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Aspen Dental

3439 Vestal Pkwy E
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(607) 821-4872
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Aspen Dental - Vestal, NY
Aspen Dental - Vestal, NY
Aspen Dental - Vestal, NY


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I almost changed my mind because of the bad reviews, but they are all so old so I went anyway. I'm glad I ignored the old reviews. The office was great. Sweet girls at the fron...


I hung in there with Aspen for quite a while. I liked the staff, I liked the facility, etc. Until one visit I saw the male dentist who stuck the novocain needle right into my jaw ...

They hurt me! 5/24/2011

I hung in there with Aspen for quite a while. I liked the staff, I liked the facility, etc. Until one visit I saw the male dentist who stuck the novocain needle right into my jaw joint so far that he hit the bone! I was stunned. He then repeatedly inserted the needle hitting my jaw bone. So, after that very upsetting experience, I told them that he couldn't work on me and I asked for the lady dentist (the Asian). I liked her even though she was nervous from hearing about my refusal to allow the guy from treating me. She did fine, but seemed to be quick to recommend crowns and a root canal. What do I know? I'm not a dentist. Well the crowns were very uncomfortable and to this day I doubt if they were 100% justified. After a long run with Aspen, I checked around with co-workers and heard about Smile Designers in Endicott. Their professional service provided the necessary perspective for me to objectively review Aspen. Only after I received top-notch treatment from excellent professionals in a brand new facility did I realize how much I was treated as just another "profit unit" at Aspen. Bottom line: I cannot recommend Aspen and if you were my friend or family member, I'd advise you to stay away...don't even consider it. more

Must of went someplace I didn't 9/6/2010

I had no problems whatsoever at Aspen. The staff was friendly and knowledgable. I had all my teeth pulled there and a full set of upper and lower denture put in the same day. 15 teeth pulled, no pain whatsoever, and I was awake the entire time. They worked around my schedule and always seemed to try to go out of the way to accomodate me. The only negative I can give is on my initial appointment I waited what seemed like an eternity to be seen. After that one though I was seen very quickly. more

ignore bad reviews 1/2/2010

I almost changed my mind because of the bad reviews, but they are all so old so I went anyway. I'm glad I ignored the old reviews. The office was great. Sweet girls at the front desk, Very outgoing girl that took my xrays and the doctors were very nice and gave me lots of information. Both of the dentists are female, one of them seems very young but boy she got rid of my achy tooth in no time with no pain because i was nummed just right. more

Incompetent 6/18/2008

Incompetent is an understatement. The Lady dentist (don't recall her name) was running two patients at a time, myself and another guy in the next chair. She was in the process of making a mold for my crown and decided to "take a break" and forgot about my impression being formed, well needless to say it set up tight by the time she got back and she couldn't get the form off my tooth no matter how hard she tried, so being the genius that she is she grabbed a set of pliers! that right i said PLIERS! and proceeded to try and remove the mold with those and , POP! she slipped and CHIPPED BOTH of my front teeth!!!..and that's just a small example, the fella doing the root should be barred from practicing in the US! but that's another story...bottom line..RUN! Pros: none come to mind Cons: dangerous. more

Very disappointing 6/12/2008

I scheduled an appointment for teeth cleaning. But after 2 hours waiting, I was told to come back for another appointment to clean my teeth. The doctor did do something though - he was poking my teeth and gums and then told me to see the receptionist. The receptionist then explained to me that according to the doctor's recommendation, I need some procedures with a total price close to $2000. I told her I will think about it but I need my teeth cleaned for now since it's about the time. She then said we cannot just do what you need to do, we want to offer a whole dental health package to you. She also said before I can have my teeth cleaned, I have to do hygiene first which will cost me $230. So basically I cannot get the most simple procedure (teeth cleaning) done unless I agree to pay for $230 up front, to be followed by other procedures. Ridiculous!! This sounds like threatening to me! And since when can we not get the service we requested from a service provider any more? I was so upset and disappointed. It is a scam and a rip off. I'll never go back to Aspen Dental ever again. more

will charge you for anything they can 5/19/2008

I've been looking for a dentist that would be in my insurance network and went with Aspen Dental for the sake of convenience. This has turned out to be a mistake. The dentist that gave me my initial check up said my teeth were fine and only needed cleaning, and maybe a consultation with an oral surgeon for an alignment. But the hygienist who checked me said I have periodontitis. She then proceeded with what I thought was a cleaning, but turns out was something else called a debridement. I was partially charged for this procedure and was given a mouthwash. I thought this mouthwash was free, since it was never discussed, but I ended up having to pay for it. I still needed a cleaning so I scheduled for that for a future date. For that visit, I was given, in addition to the regular cleaning, a fluoride treatment and, I believe, a flushing. I was not made aware that these were extra charges. Then I was given a tube of fluoride dentifrice (which is just a fluoride treatment toothpaste). I knew I would be charged for this, but thought it would not be too much. It was $24 for a small tube that normally retails for $15. In the end, the extras I had to pay were more than the regular cost of a cleaning. I don't think I need to say it, but I will not be going back to Aspen Dental in the future. I do not recommend it at all. Consider every other possible option before resorting to their services. Pros: technology Cons: business ethics more

