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Antioch Auto Center - 14 Reviews - 1660 Antioch Pike, Antioch, TN - Auto Repair & Service Reviews - Phone (615) 833-7650
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Antioch Auto Center

1660 Antioch Pike
Antioch, TN 37013
(615) 833-7650
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Antioch Auto Center - Antioch, TN
Antioch Auto Center - Antioch, TN
Antioch Auto Center - Antioch, TN


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I'm very disappointed in missye429. Her story isn't accurate (I don't want to call you a liar outright like you did with us) and to call our faith into question is really a scumm...


How is it Rocky that you claim God is this and that quote scriptures but showed me no loyalty or compassion, you were dishonest to me and had no right to take my money and not fix...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/30/2014

Gary G., I wonder if you feel like a BIG MAN posting your negative comments on the internet. AAC doesn't hide behind religion but people like you make claims about Christians doing just that. Shame on you for holding Children of God up to a standard that you apparently do not live by yourself. Isn't that being hypocriical? If you don't want to go to AAC, then don't. But be very careful of whom you falsely accuse of malpractice. It can come back on you; if not from the one you falsely accused, then it will come from elsewhere. We reap what we sow or in other words, Karma is a harsh teacher. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/5/2014

I had two different vehicles worked on by them. Both repairs went bad just after the warranty expired (how convenient). They keep hiding behind their religion like it automatically prevents them from being dishonest. Anyone remember Jimmy Swaggert? I believe they use inferior parts to save money -both vehicles left their shop sounding like tin cans on wheels. I will never ever go back to them again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/12/2012

I know people who are frustrated and think they were scammed will more often write comments and reviews. I believe that you should do so when you have exceptional service as well. And, that is what I got from Rocky and his crew at Antioch Automotive Center. I was prepared for the worst in spending hundreds of dollars and leaving my vehicle for days from the symptoms it posed. Instead, it was a simple fix and a $30 charge. During the wait, Rocky was very friendly and we talked about a great number of topics. more

Some people are just confused 6/18/2012

I'm very disappointed in missye429. Her story isn't accurate (I don't want to call you a liar outright like you did with us) and to call our faith into question is really a scummy low blow. God talks about back biting in Romans Chapter 1. Why didn't you express your concerns and opinions while you were here? I was here and I never heard you say anything negative. And believe me, had you called our faith into question, I would have heard it and would have told you to your face that you're wrong for doing so. The only reason I'm posting on here is to make sure that readers can see that we have yet one more unfounded bad review. And it's so funny that people that leave them bring our Christian faith into it. Not even Christians are perfect but we walk in perfect love and integrity. YOU are not worth hurting our relationship with God by deceiving you in any way or failing to keep or word. Maybe you should think about applying that principle to your life. Pros: Honest people Cons: Very Busy and hard to get car in sometimes. more

How is it Rocky that you claim God is 5/29/2012

How is it Rocky that you claim God is this and that quote scriptures but showed me no loyalty or compassion, you were dishonest to me and had no right to take my money and not fix the problem i am back to square one which i got a second opinion after i left your shop and was told that the part was broken either it was put in that way or your staff re wired the horn that was already in there, i look at my reciept and i am so confused that i was charged one hundred twenty four dollars for labour, and your men didnt do the job, how is there a warranty on a horn that is not working, why didnt you diagnose the problem properly, you kept my car for an entire week, didnt set my alarm for it to get broken into thats not the best area then basically had it parked closer to the liquor store, i looked at your web pge and it expains your intergity and loyalty in your business, NO SIR you are so wrong so wrong i missed work and then took more gas, time, mileage on my vacation, to still be at square one, you didnt apologize or try to make it right, you basically stole from me, i wanted to curse you, act up at the shop and go to jail but you and i know GOD dont like ugly, i heard your wife playing christian cd's and thought these people cant be serious, people like you make people like me not believe in GOD, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. AS LONG AS I LIVE I WILL MAKE SURE I TELL PEOPLE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE THERE AND I KNOW QUITE A FEW AND BUSINESS IS A WORD OF MOUTH YOU LEFT A HORRIBLE TASTE. more

