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Beach Towing - 15 Reviews - 1349 Dade Blvd, Miami Beach, FL - Towing Reviews - Phone (305) 534-2128

Beach Towing

1349 Dade Blvd
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 534-2128
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long story short....night of clubbing...flat phone call, quick service low home safe. they really helped me out....they arent as bad as people think Pros:...



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POS 3/1/2012

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Scam 1/15/2012

I parked in the parking lot for a pizza restaurant on South Beach. I went inside, came out and my car was gone. The owner informed me that they are complete scam artists, wait outside with spotters, and pick up any and every car they can get away with. I went to the lot and they told me that they wouldn't release my vehicle without a notarized letter as my name wasn't on the title and that I would be charged an additional $26 after 8 hours of the car being in the lot and another $26 each day it remained. The letter had to be the ""original notarized letter"" and couldn't be faxed or scanned even to me from the title owner of the car (who is 60+ w/ a heart condition). They had to drive 4 hours to Miami and pick up the car because I was powerless. The car WAS NOT parked illegally and they are completely fraudulent. Check your car for damage. I don't know how this place can get away with these practices. I hope they do a good job either covering up their operations or at least keep a clean sheet because I will be waiting on the corner for them to make a mistake and tow away their business. more

They lay in wait.... unscrupulous tactics 12/19/2011

I have twice experienced the behavior of this company and it's employees. They pay for information regarding parking in any area where they have posted their signs. They charge $375 cash to recover an impounded automobile. My first encounter with them caused me to spend my first and only night in jail. They prey on motorists who come into Miami Beach. I have ceased travelling to Miami Beach and recommend the same to any individuals I can influence. They are tolerated by the local government and the Miami Beach Police Department. They are definitely in the ""skinning"" business. more

Beach Towing Scam 7/20/2010

My son was illegally towed by Beach Towing from Waxy O'Connor's parking lot ... There is a tv news reporter in Miami interested in doing a story on illegal tows, but wants a local interview with someone (we are in NYC). If you are interested, please contact Willard.Shepard @ nbcuni com, Attn: Jessica (his intern), . Thank you! Leslie more

Stay away they are crooks 3/10/2010

Stay away from this towing and storage service. They will tow you and charge large amount with no receipts. Even if you call the police they still rip people off. Why because it your word against their and they can get away with it.....................\r \r Pros: Nothing Cons: Crooks more


Last Saturday night I went to the citi bank at 1685 Washington ave on Miami Beach to withdraw some money from the atm machine inside. I parked in the lot and walked inside to get some cash.. Next thing I know a Beach tow truck was leaving the lot with my car. I hurried to the driver and told him to stop. Then I proceeded to tell the driver that I was in the bank at the atm getting money. The driver said oh thats good because the car is hooked your parked illegally and that it was too late and now you have to pay. Are you kidding me?? What BS!!! He then stated that its going to cost me 95$ to get it off the truck now or that I will have to pay 190$ at the tow lot. This is an outright theft. Needless to say I closed my two accounts with citibank after this. For all I know the driver kept my 95$. How can this be going on in Miami beach. Pros: DONT USE THIS TOWING COMPANY..THEY ARE A RIPOFF. Cons: DONT USE THIS TOWING COMPANY..THEY ARE A RIPOFF. more

CROOKS! 11/21/2009

These guys hitched my car up, even though it was in a perfectly good spot. I was just coming back from a bar. I asked them what was going on. They told me that if I didn't give them everything in my wallet, they would tow my car, and that the fees would add up to over $230. I was so concerned about being towed, that I didn't even realize the spot I was in, was fine. I gave them $78! This was not an unhitching fee. It was a straight up bribe. They asked for everything in my wallet. After I gave them the money, they unhitched my car, and drove off. It took me a minute or two to realize that I wasn't even parked in a bad spot. (I was parked on 67th and Collins about). This happened on Sunday, Nov. 22nd at roughly 6:30am. I hopped into my car, got right back on Collins and drove after their truck. They sped away quite recklessly. I managed to pull up right next to them at a stop light. The driver said, ""what are you going to do about it?"" This is what I am doing about it... On the side of their car was printed Beach Towing - and their phone number (305) 534 2128. I called the number. By this time it is 6:45 am. A guy by the name of Jason is on duty. He tells me that the spot I parked in was a bad one, and that the company didn't do anything wrong. I call the police. I show up at the local precinct to file a report. They tell me that a lot of people have had the similar problems with the towing company and to file a consumer report (believe me, I am going to do that as well)... I call the company again at 7:10 am. Jason picks up again. He tells me that the two men in the car are named Frank and Jason. The driver of the car, (the one who asked for the bribe) is a man with a mustache, gray hair, looks like he is ethnically hispanic, middle aged guy. The other guy I didn't get to look at so well... Be forewarned - don't even risk taking a nice car out. PARK in MUNICIPAL spots and the towing companies can't do anything... They are basically operating unregulated and taking bribes... It is pretty bad. Pros: Nothing Cons: Total Deadbeats more

disgusting human trash 10/24/2009

beach towing are disgusting low life loosers just screwing over anyone with a nice car. more

not bad 9/24/2009

long story short....night of clubbing...flat phone call, quick service low home safe. they really helped me out....they arent as bad as people think Pros: pretty quick Cons: none for this more

