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Baylor College Of Dentistry - Dallas, TX
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It is very competitive to get an appointment, but if you are looking to become a patient there please contact me. My email address is {}. It is a compreh...


I needed to go there for the summer but lauri told the patient services that I was leaving the program. No mercy for me.

Don't waste your time and money 10/27/2019

Hell no do not waste your time. Rude, dirty, arrogant students. So disappointing. more

Went in to help a student get a grade,Ive had dental problems ever since that day 1/26/2019

I was a going to Baylor college to get a few minor problem taken care of.The student that worked on my teeth ask me if I would come in on a day for free front tooth pin cavity I didnt even know I had.but I agreed to help this student out for a grade.My student dr fixed a small cavity behind my front top tooth,I was all numbed up really well,So well I didnt know what all he was doing.I realized it was taking him a very longtime to to fill this tiny pin cavity but I made no complaints,I liked my student dr alot and trusted him.Well he was about the last student to get finish with me .The room was filled with student doctors working on others to make a grade.Everybody else had cleared out I noticed and my student doctor had a worried look on his face looking back,but I still had faith so I let him finish up.At the end he took the blue paper and ask me to bit down to check my bit,It was way off I could tell by his expression.He started drilling around my bottom teeth when he was working on a top front tooth but still believed in him.normally when a student would get finished with work they would take a picture of their work.Well Mr Mark said we will take my nexted appt in 3 months.I went home still very numb and looked in the mirror he had drilled so many of my teeth down because he messed up and drilled all my enamel down on my top front teeth in the mouth was sliding all over the place,it would give me a headache trying to keep my teeth in a comfortable place.I went back to clinic they left me in a chair for 3 hours then told me the main doctor already left.I would have to come back.I went back the samething happen.on the 3rd time sitting there waiting for a doctor to look at me he finally showed up hours later and wasnt a nice greeting to me,he looked for 10 seconds and told me I greeted all that enamel off my teeth, I said no I didnt sir,he was mean talking to me and walked off.I was in tears.and went to their human resources,She was no help.she took up for them,I nearly had a break down over this, more

Lauri got me dismissed too 5/19/2017

I needed to go there for the summer but lauri told the patient services that I was leaving the program. No mercy for me. more

Was dental school... 3/3/2017

I've gone to Baylor College of Dentistry for many years. I had one thing left to do which was an implant. It was very hard for me to get in but they pushed me and pushed me... Laura a woman who schedule patience, I told her I could not do the implant till after tax time which is April. She pushed and she pushed I need to get in early even though my student had told me they would work with me... I used to other women in charge of scheduling and they were great in the past few years and not one of those two ladies said even once as Laura has said so many times... oh that's too late oh that's too late... She was so rude I finally blew up. I wanted someone else to schedule me.. they told me they would work with me. But they really wanted me to do the implant. I asked my student to have someone else call and schedule me. Instead of searching out my complaint against Laura. They sent me a letter of dismissal in five days. So I'd already left Laura a message saying I would not be back . The customer service there is awful. They deal with so many people that take no one as a real person. I got a letter saying call Laura to reschedule or you're out in five days. I wrote two women whose names signed the letter.. I wrote them back and told them their customer service was awful... telling the two women that did not search out my complaint. Then they sent me a letter.. Zang Chi was pretty much not teachable. I'm not there to be taught.. I'm there to have my teeth fixed. They're Professor left for a few months and they called off my implant for a few months.. I agreed and I waited for him to come back to fix my tooth. I made it clear that I cannot do the surgery.. until after tax time. Be sure you can go every two weeks so they will not get rid of you or throw you out even after years of supporting their school. They don't care about there patients they have their system which is not a good system period I will never return. I like the school up till then. But Laura was a terrible employee! She did not listen that the students where telling me they would would work with me on the timing of the implant. I waited when there professor left for a few months..but they would not wait for me. My review is one star as the treatmemt I received after 10 years of support was not even given a glimps by the heads of the school. Glad I will not return! more

dental implants 9/16/2013


Rude 2/20/2013

After driving over 2 hours in heavy traffic to the college at the referral of my Dentist, I was given good screening service by the students. However, the doctor was rude. First, she called me "girlfriend" in a quite casual manner, than after looking at my x-rays said I had two choices and--one low and one high. When I chose the higher of the two she switched and said I had one choice--getting all my teeth removed and dentures. She commented on the work that hadn't been done in my mouth and I replied, "I'd just gone to the dentist..." She looked perturbed and then snapped, "Well, it's too late." I didn't get dental care because I worked with at-risk students in a school district for a quite a long while and they kept switching insurance plans making it impossible to move forward when I had the funding. Additionally, I was raising my sons as a single parent on a VERY low salary. Point is, I didn't neglect my teeth because I wasn't conscientious. I just couldn't do anything about it then. Additionally, being advised by dentist to extract teeth that could've been saved helped create the problem I have now, and I'm suspect that it's given to "certain" people. I will work with a dentist to reverse the periodontal issues in my mouth and if I do eventually need and choose to get dentures will not pay someone (whether low-cost or not) to treat me rudely. Because she assumes a patient may be low-income is not an excuse to treat them rudely. The dental students could teach her something about bedside manner, because she has none. Reading the reviews here, it may be a blessing the program didn't work out for me anyway. more

