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Bodywork-A Day Spa - 16 Reviews - 476 Cahaba Park Cir, Birmingham, AL - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (205) 980-4470

Bodywork-A Day Spa

476 Cahaba Park Cir
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 980-4470
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Bodywork-A Day Spa - Birmingham, AL


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My mother and I recently went to this spa. I had read the reviews, but I could not believe them, since my friend had been there before and said she enjoyed it. We had the pamper...


I went here because they said they do hypnotherapy and massage at a SPA. When I got there, it was only one room and, though the lady said I was hypnotized -- I wasn't. She told ...

We enjoyed our visit. 4/26/2012

My mother and I recently went to this spa. I had read the reviews, but I could not believe them, since my friend had been there before and said she enjoyed it. We had the pampering package and we were treated very nice. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good spa package at a very reasonable price. more

Just awful. Don't let the low prices fool you 2/18/2012

Please read this review. I am so upset and feel so cheated. My husband and I went to this place today for massages. We have not lived in Birmingham long, so I am not familiar with the spa's here. The only reason I chose this place was because Melvin makes the website sound professional and wonderful. And the prices are so much lower than anywhere else! I see why now.. It was terrible! First of all, the lady who was supposed to do my husband's massage was 10 minutes late and came in with food on her mouth. The other lady ""Barbara"" has something very mentally wrong obviously. She did my massage and I have never felt so uncomfortable. Her hands were freezing and she blew her nose the whole time I was in there. It was just a bad experience and waste of money for us. I really can't believe they are still open... more

Skip this one. No, really. 1/27/2012

I went in for a 1:00 spa pedicure appointment not knowing what kind of establishment to expect. I hadn't read any of the reviews, but after reading them, I totally agree with all impressions. Creepy, small, crowded, outdated... Unprofessional doesn't even begin to cover the service. Melvin is the ""spa director"" and Barbara, whom I assume is his wife, works there too. Her paintings, amateur and childish, cheap acrylic pieces, litter every available space. The pedicure area is just as described, a cheap bar stool pulled up to a box covered with a cheap coir front doormat. Also as described, a Conair home pedi-spa thing set up on top of this box. Tepid water, no soaking time, no exfoliation, hardly any foot rubbing, mediocre paint job and some of THE most uncomfortable conversation I've ever had. Ever. Melvin opens the conversation with asking if I'd watched the Republican presidential debate the night before, I tried to dodge the question and it didn't work. Then he started talking to me about his car troubles and asking what I thought was wrong with it. (I'm a stay-at-home mom, not a mechanic, dude.) I almost felt bad when I left, I swiped my card and left no tip. I told myself that it was ok, because he was the owner of the ""spa""... One to which I will NEVER return. more

This is not a spa at all! 12/24/2011

I went here because they said they do hypnotherapy and massage at a SPA. When I got there, it was only one room and, though the lady said I was hypnotized -- I wasn't. She told me the solution to what I came there for was ""to smile more."" She really should not call this a SPA. I wonder do these places have to be licensed; she didn't seem qualified to own a business or do anything like massage or hypnotherapy (hypnosis). more


Terrible, unprofessional, uncomfortable. inappropriate. worst massage ever. winner of the creepy old lady award. Don't go here. STAY AWAY, like everyone else says. . more

Felt Violated! Creepy! Stay away should be shut down!! 9/9/2011

My experience was just like csbchick except the old crazy woman DIDN'T wear gloves. She started off by telling me to take off my panties and I told her that since I was getting a bikini wax, then it shouldn't be necessar,y but she insisted that I had to. Although I was paying for a bikini wax she started waxing me brazilian style. I kept wanting it done on the top of my legs and she kept wanting to take it off me elsewhere. I got a creepy horrible feeling someone was watching or filming me. She kept saying comments like "" I know you hate me right now"" and weird personal unprofessional comments. I left very upset and violated after this horrible experience. Stay away! They need to be closed down as something is not right here! more

CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8/24/2011



OMG! I wish I had googled the reviews before I went for my bikini wax..and actually received a brazilian wax! This place was awful. When I called a very nice man answered and scheduled me for an appointment. I went in and some man and a woman named Barbara were in there. First off, she came from the back and was sitting in the waiting room with me. She stated off the bat that she was a ""little bit crazy"", but ""its good to be that way"". I just smiled, having no idea she was the one to perform my services. When I was done completing my paperwork, the man told me to go with Barbara. You can imagine the stunned look on my face at this time. She took me to the room and told me that I would have to take my clothes off, Umh for a bikinI wax?? I think..NOT!! I told her I would pull my dress up. As I did so, she started my wax, I would have thought she would have at least tried to make me feel comfortable and maybe cover my lower body and legs with a towel or something?? But she started my waxing, not knowing what she was doing when I thought she did..hence her cosmetologist certificates on the wall. It was an awful experience, she did wear gloves though no robe. I felt creeped out by the place and I was paranoid that they may be watching or recording me (sorry, but the place was just flat out creepy). I will never go back there or recommend anyone else to as well. Very unprofessional, but what gets you is their waxes are a few dollars cheaper than the other salons on 280, but trust me, those extra bucks are worth it!!!! And for this to have been my first bikini wax, I dont even know if I would want one again. Not to mention, I will probably have to use Nair or something in a few days to remove the rest of the hair. PLEASE tell anyone you know, do not go here, I know I never will go back again!!!!!!! more

was this place for real? 5/28/2011

OMG!!!!!! I was not even the one with the appointment and I was so glad. I could not believe the place, totally unprofessional and very weird. My sister was visiting from out of town (and state) and wanted to get a bikini wax before going to the pool. She was so creeped out and wanted the whole experience to over with. The lady doesn't not even know how to wax, because you couldn't even tell that she had a wax. She paid for the worst so called bikini wax EVER!!!! We just wanted out of there so we didn't even want to argue. I seriously can't believe this place is still doing business and calls itself a spa.CREEPY PLACE and CREEPY PEOPLE! and very embarrassing ! more

Totally UNDER par for spas! 5/21/2011

First of all, it's not even fair that I have to give them 1 star! Citysearch needs a ZERO star option. I really don't even need to explain with a zero star. Upon entrance, I knew this was going to be a $70 mistake. My husband, who was working out of state at the time, wanted to treat me. He bought the mani/pedi/neck massage package. It is definitely a mom and pop kinda place. No nice clothes, just jeans and t-shirts, almost a hippy-vibe place. Melvin, did my mani and pedi. He was wearing a Panama City t-shirt I believe. I sat on a bar stool while he put my feet in a plug-in Conair machine. The water was luke warm. He watched the golf tournament on his computer during the whole pedi. I soaked for a couple of minutes then he did the pedi. This was nothing at all like what I am used to. I felt like my dad was doing this! It was just gross! He then took me to the manicure room. The manicure was decent, but still just kinda weird. He then did my ""neck massage"" with started with him saying, "" Well, you're supposed to get a neck massage with this, so here goes."" He massaged my neck and shoulders for about 1 minute. Bottom line, if you are uncomfortable in high-end, professional salons and day spas and prefer at more ""at-home-like"" experience, this is for you! I was completely embarrassed to tell my husband about the experience. I told him everything was great. I did not want to disappoint him. We are moving in a month and knew I would never go back there and he would never see the place so I told a little, white lie......... more

OMG A Nightmare!! STAY AWAY 4/25/2011

I took a friend for a ""girl's day out""! What a mistake! I should have thrown my money out the window! The following is not a joke this is truly how our visit went; we arrive a few minutes early and were met by Melvin (an older man) and Beverly or Barbara (an older woman). I knew immediately that this was a mistake when I saw the bar stool sitting by a box covered in astro turf. The box held the Conair home foot massager! My friend was taken to a separate room for her manicure. The older woman, who I think had some type of dementia, started to do my pedicure. I would have to estimate that my feet may have been in the water for about 2 minutes before she started. I am not making light of her mental state, there was something amiss with this woman! She manicured my left foot twice, no scrubbing, no cuticle oil, no lotion, no nothing! She began to dry rub my feet with her hands, which became quite painful after a few moments. She completely forgot about my right foot and never manicured it at all. When she was partially done the older man, Melvin, walked over to my station (if that is what you want to call it). He told her to go give my friend a neck rub (which was part of the ""Extremities"" package (also $70 a piece). This lady did not wash her hands and walked directly to where my poor friend was seated and began rubbing her neck after just rubbing my feet!!! \r Melvin came over and began to ""finish"" my pedicure, to my surprise he began massaging my leg and kept going all the way up to my thigh. I believe he realized my utter discomfort and stopped after I moved away from him in my ""bar stool"". Melvin then painted my toes and went back to my friend and finished painting her nails. My friend and I exchanged places and she was then seen by the same older woman and had basically the same experience. I was utterly embarrassed that my treat ended up being a total nightmare. I have never written a review before but this was too much not to share. The people were nice, but creepy!! I could have found a vagrant on the side of the road to do the same thing. NEVER GO TO THIS PLACE>>>>STAY AWAY>>>>FAR AWAY!!! If there was a way to give this place negative stars I would give it a -5 more

