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African Euphoria Braid

Columbus, OH 43085
(614) 840-0635
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I really don't know why so many peoples tell lies about African Euphoria on Morse rd. If you are talking about cleanliness this shop is clean if you don't beleive it just go now a...


The first time I got my hair done here I got Senegalese twist, they did a good job and my hair would have lasted over 3 months but I got tired of them and took them out, we'll I g...

A satisfied customer 12/29/2016

I really don't know why so many peoples tell lies about African Euphoria on Morse rd. If you are talking about cleanliness this shop is clean if you don't beleive it just go now and see i have been getting my hair done there for 15 years and no complain at all i love my braids and will always go back there to get it done.They do speak different language, they eat different food it's ok that's we are in a diverse country.My friends have been to different shop around the city they are horrible in services and nasty.if you want to see roaches you go visit others shop in the hood you will get served. I love you guys at Euphoria keep up the good work. more

Great service 9/1/2015

8/31/2015 was the first time I been to this place. The stylist got me in quickly and I am very satisfied with my braids. They will receive repeat business from me. Thank you Kadija for doing a lovely job. See ya soon. more

They r HORRIBLE 6/18/2015

There business is HORRIBLE customer service is even worse. . When I first got there I was told one price while saying I really don't know let me call someone else someone else comes in and tells me another price and then halfway through my hair ask me for more money because they told the wrong price. I watched about three other people come in and the price changed every time a new braider were coming to braid their hair.w In the process of getting my hair braided my braider goes to lay down hair not finished. I also watched a few people walking in and because either no one knew the price or gave a high price walked out. Their employees sit and argue with each other in front of customers they have no customer skills. I went to use the restroom I seen a roach. I've noticed that they sleep there also. They are very nasty. more

bad 3/14/2015

One time I was getting my hair done and a man walked in saying if they didn't pay their bill in a hour he was cutting off the power, the lady in my hair told him she didn't know English that well and didn't understand more

their ok but 3/14/2015

The first time I got my hair done here I got Senegalese twist, they did a good job and my hair would have lasted over 3 months but I got tired of them and took them out, we'll I got my hair done there within the last month and the lady said my hair was too short for Senegalese twist my hair has actually gotten longer since the first time, we'll my problem is 5 twist fell out the first week, and about 15 of them now. The lady who was doing my hair at first left and didn't come back, I waited 15 minutes for another person to get in my head then two ppl did, an older lady was in my hair and she was very slow at braiding. I wish I remembered who did my hair the first time because it took 4 hours and my twist didn't come out more

Great service for as long as I remember 7/17/2014

I have been going to African Euphoria for almost 11 years and I have never been more satisfied each and every time. I really hate that there are so many bad reviews. They have consistently been friendly and professional when I visit. They have always treated me with respect. There have not been children running a muck the shop has always been clean. I would recommend to give them another chance and I can almost guarantee that your experience will be better more

Hair 7/17/2014

For over 10 years I have nothing but great experience with the braiders and the service I paid for. People who experienced otherwise comes as shocking news. I do understand they speak a different language, eat ethnic food..., but hey, we're living in a diverse and global world now, embrace the differences and learn to cope and deal with others with respect and the same shall be given back to you... The people there are friendly and open. I like getting my hair braided there and enjoy the perks they offer. more

Don't go here, they are theives! 2/21/2014

I sent my daughter here to get her braided. The branders lied about the price and charged my daughter an extra 20.00. When I complained they said " it's only 20.00 " this ticked me off because it's my 20.00. These people will steal from you and cuss you out when you want your money. more

Horrible 2/14/2014

I just left this horrible shop due to my BRAIDS already loose after two days of them being installed Iam so angry with this service I could just scream this place needs to be reported to the BBB IMMEDIATELY more

Had Enough 9/13/2012

I have been visiting this shop for years and I have decided to stop playing Russian roulette with my hair. I found out after the first visit that the shop was filthy, after that I brought my own supplies. I don't care that they talk in their native language as long as my hair comes out well. I would advise to never pay with cash, use a credit card, the quality of braiding is always better. Today however was the last straw. I have been a very good customer and they received business from my cautious recommendations. Since when do you pay for micros and get miniature cornrows? I don't want a refund, I am going to take my money somewhere, anywhere else. The devil you know is NOT better than the devil you don't. Run far run fast. more

These "women" are Rude and VERY Un-proffessional!! 3/3/2012

Me and 3 friends drove 2 1/2 hours away from home to the African Euphoria in Columbus Ohio 2 weeks ago.we paid $100 for a sew in hair do and $ 100 for the hair. I had to take mine out 5 days later because my braids were so tight they were detaching from my scalp. I called and asked to speak with the manager. I was informed she was not there and to leave my name and # and she would return my call. 3 days later still no call I called back and she was available. I calmly explained who i was and what happened, the woman was very rude and short on the phone. Eventually she says "just come back, we fix" and hung up on me. The next day I called again and asked to speak with the manager the woman on the line says she is not available I can help. I explained AGAIN what happen and that the other woman wants to fix a bald spot. and no thanks I just want a refund of $100 for the style not the hair. she says yes come in we will refund. I explain I live 2 hours away and would rather send a relative who lives close. the woman says fine just call before she comes, i asked her name and she hung up. so when my cousin arrived 20 minutes later she calls and says they do not know what she is talking about. I asked to wpeak with them and told them 20 minutes prior I spoke with a woman who told me to send someone for my refund. she says no one told me that because there is a no refund policy. told me to call a lawyer if I was unsatisfied with service. she would not tell me the owners name or number. after reading all of these reviews I know now that their service is HORRIBLE and it was not just me. on top of rudeness the place is filthy they ought to be ashamed to havee people in there. I am going to report this to thee ohio board of cosmetology and to the BBB. they are probably illegal immagrants and i bet not one has a cosmetology license. by the way 3 of the 4 of us have bald spots. talk about poor service. not to metion th fat woman who did my hair ate food while braiding and scratched her belly in face, on top of smelly really bad more