Best Auto Service in Nashville 5/12/2012

My mother is a Senior Citizen and a widow. She had me take her car to Firestone because the heater was not working and there was a puddle of oil/water under her car. Firestone place called and said the head gasket was blown and probably a cracked head. They said they could not do a head gasket replacement but they could install a rebuilt engine. They quoted me $3,500.00+ labor. I took the car to Antioch Auto and asked if they could replace a head gasket and inspect the head. I was quoted a very reasonable price. I sat in the waiting room for my wife to pick me up. While waiting the owner told me they had examined the car and the only thing they could find was a bad water pump. Antioch Auto Center saved me over $3,000.00. I will not be going to any Firestone store again. And I will be taking my autos to Antioch henceforthe. more

WE'VE BEEN HAD!!!!! 7/14/2011

We will not EVER use Antioch Auto Center again! We paid this shop over $400 on a Tuesday and on a Thursday the car was worse than ever. Took the car back and they wanted another $300.00 for the alternator. Now why would they fix everything else and not that when they had the car in there? Their response was we checked it when you were here on Tuesday it must have just happened? Bull! We are not only going to consult with the BetterBusinessB but we are also going to warn everyone to STAY AWAY!!! CON ARTIST AT WORK! more

Very, Very Rude... Especially the ""Owner"" 12/21/2010

I was looking for a good local shop to deal with a unique issue with my car... There was a short history I needed to provide to see if they would be able to service my car... Long story short, the owner, ""Rock"" or ""Rocky"" had to be consulted.... I started explaining the situation, and found out they were going to be unable to help me... That's fine, they were honest about that. However, I apparently should not have asked any follow up questions because he acted as though I was wasting his time... All I wanted to know was if he could recommend anyone nearby...He could have thrown a friend in the industry some work. ""Rocky"" never introduced himself when he was called out, acted as though I was a nuisance, and couldn't be bothered to answer one or two questions. I left feeling that what you see in the commercial is far from what these people really are. more

Antioch Auto - A Trusted Mechanic 1/25/2010

I've used Antioch Auto Center multiple times. In each case, they exceeded my expectations in every way. When contemplating what I expected to pay for the repairs, their quotes came in considerably cheaper than expected. In addition, an electrical problem was discovered which could have cost an arm and a leg to fix. Instead of pushing me into pursuing the repair, they simply alerted me to the problem and actually downplayed the need for me to have it fixed. How many times have you EVER had an auto repair center encourage you to pass on a repair? NEVER! If they were the sharks that some of the Christ-haters claim them to be, would they be passing up the opportunity to make a few extra bucks? I contend that, as the bible says, Christians will be persecuted for Christ's sake. The only negative reviews I read are from people who seemingly have a problem with all things Christian. It seems they resent the commercials where the owner states ""if you need prayers or auto repairs..."" Coming from South Florida, I was blown away that a business owner would be so bold in his faith. I wanted to give the company a shot for that fact alone...and they didn't disappoint. Any reasonable person realizes that parts are marked up slightly. If companies like this only counted on profit from labor to survive, they wouldn't be in business very long. Give it a rest. This is a dependable and trustworthy company. If you REALLY want to get ripped off, try some of the corporate auto repair centers. Antioch Auto Center is a refreshing change-of-pace from the ordinary. Pros: Reasonable Pricing; Quick Service; Friendly People more

Business with Honesty, Integrity, and a smile. 1/15/2009

I have been going to Antioch Auto Center for years now. Rocky is a man's man, he will tell you exactly whats wrong with your vehicle and know that its the truth. Antioch Auto Center may be expensive on parts but they do not purchacse cheap parts. You pay for what you get a quality part and quality service. Things are run a little diffrently than many other repair shops, Antioch Auto Center is built on moral values.... Something that many businesses have forgotten in this day and time. Its built on integrity, and honesty. Pros: Your gets fixed with top of the line parts, and you recieve a thurough overview of what was wrong with the car. Cons: Very busy! more

$280 Tune-Up... 7/21/2008

They replaced the wires, plugs, and coil connectors for a parts total of $169? They were going to charge more but said that the company they buy the parts from was charging a ridiculous amount (over $100) so they dropped the price for me ($80 for the wires). The coil connectors went from over $90 to $70. Labor was another $85. I don't believe for a second that it cost them what they charged me for the parts. I give them 3 stars because they did call me and tell me the prices before doing the work. They gave me the option and I let them do it because I'm going out of town and do not have the time to do it myself. Pros: Fixed my actual complaints quickly and cheaply. Cons: Parts prices are outrageous even for a mechanic. more