BAD DECISION!! 11/16/2010

This place is HORRIBLE!!!! I don't think I can stress that enough! I have been to several spas and this place is a dump compared to actual professional places. I was immediately uncomfortable when I walked in. The lady doing my wax was sitting on the couch in the waiting area picking at her bleeding toe! She wasn't wearing a professional robe. She was wearing cut off blue jean shorts and a tank top. She hollered at me from down the hallway to come back instead of coming to get me. There was no pillowcase on the pillow. Gross! She asked me if I wanted her to leave the room while I undressed. Of course I did! She did an awful job with my wax. I asked her to stop and she attempted to remove the excess wax. I dressed quickly (while she was still in the room because she didn't leave) and left. When I got home i still had wax all over me. I had to research how to get wax off (baby oil by the way). The left on wax was very painful! STAY AWAY!!!!!! more

strange experience 8/14/2010

My husband purchased a pamper yourself package ($120) for mothers day for me. It includes a massage,aromatherapy,pedi/mani) We just had a baby and can not afford things like this right now. I have been to spas many times so I have a bit to compare to. When I first arrived I asked if I could get the aromatherapy changed out for a brow wax and they agreed. To my surprise the same women who was doing the massage was also doing the wax! She had no idea what she was doing she waxed one little bit and said ""is that ok/' I knew right away she was clueless so I told her it was fine so she didnt screw them up. Next was the massage which wasn't bad per se just strange. I read one of the other reviews ans yes she does get a little close to parts she should not! Then comes the mani/pedi now I am convinced this place is the raw deal. Never mind the grungy interior but this pedi was the worst I have ever had not even any exfoliating. I am really bummed because It will be a LONG time before I get to treat myself again. Anyway, don't waist your $$$$. more

I went in for a Brazilian bikini wax. 5/19/2010

I went in for a Brazilian bikini wax. At $50 a pop, that's a bit expensive, but I figured they would do a good job. They were friendly on the phone and when I arrived; however, she took me into the room and instructed me that I should be on my stomach first. I asked ""You know, I'm here for a bikini wax, right?"" She didn't and had to reset everything for waxing. She didn't wax correctly. The wax was too hot--I actually have burn marks! I've had many waxes, and the wax should be applied in the direction of the hair and then ripped out in the opposite direction. She seemed like she had no idea what she was doing. She applied it sideways and then ripped whichever way she chose and consequently, most of the hair didn't come out on the first try, so it took much longer than it should have and it was much more painful than it should be. When she finally asked if that was fine, it wasn't--there were errant hairs remaining, but I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Then there were the inappropriate comments. When i told her it was a Brazilian wax, she said ""well, you're going to enjoy this about as much as I am."" How do I respond to that--apologize for giving them money for a service they supposedly provide? Her comments during the waxing ranged from ""Why are you doing this--do you have a boyfriend? yes, well that's why..."" to ""Does your mother know you do this?"" Um... Excuse me?! None of your beeswax!! If she's not comfortable performing the service or doesn't know how to do it correctly, then that's fine, but they shouldn't list it as a service that they offer. They may provide fabulous massage therapy and/or other services, but I will never go back. I don't expect to be judged or ""disapproved of"" when I purchase a service. Pros: friendly on the phone Cons: inexperienced, disorganized more

Uncomfortable experience 3/8/2010

My best friend and I went for massages. She was very satisfied with her massage which she says was very relaxing.My experience was very different, I received a massage from the woman owner who talked constantly throughout the massage and tended to focus on my upper thigh area, which made me very uncomfortable. The atmosphere was basic, no music or relaxing ambiance. Im glad my friend enjoyed her masseuse but I DO NOT RECOMMEND this spa to anyone. more

Relax My Mind 7/2/2007

I was at Bodywork this past week and it was great. The full body smoothie has become one of my favorite treats, along with a half hour massage. I love the small, intimate setting of this spa and the prices are really reasonable. I'm not one of those women who can just spend my money like it grows on trees so the pricing is really important for me. I'm already planning my next day off for another little treat. more
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