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Bexar Towing Inc

6380 Randolph Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78233
(210) 590-6200
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My name is John DeLoach and I am the founder of Bexar Towing. This is the first response to any subject that I have ever posted on the Internet. I chose to do so at this time be...


my vehicle was towed last night out of an apartment complex that i did not live in and the resident who was a friend of mine told me i could stay the night cause i had been drinki...

this place is a dump with extremely terrible customer servic 5/16/2012

my vehicle was towed last night out of an apartment complex that i did not live in and the resident who was a friend of mine told me i could stay the night cause i had been drinking the night before. the resident told me as long as i wasnt parked underneath a car port i was fine and i didnt, there were no signs at all explaining the parking rules of the complex. i walked out to see only tire drag marks in the parking spot where my car was from them dragging my car which there is a special boot you put on the tire to prevent them from ruining your vehicle which they obviously did not use. they left no sign of my car or how to get ahold of them so i had to call the police just to find out if my car had been stolen or towed. i called the towing company and a very rude lady yvonne i believe her name was anwered the phone and gave me nothing but attitude which i understand in this type of business you get grief but in my opinion i dont think i should have to pay $293.25 for being responsible and not drinking and driving.......and i believe its the responsibility of the complex to post signs. anyways i got there and i was trying to show pictures of the tire drag marks to the same rude lady yvonne that answered the phone to see if them dragging vehicles is a standard practice at this establishment and she again like a child gave me attitude like i stole her toy from her all i was trying to do was get a little respect and concern from the staff here and got nothing, however the new girl that was there stephanie was very sweet and definately helped calm me down and was extremely respectful and judging by the people that have worked there for a while this place needs a whole new staff. oh and while i was waiting for my debit card to be process i overheard their staff's conversation on how one of the guys that works there ""took a sh*t"" and the same rude lady was talking about how it smelt like feet and how the guy was stinking up the whole place.........this is not the type of conversation you have if you are professional especially around the customers. more

Impossible mercy towards these people , I mean ""sharks"". 1/17/2012

How can people like this be in business? To me it seems like a ""relationship in bed with the city. These people drive around looking for vehicles that are not being guarded like hawks. How can you live with yourself knowing that you are taking $300 to move a car 2 miles away. My vehicle was overheating so I went to the exxon on hwy 90 and military to add water but couldnt because it was too hot. Went back home came back 4 hrs later and car was gone. Asked the cashier of the place and she says bexar towing drives to look for cars frequently. Called them and lady said ""yup we have it, it is going to cost $294 and is at 6550 Hwy 90 west ."" That is only a couple miles down the block, I hope these scum are caught in all there theft because that is exactly what they are doing stealing! This is another you scratch my back and I scratch your back business with the city... more

ZERO STARS FOR Local parasites still in business! 10/16/2011

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you have to do it. There's such a thing as a conscience, and this company (and employess) ain't got 'em. That's the definition of an animal. I wanna call them sharks, but I don't want to offend sharks. They're parasites prowling for business, not doing a public service of any sort. Where can I get my ""Boycott Bexar Towing and the Companies That Do Business With Them"" t-shirt. more

vultures on the prowl....MAFIA?? 9/13/2011

My car was towed July 4th 2011.... this was a gated apt. complex of a friend. I left my car in the parking lot after following him in and we left in another friends car who also followed us in. There we NO signs anywhere on the entrance gate that stated that my car would be towed. The next morning i went to get my car and it was gone!! Thought it was stolen. Found out Bexar towing stole my car! I had to pay $290.00 to get it out and missed a day of work to find it at Bexar...the woman at the windo was EXTREMELY rude and told me i HAD TO PAY CASH OR DEBIT CARD. What a rude bitch she was..laughing..hahaha! After that i file for a hearing at PCT 3 judge Keith Baker...He had 5 Bexar towing appeals that day and left all 5 to be the last cases he heard for that day...he said , ""I will take these cases home and make a decision by the morning and you need to call the clerk for my decisions"".. Well, of course he ruled in favor of Bexar Towing. So, I paid another $212.00 plus $10 court cost to appeal. It is now Sept 13th and I'm still waiting for my day in court. Since this has happened i have gone back several times overnight to the apt. complex where my car was originally towed. more

Wish I didn't have to give even One Star 3/7/2011

A towing company must follow the laws. Tactics by this company and the company that they merged with (Roadside Recovery Specialist) are illegal. They stand in front of the news and tout how they follow the laws, or state that they didn't know that they were violating the laws, but at least one of the owners/partners went to law school. more

