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Battenberg's Ata Black Belt

2910 Mills Branch Dr
Humble, TX 77345
(281) 360-5460
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I love it here! The instructors are very nice and helpful, you get a lot of interaction time to help you get better, and its a CLEAN place!


They will nickel and dime you. Once you sign a contract they don't care if your child learns. Beware!

Very Nice School 9/16/2015

I love it here! The instructors are very nice and helpful, you get a lot of interaction time to help you get better, and its a CLEAN place! more

Don't go here 5/28/2014

They will nickel and dime you. Once you sign a contract they don't care if your child learns. Beware! more

I LOVE this place!!!!! 5/27/2011

I have studied taekwondo for many years in a differnt city, and different style. When I was looking for a tkd school in Kingwood, I was hoping to find one of the same style I had previously been a part of. There was not one near so I tried the Battenberg's academy, thinking I would not like it. I was hooked the very first day! The family atmosphere was amazing! I did not have a family yet but there were many other adults to train with and I knew that one day I would have a family to take there. Now I do and there is no better place for children to learn about respect and hard work. I am an elementary school teacher and see that parents today are not doing a very good job teaching values to their children. I wish that every child had to be a part of a program like this. The values learned in this school can be used anywhere in life to help a person succeed. You can't even put a price on something like that for your family. The people that are a part of this school have become a family to me and I love it! more

Best Taekwondo School! 5/27/2011

I enrolled my son at the Black Belt Academy over ten years ago. 5 years ago I joined my self! During this time my son became a much more confident, self assured person. The Leadership Skills have taught him to be more confident in himself. The Battenbergs care deeply for the success of each student wether they be a child or an adult. They teach important Life Skills which the students can apply to their everyday lifes. Students become more confident in their abilities and to be proud of their achievements. My son has failed a testing before, because his skill level was not enough to rank up. He practiced harder and put in more effort. He was very proud when he passed. This summer he is testing for his 4th degree black belt and we could not be prouder of him!! I love the Battenberg family and their school!! more

The best experience!! 5/27/2011

We are customers in this academy, and is awesome!!! My family we are all attending classes and enjoying not only the instruction but the family feeling in there!! Reviews like the previous one, specially when you know the real reasons they have.... are meant only to take you away from an excellent academy just because... The Battenbergs are some of the selfless persons I have met, coming from another country and with almost no family, they and the people in he academy became our extended family!! Business wise, prices are very competitive in the area, the instruction goes beyond kicks and punches! the values we pride ourselves to follow are those of the academy: Respect, integrity, courtesy, self control, perseverance and success(victory). And they are taught all around the academy, on the training floor and off it. The belt system depends on the effort of each student and the attitude to improve. You don't need to be fit to be successful, what you need is to show that you are willing and working on improving and working towards your goal, learning the art. The classes can be of up to 50 students at one time, separated in 4-5 groups according to their level and curriculum, each group has its own instructor and assistant instructor as needed. Every kid receives the necessary attention to succeed, as the review said some kids get more attention like was the case of the reviewer since the kid was struggling and several instructors worked one on one with her, this as an example. For over 3 years I have seen myself, my wife, my kids and several adults and children grow in fitness, confidence, responsibility and respect to them and to others. The contract policies are clear and explained extensively when you join! Of course your kids and you can always try the services before signing the contract. If you or your family desires to learn or practice Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jit Su, Tai Chi or kickboxing this is the place to go!! more

What a Great school 5/25/2011

Per the grumpy soul in the prevous review. The Battenburg's are great instructor who teach the values of Martial Arts. They are teaching children to be responsible and to honor their commitments. No wonder we have so many problems in our world today, Having parents being examples of poor judgement and behavior and trying to find an eay way out. We need more like Jeff and Renee Battenburg. Their school is the BEST!!!! more

Renee's Response 5/25/2011

Obviously you can't please everyone. My husband and I have been teaching in the Kingwood area for over 24 years. We've enjoyed sharing martial arts with many families over the years and have been very involved in the community with our students. This is unfortunately an irate member who, with 3 months left, defaulted on her membership. She has made false claims and accusations about our school and staff. Her children were very respected in our school and our entire staff went the extra mile to build their confidence in classes. At times we even supervised her youngest child after classes without her presence. It's unfortunate to see someone, who was pleased with our program (14 months), take desperate measures like this. Our school is very clean and organized. In fact we've had the same janitor clean our school for over 8 years. students even poke fun at me for being a neat freak and not even allowing a fingerprint on the mirrors...... more

