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Amc Regency 20 - 17 Reviews - 2496 W Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL - Movie Theaters Reviews - Phone (813) 653-3747

Amc Regency 20

2496 W Brandon Blvd
Brandon, FL 33511
(813) 653-3747
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Amc Regency 20 - Brandon, FL
Amc Regency 20 - Brandon, FL
Amc Regency 20 - Brandon, FL
Amc Regency 20 - Brandon, FL
Amc Regency 20 - Brandon, FL
Amc Regency 20 - Brandon, FL


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I worked on regency 20 when it was just regency 8. Yes ALOT of kids hang out there but they ignore us because we are old. 30's. Ya know after awhile a place like this becomes some...


I have been going to the amc regency 20 in the brandon area for over 5 years now, I have watched it go down hill ever since. For starters the parking is bad, alot of chairs are b...

Why on Earth do people still go here? 6/26/2011

There's really no reason to go to this theater any more. You can't go at night because it'll be full of ten billion kids, inside and outside the theaters, shouting, running around, generally being terrible little jerks. You used to be able to go early on weekend mornings when it was less crowded and cheaper, but the secret is out now, so it's just as crowded and noisy and terrible as it is at night. Worst audiences I've ever experienced in a theater. The picture and sound are mediocre. You might or might not get all of the picture projected on the screen. It's a tossup, really. The sound is a gamble, too. At our most recent movie the ads before the movie were ear-splitting loud, but the actual movie was so soft you couldn't hear it over the chatter in the audience. Worst of all, half of the theaters here are still the kind with the flat floor...not stadium style seating. It's a gamble as to which style of theater you'll get. They even put first run new releases in the old crummy theaters. I don't get it. I don't understand why anyone would see a movie here. Tickets are the same price at Muvico in Ybor and that's only 15 minutes away. At Muvico you have better audiences, more comfortable seats, and better picture and sound. So why is Regency so packed all the time? I don't get it. more

dec.5,2010 12/8/2010

i totaly recommened this theatre more

It Doesn't Get Much WORSE!!!!!!!!!! 9/3/2009

I have lived in Brandon over 20 years. Went to see Star Trek in July, 2009 and decided to go here becasue we didn't want to drive to Tampa. \r \r We knew that this theatre was run down so we didn't expect much to begin with. I already new about the cops outside. There are bad housing areas close by (reason for the Police presence).\r \r Concessions dirty, common areas dirty and old. Seats were broken and dirty. Even the staff look dirty. \r \r Nothing has been done to this place since it was expanded over 15 years ago and it shows. It's not just dirty, you get the feeling that you can't touch anything for fear of getting the Bubonic Plague.\r \r It has no appeal. Do not bring a date here. You will be embarrased. Your better off going to Muvico. As a matter of fact when we have friends or family visiting from out of state we do not go here. We take them to Muvico. AMC Needs to investigate this place and clean up their act. \r \r What a shame. This place use to be the nicest theatre in the entire Tampa Bay area (15 + years ago).\r Pros: Only Theatre in Brandon Cons: Don't feel safe there, Dirty, Old. Need Renovation more

Not that bad!!!! 3/11/2009

I have not been to an evening movie in a while, I don't like crowds. So I don't know what the others are experincing. I go to early movies & I have had great experiences at the Brandon AMC. During the summer times you can go see movies before noon & they are not busy, & they are cheeper. The only thing I don't like is sometimes when you are seeing a movie for the first time they give you an older theater. I like the newer part of the theater, & think if I am going opening weekend I should get the newer theater. The older theaters can be a bit tough to take & I have switched movies or times to get the nicer theater. I also do not like the parking, but going to the earlier times I don't have to worry about it. Pros: Location, Early showings during summer Cons: Parking, & the old half of the theater is starting to remind me of the Brandon Twin. more

