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Bellegrove OB/Gyn

1535 116th Ave NE Ste 100
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 455-0244
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I see Dr. Hal ZImmer and he is wonderful. I saw him with my first baby and now with my second pregnancy. He makes you feel very confortable and taken care of, answering all of my ...


I agree with the other women in this forum that this places has gone grom great to terrible. I have seen them since 2007 and use to get wonderful service from Dr. He burger. Now t...

good to bad 9/26/2012

I agree with the other women in this forum that this places has gone grom great to terrible. I have seen them since 2007 and use to get wonderful service from Dr. He burger. Now that I am expecting my baby and need to see them more often I have realized their service can't handle the amount of patients they have. It hast been three appointments now where I wait 20 minutes in the lobby and then at least an hour in the room to be seen! I understand sometimes emergencies happen, but this is becoming a trend now. I have also called them twice for help with abnormal symptoms which I have been told a nurse would get back to me, and those two times I have yet to hear from them and it's been a week now! It makes me very sad because I use to love their services! more

Best OB ever 9/24/2012

I see Dr. Hal ZImmer and he is wonderful. I saw him with my first baby and now with my second pregnancy. He makes you feel very confortable and taken care of, answering all of my questions. Both of his nurses are kind and attentive. I would not go anywhere else. I will miss not seeing Dr. Zimmer and his nurses for my pregnancy appointments every month. more

Poor clinic 5/27/2012

For a better standard of care-go somewhere else. more

Great Doctor!!! 3/17/2012

Great clinic, nice staff... I would recommend Dr. Nudelman to anybody... I've been seeing him since 2004 and he also has delivered all 3 of my babies... I've never experienced a problem with him... Great Doctor............... more

Always helpful 3/1/2012

I have been to this clinic 4 times in the last 2 years for a malfunctioning Skene's Gland. It's not pleasant to say the LEAST and is not something I'd ever wish on anyone no matter how much I disliked them. I was originally referred to Dr. Moore, however she was unavailable as quickly as I needed to see someone. So I saw Dr. Coe. He was GREAT! He was a no nonsense doctor. Answered my questions, and filled me on on what I could do to help myself the next time it would happen as this is a reoccurring problem no matter what ANYONE does. Unlucky genes. The ladies at the front desk all seem a little frazzled at times making sure people get in and out and that all of the paperwork is in order, but I don't blame them at all. They have an important job and if it takes a few 3 extra minutes to make sure my insurance is right- then fine. I'd rather that then have to pay OOP for something that should have been covered but were unable to take care of. I only ever waited 15 minutes maximum for Dr. Coe and for Dr. Heuberger (spelling?) Good clinic. more

those women seem have more problems 6/27/2010

No wonder OBGYN doctor's insurance costs are too high, and no wonder we can't afford healthcare any more. Some of these "one star" women may need first see a mental health doctor before they see an OB doctor. Ladies, no need to display your personal and medical horror with us strangers; and bashing a good doctor does not make you look better. more

find another clinic 6/22/2010

I have been seeing Dr. Hal Zimmer on and off since my daughter was born 17 years ago. It used to be a friendly clinic and one I trusted but over the years the service and standard of care has gotten sloppier and sloppier. Several years ago, the clinic totally computerized and I couldn't even get a printed report of my blood test results without spending much time and effort. It seems once the results are put online --they can't be accessed again. And, by the way the results are not detailed and I want to keep the detailed results so I can review them and have my own medical file. Today was the worst though. 6 months ago I made my appointment for my annual visit with Dr. Zimmer. The appoinement was at 10:30AM. The front desk collected my paperwork and copay very promptly and then I was taken back to the exam room and asked to change into the paper gown and top. I waited OVER 1/2 hour in that room without one single person-doctor--nurse, manager --anyone coming to tell me what was going on. I finally just got dressed and left=I did get my copay back before I left and let them know that this was rude behavious and a complete waste of my time. Not to mention that the nurse was RUDE in the first place. So run don't walk from this office and find someone who makes the time and effort to see YOU or at least let's you know the status. Needless to say I am finding someone else because I have had it with this office. more

Can I see a Dr - PLEASE 6/1/2010

I had a great first appointment, that was it. I have spent many hours in their waiting room and it usually ends when they just cancel the appointment or have a nurse see me. I have not seen a doctor in months and my baby is due in a couple weeks. I believe this is the worst managed business I have ever tried to do business with. The office staff are rude and and tell me that I should expect to wait to see a doctor. How long is too long? One hour, two hours, more?? I have been waiting for 2 months to see a doctor... more

