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Blazing Saddles Equestrian Center - 24 Reviews - 384 High St, Randolph, MA - Horse Riding Stables Reviews - Phone (781) 961-9132

Blazing Saddles Equestrian Center

384 High St
Randolph, MA 02368
(781) 961-9132
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I have a good judgment when it comes to this sport . This place is full of good horses and medium range as well. The owner Amy is an example of a ""good hearted american value...


I want to start off by saying this is not the worst place in the world, but pretty close to it. I went there for a summer camp in 08. Though it was very inexpensive, (only $150 ...

Excellency and Compassionate 4/25/2012

I have a good judgment when it comes to this sport . This place is full of good horses and medium range as well. The owner Amy is an example of a ""good hearted american values"" best you can get. You are treated at home . Ask for her and life would smile at you !!! No matter how old or what level you are, you will be treated so especial. Don't listen to the nasty comments of others . Don't miss on the opportunity to visit and enjoy. I say this with confidence if you want fancy then try Myopia in Hamilton. I know both and I recommend both . Enjoy my friends more

Help me! 12/30/2011

Can anyone help me? I am a horse that lives at Blazing Saddles in Randolph, Ma. I am forced to live outside in terrible conditions with no fresh hay, water or shelter. At night I sleep in my own manure & urine. If it is 100 degrees in summer or a Nor'easter snowstorm, I will be outside in the elements. Don't believe me? Stop by 384 High Street in Randolph and see for yourself! more

PRICING?? 11/19/2011

Does anyone know the pricing of this place? like how much boarding/leasing is and lessons? do they do jumping? looking for somewhere not too expensive cuz im poor lol more


BLAZING SADDLES IS THE MOST AMAZING PLACE IN THE WORLD. the horses are well loved and cared for, you who say they aren't, you can shut up Blazing Saddles is for true horse lovers and if you don't like this place you don't love horse. more


I had a lesson with Aimee/Amy today, the owner. She never even showed up!! She had a friend come out to tell me she was a ""no-show"" because she ""had an emergency."" When asked why she couldn't call me to let me know, her friend told me ""her phone screen was cracked, so she couldn't see the numbers of people who were calling her."" Totally b.s. Horrible customer service!! In addition to the horrible customer service, the place is DISGUSTING. There are dirty stalls that never look like they are cleaned out. The place is not well maintained AT ALL. Everything is dirty and gross. The horses like so unhappy. Their ribs are showing, and it looks like someone needs to call the humane society. Very unhygienic place to ride. I wouldn't trust this place for a lesson or with my horse at ALL. Place is a COMPLETE dump, and I'm not surprised the lessons are so cheap. You get HORRENDOUS service for the cheap price. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS if you value hygiene and your safety. God knows how well behaved those poor and malnourished horses are. more

Awful service 8/9/2010

Amy was an hour late to the appt, when she arrived never came to apologize or say she'd be right with us so we ended up leaving without our ride. Def would not return! more

Happy Trails +++ 6/24/2010

Brought a friend to ride and hang out with me and my horse. We walked around to all the paddocks and he met all the horses. They were all friendly and a little carrot treat. Next we tacked up and went for an hour ride through the Blue Hills. The trails are wide and good footing except a few rocky areas, that's New England for you. The horses were perfect and well behaved. This is a great place to enjoy some horse-time even if you don't own your own horse. The staff is experienced and knows just what to do. more

Works fine for me and my horse 6/21/2010

My Thoroughbred mare has been boarded here for several years and is vert well cared for and happy here. Trails are superior. We get turnout every day and nice riding ring. I hand graze my mare. Boarders are friendly and helpful. If you board here you can join in and help out with chores or tacking. You can't beat the price and just help out a little and it works out well for all. more

horrible horrible place 5/21/2010

i bought my pony from blazing saddles and he was in terrible condition i went and saw him and had to take him home.. he came to me about 250 pounds underweight had rainrot all over his rump not to mention he was terrified of people the first time i looked at him i took off his halter and he took off running it took me months to get any kind of trust from him, touch his face or make any quick movemnts the poor thing was clearly abused..not to even goin to mention the poor quality of the grounds and other horses Pros: nothing Cons: everything more

Blazing Saddles Stable in Randolph MA 8/31/2009

I have been searching for a place to board my horse near Newton and came across Blazing Saddles, I was so excited to see that there was a somewhat close stable with a inexpensive board rate. I drove out with my dad and we traveled up and down high street and could not find the place then finally saw a sign and pulled in to the drive and it was a small beat up farm. It seriously looks like a abandoned farm, there was a group of people sitting around riding dirt bikes or something like that and they were very rude. The barn is disgusting and not a good place for horses to be. My dad and I ran before anyone else stopped us and we have no intentions of going back. This place should be shut down unless they can maintain it properly and care for the animals on the property the right way. Cons: Dirty, Small, Rude people, Poorly treated animals more