Dental Work 9/6/2012

This is a good school. I first went to them for some dental work back in 1991. The service and work was excellent then. I had an implant and some other work done. As of today 9/7/2012 I've had no problems with the implant. I'm a patient today going to get two other implants. I can say today, that things have changed. It harder to get in ,and they are not as flexible with the payments. Going thru the program today is more complicated and confusing. I had to wait a year before getting scheduled to do the current implants because no one called me. They forgot about me until I called them. Overall if you can deal with the time and confusion, this is a good school that does good work. I would recommend this school to anyone more

Baylor College Of Dentistry will not stand behind it's work. 5/14/2012

In 2004 I went into the program needing work on my mouth and the dental assistant talked me into a rebuild of my mouth. I was given a dental program "Plan" by the student. The plan was to get the dental student a passing grade and I was going be the psoter boy. I had teeth pulled bridges made crowns put on and then out of the blue I get these partials that don't fit. It was a surprise to me as I thought I was getting bridges or implants. I was furious about this and then my medical records go missing. I get these partials that rock in my mouth and do not fit and I am told that "We are a teaching college" take it or leave it. I was decieved and I had no recourse but to take the partials and walk out the door. I complained to the deans office but all I got was we will take the 1k you spent on the bad partials and we will apply that to an implant. I go to the implant guys and after being told how much it would cost, I did not have the money for the program. Fast forward to 2012 and now I have sheared off a front tooth and with it lost the crown. They now want to charge me $2,500 for a new implant. I balk at this and them why. This was casued by that bad partials you made me take then I was told that they will have to do an additional 7k in work to fix the work they did in 2004. Baylor is playing a game with seniors. They know they are cheapest in town. They will ADD new procedeures to you as long as you are in the program. If you don't make the prescribed appointments and pay the bill that day they bounce you out of the program and wash their hands. I am going to persue this until I'm dust. They are not who they appear to be. They are running a business that is hugeley profitable at the expense of their patients. Beware of any "Plan" they propose and get as second opinion form a real dentist before you walk in. Then make sure that you check on your medical records to see if they still have them. more


This place is horrible!!! And needs to be shut down !!! After a invasive procedure I was neglected emergency care requested by Baylor dentist I had developed infection and fracture w/ severe pain for 9 days. After addressing the issue w/ patient advocate I became aware that also my privacy rights were violated by same staff. And when they did nothing but defend their staff. After the Dean of Baylor was involved I was told he would contact me after he reviews everything. During that time I had another visit for the root canal which i was informed of temporary and follow-up after spring break that i needed care by other student in emergency following day my account had been closed by Baylor and procedure was complete. Confused I requested my records and became aware that records were incomplete and falsely documented by staff of Baylor. Waiting on reply from advocates i r eceived a dismissal letter to see a private dentist. more

Low cost, maybe 10/10/2011

The college has current generation equipment and competent supervisors. The students are trying to learn. The problem with the program is the creeping scope of work. When you get in their program they determine everything a patient needs to repair/replace all teeth. Then as you spend money and move along in the program more work is needed, more money. Do not believe the price you are given in the first, second or third consultation visit is the final price. more

From a current 3rd year dental student 2/16/2010

It is very competitive to get an appointment, but if you are looking to become a patient there please contact me. My email address is {}. It is a comprehensive care school, so you can't just show up to get 1 filling/crown/root canal done. Appointments take time, because instructors check multiple steps and of course we are students who are trying to learn. The cost of work is about 1/3 to 40% off of what a private practice is. The problems is that you pay with your time. Most if not all of the dental students are very understanding to a persons needs. You get numerous inputs on with different instructors based on the different specialties (oral surgery, endodontists, fixed prosthodontics, etc). Patients are required to maintain at least 2 appointments a month and there is a "3 strikes" policy on missing appointments (i.e. miss an appointment completely, >15 mintues late, or cancel within 24hrs). I will be happy to fill in the extra details and possibly find a student for you if interested. The first appointment is a screening ($53 I believe for a pano x-ray and the actual screening) which will tell you an estimate (key word estimate) on total treatment costs. If you don't like what you hear, you're only out $53. Again please email me if you are interested in becoming a patient: Hopefully I can answer any questions you have. Thanks. more

Baylor College of Dentistry 11/21/2005

Baylor College of Dentistry is a good place. This is a teaching hospital and you get charged a lower cost because of this . Students will help you. They are very nice. you can save some money by going here. All the doctors are very professional here.It has nice location. It is a very big hospital It is very neat and clean. I will recommend it. more

low cost dental work 8/29/2005

I would recommend Baylor College of Dentistry for your dental needs especially your children’s. This is a teaching hospital and you get charged a lower cost because of this. I have never had a problem with any of the student dentists or the work they have done. The students who have worked on my child have also been very nice and my son felt comfortable during the procedures. more

good 8/21/2005

Baylor College of Dentistry has thus far done a good job with its goals of developing dentistry and advancing the community with its practices. Its employees are well-treated and adept in operations. They are also very sensitive with the needs of their patients. Its educational programs are also pretty good for its employees and students. more
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