Doctors that really listen 9/14/2009

I visited Bellegrove about 7 years ago when we were trying to get pregnant. I was seeing another Dr. elsewhere who I assume was a great doctor but who never had time to listen/talk. A friend told me she saw Dr. Moore, so I made an appointment. We met in her office since we were talking about getting pregnant and she listened, but that was just a consultation, not a real Gyn visit. When it was time for my Gyn visit, she spent the first part of the time listening and talking with me. I swear she asked if I had any other concerns 5 or 6 times before we finished talking. When I had my son in 2005, we met with many of the doctors in case my doctor wasn't available and I didn't meet any I didn't like. Dr. Zimmer delivered our baby and was great. I highly recommend this office and all of the Doctors there. more


I have been a patient at Bellegrove for 22 years and 2 children. I also have MANY friends who have been longtime patients and have had many babies thru this office. We all see different doctors and all have been very positive experiences. Dr. Nudleman, my primary Dr, is fabulous. The staff, nurses and Doctors have all been wonderful to me (even when I was a nervous pregnant Mom calling from a business trip in Hong Kong!). Highly recommend this office! more

Bad Experience! 1/3/2006

I was referred to Bellegrove OB/GYN by a close friend that had good experiences with this office. At 8 weeks pregnant with my third child, I had my first prenatal appointment with Dr. Hal Zimmer at Bellegrove OB/GYN. As is customary, several tubes of blood were taken for testing. Two days later, I received a phone call on my cell phone from Meagan, one of Dr. Zimmer’s nurses. Being the week before Christmas, I was shopping with an entire cart full of presents. She stated that my blood results had come back and since I am positive for the Hepatitis B virus, she wanted to give me the number to the maternal-fetal clinic. I was in shock! I asked Meagan to explain what this virus is and how I could have gotten it. She said she was not sure and was “looking it up as we speak”. I began sobbing uncontrollably and ditched my cart and headed for the exit and to the privacy of my vehicle. In a panic, I told her she needed to get Dr. Zimmer or another doctor on the phone to explain what this means. She put on another nurse who explained that Dr. Zimmer was not in the office but I could speak with Dr. Coe. I agreed and Dr. Coe got on the phone and tried to explain Hepatitis B. He claimed it is a sexually-transmitted disease but could also be from sharing needles, getting a vaccination and is also “airborne”. I asked him if he was sure because I didn’t know much about Hepatitis but I did know that it is supposedly not airborne. I even asked, “Why would they call it a sexually-transmitted disease if it is airborne, wouldn’t that make a cold also sexually-transmitted?” He replied, “Absolutely not”. I hung up the phone and cried hysterically for an hour before having to pick up my other two children from school. I then called my primary care provider at Virginia Mason to see if they could run more tests for Hepatitis B. Dr. Potts made time for me to come in the following morning for counseling and more testing. After a full day of crying and little sleep, I stumbled into Dr. Potts office on the following morning. Dr. Potts explained the Hepatitis B infection, transmission and treatment in full, assuring me that there was a good chance it was a false-positive since I have had two other children with negative HB tests, I’m in a monogamous 10-year marriage and have never come in contact with anyone else’s blood. I was then sent to the lab for a full panel of tests to be sure. I headed directly over to Dr. Zimmer’s office to ask for a copy of the positive test results. Dr. Zimmer took a substantial amount of time to explain the virus (about time but much appreciated), apologizing for Dr. Coe’s wrong information. Meagan also peeked in to say she was sorry for the way she handled calling with the results and that “the important thing is that I’ve calmed down.” How insulting… I responded that the important thing is that she never discloses a positive test result with such disregard again. Within two days, I was contacted by a Virginia Mason nurse letting me know that my tests all looked “negative” but they were running them a couple more times to be sure. I asked for a copy of the test results and within an hour I dropped a copy off to Bellegrove OB/GYN, asking them to give it to Meagan or Dr. Zimmer as I was told that they were both unavailable. I have yet to receive a phone call from this office. A week after the test I received a call from the Medical Director of the lab that processed the “positive” blood test. He said “I am sure you have already been contacted by Dr. Zimmer’s office letting you know that we have redone your blood tests and you are negative for Hepatitis B.” I explained that I have not been contacted at all but I appreciated his call. He assured me that I did not test positive in any area for ever having or being exposed to the Hepatitis B virus. I realize that accidents and errors happen. Bellegrove OB/GYN should have had the decency to call me to let me know that PacLab had retested and realized an error. Hepatitis B is a very serious virus that can lead to liver cancer. It is not the type of positive test that should be casually mentioned over a cell phone to a pregnant mother, without counseling. I have never felt so mistreated by a medical professional or another person in general. The lack of professionalism and empathy shown by both Dr. Zimmer and his nurse, Megan, is an absolute shame. more

be careful 11/22/2005

Becareful which doctor you choose . . . they won't let you change doctors once you have been seen - - even if a different one of their doctors actually delivered your baby - even though a c-section!!! more
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