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Alamo Aquatic Pets - 13 Reviews - 6504 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX - Hunting & Fishing Reviews - Phone (210) 732-8282

Alamo Aquatic Pets

6504 Bandera Rd
San Antonio, TX 78238
(210) 732-8282
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Alamo Aquatic Pets - San Antonio, TX


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For those who didn't like this pet store, then you've lost your minds, I have been buying animals, and feeder rats, and etc. for my animals, and this is the cheapest place I know!...


I am very disturbed at the lack of concern for the public's health.My son recently purchased a ferret from Alamo Aquatics. Being a good pet owner he immediately scheduled an appoi...

Buyer Beware 3/29/2011

I am very disturbed at the lack of concern for the public's health.My son recently purchased a ferret from Alamo Aquatics. Being a good pet owner he immediately scheduled an appointment at vet for 2nd distemper shot.After examing the animal the vet informed my son that it had parasites. Parasites that were transmittable to humans. He is having difficulty getting them to reimberse him for the portion of vet bill relative to parasite infestation. He said they would have the other 2 ferets they had left seen by a vet.They also told him they were going to warn any shoppers interested in ferrets. I went in later the same day and inquired about buying a ferret.. more

Pretty Cool, BUT.... 2/7/2011

I really love this place... They have knowledgeable staff... A variety of animals and merchandise... And their prices are pretty good! As far as animals, the prices are decent. On merchandise, their prices beat big box pet stores every time. HOWEVER... One thing that really bothers me and has almost ended my being a customer there is the fact that they stock painted fish. These are fish that are cruely, artificially painted, much like a person getting a tattoo. The ""paint"" is unhealthy for the fish and kills them a lot of times. Or the fish lives, but the paint wheres off with time. Then someone is stuck with a fish they don't like as the color wore off and who knows what they'll do with it. I hope Alamo Aquatics reads these reviews and stops carrying the painted fish. -Hatti more

Just plain Awesome! 1/18/2011

For those who didn't like this pet store, then you've lost your minds, I have been buying animals, and feeder rats, and etc. for my animals, and this is the cheapest place I know! I have searched everywhere else for feeder mice, and rats, everywhere else I went they are too expensive, Alamo Aquatics, is by far the best place I know in the city!! The snakes they have there as well are always at good prices, I bought my cornsnake, for $50, when they have them for $29! I should have waited lol!! ANYWAY IF YOU PASS UP THIS GREAT PRICED AQUATICS PLACE THEN SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!! THEY HAVE THE BEST PRICES, AND SERVICE IN TOWN!!! more

The Price Is Too High!! 1/16/2011

Ive been going to fish stores for as long as i can remember finding bargains here bargains there but never really felt ripped off until i went to Alamo Aquatics i saw very colorful fish and asked ""how much?"" they said ""oh $25"" ""the price is too high"" i said so i left went to another store saw what i was looking for. for almost half of their charging i feel bad for the people who dont know that much about fish because they get ripped off by Alamo Aquatics more

Like Pulling Teeth 12/7/2010

I visited this store just to check out the selection and saw a few fish I liked so I decided to make a minor purchase. No problem getting the fish and I had a great conversation with the individual checking me out. So great in fact that I wasn't paying attention to the final checkout cost and didn't realize what I was paying until later that night. I looked at my receipt and was shocked to find out i had paid $24.99 for a botia that as far as i knew should have cost $2. I returned to the store a couple of days later to ask about the charge and was floored when i was told that the price was accurate. The manager on duty was the individual who collected my fish in the first place and I asked him why he did not tell me the fish (which was not labeled on the tank) was so expensive. He had no answer for that but did say that the very expensive fish are not labeled because he gets tired of being asked why the fish costs so much. A little word of advice, if somebody is buying three fish for under two dollars and one unlabeled fish for 25 that looks almost identical to a 2 dollar fish, you might want to tell him. The manager called his boss and informed me that the fish in question should have only been 19 dollars so he would give me a store voucher for the difference. I was not happy with that I drove to Fintique (my regular LFS) and saw an almost identical fish for under 2 dollars. I returned to Alamo Aquatics to report my findings and the Manager (who was visibly annoyed by my presence) called his boss again and offered to take the fish back and keep it for a couple of days before a full refund. I returned with the fish that night and met other employees who were friendly, helpful, and most of all, compassionate. I brought my other botia (the $2 one) for comparisons and they all agreed that they could not tell me why one was worth $25 and the other $2. The manager this time made me wait much longer, while he continued whatever he was doing and even started new tasks as I waited. I made ever effort to keep the mood positive, I do not like bad situations, and simply wanted my money back. His mood was not good, and getting even a verbal response from him was like pulling teeth. After much back and forth and leaving the store and returning and another call to his boss, the manager (obviously fed up with my insistence for good customer service) offered a cash refund right there for the fish. (I did not want to leave the fish there for 3 days only to hear ""it died"" and get no refund). I was handed $24 dollars cash, (mind you the fish was $24.99 plus Tax) and left with my small victory. As long as that store is managed by that guy i will not set foot in it. Everybody else was great, but this guy is going to ruin that business. Sadly, I was going to return and purchase a peacock bass, but I can't justify giving them any more of my money. more