You got some nerve 3/6/2011

Valhala you have got some nerve giving your supposed former company a5 star rating considering you went to TDLR yourself about the illegal activities of the people you sold out too. As for you not having a dog in this fight, why were you on channel 4 defending them at the bus station? You seem to have selective vision and memory. You see what you want and remember what you want. As far as your supposed former company is concerned I understand TDLR is having a field day with that video. What happened to the evidence you took to the state? I imagine you used it to get a better price when you sold out. I wont even bother giving you a rating, how pathetic! . more


My car was illegally towed, I called SAPD, my insurance company, and filed a claim, because this company towed my car, I have pictures of the parking space where my car was parked & have been parked off & on for over a year, (along with other tenants in the same complex) & I have pictures to show. I was beyond upset, I was literally sick because I am one who never parks illegally, I am a law abiding citizen, and I get highly upset when someONE takes something that belongs to me. The property manager told them to release my car, and I didn?t have to pay one red cent, but this company refuses to accept responsibility for their actions and that my friend is not cool. I am taking further action, & I demand justice. Bexar Towing you STOLE my car & that is not right. Your driver thought that they were going to meet a Christmas quota, because you STOLE my car a week before Christmas, on a Monday, and 45 minutes after the leasing office was closed. You know who I am, why don?t you call me back, I left messages for you to call me back, that leaves me to believe that you are a malicious, immoral, wicked, unethical company, who thinks they can hide behind a contract but the law is the law and no contract can excuse that. I am not just a person who let off some steam and will eventually calm down, I am person who believe in JUSTICE. more

watch out for these dudes! 11/29/2010

I think they work for the big tenants without any supervision. I couldn't even get to talk to the manager of one of the apt complexes they patrol for after we were towed. I'm sorry sir, we're not allowed to give their number out. It says reporting person...that's just the person who signed the carte blanc agreement. The owners sign blank agreements giving Bexar towing carte blanc to tow whoever the hell they please.My son's car had the front custom grill stolen off of it and was reported towed from another location he wasn't even at. We couldn't find out what happened to the car because the apartments where he was parked didn't have any record of it being towed. It was not stolen, there was no sign of forced entry and nothing was taken from the inside of the car. I had the other set of keys. I finally reported the car stolen. Six days later I get a letter from Bexar that they had my car and it would cost over $400 to get it back. We paid the fee and called SAPD to file a recovery report. They went and did the report but never entered it into the computer. When my son passed through the Border Patrol check point on I35 he was held at gunpoint, arrested and jailed with a bunch of bums for the rest of the night. He's lucky nothing happened to him in jail! ! more

Crooks 10/26/2010

My husband is temporarily handicapped and was unloading our groceries to the second floor- imagine having crutches and grabbing a bag while crutching to the top floor. Where was I? Work. He parked in front of our complex and began the tedious trip of unloading several grocery bags from our car. By the third or fourth bag- our car had been towed. The kicker- this a gated community- we have actually a grocery receipt to show the time of purchase and the towing time- there is a 30 minute or so difference! It is just incredible!! more

""How easy"" 10/10/2010

My name is John DeLoach and I am the founder of Bexar Towing. This is the first response to any subject that I have ever posted on the Internet. I chose to do so at this time because I just sold my company. Anything I would have writen before now would have been viewed as selfserving. I don't have a dog in this fight any longer. I am amaized, ""how easy"" it is for those of you that chose to write really bad things about my company. It's made easy because you can never be held accountable for your deeds because you are never required to sign your real names to anything. Shame on you! If your car was towed then you must have signed your signature when you were given your rights to challenge the legallity of the tow. None of you refered to the Judge's finding, so I have to assume you never even bothered. I would futher assume that you must think the Judge is on the take as well. You might find it interesting that the towing company has ""no control"" of the fees you were charged. Every penny is controlled by your local and state law makers. My 54 year old sister has Cerebral Palsy and has never walked a step in her life. So I won't appologize to those of you that bought a Handicap Plaque from one of your ""buds"" down at the car wash and failed to properly display it. I have provided a service to this community for the past 17 years that even the police can't do, all the time maintaing an A+ rating with the BBB. During that same period my company logged more than 4 million miles inside the city limits of SA and has never been involved in a major accident. I'm very proud of the way my employees conducted themselves while dealing with some of the worst that society has to offer. So I have no compuction in giving my company a 5 star rating. And I will leave you with a couple of thoughts. ""The tow company didn't park your car, you did"". And Mr. Beans6252, maybe the $226.26 you paid kept you from a DWI or worst yet, killing yourself or a family of four after you stumbled out of the Bar on Broadway. You can thank me later! more

Thieves 9/23/2009

Had visitors from out of town and went to a club on Broadway and parked in a lot which I found out after my car was towed wasn't owned by the club. There were two illegal No parking signs which had been spray painted over, three off duty San Antonio cops at the front door who saw everyone park there and didn't say a word... hummm think they may be making a few extra bucks on the side/ Makes matters worse the building is owned by J.A. Garcia, an attorney in town. Cost me $226.26 to get my car and I plan on bringing suit against the property owner, Bexar Towing, possibly the S.A. Police Dept. and the Club. Once i start suit I have the power to subpoena records, wondeer if any checks are going back to any of the above named......... be worried, be very worried......... friggin theives. Cons: Should be wearing holdup masks more