SCAM!!! BEWARE 5/25/2011

THIS SCHOOL IS A SCAM! They take your electronic signature and then apply it to future/changed contracts! Their billing company is completely worthless, and all Renee can say is "oh well." It is dirty and my daughters didn't like it, but were forced into a year there. The lessons are 1 instructor to 20 kids, and the kids don't have to even learn anything to get the next belt. They advance every 2 months on a rapid schedule. There are about 10 kids the instructor really pays attention to and the rest are pawned off on other students to learn. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OR RUIN YOUR CREDIT! more

go some where else 8/1/2010

this school is so dirty its not even clean and there all in it for the money telling u to buy this for this and oh u need that for this and u need this color shirt for this day its bogus i mean there instructor are mean and there leadership stuff is not even leadership this not even a good school more

Get over it! No compliants here 11/11/2009

I have never written a review but felt compelled to write one after stumbling across the previous comments while looking for the phone number for the school. My son attends the Battenberg school. No complaints and if I had one I would feel like I could discuss it privately and appropriately with the owners of the school. Every business exists to make money. Any business who has been around for 20 years must have more going for them than just the desire to make money. Battenberg's longevity speaks for itself. I am dishearten that people who have had a bad experience such as one described in other posts feel that it necessary and appropriate to post with the intent only to cause harm. It is fascinating to me that you feel your negative experience, which is based on your perception, is worthy enough to demean a role model to many children in our community. The Battenberg’s business is just not about you and your experience. It’s a place where children/adults connect, people work and other families are having positive experiences. more

Bad school 10/1/2009

If your looking for a good martial arts program steer clear of this school. They're only in it for the money and could care less about you! more

Unprofessional 9/15/2009

The male owner of this school is unprofessional and I wouldn't take classes from him ever. He's shady and is in it only for the money and not the instruction. more

The whole family can learn!!! 9/1/2009

I have Read the reviews and felt the need to do mine!! We have been attending to this academy with my wife and kid for about a year and we love it. Mr. and Mrs. B are wonderful people who not only care about teaching kicking and punching but also great values!!! and they really help our kids, my little guy who is a tornado have been learning not only martial arts but discipline, self control and respect. Yes, they may not be the academy, in some way, where you can create MMA fighters, but for sure they are an academy to create great people. We plan to attend for many more years! more

Good Memories 6/26/2009

I attended this school about 10 years ago. My experience there molded me into the person I am today. Mr. B not only taught taekwondo, but also sculpts young minds with core values such as integrity, respect, and self-discipline. I still have the korean coin he gave to each student after we reached a certain belt (dont remember which) and having us promise to give it back to him when we attain our black belt. I never made it past red, but I plan on one day getting back into it, getting my black belt, and giving that coin back to Mr. B. more

Best Experience Ever 6/26/2009

I attended this school as a child about 10 years ago. Mr. B truly cares about his students. Going to this academy was, in my opinion, my best life experience because it not only kept my body in shape, but my mind as well. Important core values were established there such as integrity, self-discipline, respect, etc. Even though I never got my black belt (only made it to red) I still have the korean coin Mr. B gave us, which we were supposed to give back to him when we reached our black belt. One day I plan to get my black belt and give him back that coin. more

I am the MALE Owner 4/16/2009

I, Jeff Battenberg, am the MALE OWNER that is referenced in the 'attacker' review. Yes, I did follow a mom to her car and, YES, I did tell her that she was no longer able to come INSIDE our school AFTER she shouted PROFANITIES with other students (children, teens and adults) present. I will not tolerate such lack of Self-Discipline and control and YES, I will protect my other students (as much as possible) from such outbursts. This was not the first time this mom lost her control, but it was to be the last time in our school. Her son and husband were still welcome in our school - - we just asked that the mom not come in for a while. My wife and I have been teaching the martial arts in Kingwood for over 22 years and look forward to many more! more

One sided story 4/8/2009

I know MANY people who attend classes there and I myself have been in there numerous times and know the owners very well. I'm sure that if that happened, there was a very good reason. I'm not sure what you think you saw, but there are 2 sides to every story-and I truly believe that what you saw isn't what you think you saw. more

Male Owner Attacks Mom Twice 3/9/2009

Witnessed male owner of school yelling at and chasing a mom from the school twice. He worked hard to keep her from leaving parking lot. During child's pre-testing, he yelled at the same mom while she was at the entrance paying for testing. Heard her outside crying and telling an instructor what the owner had done to her. more

taekwondo for the family 7/31/2005

It is mostly a kids place. They have after school care too. My daughter started out in Tiny Tigers and loved it but really didn't learn much karate. Now she is in the juniors black belt club and I sometimes feel they are more interested in fun and our money than actually teaching her karate. more
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