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Ann's Studio Of Dance - 18 Reviews - 2366 Whitesburg Dr S, Huntsville, AL - Dinner & Dancing Restaurants Reviews - Phone (256) 534-5773
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Ann's Studio Of Dance

2366 Whitesburg Dr S
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 534-5773
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Ann's Studio Of Dance - Huntsville, AL
Ann's Studio Of Dance - Huntsville, AL


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This is a wonderful studio that I have been dancing at for 4years now the dancers are nice the teachers are helpful but if some ( or yourself) is acting inmature they will send yo...


Wonderful facility- nice building & dance rooms. Office staff- unorganized, unprofessional. Ann brown- curt & snotty for no reason. Advanced classes- merely beginner scale at othe...

Great facilitiy_ terrible training 10/28/2010

Wonderful facility- nice building & dance rooms. Office staff- unorganized, unprofessional. Ann brown- curt & snotty for no reason. Advanced classes- merely beginner scale at other studios, shocking that the most prestigeous group "ann brown dancers" are not advanced at all! Classes to large, and obviously there is no quality training going on- very disappointed.Pulled my daughter in the first month- if you are looking for actual dance lessons------ avoid this place. Don't judge this book by it's cover. Great facade- poor training. The adavanced kids have only one teacher for every class? The advanced ballet teacher is also the advanced acrobatic teacher , and jazz, and tap- I've never heard of such. SCARY if your child really is serious about their training! more

Dance at Ann's 8/1/2010

This is a wonderful studio that I have been dancing at for 4years now the dancers are nice the teachers are helpful but if some ( or yourself) is acting inmature they will send you out of the class room for the other dancers so that you (or some one else) can be able to consentrate better the dancers are very nice this studio performs all over the world durring the summer heres just some of the place they've been Japn, Italy, Paris, and this year there going to Russia and New York this is a wonderful studio that i love and reccomend for any one more

Dance 7/6/2010

I have been dancing at Anns 10 years and it is wonderful. This upcoming year i will be an ABD!! I have to start company camp soon it will be so much fun i did it the last year they had it! I traveled to japan and had a great time and i got to know some of the people better. This year i will be traveling to russia and New York!!! It will be so much fun and doing the competetions is one of my favorites. It is awesome no one can hate Anns!!! more

Great Big Family of Ann's 2/17/2010

Ive danced at Ann's for 9 years! Never gone anywhere else so ive never notice that our teachers are very strict. Ann's is honestly a great big family from 2 year olds to the seniors then the teachers. SO INCREDEBLY excited to do company this year cant wait till recital!! all the dancers look forward to it!!! its so much fun we all decorate together and have a great time excanging girfts and hanging out! we help each other with GLITTER and make up yes we r very GLITZY! we all get along and support each other all the way!! i do not see how anyone can dislike Ann's Studio f Dance! more

COMPANY 2/14/2010

I was a company dancer last company year!!! i loved it... but i cant do it this coming year... with out dance i am nothing now!!!! more

My FAvorite Dance Studio! 1/10/2010

Ive been dancing at anns since I was two and have been dancing for ten years now. All the teachers are great. Ive been a company dancer and traceled to japan with the studio and we learned so much. Recital is alwas fun all the dancers look forward to it. The little ones are adorable to watch and then the ABD are amazing i cant wait to be one myself! Anns is an awesome dance studio ive learned alot from them! more

teacher reviews 7/27/2009

miss missy is such a respectable dance teacher-she knows the technique aspects of dance better than anyone at that studio, miss leighann is a let down - as the owners daughter youd think she would be the best but shes not because she seems to not care- she is still teaching the same dances as she always has accept for now she has no new ideas same steps different song- every dancer over the age of 10 have her for every core class and that is not good for us- we need variety and most of us want to have miss missy for ballet, and miss kelly for jazz - tap is ok with leigh ann- miss kelly is my favorite- she cares about us and she teaches new and exciting things- she keeps up with the new styles of dance and her dances actually go with the music. we need a lyrical class and miss missy and miss kelly teach the best lyrical speciality numbers. miss ann please help us we want to be the best dancers and the best studio! more

Ann's Studio Of Dance!!! 7/9/2009

I think Ann's is a great place. Leigh Ann, Missy, Kelly, Holly, Sophia and all the wonderful teachers do such a great job. It is amazing to watch everything that they do. I enjoy watching my girls dance at recital and at competitions. I think it is amazing that we donate to charities when we win money at competitions and we don't keep it for ourselves they pick a place a donate it the money they have earned all year. I think it is amazing that this place does something like that and the dancers all wonderful people. If the teachers don't work the dancers hard, then how will they get any better? People who are saying they are tough, are obvisouly not realizing that they are trying to make you better dancers. This is an amazing place and I love every minute of recital and watching my daughters dance here. I would highly recommend it!!!!! more

Ann's 6/21/2009

Recital is so much fun to watch! Ann has done a very well job and so have Leigh Ann, Missy, Kelly, and all of the other wonderful dance teachers! Ann's is a great place, your children will love it! more

Ann's Studio of Dance 6/16/2009

Ann's is great, because they ACTUALLY DANCE age appropriate, you see all these other studios grinding and shaking and it's just not right, espically when your daughter is only 8 years old. I love Ann's and love the dances, because not only are they age appropriate they are also very fun to watch. Ann and Leigh Ann have done a very fine job with their students and studio. The recital is A WHOLE WEEK and I tell you, IT DOESN'T GET OLD. I look forward to it every year and have never missed a night since my daughter started dancing there. I love watching my daughter enjoying herself dancing and making great friends and being in an awesome atmosphere. more

