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The service provided was expedient and met my roofing needs.


All in One were scheduled to do a roof replacement for us on a certain day, and I do understand that due to weather, etc. those things can be problems at all with th...

Horrible Service and unprofessional group 11/12/2012

Worst experience with a builder ever...Never finished the job and expects payment. Our pellet stove was never put back in properly and is leaning and one can see daylight through the surrounding area and the roof has a sag in it which was promised to be bolstered up. We had numerous appointments set up for them to come and finish out the job and each time, Luke the supervisor , would never show up. We both lost time at work for this inconceivable lack of professionalism. We are at this point considering further measures to insure that no one else will have this issue with All in One. They did not even tack down the protective covering after they pulled the old roof off and it blew off. That same night we had a massive rain storm and we had water damage throughout the house. Which ruined clothing, carpet and pictures. NOT A GOOD COMPANY and we will be reaching out to the BBB. RESPONSE FROM All in One Contractors: There is so much more to this story than what the homeowner has written. This home had structural problems before we ever did the roof. This is the sagging and stove pipe issues they are referring to. There is only so much that a roofing contractor can be responsible for. Pictures of this roof before and after show that the stove pipe is no worse than it was before we did the roof. The "daylight" being seen was proven to be a reflection off of flashing in the area. There is no unsealed opening. The tarps were tacked down prior to the storm, however, the storm was too large and windy for our tacks to hold. Also, because of some mold and other issues we were waiting on the homeowner to make decisions on, we weren't able to finish the roof before the storm came in. It was an unfortunate circumstance, and even though it wasn't completely our fault, we spent many hours at the property cleaning carpets, fixing drywall, and offering our assistance in clean-up. The homeowners do not answer our phone calls or return our calls in our effort to complete the remaining items requested. We believe they have spent the money that they still owe, and that is why, though we have been out multiple times to take care of the issues, they keep coming up with more "issues" so they can delay payment. Even so, we are attempting to schedule yet another appointment for our crew to correct additional issues the homeowner is not happy with. As of November 20, we are still working toward a positive, satisfactory outcome. more

Excellent service. 7/11/2012

The service provided was expedient and met my roofing needs. more

Such a good experience I wanted to contract them for more work 6/19/2012

All in One Contractors redid our roof, replacing our old masonite roof with a high definition shingle roof. They showed up on time, I liked the crew for their efficiency and professionalism. When they got held up and had to wait for our town's inspector to come by they were very communicative and clearly wanted to get back to work. Luke, who gave the estimate, was great and he was very responsive to what I wanted and didn't want. He also had great color suggestions. I was so satisfied with their work and the whole process that I asked if they did decking work because I need to replace my deck and would love to use them within the next few months-unfortunately they only do roofing but they do it well. more

We had our gutters replaced 6/15/2012

We had our gutters replaced and the crew was quick, knowledgeable and cleaned up as they went. It took much less time than I thought it would and the gutters look great! more