If it wasnt for Beach i would have nothing! 9/13/2009

I must say Beach towing made my towing experience delightfull. I am a tourist from Mexico i am 300 lbs overweight i was towed about 6 miles from there location my wife is also morbidly obese. I explained to them that we are to large in size to walk , and the dispatcher told me not to worry they will send the flat bed to come get us at no extra charge. Not only did they get there in 10minutes they strapped me and my portly wife to the flat bed. They drove us safely back to beach towing obeying all city/traffic laws. When we arrived they unhooked us and lowered the bed down so we could roll off. We approached the window to be greeted by the most pleasant of dispatchers we paid for our custom made fat people bus and they escorted us to it via the forklift. What a fun ride!!! Thank god for beach towing if i where to ever run a ""real"" business i would model it after them. Pros: ATM Provided more

this towing company is amazing!!! 7/16/2009

one afternoon my wife and i were shoping at the publix on 69th st . we were done getting what we needed and walked out to the car. we put our 2 month old baby in her carseat and closed the door. neither one of us realized that we locked the keys in the car without it running. mind you this is june so it was steaming hot. i tried doing everything to try to open the doors but didnt want to break the window and spray shattered glass all over my daughter. my wife frantically got in touch with beach towing as well as miami beach police and they both said that they were on the way asap...much to my surprise beach towing showed up first, then the cops. the driver jumped out of the truck, grabbed his tools and raced to the door and had it open in literally 7 seconds. my wife grabbed the baby and she was fine. after all the and everyone calmed down i asked to beach towing driver what i owed him for the service and he said dont worry about it. not only did he not chrge me, but he wouldnt even take a tip saying""were here to help, were not all what people say we are"". i was amazed and truly gained a new respect for this company. i would recommend them anytime,any place. more

Hagamos Algo contra esos hijos de la gran puta 7/8/2009

Me da verguenza lo que hacen este grupo de personas con la imagen de Miami Beach, estos malnacidos ladrones me remolcaron mi carro despues de pasar todo el dia trabajando en la 41/ Arthur Godfrey Rd y tuve que pagar $190 para sacarlo y todo lo que trabaje durante el dia se los tuve que regalar a ellos, y lo mas impresionante es que no hay nadie que regule estas compañias que no son mas que nidos de analfabetas anormales que viven de la desgracia de nosotros la gente trabajadora. Simples enviados de satanas, hijos de putas mal paridos que no merecen mas que la muerte mas espantosa que ser humano se pueda imaginar, y no solo la de ellos sino tambien la de sus seres queridos, hijos, putas esposas y perras hijas. Ojala y todo el poder y la maldad del infierno se congreguen para maldecirlos de por vida, que nunca tengan pas y que se muera toda su generacion de perdedores y prostitutas.\r Que regocijo sentire en mi alma al enterarme que alguno de ellos caen en desgracia, que le violen todas sus hijas y a ellos mismos, que les caiga cancer en el recto y mueran vomitando sangre. Que feliz seria si al maldito policia de Miami Beach que los llamo par que remolcaran mi carro, muera en un tiroteo y deje huerfanos a sus malditos hijos.\r Los maldigo para toda la vida pila de engendros endemoniado. more

horrible, evil people - who are hurting our tourist industry and community - rise up and get these guys out of our city, anyone who reads this! 2/27/2009

Evil, evil people. We were threatened in their parking lot by employees, and after we yelled back they shut the door on us and told us they weren't going to let us leave, called my girlfriend a c__t and swore at us repeatedly, while their rental cop in his full miami beach uniform stood around smirking, and refused to give me his name or badge number. Lost endless respect for the miami beach police, and was actually scared for my life. it is an absolute embarrassment that the are still in business. they have also recently lost a civil suit against another satisfied customer who they punched to the ground and kicked in the head. They especially love to prey on tourists, by obscuring the no parking signs in lots, and paying homeless people to call them in and tow them when they duck into stores. Still, the city is using them - still they are providing police. Only, they are renewing the contract month to month. Everyone should rise up against this blight on the city. Miami beach can do better than taking tourist dollars, and using them to intimidate, scare and frustrate. Disgusting. Pros: there is any ATM out front Cons: mob style thugs who threaten you and get to use your tax dollars to hire our police force rather than buy private security at greater expense more

Never recommended this towing company to no one, not profecional service, very unsatifiy. 12/15/2008

This Company make a easy money, like paying homeless 5 to 10 dollares to wach any parking around the beach, once the homeless call they take the car and if you get there right at the moment you have to pay from 60 to 100 dollars if you want you car back or just to bring the car down from the towing, i'm not recommended at all, there are not profecional, there are a looser and lazy, just work for easy money. more

DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! 10/31/2005

I waited for hours. After mulptiple calls to them pushing the time back, they denied ever getting a call. more
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