Somebody, please suspend Aspen's license -- indefinitely! 1/8/2008

Two years ago I went to Aspen to have my teeth cleaned. After telling me that my teeth were about to fall out (two years later, they're all still here) and recommending extensive surgery, they also recommended I come back to have a few cavities filled. As it turns out, the "dentist" in charge of the procedure was a certain Isam Hamati (or at least that's who billed me) who aside from not knowing the difference between a diastema (a structural gap between the front teeth) and a "missing tooth" -- something any competent dentist would know -- was very condescending, and, worst of all, didn't even know how to correctly fill a tooth. The so-called "filling" s/he put in was loose, gritty, and (after an hour or so) popped out! Thinking that any competent dentist would at least know how to put in a filling, I never followed up on any of my subsequent scheduled "appointments" with Aspen. In short, The Aspen Dental Group are a bunch of insurance scammers who should not be supported by any means. Pros: GHI supports these crooks Cons: Incompetent, thieves .... more


I believe the lady's name is Irina, with an eastern European accent. I applied to be a dentist assistant. They had me wait for an hour the first interview with this front desk lady ( because the dentist was too busy). Took my resume. told me to come back on a morning the day after next to interview with the dentist. I drove there that morning and this Irina lady told me " oh, the dentist says she doesn't want to see you, she wants somebody long term." Then why made me come back? " How does she know I won't be long term?" " She just read your resume. " Excuse me. I have a double Bachelors degree. One in Biology. The dentist JUST read my resume a second before the supposed "interview", after my 30-min- wait? Why doesn't she schedule another appointment with me and have me drive back and forth a couple more times? She seemed to have enjoyed it. That's okay, MY TIME IS JUST NOT AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR TIME. I guess what kind of dentists hire what kind of staff. As the review before this had mentioned, U-N-P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L. R-U-D-E. I hope karma exists. Pros: The building is nice. Cons: RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL staff. more

Never been treated so badly in my life 10/10/2007

Terrible!!! Worse than you can imagine. Don't be lured in by promises of a bargain -- this place is the worst. The staff are truly incompetent, rude and uncaring. I've had multiple encounters with them, and every time something ridiculous goes wrong. For example: - I was told that I could use my old doctor's x-rays, had them sent to the office, checked beforehand that they'd received them, then upon arrival they said they'd have to take new ones (at $200). -During the xrays, they used a system that caused searing pain and cuts in my mouth (I'm on the smaller side and have a small mouth). Then, they had to retake them because the woman hadn't set up the machine right. Despite my being in obvious pain and asking often for a different method, they continually said there was no other way to do it. When I finally burst out in tears from the pain, however, it turned out that of course there was a different way! The woman was simply too lazy to get the other equipment out. No apology here though. - During my cleaning, (another) hygienist nicked my gum badly, I had gauze in for 10 minutes and it remained sore and painful for a week afterward. No apology here either. - They are also terrible about scheduling. They won't combine appts - you have to schedule a new patient exam, then a separate cleaning, then a separate appt for any fillings. And they won't let you make any of these appointments beforehand, you have to wait until after each one to schedule the next, meaning several weeks or months can go by between them. Want to schedule a cleaning in 6 months? Sorry, their computers can't do that. However, they see nothing wrong with canceling these appointments with less than 24 hours. Really at every turn, you get this level of incompetence and rudeness. There's no reason to bother with this place, given the number of good dentists in the area - these are not people you want to trust with a drill!! Pros: cheap? Cons: service, technique, name it. you get what you pay for more
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  • Aspen Dental dentists are committed to treating you with the compassion and respect you deserve. They believe in providing care that addresses both your short- and long-term oral health needs. And they promise to give you comprehensive care in a judgment-free environment. Because at Aspen Dental, our dentists treat each patient as if they were family. If you're a denture wearer, you can choose from seven styles of our exclusive ComfiDents® brand dentures, more diverse and affordable options than are available at traditional dental practices. Plus, our on-site denture lab means quick turnaround for denture repairs, relines or adjustments. Thanks to our convenient locations and extended office hours, including evenings and select Saturdays, scheduling an appointment is easy! You can schedule your appointment by phone Monday - Saturday, 7am - 9pm EST. Or visit us online to schedule an appointment. Walk-in patients and emergencies are welcome.. Check-Ups,Cosmetic Dentistry,Crowns & Bridges,Denture Repair & Relining,Denture Replacement,Emergency Dental Care,Fillings,Gum Disease,Oral Surgery,Root Canals,Teeth Whitening (not available at all locations),Digital X-Rays

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