Not All In One (Day) Contractors 6/10/2012

My neighborhood was destroyed by a severe hail storm so I hired "All In One Contractors"...which was my highest bidder of five bidding roofing repair my roof but I would not rehire or recommend them based on my personal experience as follows: 1) The owner promised me that my roof would be completed in one day...and four other roofing companies completed my neighbor's roofs in only one daynd I even allowed the owner to choose the start date...but after calling me with several delays to the contrary there was a "no show" on the first day. 2) Then the owner promised me a full crew the next day to complete the roof in one day...but to the contrary there was a "no show" on the morning of the second day...and then only a partial roofing crew arrived in the afternoon just in time to setup and take an hour lunch in my yard. 3) Next on the evening of the second day the partial roofing crew was removed from my roof to complete another roof in Cherry Creek...only problem is that the foreman told me while leaving, "We clean-up tomorrow." I spent over two hours removing all types of construction trash (waste shingles, old nails, paper wrappers, uneaten food, cigarette butts, etc.) from mine and my neighbors yards. 4) The third day the partial roofing crew arrived late after completing the roof in Cherry Creek...just in time to setup and take an hour lunch in my yard...also on that day I asked the owner to remove a crew member from my roof based on safety concerns which was ignored...and my "one day" roof was still not competed on the third day. 5) The fourth day the partial roofing crew finally arrived in the morning but I had to fix their air compressor before they could start work...also this had been a continuing problem with the air compressor on all three days of work...and the owner did not even offer to reimburse me for the cost of the new spark plug and connector wire. 6) On Monday I reported to the owner that there were "missing" furnace vents, roof flashings, and drip edge...on Tuesday the foreman reported that there were still "missing" several furnace and roof on Tuesday and Wednesday night I purchased the remaining "missing" items...which I paid for twice in the contract and again at the store...and I was never reimbursed for the additional cost. 7) I special ordered Energy Star Impact Resistant roofing that had to be shipped special delivery from California to the end of the job all of the unused roofing materials ($1,000+) were thrown into the dumpster including the special ordered shingles and ridge caps...without even asking me whether I wanted to keep them for future use...which I removed from the dumpster without anyone even offering to help me. 8) Other roofing companies in my neighborhood covered valuable items, gardens, and bushes with large tarps...but "All In One Contractors" did not cover anything with tarp with almost no concern for any potential damage to my home and yard...for example I was surprised at the end of the second day to find waste shingles, tar paper, nails, and other debris had been throw off the roof onto my new redwood decknd the redwood deck was never cleaned during the three days of work. 9) The owner ignored my request to remove a crew member from my roof based on safety concerns...this particular crew member "lost" a full bundle of shingles that fell off the second story of my roof into the side yard and then just left it there for me to cleaned-up both the shingles and damage later that night...also this crew member left uneaten food in my yard, threw cigarette butts in my rocks, misaligned several rows of shingles that you can still see on the front of my roof...and finally broke the drywall in my bathroom ceiling which I also had to repair after completion of my new roof. 10) I felt that "All In One Contractors" had no concern for any potential injuries for myself, my eight-month old puppy, or my neighbor's child...for example numerous items were "lost" off the roof while working, the gates were constantly left open, waste food was left in the yard, and none of the waste shingles and old nails were ever cleaned-up in my neighbors I had to remove my puppy from home every day and clean my yard and my neighbors yards every night. In conclusion, it took "All In One Contractors" four days to complete a "one day" roofing job, I had to clean-up my yard and my neighbors yards every night, and I had to fix a significant amount of damage to my home and yard after completion of my new I would never hire "All In One Contractors" again and I would never recommend "All In One Contractors" for any roofing job based on my personal experience. RESPONSE FROM All in One Contractors: Kurt's roof was completed almost a year ago, and he is just now listing his complaint on our web site. We are sorry that he had such a bad experience and that the job did not go as quickly as he expected. The construction industry is complicated, and sometimes things don't go as planned. In this case, the homeowner was extremely hands-on and wanted to be up on the roof working with our crew. Nobody asked him to go purchase the missing supplies; in fact, they weren't missing at all...they were coming from our company inventory and had not yet been delivered. So he took it upon himself to go out and buy the items and then expected to be reimbursed for it, never asking us about our plan to get the items ourselves. He did a lot of things like that, all through the project. I understand that he was trying to be helpful, but we install hundreds of roofs a year and did not need his assistance. He had certain expectations, and when he didn't see them fullfilled, he would take them upon himself. Weeks later we received an invoice from him of itemized backcharges -- $960 he was deducting from his bill for the time he spent working with the crew on the roof, matierals he purchased, etc. We did not feel it was in our best interest to take him to Court for the amount, so we let it go. We believe that deducting his bill $960 was more than fair to be considered his "reimbursement." So his allegations that we did not reimburse him are erroneous. We have addressed the clean-up issues with our crew, and since this happened a year ago, you can be assured that this doesn't happen anymore. Our crew members care about our customers' property and take special precautions to ensure that all homeowners' expectations are met. Again, we are sorry that Kurt feels this way about our company. We did our best to serve his needs. more

They were very professional, timely, and efficient. 2/14/2012

I would recommend All in One Contractors. They did a great job. They were not great at communicating their schedule at points but it was pretty self explanatory with the freezing weather we had. They did a great job at keeping things neat and tidy so we could get in and out of the property. They were awesome. more

Happy and satisfied with the work and the ending result. 12/20/2011

All in One Contractors were prompt in calling us back. I thought their pricing was very fair, compared to other competitors out there. They also kept me posted on when they would start. We had them put in a new roof and three skylights. So far, so good. Luke was very nice and listened to me when I had something to say. more

Seamless experience. 11/15/2011

This was my first experience with All in One Contractors. I knew one of their receptionists from college, and I trusted her recommendation. They were really helpful throughout the process. They dealt with the insurance company so I didn't have to. They made the entire process seamless and worry-free. I'd definitely use them again. more

All In One was here when the said they'd be and did a great and timely job. 10/26/2011

I had my roof replaced after the hail storm in 2009 by a different roofer. When that roofer was finished I could see where shingles were missing and a piece of fascia edging was actually broken and not replaced. When the roof had not been inspected after a month, I called the building inspector to inspect the roof. I found the roofer had not notified the inspector of the work. The inspector then had to come back 2 or 3 times before he finally found the roof acceptable. Overall, this process took about 8 months. After the 2011 hailstorm, All In One came when they said they would, replaced some decking they noticed was in very bad shape (that incidentally should have been replaced by the previous roofer) and the building inspector approved the roof within days of completion. All In One also replaced the fascia edge that was broken by the previous roofer. All In One also helped get insurance company to pay for more of the damages. I would use All in One again. more

