my review at citysearch and insinuated that is the reason they will not refund us. I have to agree with kh111200, the service is horrible, the customer service is not helping. So if you want to use their service, get your camcord ready because you will need it. And be prepared to be punished if you write any negative review. more

Thanks for all the help guys!!! 6/20/2011

I have used movers multiple times in multiple cities (NY to Philadelphia to Orange County to Boston) and this was by FAR the best move i have ever been a part of. the crew of Miguel, Santos and Antony were not only fast and efficient, but friendly! Sure there are cheaper companies avail but you honestly get what you pay for. you want a slow crew, busted items and scratched up walls, go find the cheap guys on craigslist. The crew made sure all our furniture and boxes were moved into the appropriate rooms and would ask if not sure. Everything was well-protected and we have yet to find something broken or damaged. i HATE moving, but if i have to do it again, it will definitely be with Boston Flat Rate Movers... \r more

Honest, hardworking & nice people!! 6/15/2011

I used Boston Flat Rate Movers last weekend for my move from Brookline to Cambridge. The guys were excellent. I would like to thank the guys for being straightforward & professional. I was very tired of packing so much and had not finished by the time the guys came. I was afraid that it was going to take them long. The guys came in & got everything done before I knew it. They were very efficient. They packed my furniture well and brought them safely to the new place. After a horrible experience with a moving company during my last move, I didnt know if I could trust any moving company. The best thing about these guys is that they are honest, hardworking & they are nice people. I will definitely use them again. more

Amazing people grate company! Five stars!!! 6/6/2011

My boyfriend and I had a LOT of work to do when we moved. My friend recommended ""Boston Flat Rate Movers"" and their rates were really reasonable.\r \r Bright and early in the morning, three super funny, super nice guys show up with dollies, furniture pads, all ready to load-up and move on out. \r \r The lead guy took one look around the house, and simply told us, ""You guys have a LOT of work to do."" - Which was true. As usually, we had been working a lot of hours and only had the essentials in boxes. Luckily, the team leaped into action, helping us wrap and pack as much as we could. We didn't get everything done (and they made sure that we had realistic expectations going in), but dang, it was the best thing that could have happened, given the situation and our budget. \r \r One thing I really appreciated about our crew was that they were funny and had a good sense of humor. The simple fact is: no one likes moving. It's stressful, especially if you're a couple doing your first ""joint"" move (ahem...), nerves are already frazzled. However, these guys were just generally in good spirits. It really helped motivate everyone to keep moving and to keep the eye on the moving prize. The whole crew was really personable and seemed like a great team; they helped us out A LOT by directing us when we were too frazzled or disoriented to know what happens next. \r \r For everything the guys went through, we got a 2bd apartment with a lot of stuff down a flight of stairs, a few miles and up another flight of stairs in just several hours. We ended up staying under our budget, but of course, we tipped these guys as much as we could - they're worth it!\r \r Hopefully we won't ever have to move again, but if we do, I'm calling these guys.\r more

Flat Rate? NOT!! 5/26/2011

This company was giving me the shaft from the very beginning. They gave me an I initial quote which I thought was very good. Then when they actually moved me, they needed to pack more things in boxes and charged for packing tape, and 300 extra square feet= 1000 EXTRA DOLLARS!! Of course by this time I am stuck with them. They bring my belongings to storage and neglect to tell me because of the extra 300 square feet, my storage fee has gone up by another 100 dollars. Two months into storage (the first month and 1/2 was free) I haven't received any billing statement so I call them. Leave a message for the billing office-no one calls back. Talk to someone who answers the phone-they say they will get back to me. No one calls back. Finally, 5 months later, they call me to tell me I have a balance due of 1500 dollars for storage because of the increase of storage fee and they didn;t have a credit card to charge it to. Poor communication within this business. I won't recommend them or use them again. But I have to now use them to bring all my belongings to california from boston. Im sure they will find some extra fees to attach to that as well! (I have already been told there is extra fees is the doorway to the house is greater than 75 feet from the delivery truck-I wonder how much that will be!) Definitely no flat rates here!! 5/27-addendum-the company saw my review on YELP and the manager had one of the customer service reps call me to tell me that unless I removed the bad review, they were going to charge me late fees for the monthly storage. I told them that they were now trying to blackmail me and was going to report them to the Better business bureau. I wonder how many other people they have done this to? more

Best Move! 5/20/2011

Moving in Boston can be a PAIN! But these guys were professional, on time, fair and F-A-S-T! Nothing was damaged. They set up everything I wanted on the other end also. No hangovers, no waste time. Just WORK, WORK, WORK! I was so impressed to see them lift every item carefully over stairs, around walls, and through the doorways. They cared more about the items and my home than I did! They don't even take a break until they get in the truck to head to the destination to unload! Their break is their travel! I was amazed by these guys. I have moved six times in Boston and nothing even comes close. If I ever move again, it will be Boston Flat Rate Movers in a HEART-BEAT! more

great company!! 5/13/2011

After reading a bunch of reviews, I called 2 moving companies and Boston Flat Rate Movers was the first to answer my call. I'm so glad I went with them! The entire process, from start (getting a quote and estimate) to finish was efficient and pretty seamless. I've never had to hire movers before and I've always heard horror stories - so being a bit paranoid, I was keeping my eye on everything during the move. With that said I was very impressed in the end and now I can say that I my perception of moving companies have changed! Another plus, is that the movers have been in the industry for many years - so we didn't get any rookies or inexperienced movers. \r The 3 movers took good care of everything and they even moved some of my mother-in-law's items that weren't necessarily in boxes. We got everything done in 4 hours (moving from a 2 bedroom house, stopping at the storage facility, then our final destination). \r \r I highly recommend Boston Flat Rate Movers and they'll be my go-to company when I move again in the future. more

Shady, disreputable. AVOID! 4/10/2011

Beware of the low-ball appraisal, followed by your furniture being held hostage until you pay a bill MUCH higher (double, in our case) than was suggested. We had an in home appraisal done and these a-holes took their time and charged us almost double what they projected. The staff, foreman and manager conspired to stick it to us. Don't do business with these jerks. more

Best Movers Ever!! 2/3/2011

I have to comment on the quality of the movers that were sent out to me on Tuesday. Miguel and his crew were AWESOME! I was extremely impressed with how quick, courteous and professional they were. I will HIGHLY recommend Boston Flat Rate Movers to everyone I know! I gave them each a $40.00 tip, but given the quality and speed of their work, especially in the worst snow storm day, they deserved so much more. I only wish I could have given them more, but I would like to commend them and I think they all deserve a bonus!! more
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