People, please listen?Their Criminals! 8/13/2009

In just less than a week, these criminals came back and towed my vehicle again supposedly for ?improper? displaying my handicap placard! This is not true! Liars! I will call them for what they are?Criminals! These criminals must be brought to face a judge in order to learn that committing a crime is punishable. For goodness sake, stop using this company! more

Beware this company preys on handicap people! 8/12/2009

This company authorizes employees to search inside apartment complexes (other areas as well) for disabled people that do not place their placards facing the correct position. This seems to me to reflect a very low moral standard of the owner(s) of this company! The owner?s should be ashamed, but they won?t be. These are soulless pathetic individuals that search for weaknesses within society to make a living. Pros: The star is for the nice receptionist. more

Rude employees 6/24/2009

Too bad that awful means one star... I would give them none! I am 6 month pregnant and parked in an almost empty parking lot, b/c the lot in front of the restaurant was full. I am NOT disputing the fines, although they were ridiculous, but they did not contact me, i.e., I thought my car was stolen (it pretty much was). I was standing in the 100+ degree heat outside for 30 min to wait for a cab, then waited outside the Bexar Towing property for 5 min before they let me in and the woman started laughing at me as soon as I got up to the window. Then, she did not accept my signature (later I learnt that the have no right to make you sign anything) and she was outrageously rude!!! A day later I am still dehydrated! These people are scumbags, I am not going to deal with ANY business that hires them ever again. I am also filing an official complaint for their behavior. Cons: rude ""service"" more

Great company to deal with! 1/27/2009

As a Commercial Property Owner, I rely on companies like Bexar Towing to rid my properties of illegally parked, broken down or abandoned vehicles. Pros: Doing the job nobody wants to do Cons: Doing the job nobody wants to do more

Bexar Towing - Patrol towing 1/4/2009

Do not use them if you have a choice! They like to contract with property owners to ""patrol tow"" their lots and hold your car ransom for outrageous fees. My car was towed and cost me $223. They had it for less than 45 min! Rip off! I would not be a bit surprised if the property owners are getting a piece. Then I give them one star only because thats minimum. They don't even deserve even one. Low life thieves. more

Bexar Towing are CROOKS!! They are illegaly towing vehicales at night at stripmalls near bars and clubs for profit. 4/5/2008

They practice illegal towing activities. Saturday night I was at The Back Porch bar and upon leaving at around 2:00 AM there were three tow trucks from Bexar Towing hooking up to the cars in the parking lot. They were towing any car they could as fast as they could. My car a swell as many (at least 50+) were towed. It cost me $177 to get my car out of their impound lot an hour later. Plus my car has body damage on the rear were they had to winch it up onto a flatbed because they couldn't get underneath it tow it like other cars. They have a contract with L. Rose-Alvarez who I suspect is a Realtor (210-366-1400) to tow cars from the parking lot at the strip mall next to the back porch. Its obvious that they (L. Rose-Alvarez) is profiting from the towing of vehicles in the middle of the night which does not affect their the daytime businesses there. Monday morning I'm calling my lawyer and I'm taking their buts to court to refund my tow fees and to pay to fix my car. If you were illegally towed by these crooks please file a complaint with the city for illegal towing and take them to small claims court to get your money back. I have already requested help from the local news channel in hopes that a little publicity will help my case. Pros: there are none. They are crooks. Cons: they are crooks that tow cars illegally and damage the cars they tow. more

scam artists 2/8/2008

towed my vehicle from condos where i lived and when i called they said it was towed for being parked over the line, said they had a photo to prove it, but wouldn't show me the photo. funny thing was there was no lines where i parked and i took photos. few days later callaghan place condominiums managment company MGM realty had all new lines painted , AFTER THEY TOWED ME FOR PARKING OVER NON VISIBLE LINES. so i filed a civil suit against them with justice of the peace office and they never showed on court day. showed judge photos and explained everything. he granted in my favor all my towing fees back. but still havent seen a penny. but later when talking to judge he even said bexar towing is always having suits against them and they are con artist. Pros: nothing Cons: legal auto theft for them more

Avoid Bexar Towing Company!!!! 11/29/2007

Bexar Towing is over priced. The cut off time to pick up your vehicle is noon before you incur additional charges. Bexar Towing obviously is in the business of over charging customers and is not looking for repeat business. Do yourself a favor and find another towing company. Cons: Located way outside of San Antonio more

they are wonderful 4/8/2006

i call them every weekend and they come out as soon as they can more
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