Wonderful service, wonderful price 7/7/2008

I have been taking both of my vehicles to Antioch Auto Center for 6 years now. I have always had wonderful service from them. When getting estimates from other places, Antioch Auto has always beat the price by a considerable margin. I have never had shoddy repairs from them. My van has a crazy design and the battery is located in a very inconvenient spot...3 other chains wanted to charge me $80 or more just to put a new battery in that I supplied. The price I paid at Antioch Auto wasn't even half of that amount. Pros: Wonderful service, quality repairs, they genuinely care about their customers. Cons: None. more

Don't fall for the good guy commercial 6/5/2008

""I'm a Christian"" don't work for me. Rocky- the owner and guy on the commercial is a joke. He likes to over charge, make up problems and even has an occasional attitude. I found the parts for my car- at less than half the price he was telling me they were going to cost, and I was calling the same man he was getting the parts from. When I confronted him about it, he claimed the extra charges were for delivery. Even though that was less than a block. At any rate, they lost my business. I guess that is how they can afford to pay for good ole Christian commercials. Pros: The guy named Donnie that works there. Cons: Too many to name. more

Commercial is getting worse 10/31/2007

I wonder if Rocky actually goes to church. If so, Rocky, have you asked your preacher about using God's name in your advertising? I'm betting the only good reviews you get are from the ladies you give discounts to or your preacher you support. Stop. Just stop. Your commercials are making me sick. I consider myself a Christian too but when I interviewed for my job I didn't say ""you should hire me because I'm a good Christian. And guess what? I got the job anyway. Based upon shining my light so my employer could tell by my actions that I would be an asset to her company. We are going to be judged by our works not our words. Think about that. more

Honest & reliable service 10/1/2007

I have used Antioch Auto Center for at least 3 years. I have 3 girls driving now and would not let them drive the cars that they purchased without having these folks check the car out first. I know that once Rocky and his techs have checked out the vehicle, it is roadworthy. I have never known them to mislead or try to cheat anyone. Now, like the rest of us they are human. I'm sure that mistakes have been made, but I have not experienced a mistake to date. I would highly recommend Antioch Auto Center to anyone who needs any type of auto repair Pros: Dependable and honest Cons: They are very busy, so there may be a wait. more

Better than advertised 9/27/2007

Sometimes proper diagnosis is more important than the treatment ... we were recently advised by the shop doing our routine car maintenance and repairs that the crankshaft was shot and in need of immediate repair ... and to put the car in good running order, the car was in probable need of AC repair, including a new blower motor; and the windshield wiper motor(s) needed replacing. In addition, what was described as the front bumper assembly needed replacing. They elected not to undertake the job because of the crankshaft and blower motor tasks but gave us their time and cost estimates for everything ... and as ours is an old 1994 Cadillac STS ... both were shocking to the system. Pros: We have no complaints Cons: They're very busy but that's to be expected because of the quality of their work and service. more

Christian mechanics still try to rip you off 3/23/2007

So, we took the roomie to get her ride fixed up; shes been having some basic car troubles and wanted her oil and battery cables changed out in a beaten-up old camry. She called them last weekend and was quoted $30-60 for the battery cables. Pros: Cheap Oil change Cons: Quoted different prices by different mechanics, tried to push unnecessary work. more
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  • We are a family owned and operated business that serves the Lord in everything we do. We are not perfect, but we are being perfected in love as God's Word states. We sincerely believe Matthew 25:40 which states: "Whatsoever thou shalt do unto the least of these my brethren, you do also unto me." We pray that this belief we hold true will give you confidence in our service to you. " Antioch Auto Center has been in business since 1989 and under new ownership since August 2002.. Air & Fuel Filters Air Conditioning Repair Alignments 4 Wheel Alignment Front End Alignment Alternators Batteries Belts & Hoses Brakes Coil Springs Cooling System Maintenance CV Boots & Joints Electrical System Repair Exhaust System Repair Fuel System Cleaning & Maintenance Headlights & Taillights Lube/Oil/Filter Changes Conventional Oil Synthetic Oil Major Engine Repair & Maintenance Maintenance Tune-Ups Radiators Shocks & Struts Starters State Vehicle Inspections Steering Repair Suspension System Maintenance Tire Repair & Maintenance Transmission Maintenance Wheel Balancing Wiper Blades Vehicle Glass Replacement

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