If i had a choice 1/8/2009

I have been going to the amc regency 20 in the brandon area for over 5 years now, I have watched it go down hill ever since. For starters the parking is bad, alot of chairs are broken, the ac goes off now and then, and the cell phone useage while the movie is going on is outta hand. To try and keep it plain and simple, If someone built a stand alone theather near by like the one on veteran express way. The amc regency 20 in Brandon would turn into a dollar theater and then just disappear. Pros: It is close Cons: It is old --- time for a upgrade more

NOT a pleasant experience! 12/26/2008

We have not been to this theater for some time. Its usually so much nicer to use Netflix in our own Media Room. But, we decided to venture out to see Desparaux and Seven Pounds. The movie times on line did NOT match the box office. What a hassle to arrive and have no times that are comparable. We ended up switching movies since we were already there. A couple of seats I tried were broken and leaning forward. After an hour, it was becoming VERY uncomfortable. Movies are expensive, concessions are ridiculously high, so I'm sure it will be another 6-8 months before we even agree to try another movie theater! Not worth the expense. Pros: Closest theater in Brandon area Cons: Dirty, need to pressure wash the inside and out. more


I was visiting my 83 year old mother for Christmas. She expressed an interest in seeing ""Marley and Me"" so I purchased tickets online to assure we could be admitted easily. We drove an hour to the theater, entered and found the entire theater full with standing room only. The handicapped seats were taken by non-handicapped patrons. No employee was checking tickets, so people who did not have tickets to our movie were seated there. There was no concern except to issue a refund without a refund of the service charge. Planning ahead penalized us in more ways than one and ruined our Christmas! Dr. Janis Jeffers more

Hate is strong word, but I really really really don't like it 12/14/2008

I hate this AMC with a passion. Too many people flock here on Saturdays and most of them go to the movies just to walk the hallways and hang out outside the whole time they are there. I would not have a big problem with that if they did not disturb people during a movie by slamming doors open and closed and also screaming into the theaters. People just pick up their cell phones here during a movie and start to talk, it really upsets me when I pay seven dollars for a movie, I need to get better service. The management does not do anything about it's horrible establishment either. Like I said, I hate this place. Pros: In Brandon Cons: Everything you could ever want in a good movie theater is not here more

C**ts Are Running The World 7/22/2008

""The Company?s Mission\r AMC Entertainment is committed to providing a premium entertainment experience by offering a menu of entertainment alternatives inside our facilities. Our mission is simple: provide our guest with the best possible out-of-home entertainment experience."" That right there is the AMC company mission which i find very hard to believe having just sat through the Dark Knight 7/23/08 9:15 showing. The film itself was phenomenal my problem lays with the c**ts, c**kroaches & ignorant peices of s**t who make up this lame society i have to share the experience with & unfortunately the Brandom AMC draws them all. The 50 cent crackwhore who i was sat next to who texted throughout the film (on the backrow) you know who you are s**t! & to the rest of those c**ts who think its cool to shout out s**t in the film & all the while i'm dying to scream shut the f**k up & throw that sl**s fone across the room but then i would be the badguy! They need ushers, security inside the films or they will continue to lose customers & ban cell phones if people have emergencys they shouldnt be watching a film! Full searches to remove cell phones & lifetime bans for those that break the rules!!! more

regency 20 2/17/2008

I worked on regency 20 when it was just regency 8. Yes ALOT of kids hang out there but they ignore us because we are old. 30's. Ya know after awhile a place like this becomes something of .........a place like home. Example( remember a show called CHEERS). Remember the guy with the little arm that worked there. I know nieghbor kids that worked there and now they are all grown. I worked with a guy whos son was a manager at one theater and his other son ran the the projector at this one. Alot of us have a connection with place like this and I hope it last forever. Pros: It feels like home Cons: Consession lines are always jammed and parking lot is jammed more


I am not sure what theater the above few are talking about. Everytime that I have gone to this theater it has been clean and the employees have been incredible. The fact that there are officers present does not mean that something bad is going to happen. I would much rather go to this theater then one in Ybor. There is more violence down there then anywhere. Yes, there are kids that hang out there with their friends and that is ok. Where did you hang out as a kid? It may not have been at a theater but it was indeed somewhere else. I never hesitate to take my children there or even out on a date. The seating is very comfortable and I always look forward to going there. Take an afternoon or an evening and head to the Brandon Regency AMC Theater for some fun...... Pros: Clean, comfortable, and friendly more