Did a great job. 10/17/2011

All in One Contractors came down and did the roofing. They pretty much did everything. They did some siding, put in the screens, but mostly it was roofing, and they did a great job. more

Good work, bad customer service 9/30/2011

All in One were scheduled to do a roof replacement for us on a certain day, and I do understand that due to weather, etc. those things can be problems at all with that, we just wanted to be in the loop on their timing since we have a baby and needed to plan for naps and schedule around the roof noise. The day of our replacement came along and 10 a.m. arrived with no sign of the crew or a call from All in One. So my wife called and asked what was going on. All in One apologized and said the crew was wrapping up another job and would be to our house soon. My wife said that was fine but to please keep her updated. 3 p.m. rolls around and still no crew, and amazingly no call from All in One despite our request to just keep us up to date. So we call again and are told that the crew isn't coming at all but will be there the next day instead. The crew did come the next day and did a very nice quality job, they picked up well after themselves and were very polite and respectful. So - good quality work, seemed like good folks, but at least from our experience may or may not show when they say they will and won't keep you updated on what's going on. Also, when they were done with the work, they just left, didn't take the time to point out to us what they did or come back to inspect, etc. For me - I wouldn't use them again simply because if I'm having someone come to do repairs at my house I want them to value my time and either show up when they say they will or at least call to tell me they have to change the time/day. RESPONSE FROM All in One Contractors: In our industry, there are sometimes delays from time to time, due to weather, material deliveries, complications on roofs, etc. We always do our very best to make the homeowner aware of what's going on. What this homeowner fails to mention is that the office staff had called him three times throughout the week to let him know of rearrangements in schedule because of weather we had over the weekend. We felt we were going above and beyond to communicate to them. We never promised them a specific time on the start day, as we always leave room for delays that are out of our control. We were hoping/expecting our crew would be able to start, yet were hesitant to commit to a specific time because of the complications found on the roof started previously. As the homeowner states, our crew was out the very next day and completed the job in one day. The homeowner has a beautiful product in the end. We apologized to the homeowner for the break in communication. more

Amazing Roofing Experience! 9/26/2011

Everyone was very kind and courteous starting with the salesman, to the crew, to the office staff. All in One was very easy to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a roofing company! more

Very professional. Excellent Work. 9/11/2011

All In One went the extra mile for me during the roof installation. Excellent work. Very professional. Great follow up. more

Amazing Service and Easy to Work With! 8/27/2011

I had an insurance claim from Wind/Rain damage. I had some one else attempt to fix problem. They failed and I needed a company that was reliable, professional and easy to work with - that was ALL IN ONE. The worked directly with me and insurance co and made my life very easy. They went above and beyond to make my house look great. They added a few extra touches that made the difference between good job and Great Job. The definitely are a company I would recommend in the future! more

Excellent DaVinci Bellaforte Re-Roofing Job! 8/10/2011

We spent almost a year looking for an upscale but still economical re-roofing option when we were referred to Joel at All-In-One. He offered us the DaVinci Bellaforte Slate product, and based on his honest and straightforward approach, we selected him right away. We love our new roof! Jaime and his crew did a fantastic job. We give All-In-One our highest recommendation. more

Really good! 7/19/2011

I would recommend All in One. They're really good! They answered all questions, and they are right out there when you need them. I've needed stuff done in a hurry, and they get it done in a hurry. The price is good too. I like everybody that come out here. They use good materials, and the workers seem to know what they're doing. They're professional. That's how I would describe them. They're very professional at the things they do. What I really appreciate is that they fix small leaks as well as whole roofs. It's important to me, because when you fix small leaks you can learn what the root of the problem is, whereas when you replace an entire roof you never really know what was going wrong. Linda LaTenser more

Re-roofed and full siding replacement 6/17/2011

Re-roofed and full siding replacement. The re-roofing was done very timely and with minimal impact to me and my routine. The replacement of the siding was complicated by having to replace all the siding due to insurance company and the State allowing for replacement of damaged exposures only. The staff worked as well as they could in finding the closet match to siding no longer produced, an impossible task. Faced with re-siding the entire house the staff of All In One Contractors provided me with the best options for new siding that were available on the market. The installation of the siding was outstanding. more

Great service in Northern Colorado 6/17/2011

Our home needed a new roof after a nasty spring hail storm, and All in One was able to offer us a timely estimate, a great price and great service even in Windsor, Colorado. more

Re-Roof Job Was Great 5/17/2011

We had AllInOne do our roof when we bought our house. They made the process so easy and quick, and we are so happy with our finished product. It looks great!!! more
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