wonderful!! :) 4/25/2010

this is a great place the staff is very friendly and helpful and always kind. i have bought many animals from there (fish, rabbits, ect.) and all have been healthy and lasted long. it may not be the most clean place but so what if you get great service. i feel right at home whenever i go and they have a wonderful selection! more

Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Staff 4/19/2010

I recommend Alamo Aquatics to everyone I know. Any fish both freshwater and saltwater that I have bought have been of healthy stock and have survived well. They were very helpful in assisting us with everything from updating our lighting to adding plants to our freshwater tank. I have a particularly difficult fish in my 55g saltwater tank who has bullied every other fish I've added. The employees of Alamo Aquatics were able to recommend an excellent match for my fish who would keep him in line but not hurt him and it has made all the difference in my tank. If you need answers, make the trip to Alamo Aquatics. Pros: Great service and selection, knowledgeable Employees Cons: Not centrally located more

I love this store. 6/18/2007

We have 3 IJ's, a corn snake, and a tortoise & get most of our supplies from Alamo. There is only one guy that I trust here with advice concerning my pets though. (Forgot his name...He's a white dude, tall, with short buzzed hair). He has the knowledge and experiance to back it up.\r \r The store has a good variety of snakes, fish, and feeders. I've bought 2 Leopard geckos, crickets, worms, pinkies, hoppers (All healthy)....probably a snake later. We go there A LOT.\r \r They also have ferrets, hamsters and fluffy stuff. :) more

Great service 4/26/2007

I'v been there many times and they are very helpfull. They have a very informed staff and helped me prevent a dissease breakout in my tank. They have a much wider selection then petsmart or petco, and the reason there prices are a little higher is beacause they are a mom and pop type if store. I recomend buying you tank somewhere else, but for fish, special foods and medications, Alamo Aquatic pets is the place to go. Pros: Great service and selection Cons: not as clean and slightly higher price more

I recommend it to people with a sense of humor and charisma. 4/12/2007

I've been shopping at Alamo Aquatics for the past 2 years and every visit has been enjoyable. Pros: Parking, Customer Service, Knowledge Cons: Saltwater Selection, Strange Odors more

Horrible service 2/3/2007

I visited the store three times... Once to purchase my tank setup, once to purchase some fish, and once for customer service (I was overcharged by about 30 dollars and didn't realize it until later that evening - when I requested a refund, I was told to wait for someone to help, and about 45 min later, I decided to give up). If you're inexperienced with starting a tank, you will be treated like an idiot, and you will soon find that different people in the store will give you very contradicting information on things like fish combinations and tank setup. One person will 'help' you with your fish sellection, and when you come in again, someone else will tell you that YOU made a bad decision. That's a big deal when you're spending about 25 dollars per fish. I also noticed that the prices on much of the equipment is substantially more expensive than at other local stores. I will not be visiting the store again, and I sincerely reccommend to anyone interrested in setting up a tank to look elsewhere. Pros: Selection is good (fish, not equipment... except the tanks. They have a lot of those) Cons: Service, staff knowledge, cleanliness more

dirty and expensive 1/16/2007

Ive been shopping at Alamo Aquatics for a long time and every time i have gone in there ive had to wait for someone to help me, and its FILTHY. So dont even think about using the restroom. It is poorly ran and poorly managed. If anyone wants good prices and a clean and wonderful store i would suggest a place off 281 called Aquarium designs. They really have the cheapest prices especially if you compare them to here. So save yourself time money and energy and do not go to Alamo. I do not recommend anyone buy from that store. Pros: Parking, nice freshwater selection, convenient location, and have alot of merchandise. Cons: More expensive, filthy, not friendly, dirty tanks and unhealthy fish. more

Healthy and happy 10/26/2005

They take the better care of their animals than any other store I have been in. The animals are consequentially happier and healthier which is the most important factor and deserving of support. Knowledgable staff, but always do your own research before selecting a pet!!!!!!! Pros: Animal care, Variety, decent prices Cons: Long drive more
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