negative five 11/10/2011

I went to get braids done before going on a vacation. They said they provide hair they showed me a human hair bag of hair and I said hair was ok but, after sitting there for hours they put in fake hair not human before I left I told them about fake hair they said its real come on now I know my human hair. One of the braiders gave me some mans number and he talked crazy got no where . I wil never go back there again I was pissed I had to go out of town for a wedding with those radedy braid s. more

Bad service 5/19/2011

I have had my braids done before by other shops. I decided to go here because, it was closer to my new place i moved on the north side. The service was horrible, the shop was dirty. while i waited some of the hair dressers bad kids were running around and cutting up. I would not recommend this shop it lacked a lot of communication and poor service. I really can't even pump up the braids. I felt like I was pulling teeth to get information about the service. I lost 8 braids the day after getting them done. When I called to complain that some of my braids were not tied off and falling out they offered a $10 off discount for my next braid service. Now do you really think i'll go back. I get to walk around with a new braids for 2-3 months that looks a mess after 2 days. Don't go here, I tried not to post a review, but why not the service was bad. The drive is worth better service some where else. more

Stay Away 9/13/2010

The only reason I gave a 1 because there was nothing lower to rate. Not only is the place dirty and no air condition or heating. The people do not honor their appointments nor their agreements. I can not believe this place is still in business. I guess some people will go any were just to get their hair done. I made an appointment through their web site and when I arrived several people were sitting around eating and napping. the all looked at me as if I had said something wrong. When I stated I had made an appointment through their web site they looked at me as if I they did not know what I was talking about. I still can't believe I went to this place. What ever you so don't get your hair braided here. Stay Far away..... more

Ask questions before services are rendered 8/27/2009

I went two months ago to have twist put in my hair. They advertise free braid removal but with an exception: you have to get another service done and then they will do it for free or pay forty dollars. Beware. more

DO NOT COME HERE! 8/18/2009

Whatever you do do not get your hair done here. It hurts like hell, it's disgusting in there (I totally should call the health department) and they LIE to you. They told me they'd do free removal for my braids but then they said they wouldn't do it once I called to get it done. It's a horrible atmosphere and I hated my experience. more

Good braids but service not so good 7/22/2009

I went to their shop since my friend has went there several times and her hair always looks wonderful. I am grateful that they have walk in's but they way that they address you and talk you is not so great. I understand that it is their shop and can talk in their native tongue but they can at least address the client. Also I am very picky about any hair shop I go to and it being clean. This shop is not the cleanest place. They took combs out of some community bucket so I don't know how many heads it has been in. Then they have all their children in the shop as well running around dropping food. Like I said the braids are so beautiful I don't know if I want to go back because of the other factors. I need my hair to grow back to the length it was before but I might have to think long and hard if I want a return visit. more

Great Hair... Horrible Service 4/18/2009

I went for close to 1 year to African Euphoria. I was growing out my hair and kept braids in for this long. My hair is always gorgeous, but the service is horrible. Only one person is onsite that speaks english and you can only speak to her. You really have no say in how you want your hair; you tell them no part, and you still may end up with one. They get upset or frustrated when you ask to take a quick break. They were having specials last year, but my catch was that they NEVER had hair to match mine... so, I still had to buy hair and then had to pay them the regular full price! They could not even understand english enough to grasp that this was not okay. If I could find someone else here in Columbus that could braid as well, I would never go back! Columbus Resident more

Sometimes I wonder why I go back! 1/1/2009

I have gone to this salon at least 3-4 times. I leave with my hair looking gorgeous but with many other complaints. They act as though you are invisible while you are there. You make you feel as though you cannot voice an opinion about your hair at all. The salon is NEVER clean. One time I had three ladies working on my head and it still took 8 hours for micro braids. If I had somewhere else I could go that would do as good a job I would go there in a heartbeat! more

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Nice Braids.... but......... 4/12/2006

I have gone to this salon about 4 times to get micro braids in my hair. Each time my braids have looked absolutely gorgeous, but it is definitely an interesting experience. The ladies do not speak to you the entire time you are there. They speak in their native tongue to each other and make you feel uncomfortable. Imagine sitting in someone's chair for 5-6 hours and they not saying one word to you. They pull your head in about 3 different directions, because, 2-3 ladies are working on your head at one time They get upset if you want to take a break to use the restroom. This was a big deal for me considering that I was 9 months pregnant the last time I went. They do offer free shampoos and braid removal, but they have restricted hours for these services. Monday to Thursday, from 11-6 pm. This is not good for those who work business hours. The last time that I went to get my braids removed, they cut some of my own hair and I had to get about 4 inches of hair cut by my regular stylist to even it up. I was not happy about this at all. I will say that the manager did call me and offer me a $50 gift certificate on a future service. I have to think long and hard about whether I will ever return to use it or not. more
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