Not the best stables around 7/16/2009

I want to start off by saying this is not the worst place in the world, but pretty close to it. I went there for a summer camp in 08. Though it was very inexpensive, (only $150 for five days and three hours a day) it had very diry stables, the people there were not very nice, and, though i always saw food and hay in the area, there was never any in the stalls. After we went on trail rides i would volenteer to get the horses some water but every day i got the same responce, they got some this morning. THE TRAIL RIDES WERE MORE THAN AN HOUR LONG!!! HOW COULD THEY NOT BE THIRSTY? They also had very limited facilities, for example, if you had to use the bathroom, THEY DIDN'T HAVE ONE they told us if we had to go, go in one of the stalls! Also, they were not a very safe place. THe girl i was put with in camp was very young and agitated the horses. Of course the volenteers said it was fine, as long as no one was getting hurt. Well, that,'no one's getting hurt' was incorrect on the last day when i was riding bare-back and the little girl was shouting so loud at a duck walking by that my horse, the sweet old Dallas, bucked me off. When i asked to get back on they said no because I had scared Dallas. ME! The good parts of this expirience was,one, Amy. She was very nice and supportive. Also, the trails were fun, although they needed to be cleaned. My advise to any parent who wants to sighn there kid up is, don't. My advise to any adult who wants to sighn up, don't. My addvise to anyone that works at this stables and is reading this, I hope you can find another job because, unless you can take better care of these animals, including the cats who were skinny and dirty, you are going to get everything taken away from you. I hope this gives some helpful information to some peole. Pros: Location Cons: Most everything else more

Just awesome 3/12/2009

ok so first of all, i have been going to this barn for about a year and a half now, and i think i would have noticed by now if there was something wrong with it. nope, nothing wrong! the horses are friendly and healthy, and the trails are awesome. i would recommend it to anybody. Pros: everything more

Nothing good here 11/25/2008

Anyone that writes a good review of this place must be under the influence. Sorry. Kooky owner, overcrowded, dirty facility and unsafe for animals and humans. Cons: all more

Blazing Saddles is the best all around 8/12/2008

I have been to blazing saddles many times with my 2 year old daughter. This place is great for kids and adults. They have someof the most beautiful horses around. I even hired Amy to bring 2 horses/ ponies to my daughters birthday party in Weymouth. The kids loved it and the service I got was ophenomenal. She brought me 2 handlers so the parents didn't have to worry about walking with their kids so they could take pictures. Shop around because you will not get the prices that Amy gives for trail riding. lessons or pony parties. She is by far the best. I can't wiat til my daughter startds her riding lessons there. Pros: Prices and service more

blazing saddles equestrian center rocks 6/27/2008

Blazing Saddles is the best place in the whole world. I think that their service and consideration is great. I don't know what all of those goons are talking about when they say this place is horrible. Amy is so kind and generous and she is a great rider. All of the horses are not over of under fed. Also they are not over worked. The trail rides here are at exceptable prices and and so is the summer caps here too! You should definatly come to Blazing Saddles Equestrian Center in Randolph!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: the horses really cooporate and so do the people!! Cons: nothing more

Absoloutely not true 4/18/2008

I have been a boarder at Blazing Saddles for I want to say at least 7 months now. My horse is completely happy and extremely well taking care of. Amy is an amazing rider. I actually read one of these reviews that said that she is a ""wanna be rider"". Well my dear no ""wanna be rider"" would be an exerciser for thoroughbreds on a race track. That was just a completely rude comment. Also I read that the people there that are happy are riders who do not know anything about horses. I have been raised with horses since I was 4 and have actively owned, shown and provided care since I was 7. That being said I do believe I know quite a bit about horses. As far as seeing ""bones sticking out of horses"" I never see a bone on any of these horses unless they are 35 years old and in that case it is enviable. Blazing Saddles is a barn that I would describe as a relaxed back barn. Reasoning being is because that it lacks the stuffiness and snobbery of many other barns that I have encountered. Everyone there is extremely friendly and extremely helpful. I also highly recommend the pony rides. They are done safely on friendly horses and be very knowledgeable horse people. Lastly, the trails rock and I am very polite to any other rider , walker, biker, jogger on the trails. Pros: Friendly people, happy horses and beautiful trails Cons: the haters on this review page more

Wait a Minute 4/14/2008

I don't understand these really bad reviews... if this place is that bad then why don't you report them to the animal humane society or something like that? I know I would.. i'm just trying to find a place that has trail riding avail.. more

Just Plain AWFUL 3/18/2008

This place is a bunch of yahoos. Do NOT bring your kids there for lessons. Do NOT board your horses there. Avoid them on the trails. The place is gross, there is no regard for safety, and the owner is about as stable as the New England weather. There are lots of great options in the area. The only people that end up here for any length of time are those that know nothing about horses and fall for the spiel of the owner. Kids love it because they can do anything they want, no holds barred. Anyone with any horse sense will walk away after one quick look around. Pros: near the Blue Hills Cons: everything else more

Blazing Saddles THUMBS DOWN 3/5/2008

The Place is to small for that many horses. I have drove past the place in the winter and horses would be tied out side. Amy can not ride a pickle barrow nailed to the floor she is a wanna be horse rider. Wasn't it at her place first year she opened a rider was well RIP. Not only that but her riders are very inconsiderate to others on the trails. Her place is Mucky and nasty. Also the horses are not well cared for at all. She should be shut down and have all her horses taken from her. THAT PLACE IS NASTY It is worst then the Paddocks Stables that use to be in Milton....... And I hate to say it but there are very few good stables left in that area thats why I moved my horses down to Taunton Area cheaper board BUT WAAAAAY better facilities.\r \r And Personally Amys lesson students Cant ride for nothing they look like over weight monkeys on rocking horse. Pros: Location Cons: The owner and wanna be trainers more

Highly un-recommended 2/19/2008

After being a boarder for a year and seeing everything that went on I would never recommend Blazing saddles. Stalls were nasty, horses were not always well cared for. The kids that ride there think it's great because they don't know better. The owner has a real knack for charming the kids. There were three horses that died in a year from inproper care. Most of the horses were well fed but with poor quality feed. I could go on and on. I am glad I moved! Pros: Great trail system Cons: Owner more
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