Dancing At Ann's 3/29/2009

My daughter has danced at Ann's since she was 3 years old. She has become a wonderful dancer, and refuses to dance anywhere else, but based on seeing other companies our dancers are sometimes missing out. While Leighann does demand compliance and dedication, especially for her company dancers, their music and moves are so tired, its sometimes boring and a drag. Many recital dances are more hip and more fun than what is provided for company. Maybe this is because other teachers are picking music, and choreographing, I don't know? But I think it is hard for our dancers to go to competition and see other studio's dancing to more popular music and getting to spread their wings sometimes in a new direction. We need to grow a little, branch out, challenge our students and give them something new they can sink their teeth into. more

A great place to learn, dance, have fun, and still be professional! 3/15/2009

I am very happy with Ann's Studio of Dance. I get to go on all the trips with my daughter for company and I have so much fun going on all of them. It's a great place to go to and fun to watch my daughter dance, have fun, and expeirence everything she need to. Ann and Leigh Ann are wonderful people and wonderful teachers, they keep the studio running very nicely and still make it a fun place to be and are very friendly. Sure it's not hardcore training but it's fun our children to enjoy, and if they would like to pursue dancing when they're older, then we have nothing stopping them. They also know that they love getting their training from Ann's, and it's worth every dime we pay for it. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun atmosphere that is filled with friendly people, wonderful teachers, and a wonderful staff. It's WORTH IT! more

A fine place for recreational dance 3/10/2009

If you are looking for serious, top-notch training, Ann's is not the place to go. However, if you are looking for a nice, social environment with ample performing opportunities to enhance your child's extracurricular time, this is as good a place as any. Though the classes and recitals are more expensive than many in the area, they are well organized and achieve an almost nostalgic professionalism (reminiscent of the glory days of tap studios ala Shirley Temple). When I was looking for ballet training for my daughter (now a professional dancer), a quick pass through Ann's Studio was all I needed to know we needed to look elsewhere. Still, many of our good friends have trained for years with Ann's and have been quite happy with the enrichment and sense of community provided. So, while Ann's cannot (nor does it pretend to) approach high art, this is no Dolly Dinkle. And, for those looking for dance-training-as-pass-time, Ann's fits the bill just fine. more

This is the BEST place! 2/21/2009

Ann's is the best place to get an education of dance. Almost all the studios in the area of Huntsville have danced at Ann's before they went and opened up their studios. Ann's does everything very professional and gives everyone the opportunity to dance and it's always a great feeling to see my children smiling and happy to enjoy being at Ann's. All of the staff at Ann's are wonderful people and are very kind and helpful, and help keep everything in shape at Ann's. I couldn't imagine us anywhere else. Ann's is the best place to be, and I can promise you that you will not regret bringing your children here to enjoy dancing and experience all the great fun this studio has to offer! more

Ann's is a wonderful place! 10/31/2008

Ann's Studio of Dance is the place to be! We have been here for many years now and have been completely satisfied! The whole staff are wonderful people to work with and are very patient and make the classes so much fun to be in! They Ann Brown Company Dancers are an amazing group of dancers! The studio is very organized and a fun place to be. It is our second home. A whole year of dancing working towards recital really pays off. We are the only studio who has 5 nights a week in June for recital, not to mention the audience is packed every night! Ann's is definitely the place to be! Almost all the studios who have opened up a studio came from Ann's! Ann's was the first studio in Huntsville and has been running 40 + years! I can't think of any other studio we would like to be at. Ann's is the most magical place. Our dancers have become really great, and have trained really hard and are learning the professional way. The teachers make sure that the dancers learn the right way so if they p more

anns 6/6/2007

they compete and leigh ann is a incredible instructor i used to go there we competed in showstopper and went to europe. incredible studio. you have to understand the instructors are strict for a reason so that the kids learn and get better and better. more

You get what you pay for! 2/6/2007

My daughter started dancing at Ann's just days before her 3rd birthday. She is very shy and quiet, you hardly even noticed her in the room. I felt she was lost at Ann's. She danced there for 7 years when I moved her to another studio closer to home. We live outside the city and I did it for convenience. This new studio was right across from her school and 5 mins. from our house. At first, my daughter loved the smaller classes. There were only 10. But, come to find out later on, they couldn't have handled anymore than 10 in any class. The dance instructor needed my daughter to show the class a dance step that nobody else knew. These are 9 & 10 year olds that have danced before. They didn't even know the basic names of steps. They couldn't control those girls to teach them anything. What really was an eye opener was the dance recital. I wanted to cry for my daughter. Her tap number was very good, I am proud of her accomplishments. She was put in a changing room with very young girls, more

My daughter has learned more than just to dance. 4/7/2006

My daughter has danced at Ann's Dance Studio since she was 3, and now she is 12. She has learned so much, like self-disipline, teamwork, being on time, respect for authority, and Oh she can dance ! You can bet these folks are in the business because they love dance and they love to mentor to these kids. The also care, and even if they are tough on your kid - it's very respectful and a correct teaching method for a disiplined sport / art like dancing. You can't go wrong, these folks are internationally known and win major first place at most of the competitions they attend. And they take the money they win, the team decides to donate to a charity - what lessons they are learning. more
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  • Established in 1963, Ann's Studio of Dance offers a complete curriculum ranging from courses in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and acrobatics to a specialized program for preschoolers. Based in Huntsville, Ala., its performances are featured on dance teams, gymnastic teams, cheerleading squads and theatrical shows throughout the north Alabama area. Apart from offering courses in tumbling, personality singing and stage arts, Ann's Studio of Dance is the home of Ann Brown Company dancers, who perform at local events and abroad..

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