Worst theater in Tampa area! 5/24/2007

Worst theater in area. During my travels I have had the opportunity to visit many movie theaters. I have never been to one that made me feel frightened until now. Hoards of gangster type hanging around leave one with the impression you're in the inner city instead of the expensive suburbs. Theater is also dirty as are the grounds surrounding it. They should send the manager for ""re-training"". Concession stands are painfully slow. One experience is enough to convince me to never allow my teenage children to go there again. Someone should contact the theaters owners and alert them to the situation there. Cons: Dirty, un-safe atmosphere, poor parking situation more

STAY AWAY!!!!!!! 5/18/2007

I am usually a big fan of AMC Theaters but this is the most disgusting theater I think I have usually been to. Besides the fact that the theater I was in had no stadium seating, it is dirty, there are unruly teens everywhere, and parking is probably the biggest nightmare. I would suggets going to Channelside or Centro Ibor, where the theaters are nice and clean and have made it into the 21st century! Pros: nothing positive to say! Cons: Everything, avoid at all costs!!! more

DIrty and Criminal Hangout 1/14/2007

If you don't mind filthy facilities frequented by gangs and juvenile delinquents then by all means go to AMC Regency in Brandon, otherwise keep driving. more

Stay away from this theater! 7/23/2006

Do yourself a favor and drive the extra few minutes to a good theater and see your next movie. I myself will never frequent this establishment, nor will any of my children, again. In the past Ive suffered through the poorly planned parking lot to take the teenagers there before a movie and pick them up after. It wasnt until recently though that this theater was chosen merely for the convenience of its location by my girlfriend and me to see a movie. Well, suffice to say that the experience was anything but good. Finding a place to park was a daunting task in itself. The area around the entrance was unkempt and in fact borderline nasty, and the interior was littered with trash and debris. Many of the other patrons were rude, and the employees didnt appear to be as interested in doing their job as they were in socializing with their friends. \r \r It appears as though this entire plaza is the Brandon area babysitter for lazy parents. We saw many of the same children hanging out while we ate, as well as before and after the movie. They were obviously not there to see a movie themselves, as was apparent by their activities. The police presence at the theater is evidence that this is a reoccurring phenomenon, and one you should be expecting should you choose to see a movie here. \r \r Note: The kids all just behaved like kids and thats fine, but the mess they were making was not being policed by anyone, inside or outside. \r \r I did ask our teenagers if it is always like that, and they told me yes it is. They also said, because of that, Theyd rather go to Channel side, or Bay Walk to see movies from now on. I concur, as dose my girlfriend. We would much rather drive 10 minutes to Tampa, or 40 minutes to St. Petersburg, than to go to this theater one more time. \r \r For anyone seeking an enjoyable evening at the movies; I strongly suggest you stay away from this theater! Pros: convenience of location Cons: Ambience, Parking, Service more

No where else 1/28/2006

Closest theater in Brandon area. Weekends are a complete zoo with alot of kids hanging around. Regency does not do enough to keep the area clean. Parking is terrible. Pros: Lots of screens, Movie selections Cons: Bad parking, Crowds more

People apparently with no life! 6/22/2002

The other people that made the comments about the teeny boppers on drugs many cops etc. must me either from lockup for the last 20 yrs. or on drugs themselves. I have teenagers myself that from time to time use this theater as well as myself and my husband and friends and there are a few cops hanging around but usually the only action I see them with is to keep the cars moving in the pick up area. On the weekend like any other teen they are usually dressed to impress not for success since they are not in an office environment! I have seen people like them sitting on the benches staring and making comments. The kids are usually very well behaved and just having fun chatting with friends and watching to movies. Go and have fun! Pros: close by, good selection, organized Cons: need more parking, needs to be cleaner more
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